Debasing Grounds [v0.35] [Rax Lorax]

Debasing Grounds [v0.35] [Rax Lorax]

May 6, 2024F95

The world has been transformed into a wasteland, with only a few scattered settlements remaining as a testament to the resilience of humanity. You find yourself awakening in a town fortified by a practical wall of mud and metal bars.

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In Debasing Grounds, your primary goal is to survive in this harsh environment, where danger and uncertainty are constant companions. The town is divided into factions that vie for control: the administration, which caters to the whims of a handful of powerful corporations; the town’s influential characters, who work together to maintain order amidst the turmoil; and the gangs that struggle for dominance in the southern part of the town.

As a fully customizable character, you are faced with the challenge of navigating this treacherous landscape. Interact with the residents, form alliances, and make difficult choices that will shape your destiny and the future of the town itself. In this unforgiving post-apocalyptic world, you must find a way to rise above the darkness and carve out a place for yourself amidst the chaos.

The path you choose is yours alone in Debasing Grounds. Will you become a beacon of hope, another victim lost to the world, or will you just seek more and more power to try to dominate others?

Debasing Grounds contains graphic and dark material that can be unsettling or triggering to some people. The game contains descriptions of non-consensual sex, bondage, sexual humiliation and physical abuse. You must be 18 or older to play this game.

Thread Updated: 2024-05-04
Release Date: 2024-04-20
Developer: Rax LoraxPatreonBlogDiscordSubscribestarTwitter
Censored: No
Version: 0.35
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English
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Adventure, Anal sex, Bdsm, Character Creation, Dystopian setting, Female Protagonist, Gay, Graphic violence, Group sex, Humiliation, Futa/Trans protagonist, Male domination, Male protagonist, Mobile game, Multiple Penetration, Oral sex, Prostitution, Rape, Rpg, Sandbox, Sex toys, Text based, Urination, Vaginal sex, Exhibitionism, Netorare
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1. Extract and run.
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Harrow’s Manor:
– Olena Harrow can now be selected as male at startup (becomes Olen Harrow)
– Support for NPC name change on gender selection
– Changed scenes in submissive path at Olen/a Harrow to allow her to be male
– New party event at Olen/a Manor with gameplay that allows for four different outcomes
– Players with enough town reputation can now suggest Olen/a Harrow to find an NPC to work at their manor.
– After finding someone for the manor, Olen/a will now be willing to offer the player the quest of her town council.
– New player-centered gangbang scene in Olen/a’s mansion
– New Olen/a-centered gangbang scene after successful Lust and Trust checks. Players can watch or join
Quests and Jobs:
– New weekly job at Morgan’s Manor / Isara Inc to bring one of the manor’s animals to Isara’s Equiknot’s den
– New options for earning Isara Inc/Town reputation during the job sequence
– New Equiknot scenes in Isara Inc: Anal Training (Dominant)
– New quest from Sagara at Pangolin Pharma after attending the weekly meetings
– New way to get the Equiknot DNA sample during the Morgan’s Manor quest
– New, higher paying job in the Pangolin Pharma factory after completing the quest
– New option to successfully pass the weekly meeting at Pangolin Pharma after getting the new job
– Players can now recruit NPCs to be test subjects at the Red Lab in exchange for e-coins or adrenaline.
– Players can trade the amount of silver required for the NPC to accept being a test subject
– Players can fix the shower leak at Thulle for a small reputation gain
Other changes:
– It’s now possible to buy food at the grocery store
– New NPC at the grocery store
– New consumables: Caffeine drink (reduces exhaustion), Dissolved ethanol (reduces anxiety), Soda (reduces exhaustion)
– Encounters will only repeat after a certain amount of time, depending on the difficulty level
– Encounters will no longer have a change that triggers immediately upon starting the game.
– “Whimper Submissively” no longer available at the beginning of the sex sequence
Bug fixes:
– Fixed a bug that mixed up NPCs name’s in some multi NPC scenes
– Fixed bug that didn’t keep light mode when loading a game
– Fixed a bug that would leave players locked in 5 East St manor once they got its key
– Fixed a bug in Thulle warehouse’s lootbox
– Fixed a bug that didn’t show sex start of acts done at some locations
– Fixed a bug that had the Red Lab NPCs not show up
– Fixed a bug that made approached NPCs show to be anonymous
– Fixed a bug that showed having sex with one’s partner as cheating
– Fixed a bug that had some NPCs not show at their usual locations
– Fixed a bug that wouldn’t let players leave the sex sequence if having sex in the training stables right after recruitment
– Fixed bug that didn’t update the NPCs home after recruiting them
– Fixed text bugs at Sagara’s after meeting punishment scenes
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Debasing Grounds v0.34 “Pet-play fetish, Morgan’s manor and NPC gender” Update:
Pet-play fetish content:
– Pet-play fetishes (self, others) available at character creation
– Some NPCs now have pet-play fetishes: Lolo, Timea, Yanda, Fatima, Yendo, Annah, Harley, Natalie, Quinn, Willow, Storm (self) and Avi, Anna, Holger, Magnus, Ted, Tavish, Morgan and Samya (others)
– New pet play items: dog collar, dog ears, cat ears, pony mask, pet crawler (elbows, knees), harness, pony hoof heels
– New pet-play sex toys: dog, cat, pony, fox, bunny tail buttplugs
– NPCs with pet play fetishes (to others) will try to perform pet play actions on players during sex.
– New Petplay Actions: Collar, Crawl, Hand Feed, Tail Plug, Stroke, Wear Ears
– Commanding/following petplay actions with an NPC with a complementary petplay fetish will increase their trust.
– Players tied to Holger will be subjected to petplay actions: pet bondage, walking, drinking from a bowl, barking/meowing, and others.
– New training scenes in the gym when the player is in pet play bondage gear
– With 100% submission to Holger, players will not be able to refuse training or ask to leave the gym.
