Dawn of Corruption [v0.8.5] [Sombreve]

Dawn of Corruption [v0.8.5] [Sombreve]

May 19, 2024F95

Dawn of Corruption is a Dark Fantasy M/M NSFW RPG.
Your village is attacked by strange beast who seem to grow stronger every day.
As the new salvager, you must venture forth and discover what lies in the Barrens.
What will you grow into? Will corruption seep into your being?

Thread Updated: 2024-04-04
Release Date: 2024-04-04
Developer: Sombreve WebsitePatreonSteam Itch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.8.5
OS:  Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iPhone
Language: English
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2DCG, Character Creation, Male Protagonist, Mobile Game, Multiple Endings, Text Based, Adventure, Combat,  Monster,  PoV,  Rpg, Sandbox, Turn based combat, Anal Sex,  Corruption,  Furry,  Gay,  Group sex,  Groping,  Handjob,  Male Domination,  Masturbation,  Tentacles,  Transformation
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1. Extract and run.
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Abel now joins you in your camp in exile, a few days after you corrupt him.
The game now displays the final hits before ending the fight.
You now always have 4 unique fight moves to pick from. Your moveset is now set to 6 unique moves.
Focus has been reworked to clear all Stun effects from your character.
Sigil of Vitality is now part of the base moveset.
Removed the starting “Herculean Build” from Torgar to reduce snowballing.
Added art of Nyx’s realm (By Deriaz!)
Reduced starting Prowess of every encounter
Buffed stat gains per levels. (20hp and 8 limitbreaks on odd levels, 5 strength and 4 prowess on even ones.)
All four sigils now have a timeline cost of 0.5 (from 1)
First Strike’s damage multiplier is now 2.5 early in the fight (from 3)
First Strike’s damage multiplier is now 0.5 later in the fight (from 0)
Increased health gain from Warrior of Duality (3hp from 1hp)
Removed Valiant Rush
Removed Enraged Pummel
Fixed an issue where the first meeting with the Bind skipped unearthing the ring.
Fixed the Prowess tooltip being inverted (for example, showing 96% cost reduction instead of 4%)
Fixed an issue where Unnatural Growth would give more size and strength than expected.
This version is NOT compatible with saves from 0.8.4 but you can restart the game with your Essence, Achievements and Exp from older saves.
Reworked the combat UI to combine all character logs and attacks into one window. (Thanks MuscleMage <3)
Attacks are now at the bottom of the screen and expand when hovered. (Thanks MuscleMage <3)
After being in a relationship with Abel, you can infect him with your Corruption every time you have sex with him.
Once he is very corrupted, you can help him fully embrace his changes. (The Bastion will take notice)
This will make him join your party.
Your bond with Abel will be explored further in later versions.
Having sex with Abel now also gives him a rank of “Timeless Bond”.
Abel can stun your opponents by using the Dragonstrike move.
Abel starts with 10 ranks of the Disciplined ability and 5 ranks of Piercing Precision.
You can now pray to the stars above to increase or reduce their influence, tweaking the difficulty for potential extra EXP and Essence. (Thanks Myst <3)
Added small stat bonuses based on your race. (Thanks Myst <3)
The Mutant and Abomination perks have been reworked to grant bonuses based on your extra limbs. (Thanks Myst <3)
Added an option for the Feline race in character creation. (Thanks Myst <3)
Some scenes can now only happen once a day. (Thanks Myst <3)
Added “View Form” menu in Modify Metabolism. (Thanks Myst <3)
Highlights parts of the Bastion’s menu whenever new content is unlocked. (Thanks Myst <3)
Added corrupted body variant for Abel.
Fixed Ethrex not using the right character stats in some scenes.
Fixed multiple issues with time passing without going on expeditions.
Fixed special imp intros relating to his growth.
Fixed an issue where the imp would often replay the intro of your first meeting.
This version is NOT compatible with saves from 0.8.3 but you can restart the game with your Essence, Achievements and Exp from older saves.
Added a huge new ending about becoming the apex predators of the Barrens with Ferro. (With writing by SomeMuscleGuy)
Added reworked art for Apothus’ first form. (Thanks Winty!)
Added new art to Apothus’ second form. (Thanks Winty!)
Added nsfw bits to Abel’s art. (Thanks Winty!)
Starting player stats have been buffed slightly (from 40 hp to 60), (from 5 strength to 10)
Prideful Ascent now has a combo cost of 4 (from 2)
Slash now has a chain cost of 4 (from 3)
This version is NOT compatible with saves from 0.8.2 but you can restart the game with your Essence, Achievements and Exp from older saves.
