Descendants of the Forest [v0.4.53] [Eropixel]

Descendants of the Forest [v0.4.53] [Eropixel]

February 23, 2024F95

You are the leader of a group of adventurers that came to the land of the great forest to explore it, now you have to survive and fight against dangerous monsters that want to use you for food, for breeding or transform you to be one of them, and continue the journey through your descendants.

Thread Updated: 2024-02-22
Release date: 2024-02-20
Developer: EropixelPatreonitch.io
Version: 0.4.53
OS: Windows
Language: English
Other Games: Custom Brothel
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2DCG, 2D Game, Male protagonist, Female protagonist, Futa/trans protagonist, Multiple protagonist, Futa/trans, Genderswap, Character creation, Rpg, Pregnancy, Monster, Monster girl, Adventure, Combat, Sandbox, Transformation, Anal sex, Vaginal sex, Masturbation
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-Fixed a crash when an enemy uses certain sex
skills on a character, due to a missing check.
-You can now rescue the previously kidnaped
characters by the Amazons.
-Crash when certain characters are about to transform in battle
in certain conditions due to a loop.
-Crash when changing class in the Base.
-Crash when enemy uses a sex skill on allies.
-Crash in brothel due to the same problem with the enemies.
-Misplaced map change points that leaves the player trapped in a zone.
-Missing Dickshrooms due to wrong id.
-Missing “Re:Anal” Animation Graphics.
-Wrong check in Amazons City.
-Crash due to a wrong check when using a sex skill on enemies.v0.4.50
-Added Tattooist and some tattoos (torso, belly, crotch, lower back).
-Added sex animation progression outside battles (Character face expression changes), and a pre-sex frame.
-Added also a content option for male ahegao in Content Settings.
-Added after sex cum (Only Main Pose and Back Pose), graphics will be improved.
-Added some basic beards and moustaches currentl don’t work with beast head.
-Added intercourses counter in status (just counts some values like total intercourses, pregnancies, etc).
-Improved hairdresser menu.
-Completed fur for back pose.
-Added ally kidnaped/capture and rescue system and day pass effects on allies.
-Improved city system, now more characters can be shown in the same site.
-Added a simple NPC relationship system, the relationship level will increase 1 time per day when you talk with them, only with sex action it will be improved later.
-Added appearance for children in Base.
-Color fusion system for skin and other colors for children.
-Improved Alraune graphic and is now used as base for some other female monsters.
-Changed mines maps.
Added a small introduction.
-Added some new hairstyles.
-Added some new equipment (Dresses).
-Added head variations for open mouth face expressions.
-Added fetus sex to character pregnancy status, an action to discover it in the hospital and potions to change it.
-Added more enemies.
-Revised back head and hair graphics.
-Added 2 more skin colors.
-Basic ally interaction system with some basic actions (Talk, Pose, Sex and Masturbation).
-Completed penis and vagina size variations in sex animations.
-Added some new items.
-Improved Back View body graphics (EX Version).
-Added some new Quests/Requests (7).
-Added time lapse for some quests, some quests will require that the player pass days to appear.
Small Changes
-Changed the location of some menu commands.
-“Quests” renamed as “Requests” in menu.
-“Request” renamed as “Hire” in Guild.
-Requests and Missions are now grouped as Quests in menu.
-Content and System are now grouped as Settings in menu.
-Changed NPC name window background.
-Separated discovered hairstyles in back and front.
-Small bug when used “Re” sex skill on an enemy in battle due to a wrong check.
-Wrong “X took no damage!” message changed to “X deals no damage!”.
-Enemies doing nothing several turns again due to a missing check.
-Learned skills showing in Transformation Skills list.
-Dark Zone darkens the Party Status and Menus.
-Bug when Dwarfs pass through small holes and are defeated.v0.4.09
-Revised genes windows, reduced text size and fixed wrong data.
-Changed wrong effect of “Sex Drain”, was draining HP instead of MP.
-Updated the other passive genes effect.
-Passive genes effects weren’t working.
-“flee_wait” bug from green slimes fixed.
-Changed some stuff of genes heritage system.
-Changed gene “Double Attack” to “Dual Attack”.
-Genes effects weren’t working.
-Wrong check when the Player get items from the map, making all spots check gathering level.v0.4.06
-Pink Slime don’t use the transformation skill, due to a wrong condition.
-Again, wrong fur caused by a missing variable that was erased.
Changed a wrong code in skills menu that was crashing the game.