– Wearing petplay gear in public will have NPCs use specific derogatory terms for the player
– NPCs can have their petplay fetish increase by having them perform petplay actions
Morgan’s manor:
– New location: Morgan’s Manor (6 East Street)
– New way to make money at Morgan’s manor
– New NPCs: Morgan, Quinn, Willow, Storm (Town faction)
– New pony play quest at Morgan’s manor that can be completed as sub or dom
– New scenes (Quinn vs player competition) at Morgan’s manor
– New dominant pony training quests, gameplay and scenes if initial scene is completed as dominant
– New quest recruiting NPCs as work animals
– New submissive petplay gameplay, quest and scenes if initial quest is completed as submissive or approach Morgan’s manor in bondage/petplay gear
– Players can earn town reputation as a pony trainer
– The gender of some NPCs can be selected at the start of the game (the list will be expanded gradually)
– Wearing bondage gear in public will have NPCs use specific derogatory terms for the player
– New accessories for elbows and knees
– Wearing butt plugs now triggers anal training fetish
– Rebecca now lives in an apartment at 6 East Passage
– NPCs will now remove butt plugs before having anal sex with the player
– Players can now beg/demand being released from bondage after a hook up
– New ‘whimper submissively’ option when having sex with NPCs the player is submissive to.
– Whipping and spanking NPCs will make the player tired
– There are now different levels of whipping severity
– Lust and submission of NPCs to acts such as spanking and whipping can only rise as high as their fetish level for those acts
– NPCs can have their whipping fetish increase by introducing them progressively to whipping
– NPC details can now be accessed directly from the NPC card
– NPC fetishes will be visible on the details page as soon as they are revealed
– The speed of submission and fetish increase in gym scenes has been increased
– Players can now gesture to NPCs when they are gagged to ask for help with their restraints
– Players can now ask NPCs to untie them after sex
– Reduced the difficulty of ‘Coercion’ skill checks
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  • Simplified Relationship menu
  • Detailed NPC info can be accessed by clicking “Details”
  • Cleaned up the NPC card info
  • Some NPCs are in relationships with each other unless otherwise specified at startup
  • New toggle to make all NPCs single at startup
  • New chat options to ask where NPCs live and their relationship status
  • New relationship icons: romantic, mutual love confessed, rejected, break up, cheated, cheater, host, guest, home known
  • NPCs will consider players friends when trust level is high enough
  • Players can confess feelings to NPCs
  • NPCs can confess feelings to players
  • NPCs can offer and ask players for exclusivity.
  • Players can offer and request exclusivity from NPCs.
  • Players with high enough trust and dominance can get NPCs to break up with their partners.
  • Players can turn exclusive relationships into open ones by passing a dominance/trust check
  • Players can suggest that NPCs move in with them.
  • Players can move in with NPCs if the trust level is high enough.
  • Recruiting at the gym will now change NPCs’ schedules and cause them to show up there.
  • Players can now ask NPCs for favors by passing a Trust/Dominance check. Asking for favors reduces the NPC’s submission.
  • Players can ask LINK Software employees for an ID as a favor.
  • Players can ask NPCs to crash at their location.
  • Asking for silver from an NPC is now considered a favor and will reduce their submission.
  • NPCs’ location schedule is now separated into their work, recreation, and home locations, so that their locations can change based on player actions.
Cheating/NTR and NPC Public Sex:
  • Players in an exclusive relationship may be found to be cheating if they fail a Social Skills check. This check is triggered by any sex action.
  • Some NPCs in a relationship can cheat if the NTR toggle is turned on.
  • Some third-party sex scenes (Rebecca’s bathroom scene, new public scenes) are now considered cheating by NPCs if a relationship was previously established.
  • New status effects: Cheating, Being Cheated On
  • New public sex scenes between NPCs that players can watch:
  • Gym locker room public blowjob
  • Gym locker room public sex
  • Bar/Nightclub bathroom public blowjob
  • Bar/Nightclub Bathroom Public Sex
  • Peeping increases Voyeurism Fetish
  • Watching increases NTR fetish if player has relationship with participants
  • Players can now try to stop Rebecca in the underground club’s toilet gangbang scene.
  • Added support for dynamically changing text involving more than one NPC at a time used in public sex scenes involving more than one dynamically selected NPC.
  • Added “Enable chastity”: config toggle
  • Decaying effects can now trigger fetishes (example: “Recently betrayed”)
  • The bar and the nightclub now have toilets. New scenes and possibility to change/undress there
  • Added bras (8 types) available in the fashion shop
  • NPCs will no longer try to put players in bondage or other dominance actions when they are in bondage.
  • Players can now remove the handcuffs/rope from NPCs they’ve put in bondage.
  • Configuration toggles and difficulty level selection now appear after character creation.
  • Removed unused config toggles
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed grammar issues in Jania’s brothel
  • Fixed sex scenes in Jania’s brothel that ignored chastity
  • Fixed several style errors and typos
  • Fixed Rebecca only paying 1 e-coin when she promised 10
  • The outfit players wear in the brothel is now an actual in-game outfit.
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Gym content block:
  • Players can now get a one-time free 24-hour gym pass (replaces pretending to be a plumber).
  • Players can now purchase 24 hour and 30 day gym passes.
  • Players can now train without Holger’s help if they have their own gym pass.
  • Players who have agreed to train with Holger will lose their free pass if they refuse his “help” when he’s around.
  • The chance that Holger will respect players during training is now based on a training skill check instead of a hard limit.
  • Training now also increases fighting.
  • Training with Holger increases lifting and fighting significantly more than when players train on their own.
  • Players can now leave the after scenes with Holger if they pass a Gym Status skill check.
  • Players can now fight or beg to avoid punishment when defying Holger.
  • Players can now act eager/submissive/stoic/defiant to the Gym’s punishments, and have their resistance broken if they fail a Lust/Pain… check.
  • Holger can help remove gags and handcuffs for a blowjob in front of the gym-goers.