Added scene where Abel offers to reduce your Corruption. (Unlocks after being slightly corrupted)
Added scene where Abel confesses his feelings towards the player. (Unlocked after 10 ingame days and after going through important moments with him.)
Added nsfw scene with Abel. (can be done once per ingame day)
Added “Corruption Inhibitor” ability
Added “Promise of Corruption” ability
Added “Timeless Bond” ability (can be acquired once a day)
Added new art for Abel (By Winty!)
Fixed temporary writing in some of Abel dialogues.
Fixed an issue where the “merge with nyx” ending was unreachable.
Fixed temporary writing in some of Abel dialogues.
Fixed an issue where the imp could use his small head on his bigger body.
This version is NOT compatible with saves from 0.8.1 but you can restart the game with your Essence, Achievements and Exp from older saves.
I’m truly sorry for the delays, life has been a rollercoaster but hopefully it’ll get easier in the next few months.
Still, there’s some fun Abel content since a lot of people have been requesting it.
All companion endings are now branched from the same point in the story.
-After defeating Apothus’s second form, you will have the opportunity to choose which teammate you reach for as Nyx closes in on you.
Added new art for the imp (By Winty!)
Added a new ending featuring Ethrex (Thanks to Rain/Dragonien for the help with the writing!).
-This ending features a final fight with Ethrex where he gets massive stat upgrades.
Added “Endless Struggle” Achievement if you defeat Ethrex as he ascends (at least once).
Added “Memories of Ethrex” Achievement.
It is no longer recquired to join Apothus before trying to take over his cult.
Fighting Apothus to usurp his cult is now what triggers the “merge with Nyx” ending
Fixed issues related to some fight moves locking the timeline of opponents.
Fixed an issue where you could not use the inspect window on your teammate.
This version is NOT compatible with saves from 0.8.0 but you can restart the game with your Essence, Achievements and Exp from older saves.
Reworked combat entirely.
-Fight moves are now added to a timeline associated to each character.
-The timeline keeps a detailed history of moves that happened so far.
-Stronger moves take more time to execute, giving your opponent the opportunity to do more moves against you, and vice versa.
-The Stamina stat has been reworked into the Prowess stat. It now lowers how much time moves take in the timeline.
-Stamina cost has been removed from fight moves.
-Moves are executed as they are picked, instead of being put in a combo.
-Every time a move is selected, you receive a new set of moves to pick from.
-Combat now happens through a single passage, making inputs much faster.
-Removed stack limit for sigil moves since they now have an impact on the timeline.
-The “Do Nothing” move uses 1 action cost, letting you delay your timeline slightly when needed.
-Momentum now scales based on the length of your timeline.
-Stuns now give a temporary Prowess debuff instead of chaging your moveset.
-The “inspect” feature pops in a seperate window once clicked.
-Lowered corruption needed to see special scenes in the nyx dungeon (200 from 500)
-Fixed an issue where only the imp and torgar’s art were shown when inspecting them.
This version is NOT compatible with saves from 0.7.11 but you can restart the game with your Essence, Achievements and Exp from older saves.
Added “Apex Predator” ability that grants you size for every batte you win.
-It also grants the “Unnatural Growth” fight move (instead of the “Ascended Prisoner” achievement).
Added new content after ascending the Lost Prisoner
-Lets you have intimate moments with him (dominant or submissive)
-Whoever is dominant learns the “Apex Predator” ability at the end of the encounter.
-He can now join you in battle.
-He can tell you directly where the entrance to Nyx’s Realm is so you can find it in your next expedition.
-You can spar him at any time.
-You can change his attack timing like other teammates.
Added audio to the Lost Naga. (Voiced by Mithane!)
-His voice changes based on his arousal and his size.
Added ascended character art of the Lost Prisoner(By Winty!).
-Includes infested variant
This version is NOT compatible with saves from 0.7.10 but you can restart the game with your Essence, Achievements and Exp from older saves.


Added new encounter featuring the “Lost Prisoner”.
-This encounter appears in the Barrens after he escapes from the Golden Bastion.
-Still wip, but features most of his progression.
-Uses the “Unnatural Growth” which doubles his strength and size for the remainder of the fight.
Implemented art for the Lost Prisoner, featuring 4 emotes and other assets~
-Implemented for the intro, prison scenes and encounter.
Added voice acting for The Bind. (Voiced by Mithane!)
-His voice changes based on his arousal and his size.
Added “Ascended Prisoner” Achievement that teaches you “Unnatural Growth” in future playthroughs.
Added character art of the Lost Prisoner(By Winty!).
Fix debug menu being inaccessible on some mobile setups.
Fixed parts of Torgar encounter growing the wrong stats.