-Bugfix items will be added automatically when you load or start a new game.
-Added “Emergency Return” bugfix item.
-Gamecrash in skill learn menu, caused by treat a skill as a number.
-Children’s wrong fur and added “Fur Fix” item.
-Some bugs in skill learn menu.
-Updated Patreon list.
-Controls Referece screen will be shown “automatically” one time to each Player at the start of the game, or in any occasion for other Players, I don’t know how to explain it.
-Added “Inherited” and “Transformation” categories to the skills menu to fix the skills to not show in the skill lists.
-Crash when the Player takes an item from the storage.
-System popup message with children’s father name when a character is born.
-Genes screen, the genes just weren’t showing in the windows.
-“Charm” gene, the skill id was wrong and was causing the skill to not be learned.
-Brothel crash caused when the character gets pregnant.
-Skills levels weren’t showing in skills menu.
-Player can do the Bandit’s Boss battle again if checks the campment again.
-Forest Zone 1 can be accessed before the “Unblock the Path” mission, causing some other problems.
–Added the bugfix item “Blocked Paths Fix” to fix that.
-Enemy sex skills on allies animations weren’t showing.
-Party status was not updating correctly.
Another system update, no new missions were added, I will advance the story, modify maps and expand some missions in the next version.
-Added SP (Skill Points) system and permanent skill learn system, a character now need to learn skills to permanently using SP.
-Changed skill system, now usable skills will depend on the current character class, and learned skills.
-Changed Gathering, Fishing and Mining level increase system, now you have to use SP to increase the level.
-Changed Gathering, Fishing and Mining genes, those will increase the initial levels of those skills.
-Changed max level system, now max level will be increased +10 levels for generation (this may change).
-Added item quantity selector to Shop, Storage and Item Menus.
-Changed item name “Impermeable Leather” to “Marine Leather”.
-Added iris light.
-Modified hairstyles for head accessories.
-Added  hairdresser.
–New hairstyles are added to the list when new characters have new hairstyles or you have intercourses with characters with other hairstyles.
-Added more arms and legs poses.
– Added more item categories and multi-categories to items.
–Transformation and Modification items are now in “Modification” category too.
–Added “Bugfix” category.
-Added “Stuck”, “Trapped” and some other status graphics.
-Improved penis and vagina graphics and added more sizes (currently only for the main pose).
-Changed Purple color and added Fuchsia Flower.
-Added “Pubic Hair” to Hair Grow/Cut items.
-Improved some menus appearance.
-Added more transformations.
-Added two more states.
-Changed and completed some graphical sets of equipment.
-Added some equipment (Currently are just a copy of others).
-Added masturbation animations (Incomplete).
-Improved children sex generator, added more sex possibilites depending on their parents.
EX Version
-Added 1 more penis and vagina size.
-Added back view of characters, pressing Z button (Check button reference) the same key to hide/show the minimap, currently only on player’s menu and still needs to improve.
-Added anal masturbation animation (Incomplete).
-LAG in battle caused by enemy Hp bars.
-LAG in map caused by multiple checks in a script.
-Some children were not being given a generation number.
-Sometimes the enemies don’t do actions even when they can do it.
-Sex animations displays even when the sex skill fails.
-Changed “Vaginal Animation” coordinates (screen location).
-Changed initial characters parents’ names to “???”.
-Fixed wrong head graphic of NPCs.
-Fixed missing lashes of sex poses.
Still in Progress:
-Sex poses: Masturbation, Vaginal Masturbation, Anal Masturbation, Milking (Not Included)
-Transformations: Pink Slime, and some others (not included).
-Class System and custom skills for classes.
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-The Player was not being rewarded correctly after finish the missions, due to a misplaced code causing a problem with the “Unblock the Path Mission”.
-A misplaced “-” in the mission/quest details window for some missions/quests.

-Sex animations from enemies to allies were not being displayed.


-Gamecrash when the control type is changed in game.
-File.read problem related to unicode files.
-Bug that makes the forest guards impassable even if you finished the blocked entrance mission.
-“Check Suma City” mission doesn’t progress due that the code was not updated correctly.
-After the “Unblock the Path” mission the guards keep blocking the Player to pass from the Forest to Resta Field due that the passage checks if the Player has finished the quest in the Guild instead of check if the quest objectives are completed.
-Gamecrash related to Brothel pregnancies due that the workers weren’t deleted correctly from the pregnancies list, causing the game to check inexistent characters.