  • Some lockers can now be unlocked with a lockpick, more items to steal
  • New scenes when players are caught stealing from locker rooms
  • Showering in the gym now has a chance of being joined by a group of gym-goers.
  • Holger will now put characters in chastity after submission>30 instead of as a punishment.
  • Holger will now put a collar on characters with Submission>50.
  • Holger will punish players for removing their chastity devices or collars.
  • At Submission >80, players will be tied up in the gym and must ask Holger for permission to leave (he will ask orally).
  • At Submission >80 players will be given a mat to sleep on in the locker room, where the players will be used by the gym-goers.
  • Players can now be approached by NPCs in the gym.
  • When flirting in the gym, there’s a new option to go to the locker room together. NPCs will now also suggest going there.
  • Players can do cardio to increase Evasion.
  • Players can offer sex for money during the flirtation sequence.
  • Barter skill can help get more money
  • New street where players can work as a prostitute or hire prostitutes
  • Players can now offer sex for money
  • Barter skill can help pay less for sex
  • New NPCs that work as prostitutes
  • Prostitution fetishes can be triggered when working as a/paying for a prostitute
Public punishment
  • Players will be taken to the Pillory for 24 hours if they are caught committing crimes by the townspeople while having status<0 and liked<0 in the town faction.
  • Players can prevent being pilloried by using Social, Evasion, and Fighting checks.
  • Players will be placed in the Pillory for a full week if the Town faction favorability reaches -75 while having negative status (soft bad ending).
  • After being placed in the pillory, players will be randomly approached and subjected to punishments and sexual acts.
  • New scene 1: Whipping (multiple)
  • New scene 2: severe slapping (girl)
  • New scene 3: electric torture (Olena)
  • New scene 4: unlubricated anal (Several NPCs)
  • New scene 5: oral (Various NPCs)
  • New scene 6: water sports (several male/female NPCs, can be deactivated)
  • New scene 7: spitroast (Several male/girl NPCs)
  • New scene 8: masturbated and ejaculated on (Various male/female NPCs)
  • New scene 9: forced anal dildo left on (Several female NPCs)
  • New scene 10: forced piercing (Several female NPCs)
  • More status/reputation effects after being in the pillory
  • More shoes added: High Heels (Black, White, Red, Pink), Black Stiletto Heels, Black Ankle Strap Stilettos, Black Boots with High Heels (Black, Brown, Swedish), Black Boots with Rubber Heels
  • New configuration toggle that matches NPCs’ sexual orientation to their own, preventing them from being approached by NPCs of genders they’re not attracted to.
  • It’s now possible to pickpocket while naked.
  • New “very easy” difficulty level
  • Adjusted the difficulty of several skill checks
  • Collected information about NPC schedules now displayed in the Relationships tab
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed a bug that locked gagged characters inside the hair salon
  • Fixed typos at Ms Harrow’s manor
  • Adjusted chance of encounters with the police
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PC approaches
  • New checks allow for more aggressive approaches and “flirt” actions by the player
  • New personality-based walk home text descriptions
  • New NPC reactions, reputation effects and stats related to the encounters
NPC fetishes
  • Adjusted which fetishes are increased in all scenes
  • Config toggle for more fetishes
  • Modified the Gym, Police and Pharma scenes to better differentiate the gameplay effects between submissive and eager paths. Minor new texts and options.
  • New fetishes, many have been differentiated between giving/receiving, so it’s now possible to have a fetish for giving an action but not for receiving it
  • NPCs have fetishes that can be triggered during sex. When this happens, the NPC has an extra increase in ‘trust’.
Other changes
  • “Go back to chat” option during sex scenes renamed to “Stop”
  • New “Step Away” action during sex scenes
  • Reduced chance of random encounters
  • Reduced chance of NPCs trying to change position after each fingering/hand job action
  • It is now possible to perform oral sex on NPCs lying on their backs.
  • The loot boxes of NPCs and some locations now restock at night, making it possible to steal from them more than once.
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More consequences to reputation effects:
– ‘Status’ and ‘Fame’ with the police affect the chance of being approached by them, as well as the outcome.
– Characters with high ‘Fame’, ‘Status’ and ‘Liked’ (>10) will be let go.
– Other characters will be approached and searched. 3 scenes: groping (generic), whipping (low ‘Liked’), coerced oral (low ‘Status’, new scene).
– Reactions during these scenes further affect the character’s reputation with the police.
– If ‘Status’ or ‘Liked’ reaches -100, the character will be taken to jail.
– It’s now possible to successfully resist arrest by passing a high Fighting skill check.
– The police will no longer ask for your identity if you’re arrested a second time.
– ‘Status’ and ‘Fame’ within the town faction affect the chance of being approached by mobs.
– High ‘Status’/’Liked’ characters will be left alone.
– The bar and the nightclub will deny entry to characters with all ‘Fame’ > 25, ‘Status’ < 25 and ‘Liked’ < 25 in the town faction.
– Ms. Harrow will fire the PC under the same thresholds.
Thulle Deviants:
– Deviants will no longer always force a piercing in the character’s body after their encountering them.
– Characters with ‘Liked’>10 will receive the Deviants Gift, which can be sold for more silver and increases lust.
– Characters with ‘Status'<-10 but not as liked will receive the Deviants Thorn, which isn’t valuable and increases pain.
Other factions:
– Characters disliked by Isara Inc (‘Fame’>25, ‘Liked'<-25) and prevented from entering Pangolin Pharma, Isara Genomics and Food Processing Center.
– Characters disliked by Synapse Corp (‘Fame’>25, ‘Liked'<-25) and blocked from entering Synapse Marketing and LINK Software.
– Characters disliked by Thulle (‘Fame’>25, ‘Liked'<-25) are blocked from entering the Eastern Slums.
– Characters disliked by the Ronda gang risk being forced into their prostitution ring. High fame makes this more likely.