Fixed passages for The Bind showing his art twice.
Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in an incomplete path in Torgar’s encounter.
The Bind now has 3 stages of growth base on your relationship with him.
-The 3 new bodies feature 6 emotes, unique cocks, different clothing and accessories (some unlocking only in certain paths).
-Added new writing for his transformation into his new forms, both for his dominant and submissive paths.
-Cleaned up a lot of the writing of his encounter.
Implemented new art for the Lost Naga, featuring 4 emotes and other assets~
-Redid a lot of his writing.
-Added audio to the encounter.
Implemented art for Lukka, featuring 6 emotes and special accessories~
Added character art of the Lost Naga, The Bind and Lukka (By Winty!).
Added art of the chasm leading to Nyx’s realm (by Deriaz!).
Fixed bad passage flow in Nyx Spawn encounter.
Fixed an issue where some paths of Ethrex’s encounter wouldn’t give XP or Essence
Added new Lost Werewolf NPC in the Golden Bastion.
-Is the same werewolf as the one in the intro.
-Is initially hostile but can give useful info to the player later on.
-Can be “relieved” once a day, giving Corruption for their trouble.
-The player can loosen their binds, helping them escape (Will be expanded upon in later versions.)
Changed how Nyx’s realm is first discovered.
-The Lost Werewolf gives out useful info for how to access it.
Mobile users now have passage choices within the page frame by default. (Can be changed in the options menu)
Rework of the UI for mobile in portrait mode. (By MuscleMage!)
Added art of Lukka’s Corruption experiment (by Deriaz!)
Added way for Corrupted players to reach the center of the oasis by crossing it unsafely.
Added option to buy limit break with Essence
Jumping into the pit of Nyx Spawns now grants Corruption.
Added Nyx Spawn art (by Winty!)
Added low level Barrens art (by Deriaz!)
Added Apothus Boss battle theme music (by Ardolf!)
Added Nyx dungeon wandering theme (by Ardolf!)
Added Nyx dungeon battle theme (by Ardolf!)
Fixed bad passage link display on parts of Lukka’s questline
This version is NOT compatible with saves from 0.7.6 but you can restart the game with your Essence, Achievements and Exp from older saves.
Shortened slightly to let plot devices be a part of systemic quest flow instead.
Player now becomes an explorer instead of a scavenger after the intro.
The Meteor falling in the Barrens is now a systemic event triggered after exploring for a few days.
Added quest to cross a corrupted lake in order to investigate the meteor.
-There are many different ways to succeed this task, either through growth or wit.
Added Lukka as a NPC in the Bastion. He is an alchemist who is studying Corruption.
Added quest given by Lukka to find Demonic Essence for him to study its relationship to Corruption.
-Leads to being tasked to gather Essence from any Demon encounter. (Imp or Ethrex)
Added win variants for the Imp and Ethrex that refer to Lukka’s questline.
Added “Lukka’s Essence Reservoir” Ability.
Added “Demonic Essence Shard” Ability.
You no longer need Echo to modify your metabolism.
Display improvements for mobile (portrait and landscape mode)
Display now adapts to device orientation changes.
Fixed broken passages in The Bind’s encounter.
Fixed bad passage transition in Doppleganger encounter.
Fixed an issue where using the passage choice hotkey would break Tiadane’s riddle.
Fixed an issue where players couldn’t share their knowledge of Nyx to Kanathar.
This version is NOT compatible with saves from 0.7.5 but you can restart the game with your Essence, Achievements and Exp from older saves.
– Reworked incubus encounter completely.
-He now called Erthex, the incubus
-Features unique passages before and after each stages of your demonic transformation.
-He can now join your party after you defeat him as a Lord of Lust.
-Defeating him after he joined you grants the “Lust Incarnate” ability.
Added the option to have the choices be either inside the main window or at the bottom of it.
Added missing variant for hyper sized cocks in the glory hole room of the castle.
Adjust character portraits so that they float to the side to allow text to flow around them. (Thanks MuscleMage!)
Added art showcasing The Bind as a ring before his encounter (Thanks Deriaz!)
Added wip character art for The Bind (Thanks Winty!)
Fixed an issue loading a saved game after rebooting the game
Fixed broken choice window in Firefox. (Thanks MuscleMage!)
Fixed broken narrative events in some of Abel’s dialogues.
Fixed an issue with cancelling limit breaks after removing points from stats.
Fixed display bug in the description of Last Stand.
Fixed a display issue with one of Apothus 2nd form’s attack.
Tripled the amount of Limit Breaks gained by leveling up.
This version is NOT compatible with saves from but you can restart the game with your Essence, Achievements and Exp from older saves.