-Gamecrash when the Player removes the armor of the main character and exits from the menu.
-Gamecrash when a character uses a sex skill on some enemies.
-Gamecrash when two different half-race characters end up causing pregnancy.
-“Unblock the Path” mission wasnt giving the reward.
-Fixed wrong sex animation display and oral animation.
Changes done:
-Improved performance on map and battles.
-The arrow in the equipment menu now moves depending on the selected command.
-Improved quests/missions menu.
-Improved status window.
–Added location.
–Added progress info to deliver/defeat quests.
-Added more facial expressions.
-Added more eye types.
-Added more color flowers options:
–Added brows, pubic hair, eyeshadow, lipstick and nails color.
-Brothel workers can now get pregnant.
-Added hair tails with hair long variations, still needs to improve a bit:
–Added Onion Bun, Ponytail, Side Tail, Twintail.
-Improved NPC message system.
-Added overworld NPC avatars.
-Changed savefiles location to “Savefiles” folder and renamed “SaveAuto” to “Autosave”.
-Moved the controls text files to “Controls” folder and changed the way to change the control type.
-Added arrow move to WASD controls.
-Added in game controls reference.
-Added “Scissors” sex action to the possible sex actions when the characters have small penises, and added futanari variations, also this animation will be renamed to “Rubbing” later.
-Added RTP check to inform if the game detects the RTP.
-Reduced the advantage/preemptive possibility when the player and enemy are facing.
-Change beast transformation pose.
-Added quest and mission limit to 5 of each type.
-Renamed “Cowgirl” to “Holstaur” and “Taurus” to “Minotaur”.
-Beast half race will not have body fur.
-Renamed “Ninja Suit” to “Invisibility Tights”.
-Added a Inmortal Gem in a chest in front of Resta City while the game is in beta version.
-Added Oral animation.
-Added minimap.
-Added Library with some mechanics information.
-The Base can now be moved to another city.
-Fixed unlimited gold gain with Whoring skill.
-Added savefiles compatility system.
-Fixed some hair graphics when the character is some sex poses.
-Changed some text in japanese, some items names, descriptions, and the status recover battle message.
-Fixed shop bug that was making the player had to buy the items at the entire price despite the discount.
-Fixed a item inventory bug that was making some corruption changer items and other items unable to use.
-Fixed a graphical bug when a thief had equiped a weapon in the second arm slot that was making the dagger show behind the armor.
-Fixed the option to dye fur.
-Fixed quest/missions menu that was not showing the accepted quests when you’re in the overworld.
-Fixed sex animation partner skin color on skill menu, the skin color of the user and the target was the same when the player uses “Re” skills.
-Fixed pregnancy data window, the name of the father wasn’t showing.
-Fixed battle again with a defeated enemy by pressing the action button before it dissapears completely.
-Fixed enemy changing suddenly, caused by repeatly initialize the enemy.
-Fixed a bug that was making the enemies to not respawn when are defeated two times.
-Fixed enemy respawn location.
-Fixed characters arms, when they have their hands on their breasts the back part of the arms wasn’t showing.
-Fixed transformation animation on menu.
-Fixed water sound effect persistence started in Forest Zone 2.
-Fixed blank dwarf gene that was mining+, caused by a wrong id.
-Fixed new characters heritage, old genes from retired/dismissed characters weren’t erasing when the characters resets their data.
-Fixed battle user/target check confusion when using some skills like Mana Milk, checking for the target MP instead of the user MP.
-Fixed sex animation error when a corrupted/confused charecter uses a sex skill on enemies due to a inexistent value on enemies.
-Added a penis to the parter in “Scissors” sex animation when the parter have a small penis and was showing as a vagina.
-Fixed a bug that occurs when an enemy uses a sex skill on another enemy.
-Fixed Ninja Suit functionality, graphics and sprites opacity.
-Fixed level reset, when extra levels are used the level of a class resets and is increased to 2 when the character gain a level.
-Fixed quests redo rewards on quest details.
-Fixed warp when you’re defeated by the flowers in Resta Field Forest entrance.
-Fixed the feminization/masculinization invisible body effects.
-Corrected some messages.
I place these aside, because I don’t know under what circumstances occurs:
-Maybe fixed the endless pregnancy with negative counter.
-Maybe fixed enemy status icons, that were showing invisible states.
Fixed some bugs of sex skills caused by a misplaced script:
  • Crash when a corrupted character uses a sex skill.
  • Wrong sex animations displayed.