Public Sex:
– Four new non-consensual public sex scenes triggered when NPCs refuse 1on1 advances and do not successfully threaten, fight, or run away.
– New scenes: Street Public Sex, Nightclub Forced Public Orgasm, Street Bondage, Nightclub Bondage
– Players will stay tied up after public bondage scenes
– Players can now fight to escape their bondage when they’re tied up with a rope without having to go home.
– Players can now remove their character’s blindfolds and gags from their inventory without having to go home, as long as they’re not tied up.
– The ‘Stoic’ and ‘Defiant’ options show their success chance and related skills.
– Large hooks are now sold at the hardware store and pawnshop.
– Removed status alerts from menus so they don’t block information.
– Players can now leave silver at home and in various loot boxes.
– Fixed lust not decreasing after police abuse scenes in the police station.
– Fixed a bug where the same NPC would approach the player over and over again.
– Fixed a bug where a long stream of NPCs would approach the player one after the other, with no chance to leave.
Version v0.29: “NPC Lust, Orgasms, and Dungeons” Update
NPC Lust and Orgasms:
– New Lust stat for NPCs. Together with their personality, Lust sets the chance for NPCs to approach, make moves, and respond positively to NPC approaches, dominance actions, and seduction attempts.
– The NPC card will now show the numeric Trust and Lust values at the top of the progress bar.
– Reworked the action flow before and after sex encounters. Fixed bugs affecting this flow.
– Reaching orgasm during sex now depends on lust. Both NPCs and the PC will reach orgasm when lust reaches 100.
– Orgasming during non-consensual sex increases submission and rape fetish. Orgasms increase trust.
– The player may attempt to resist orgasms (Temperance skill check) to prevent the submission increase during non-consensual encounters.
– Different sex descriptions for vaginal/anal sex when the PC is face up and the NPC is on top.
– New foreplay actions before and after hookups, including dominance options.
– Players can now restrain NPCs during sex if they have ropes or handcuffs.
– Different NPCs now have different combat challenges.
– Restrained NPCs will have their combat stats penalized.
– Some NPCs will try to refuse certain sexual actions. The player can accept this or try to coerce or force them.
– Greater role of exhaustion in hookup scenes
– Fixed NPC-card bugs
– Players can turn certain rooms into a dungeon. Currently only basic dungeons (2 devices, 1 prisoner). Depending on location, some will be upgradeable.
– Players can place different devices in their dungeons: X-shaped cross, wall restraints, suspension hooks
– Locations menu now shows dungeons
– Players can install a curtain to hide their equipment
– If the player brings an NPC, the NPC will react to seeing certain devices (X-shaped cross, wall restraints).
– Most NPCs will react by trying to leave. The player has 4 possible actions: accept, convince (Social/Trust skill check), coerce (Social/Status), or force (Fight).
– The player can try to force or coerce NPCs into the devices.
– Restrained NPCs currently escape when the player leaves. This will be expanded in future updates.
– Changed menu links from Twitter to the wiki
– The questlog will no longer say you got the wallet from the police when you got it another way.
– Nudity status warnings now update immediately when changing clothes
– Fixed a bug where players couldn’t ask Mrs. Harrow to leave the manor a second time.
– Fixed a bug that would bring NPCs home when the character was staying at Mrs. Harrow’s or the Eastern Slums.
– Fixed a bug in the Factions menu “Reputation Effects” that was showing an extra appearance of each type.
– Fixed a bug where Rebecca wouldn’t give adrenaline as payment if there was any left in the inventory.
v0.28: “Ms Harrow and Isara Inc progress, betrayal and face fucking”
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Ms Harrow:
– New dinner scene after reaching a high enough level of trust with Mrs. Harrow.
– New bondage gear: armbinder and ballet heels.
– Players can focus on providing good service, eavesdropping, or networking for their own benefit.
– Based on a series of skill checks, players can earn tips, access to quests and sensitive information, status buffs, or receive punishments.
– New penalty scenes with four variations.
– Players can now change in their room at Ms. Harrow’s Manor.
– Players now start at a certain level of trust with Mrs. Harrow.
– Insubordinate actions will cause the trust level to decrease. When it reaches 0, Ms. Harrow will fire them.
– Removing the chastity device or wearing the wrong outfit will result in punishment and a decrease in trust.
– Cleaning action buttons will now disappear if the action has already been performed in that room.
– More progressive reduction in cleaning time (5 minute increments instead of 15) as skill increases.
– Being handcuffed now reduces the service skill.
– The manor’s dirtiness threshold for players to be fired is now higher.
– Revised manor punishments to account for situations where the player is already in bondage gear.
– Fixed a bug that allowed players to avoid Ms. Harrow’s judgment by resting past midnight.
– Fixed a bug that allowed you to avoid getting the Manor dirty if you didn’t sleep before midnight.
– The Manor will now also get dirty if you spend the night out.
– Fixed a bug that would leave the player on the street after talking to Ms. Harrow in her office.
Isara Inc:
– Players can tell Sagara about Rebecca’s drug deal with Holger, with in-faction consequences.
– Player actions during the weekly meetings at Isara could help other members of Sagara’s lab suffer punishments.
– Three new punishment scenes for low-status members of the Sagara teams: Rope walk, whipping, electric torture. Harsher versions when their status reaches 0.
– Players can now report multiple crimes to the police if they have become an informant and receive e-coins as a reward.
– New scout skill based on perception.
– Dominance actions on low trust NPCs now have reluctant descriptions.
– New dominance actions from players to NPCs: cum play after oral, face spitting, face fucking.
– Dominance action flow changes: NPC stays on knees after oral and actions depend on NPC’s position.
– Fixed a bug where slapping a NPC would prevent them from being verbally humiliated in that interaction.
– Fixed some fluency issues in the quest that makes Rebecca the gym’s dealer.
v0.27: “BDSM, Blindfolds and Capture”
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– Some NPCs will suggest using bondage on the NPC.