Glory Hole room has been added to the Nyx dungeon.
-Features 3 variants for cock sizes.
-Features unique variant for players infested with Nyx Spawns.
-The outcome of this room affects a character in another room of the dungeon.
Added Overgrowth feature to growth caps.
-When trying to grow beyond your current limit, part of that growth will now be converted into Essence.
-You can consume the accumulated Essence in the “Modify Metabolism” menu.
Vastly improved performance and time to load passages (about 2.5 times faster on most devices)
Completely new modern UI has been added to the backgrounds, stats window, choices window and passage links.
Rebalanced all enemy encounters
Nerfed “First Strike” damage multiplier (from 2.5x to 1.9x)
Nerfed “Enraged Pummel” damage multiplier (from 2x to 1.6x)
This version is NOT compatible with saves from 0.7.3 but you can now restart the game with your Essence, Achievements and Exp from older saves.
Tons of optimizations were made on handling save data for this version, this means that some saves might be impossible to upgrade.  My apologies!
The Stamina stat and its uses have been completely reworked.
-You have full stamina at the start of every turn.
-You can spend stamina to draw additional attack cards for the turn, this replaces the redraw action. The cost increases the more you do it.
-You can spend stamina to add additional action slots to your combo. The cost increases the more you do it.
-Offensive moves have been balanced to cost more action slots, while passive moves cost less.
-The “Stamina Recovery” stat has been removed.
-All abilities giving “Stamina Recovery” have been reworked.
“Unique Attacks” (Stomp, Ensnaring Goo, etc) have been reworked to be usable once per turn in any part of your combo (with the * combo value).
-Their cost have been increased to compensate.
-They are still affected by cooldowns.
Attacks now have a damage multiplier on top of their base damage.
-This makes expensive attacks scale better in the mid-late game.
Added “First Strike” attack that’s unlocked upon reaching level 4 (Must be used as the first move of a combo.)
Added “Enraged Pummel” attack that’s unlocked upon reaching level 7 (Can only be comboed after 2 or more moves.)
“Summon Parasite” is now a comboable move instead of a unique one.
All four size stats (Height, Muscles, Cock, Balls) are now capped.
-These caps can be increased in the “Modify Metabolism” menu that’s unlocked upon acquiring Echo.
-Spending a Limit Break on a size stat increases its limit.
-Limit Breaks are acquired every other level.
-Limit Breaks can be redistributed at any point.
-Up to 50 limit breaks can be applied to each stat.
Added six global size tier abilities for muscles, cock and balls size.
-Any character can acquire them once reaching a certain threshold for those stats.
-Height and muscle tiers grant strength.
-Cock and balls tiers grant stamina.
Passage links are now set under the main window.
-Passage links can now be activated using number hotkeys.
UI has be reworked to handle different resolutions better.
The ability window has been reworked. (Huge thanks to https://twitter.com/the_musclemage for this!)
Tweaked values for muscle descriptors
Fixed an issue where telling the right name to the minotaur guard wouldn’t work in NewGame+.
Fixed a passage where The Bind wouldn’t apply growth that was mentioned in the writing.
Fixed stat window taking the whole screen on some mobile browsers.
Fixed bottom of UI being hidden on some mobile browsers.
This version is NOT compatible with saves from 0.7.2 but you can now restart the game with your Essence, Achievements and Exp from older saves!
Added doppelganger encounter in the Nyx dungeon. (Thanks to https://twitter.com/RainTheDriger for helping with the writing on this one)
-Meet an alternate version of yourself, who uses your stats, moves and abilities against you.
-This encounter has completely different writing based on whether your character is corrupted or not.
-His voice is always the one that the player didn’t pick in character creation.
-Defeating the corrupted version grants the “Disciplined” ability
-Defeating the pure version grants the “Defiler” ability
Added “Shifting Ideals” achievement (Encounter both sides of the doppelganger.)
Added “Explorer of Corrupted Depths” achievement (Complete every room of Nyx’s castle.)
Tweaked “Incomplete Memories” ending
Defeating Apothus’s second form now leads to the “Incomplete Memories” ending.
Added first pass toward Steam Deck compatibility
-The is fully playable but I still have to work on making the combat control better on Deck.
Autosave is now applied in the Nyx castle main hall.
Your progress towards powering the monolith is now also shown from the manor’s hub.
The minotaur will now have his lust increased with every room of the west wing that you clear.
Apothus art has been reworked (by https://twitter.com/Wintech3112)
-It features 6 emotes and 3 bodies.
New battle theme for harder encounters (by https://twitter.com/notardolf)
Fixed display issues when many abilities are activated by the same trigger.