– Some NPCs will try to put the player in bondage during sex without suggesting it.
– New bondage actions during hook-up sex: tied to bed frame, arms tied behind back, blindfolded, gagged
– The player can now try to stop sex during consensual scenes. NPC reaction depends on their personality
– Some NPCs will keep the player tied up after hook-up sex.
– If tied up during hook-up sex, NPCs will now sometimes go for a second and third round.
– Updated sex descriptions while tied up
– New accessory type: Eye covers and belts
– New items: Blindfold, Vision Enhancing Glasses, Electric Prod, Leather Belt, Large Wooden Spoon, Wooden Cutting Board
– Escaping from handcuffs, binding items, people grabbing you, and locked places now depends on a new Escape skill instead of Evasion. Evasion still gives a chance to escape by running when unbound.
– Escape from bondage now has a chance to injure.
– Head and neck items are now listed as accessories.
– Players can no longer click “undress” or “save outfit” while bound.
– Stealing from NPCs’ homes after being hooked now has a trust penalty.
– Fixed a bug where the chance to resist being stripped was reversed.
– Fixed bug where male NPCs would refer to you as “She” when responding to your rough treatment.
– Fixed bug where female NPCs would “need a hole to empty their balls”.
– Saves can now be deleted from the save menu
– Fixed the save screen to show the version of the current save instead of the game’s version.
v0.26: “Difficulty, Edging and Isara Inc infiltration”
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– New option to set the difficulty level: selectable at startup or during the game from the config menu.
– Previous saves are at normal difficulty. Added Easy, Hard and Extreme difficulties.
– Difficulty affects the chance of encounters and the challenge of skill checks.
– New actions during sex: masturbation, fingering, and edging.
– Different NPCs react differently to being edged. More submissive characters will react submissively, while others will force a change in position.
– New rental apartment in e-coin
– New e-coin based job available at Pangolin Pharma
– Players can now join the Isara Inc faction under Sagara.
– Upon joining, the player must attend weekly meetings with Sagara’s team. Missing a meeting or failing to present results for two consecutive weeks will result in dismissal.
– New locations within Isara Genomics and Pangolin Pharma
– New quest thread starting in Pangolin Pharma related to the new job
– New scenes in the Genomics lab
– 6 new NPCs
– Minor css changes to map and menus
– Completed subquests now displayed with strikethrough text
– Fixed a bug where Rebecca would make a move on the player out of context.
– Fixed a bug that would set the game to dark mode even if light mode was selected.
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– New Location: Isara Genomics
– A new set of scenes after convincing the receptionist to extend the tour
– A specimen collection quest (given by Rebecca after reaching 15 trust)
– Connected Main Street to South Street. Every street is now directly accessible from Main Street.
– Roads now have a fixed position in the button list (North – West – East – South – Main).
– Fixed issue where leaving the hardware store would take the player to South Street instead of Market Street.
– Andrew (Coffee Shop) will make players wear chastity when trying to get their job back after refusing to wear it.
– Players can now have chastity devices removed at the hardware store.
– The Hardware and Fashion Stores, as well as the Advertising and Software Companies, now close at night.
– Players can now break into the Hardware, Fashion, Advertising, Software, Pharmaceutical, and Genomics buildings.
– Players can now sneak into some buildings by staying inside and sneaking past their closing time. New Scenes When Caught (Non-Sexual)
– Players can now be arrested if caught trying to lockpick. They can also hear the police before they arrive, depending on their Lockpick level.
– New consumable and usable items Tramadol (reduces pain), Nerve Serum (increases Lockpick and Pickpocket), Shadow Mist Spray (Stealth), Smoke Bomb (Evasion), Adrenaline (Combat and Evasion), Insta Soap (temporarily reduces dirt)
– In addition to reducing Exhaustion, some drugs now give a temporary boost to Service tasks and Problem Solving skills.
– New type of clothing: Gloves
– New portable items: Camouflage cloak (boosts stealth), reinforced gloves and steel-toed boots (boosts combat), nitrile gloves (service and stealth), grip-enhancing gloves (lockpick and pickpocket), cute mittens (social), utility gloves, and other items with no effects.
– Changed some text to add references to gloves when the player is wearing them
– Adjusted the price of sneakers
– When renting an apartment, the player can only “Try to negotiate payment after the week” once.
– Players can now only ask about an NPC’s schedule once per conversation.
– Fixed problems with the text describing the schedule of some NPCs.
– Chance reroll by pressing F5 no longer possible
– Faction menu changes
– Stats menu now shows on-going skill effects of items, stats, and consumables
– Inventory tab reorganized
– Chubby body type is back in the character creation menu
– Re-adjusted random encounter odds
– Minor style corrections in some scenes
v0.24: “Jobs, Coffe Shop, Feminization”
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– Locations tab now also shows jobs and related info
– New job: Coffee Shop Waitress – based on ‘Service Tasks’ and pays e-coin (tips in silver)
– 5 customer sex scenes in the coffee shop (3 as sub, 2 as dom)
– 4 sex scenes with Andrew (coffee shop owner): chastity and feminization for male/d girls
– 7 new NPCs: coffee shop related and Synapse Software employees to help you get an ID by hacking into their computers
– Barter now increases each time the player sells an item
– Chastity cages/belts without keys can no longer be removed by the player
– Dominance actions now have different chances and descriptions in public and private
– Some dominance actions only allow a certain NPC maximum obedience
– Reduced repeated notifications
– Chatting after sex no longer makes the game think you’re on the street
– Several scenes involving anal sex now have lingering effects
– Failure to perform a dominance action on certain NPCs will now cause them to do it to the player
– Vodka can be consumed from inventory
– Fixed a bug that prevented players from leaving Mrs. Harrow’s Manor after working there a second time
– Fixed a bug that would switch to receiving anal sex after letting the NPC take the initiative during other sex acts
– Fixed a bug that caused male NPCs to be eaten out
– Fixed a bug that locked the game when knocking on 2 East Street while gagged
– Fixed a bug that kicked the player out of the mansion when chatting with Olena and letting her take the lead multiple times
– Fixed text gender and probability errors in dominance actions
– Fixed several description errors in the NPC public nudity sequence
v023: “NPC Personality, Dominance, and Hookups”
See More
* NPCs have different personalities:
* Introverted NPCs won’t approach you on the street.
* NPCs’ reactions to being hit on also depend on their personality tags.
* NPCs will ask questions, and the player can let the NPCs lead the conversation. They will be more or less proactive depending on their personality.
* The player can perform dominance actions on NPCs with a skill check that depends on the faction’s status, social skill, and the NPC’s personality tags.
* Being naked in the street invites more aggressive approaches from NPCs.
* NPCs with Trust >30 will offer you a place to shower.
* NPCs with Trust >50 will offer the player a place to sleep.
* New scene flow for hookup scenes:
* The player can take the initiative or let the NPC do it.
* Passive NPCs won’t take the initiative, cruel NPCs will be rougher
* Several new sex actions and text descriptions
* Player can set a default home in the locations menu
* Player can now bring NPCs to the default home
* Changed the Locations menu to show the list of homes and outstanding payments
* Rent debt now accumulates if you miss a week’s payment
* Revised chat and flirt options times
* Fixed a bug that didn’t let you take any options after lying to Lilly about Ina leaving town.
* Fixed a bug that caused skills to increase instead of decrease when stats were negative.
* Fixed a bug that showed repeated stats in the stats tab
* Fixed a bug that kept the manor’s minimap after being arrested at 5 East Street
* Fixed a bug where the player would end up in the East Passage after leaving an NPC’s apartment.
* Fixed a bug that displayed an undefined date on the 31st of every month.
v0.22: “Outfits, willpower and broken defiance”
See More
  • Expanded text and action boxes. CSS changes.
  • Save capacity extended to 40
  • A card with basic NPC info shows up when there are NPCs around
  • Outfits can now be saved and loaded. New ‘Undress’ button when getting changed
  • More clothes: long and summer dresses, suits, jackets
  • Clothes now have an elegance stat
  • New “Willpower” attribute sets the starting value of the “Control” and “Temperance” skills.
  • Base attribute points increased from 7 to 8. 5 extra attribute points from fetishes for a maximum of 13 (previously 11)
  • New willpower-based system during sex scenes.
  • Acting stoic or defiant during sex scenes can backfire if lust or fear is too high and a Control and Temperance skill check fails.
  • Successfully using Stoic or Defiant now doesn’t increase Submission or Fetishes and increases Control and Temperance. It also increases Status, but affects Favor.
  • The player can also be “broken” when exhaustion or pain rises too high.
  • Being broken affects reputation and increases submission and fetishes more than being eager or submissive from the start.
  • Being eager now increases fetishes but not submission. Submissive now increases submission but not fetishes. Both affect status, but help gain favor.
  • New ‘broken’ scenes and text descriptions for prison (5 sex, 2 punishment scenes), gang hostel (8 scenes), street encounters, and rent collection scenes.
  • Added defiance options and text descriptions in several scenes where they weren’t available before.
  • “Cleaning” skill is now “Service tasks” and its starting value now depends both in perception and dexterity
  • You can get a hospital gown from Rebecca to avoid being stuck there when you don’t have clothes
  • It’s now possible to leave the police station when your status within the police rises above 20.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from leaving the police station if you had enough favor.
  • Fixed a bug preventing leaving the Police station by gaining enough favor
  • Chastity is now different when it’s for penis or pussy.
v021 “Gender Bending, Chastity and Appearance”
See More
– New physical attributes at character creation: facial masculinity/femininity, body hair, facial hair
– New base femininity/masculinity stats based on the character’s physical attributes: Height, Body Type, Facial Masculinity/Femininity, Body Hair, Facial Hair
– Some clothing items have an associated level of femininity/masculinity
– New location: barbershop in western slums
– New barbershop scene (non-con)
– New location: Hair salon in North Street
– Some physical traits can now be changed by grooming at the barbershop/hair salon
– New gender-bending config option: if active, males will become d-girls when they reach 75% femininity and vice versa. Same for female – cunt-boy. Characters can – switch back and forth as their traits change
– Sluttiness of clothing now only applies if the item is visible
– New scene with Holger that results in the player being put into chastity
– Olena will put characters in chastity before letting them out of the manor
– Olena’s trust increases faster
– Going naked to the bar may result in a non-consensual scene
– Wearing feminine clothing will trigger the feminization fetish for characters who have it
– The player can now get an e-coin wallet after sleeping with certain Synapse employees and hacking into their work computers
– New skill: Problem Solving – starting stat based on Intelligence attribute
– Choosing the Eager/Stoic/Submissive/Defiant stance during public non-consensual encounters now has a reputation effect
– Ability to act defiant during the bar robbery, street encounters, nightclub bathroom, and gang hotel scenes
– Added amphetamines to the loot in the food processing center to help with Ina’s rescue
– Reviewed notices regarding nudity, fixed bugs
– Fixed visual bug that had the skills, fetishes bars go beyond the maximum
– Fixed typos: ‘semi-$ransparent’, ‘see-$hrough’, Rafail referring to female characters as ‘boy’, Fernando referring to male characters as ‘her’, text to continue anal sex labeled as ‘hasdick’
– Fixed bug that prevented fetishes from increasing in LINK software
– Fixed punctuation during the police scene. Nudity status is now displayed during this scene.
– Fixed planting coke quest not showing as completed
v0.20 :”Item Effects, Piercings and Sluttiness”
See More
· New “Accessories” category of items that can be worn on the characters’ mouths, wrists, ankles, ass, and genitals.