Fixed cock and muscle growth descriptions sometimes not displaying.
Fixed Drenth showing up in the castle even after finishing his quest line.
Fixed a never-ending audio cue in one of the minotaur dialogues.
This version is NOT compatible with saves from 0.7.1 but you can now restart the game with your Essence, Achievements and Exp from older saves!
Reworked exploration of the Nyx dungeon.
-You can now explore randomly picked rooms that will lead back to the main hall.
-Clearing a room will build progress to unlock the path to Apothus’s realm.
-You currently must clear 3 rooms to unlock it.
Drenth’s room and the Nyx Spawn encounter have been reworked into rooms to explore with that system.
Added the Nyx spawn pit room.
Added the Gym room.
Dying in the Nyx dungeon now brings you back to the main hall instead of the Golden Bastion.
The minotaur guard now joins your party after saying the right name to him.
Added “Nyx Induced Workout” ability
Reworked the “Restart” button into a “New Game +” button that allows you to restart the game with your acquired achievement abilities as if you reached an ending.
All four rooms of the Nyx dungeon have voice acting for their NSFW scenes.
Fixed an issue where player info would get corrupted upon triggering a New Game +
Fixed cycles counter not increasing on New Game +
This version is NOT compatible with saves from 0.7.0 but you can now restart the game with your Essence, Achievements and Exp from older saves!
Reworked the path to the Nyx dungeon and the minotaur encounter.
-Features text input from the player that determines how the encounter goes. (with fun easter eggs.)
-The minotaur now leads you to the dungeon and stays in the main hall.
-While there, his lust gradually increases as you explore or spend days outside the dungeon.
-Added new ending where you share the power of the black sun with the minotaur. (With writing by Dragonien! https://www.furaffinity.net/user/dragonien/)
Reworked Abilities UI to now filter them into 4 categories.
-Powers (Abilities acquired on level up)
-Alterations (Abilities given by story characters and events)
-Status Effects (Abilities given by fight moves, usually end when the fight is over)
-Global Effects (global abilities that are acquired by any character meeting their conditions. size diff, effects from visible stars, etc)
Added notification system for newly acquired abilities
Added “Promise of Servitude” Ability
Added “Safe Passage” Achievement (Skip the minotaur fight by telling him the right name.)
Added “Memories of the Minotaur” Achievement (Bring the power of Nyx to the minotaur.)
Added minotaur art (by Zhenelov https://twitter.com/Zhenelov)
Added Torgar Voice Acting (by GiganticBeast https://twitter.com/Gigantic_Beast)
Audio audio settings to adjust music, sfx and voices individually
Fixed an issue where player would be locked by an error when uttering Kanathar’s name
This version is NOT compatible with saves from 0.6.5 but you can now restart the game with your Essence, Achievements and Exp from older saves!
Added the “Path of Redemption” for Torgar’s storyline. He can now be convinced to reject the Corruption invading his body.
Added Fight Move “Tonic of Stillness” (Turns Corruption into temporary strength.)
Added “Redemption” achievement (which unlocks “Tonic of Stillness” for the player)
Reworked Level up stat gain to be done automatically. (You gain stats from a set table that goes on infinitely.)
Tweaked ability select screen to show a lot more perks per screens.
Tweaked very high stat display to use thousands (k) and millions (m) for measurements.
Added “Master of the Barrens” Achievement (Accomplish 100 expeditions.)
Added “God Amongst Men” Achievement (Reach Level 50.)
Made all passage links slightly bigger. (Less misclicks!)
(Special Build) Add in the debug menu a way to shrink down to default height.
Deadly Aim now directly adds a percentage to crit chance instead of being a multiplier.
Fixed display error for Abomination’s Corruption requirement.
Fixed weird decimals display on stats affected by stat multipliers.
Fixed “Sombreve’s Whisper” removing the Corruption you were processing.
This version is NOT compatible with saves from 0.6.2 but you can now restart the game with your Essence, Achievements and Exp from older saves!
Added conversations with Abel that are accessible in his house. (Thanks to Ortha for the writing on this one <3 )
Tweaked intro writing and included Abel’s new art in it.
Abel has a variety of expressions and costumes.
Changed display for mobile devices to be better spaced and more readable.
Started work on optional Abel branch for players who got the Nyx ending.
Added “Overwhelming Balls” and “All-Consuming Balls” global abilities. These are acquired by having balls that are bigger than your opponent.
Added “Deluge of Seed” Fight Move.
Vastly improved performances for changing passages.
This version is NOT compatible with older saves. Sorry! 🙁
New art for Abel (By Voidlesky!)

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