· New items: ball gag, handcuffs with key, ring gag, ankle cuffs, chastity cage, chastity belt, deviants gift, beads, dildos and several piercings
· Wearing a gag prevents chatting (and oral sex)
· Wearing handcuffs greatly reduces dexterity-related skills, limits inventory changes, and prevents some actions
· Self-bought handcuffs include the key and can be removed from the player’s outfit, while other handcuffs can only be removed at the hardware store
· Some clothing and accessories now have an effect on skills
· Players can now get pierced and buy piercings at a new piercing shop
· New slutty stat that depends on the clothes/items the player is wearing
· Slutty clothing increases the chance of encounters
· Characters with slutty clothing (or lack thereof) will be kicked out of the Eastern Slums
· Onara’s name changed to Enara, too similar to Olena’s name
· New location: Sex Shop
· New Glory Hole with multiple scenes as both user and giver
· Minor map changes
· Saves now show their version. Export to file now saves the version in the filename
· Fixed a bug where making out with NPCs would show up as sexual assault in the stats menu
· Fixed a bug in the police street encounter where they’d refer to pale characters as being black
· Fixed a bug where skills would increase beyond 100
· Fixed a bug that prevented you from paying for your room even if you had the money
v0.19: “Lust, Fetishes and Dominance”
See More
– New Lust stat: At high levels, it can prevent the player from getting away from certain centers and affect skills.
– At character creation, players can choose their sexual orientation, which affects lust.
– At character creation, the player can choose fetishes and gain attribute points (up to 4).
– New fetishes: electrical, water sports, exhibitionism, forced orientation, and NTR
– New option in the config menu: enable/disable forced orientation fetish to be triggered during encounters
– Fetishes now increase faster for high lust
– New gender selectable at character creation: cunt-boy
– PC description on the stats tab now shows sexual attributes
– Gym: added 4 new sex/punishment scenes (themes: Humiliation, Non-con, Bondage, Whips)
– Gym: Reworked the scene flow to make sure all scenes are shown eventually
– Gym: Player can now chat with patrons
– Gym: Very high lifting skill players (>60) will impress Holger during training and can gain his trust.
– Gym: New quest can be given by Holger for high trust players or by eavesdropping in the locker rooms
– Gym: New eavesdropping options in the locker rooms
– Gym: Fixed a bug that caused scenes to advance on page refresh.
– Pharma: The player can now chat, flirt and have sex with Rebecca.
– Pharma: New quest given by Rebecca after gaining her trust
– Pharma: Rebecca can now gain Obedience
– Pharma: New scene with Rebecca in the underground club (Themes: Gangbang, NTR)
– Pharma: New scene with Rebecca in the underground club after passing an obedience test (Themes: Humiliation, Gangbang, Watersports)
– Pharma: Several new obedience-related chat and sex options
– Pharma: Fixed a bug where Rebecca would give e-coins without the player having a wallet.
– Olena: New quest after gaining her trust
– Olena: Players can now rest in their room during the day to avoid collapsing from exhaustion.
– Olena: Players will now join the town faction when they begin working for her.
– Olena: Trust will now increase more if the player performs well during the work day.
– Olena: Fixed two bugs in her manor that prevented her from advancing after the workday in certain situations.
– Fixed two bugs that showed male pronouns for female NPCs in certain situations.
– Fixed a bug that prevented submission increases against most characters
– Fixed a bug that caused a trivial escape from the forced prostitution ring to end badly.
– Fixed a bug that prevented flirting from starting in bars and nightclubs
– Fixed a bug that caused some consensual scenes to appear as non-consensual in the Relationships tab.
See More
  • Players can now access the Western Slums, populated by 30 new NPCs with various chat options.
  • New Pawn Shop where players can sell items
  • Players can now buy and sell narcotics
  • New barter skill that sets the selling price of items (Intelligence and Perception attributes give a higher starting barter value)
  • The player can now sell stolen ID cards in a new location
  • A new encounter in the slums where low level NPCs will try to jump the player. Good chance to earn reputation and level up fighting
  • A new encounter with the gang, which can end in a longer set of scenes/a soft bad ending
  • With enough reputation, the player can join the Ronda gang
  • New cheap but dangerous place to sleep
  • Minor changes to the slum maps
  • Interface now shows notifications for skill leveling, NPC trust changes, and fetish/submission increases
  • Player can consume drugs from the inventory screen, with different effects
  • Scaled status and popularity bars in the interface to fit a range of -100 to 100
  • New soft bad ending (food processing center)
  • New soft bad ending (forced prostitution by a gang)
  • Color-coded warnings for dangerous scenes can now be disabled in the configuration menu.
  • Hair color can be set to grey
  • New street encounter (forced blowjob)
See More
* Added an icon in the Relationships tab to indicate sexual relationships.
* Players can now gain dominance (as opposed to submission) over other characters.
* Submission/Dominance with NPCs is now shown in the Relationships tab instead of Stats.
* New attribute: Dexterity, which affects pickpocket, lockpick, and repair skills.
* Agility attribute no longer affects pickpocket or lockpick skills
* The number of attribute points available for new characters is now 7 instead of 6.
* Some social skill checks with NPCs who have developed trust with the PC are now easier.
* New chat options for different factions
* Fixed a bug where pickpocketing did not give loot
* Players can now join Thulle as a follower and receive a place to stay with safe storage.
* Changed the dialogs when entering Thulle for different ranks
* Added new clothing types (head, full body, outer layer, bra) and clothing items
* New relationship options with Leila
* New quests starting in Thulle
See More
– The east slums can now be entered
– 2 new quests starting in the east slums
– 9 new NPCs
– New scene at the bar (anal, non-con)
– The player can now steal from behind the counter in the bar
– The player can now steal from NPCs houses
– The player can now get changed/dressed at home and NPC’s homes
– An anouncement billboard has been added to main square
– Revised the challenge of skill checks
– New possible place to sleep and shower
– Fixed bug that prevented rescuing Ina
– Fixed a bug making disappear white colored items form the inventory
– Fixed a bug that prevented leveling skills beyond level 75
See More
– Street names are now a different color to make navigation easier
– Non-hostile NPCs will now approach the player in streets, nightclubs, and bars based on their attractiveness. Attractiveness does not affect the chance in hostile encounters.
– The player can drink alcohol in the nightclub, either by buying or getting drinks. * Alcohol reduces anxiety but increases exhaustion.
– Different encounters now have different probabilities in different areas.
– Flirting can now lead to consensual sex.
– Players can now spend the night in NPC locations after sex.
– 8 new consensual sex scenes
– 1 new non consensual scene
– Changed the color scheme in the cleaning status map at Mrs. Harrow’s.
– Fixed a bug that allowed lockpicking without a lockpick.
– Fixed a bug that didn’t allow the player to leave conversations.
See More
– New attribute Agility impacts evasion, sneaking and pickpocket. Players can now select 6 points at character creation.
– Fixed a bug that caused the game to stop working when loading faulty saved data.
– Fixed a bug affecting the items descriptions in loot boxes
– Fixed display issues when loading a save in the early character-creation steps
– Fixed display problems with decimal numbers in the Factions screen
– Disabled the side menu during character creation
– Added new options for eye color. Less ambiguous adjectives for skin ad hair color.
– NPC descriptions now include their hair
– After Hista’s scene, the location will repopulate of NPCs
– New skill: Lockpick (starting value based on Perception)
– New quest available at Main Square
– 4 new items
– 5 new NPCs
– New home where the player can stay for free on quest completion
– The player can now steal and use the e-coin wallet of certain NPCs. New wallet indicator.
– New dialog options at the detective’s agency
– Two new scenes and consequences when the player doesn’t pay rent
– Night mode is now the default (change brought from the next version)
See More
  • Fixed a bug with the wardrobe in 5 East Street (Ms Harrow’s) that prevented continuing the quest
  • Fixed a bug in Hista’s scene that prevented taking any actions
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the player from leaving the booth at the Software Company
  • Fixed a bug that made the customs office button show up twice in market street and prevented leaving the office
  • Fixed a bug that left the player “Tied with your arms up” after the police torture scene
  • Fixed a bug preventing start the Pharma tests with Rebecca
  • Fixed several bugs in the chat sequence with NPCs
  • Fixed several text bugs
  • Fixed notification issues in sex scenes
  • Fixed sex stats in the Police station scenes
  • New quest in the police station
  • The player can now get an ID Card from the police
  • The player can now get paid in e-coin for several tasks
  • The factions tab now shows the known characters of each faction and their status
  • The spitroast scene in the Police station will be now vaginal for female characters
  • The virginity stats now also show the location where the character lost each type of virginity
  • New female/dgirls femdom + CBT/genital torture street encounter (the total chance of encounters remains the same)
  • The player can now get a job based on lifting skills
  • New location: bar
  • To load from saved files, the player no longer needs to copy the content, it can simply opload the .txt
  • Simplified the minimap. Keep Street merged with West Street and North Street
  • The abandoned house now can also be accessed at night from West Street
  • The player will now accumulate debt with his/her landlord/lady if he can’t pay rent one week
  • New relationships tab, displaying more information about relationships
  • New locations tab
See More
  • The player can rent a room in two different locations
  • Small changes to the map to make it easier to navigate
  • New skill: Pickpocket. Can steal silver and items from NPCs. Reputation effects when caught
  • New water sports scene
  • New Bukkake scene
  • New location: Underground Club
  • Introductions and small talk easier in the nightclub and underground club (good places to level up)
  • Pickpocketing and flirting also easier in the nightclub and underground club
  • Revised the chance of skill checks (easier checks at low skill levels)
See More
  • Implemented attributes, impacting starting skills
  • Added a scene at Pangolin Pharma
  • Added a scene at the Food Processing center
  • Added new street encounter (public humiliation)
  • Number of sex encounters and first times are now visible on the Stats tab
  • Some actions are now impacted by high submission levels
  • Skill checks now show the ratio of sucess
  • Filth level now impacts social skill checks
  • Being naked in public now impacts social skill
  • Exhaustion now impacts fighting and evasion skill
  • Increased the progress rate at 5 East Street (Ms Harrow’s)
  • After street encounters, the player will now be left in the place they were heading instead of where they were before the encounter
  • The game will autosave the last 4 movements, so that the player can go back in case or bugs or misclicks
  • Fixed a bug at the Sex Club that wouldn’t let the player leave the conversation
  • Fixed a bug that prevented shopping at the clothing store
  • Fixed pronoun bugs at the street encounter
  • Fixed pronouns at Factions screen
  • Fixed scene flow bugs at 5 East Street (Ms Harrow’s)
  • Fixed scene flow issues at the Gym
  • Added bondage stats at the hidden Sex Club scene
Initial Release
Developer Notes:
See More
Future development
The development of Debasing Grounds is on-going, with several updates and features planned. Here’s an outline of the areas that will continue to be developed in future updates:
  • New quests and storylines: Expanding the narrative with additional plotlines and side quests, providing players with more content and opportunities for exploration.
  • Character development system: Introducing a more comprehensive skill tree, abilities, and character customization options to allow for deeper role-playing and strategy.
  • Expanded faction system: Introducing new factions and deepening the relationships between existing factions, with dynamic interactions, reputations, and consequences based on player choices.
  • Crafting and trading system: Implementing a crafting system for players to create and customize items, along with a trading system to buy, sell, and barter with NPCs.
  • Dynamic world events: Integrating random events and encounters that occur throughout the game world, adding an element of unpredictability and excitement.
  • Enhanced AI and dialogue: Improving the artificial intelligence of NPCs and offering more complex, branching dialogue options for deeper interaction and immersion.
  • New locations and environments: Adding new areas to explore, each with its unique challenges, resources, and inhabitants.
  • Multiplayer features: Exploring the possibility of adding cooperative or competitive multiplayer elements to the game, allowing players to interact with each other in the game world.


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