  • Sex animation target was inverted for some sex actions.
  • Fixed and Improved anal animations.
  • Sex animation eyes corrected.
  • -Changed download instructions.
  • -“Re” Sex Skills target remember fixed.
  • -Transformation items use on inventory and storage fixed.
  • -Group members on Base, Temple and Hospital were not removed enterely from the Group.
  • -Some transformation effects weren’t working well.
  • -Re:Anal check error on brothel.
  • -Dick Eater Bug skill effect changed, now changes penis into vagina (no womb) to prevent graphical bugs.
  • -Some graphics corrections.
  • -Added Work Vacancies Fix Item.
  • -Pregnancy Data error caused by a changed variable fixed .
  • -Contraceptive days caused by a changed variable fixed.
  • -“NPC:Basic” error caused by a renamed variable when disabling feminization fixed.
  • -Transformed characters via potions, etc, are now affected by corruption, and now can be cleaned without revert transformation if its not completely corrupted.
  • -Futanari/Hermaphodite sex options fixed.
  • Fixed Contraceptive item.
  • Fixed character location error when a character is edited in the party edit menu or requested at the guild that was giving also a work places bug.
  • Fixed a item gather spot in Forest zone 2.
  • Changed the Temple corruption check, but I havent check if it solves the slimemother to werewolf check problem.
  • Erased a test event.
  • Fixed sex animation sounds.
  • Encrypted game is having problems showing sex animations so I will just leave the non encripted files.
  • Added character sprite system.
  • Added map terrain effects.
  • Improved visibility fog.
  • Improved screen status windows.
  • Improved enemy behaviour.
  • Improved item gather spots.
  • Improved avatar system.
  • Improved NPC Avatar system.
  • Added battle advantage/disadvantage.
  • Improved battle messages.
  • Improved battle command memory.
  • Improved all menus.
  • Added more item categories.
  • Sorted sex skills.
  • Added sex action selection, now you can select beetwen Do/Recieve Vaginal/Anal/Lesbian actions.
  • Changed equiment menu.
  • Added underwear equip slot and equipment visibility option.
  • Added genealogy section to status menu.
  • Added children rename to pregnancy section.
  • Added some more content options.
  • Added sex parameter, now sex skills causes sex damage, it can be reduced with underwear.
  • Added item creation system, available after certain mission is completed.
  • Food/Water consume now depends on the number of party members.
  • Monster fluids can be gained through battle reward or sex.
  • Added more items.
  • Added more equipment.
  • Added Anal, Vaginal, Lesbian/Rubbing pose.
  • Added some hairstyles.
  • Added Holstaurus transformations.
  • Added torch and lantern items, works at night.
  • Enabled bag item.
  • Enabled character recruitment, only when the number of group members is less than 5 in the guild.
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– Charm skill was crashing the game when an enemy uses it against a character with hermaprodite body.
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-Fixed an autosave bug that was causing lag in the map before the entrance of the forest.
-Fixed resta cart transport to forest entrance that was causing a game crash.
-Revised the Fallen Angel.
-Revised the children race generator.
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-Fixed the grey flower.
-Half Races parents now give a Human child.
-Fixed the “1111” message whe  healing.
-Increased max item number from 99 to 999.
-Increased max gold from 99999999 to 999999999.
-Added autosave, each time you enter exit a site (city, campment, cabin) and the entrance of the forest the game autosaves.
-Separated smoke ball and escape command.
-Food and water autoreplenish when the indicator hits 0.
-Renamed Gyaru back to Wereslut.
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-A missing iris color from elves (11/light blue) in the customization menu wasn’t listed and the game crash searching for it.
-Added content settings on menu.
-Added the option to chose if you want to dye the character’s hair or fur.
See More
-Improved Player content setting menu.
-Added default RPG Maker Input.
Bugfixes done:
-A crash occurs because a sex animación error, I haven’t found it but I made a small change to prevent a crash, now a error message should appear.
-A crash occurs when the Player is completely corrupted on the map, I Made a small change but I’m not sure if it works but made the same as the sex animation error.
-Mysterious tent quest for herbs won’t put the body modification potions once You finish it, It was callinga wrong method to check if the quest was finished, fixed.
-Angels were chashing the game when they age because a missing letter.
-The Player stops moving when entering the forest entrance because an event was running automatically when the Player enters the map and it Made the Player unable to do anothing.
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-Inventory now uses user and target.
-Inventory limit now increases 20 items for each character in party.
-If the inventory limit is exeeded the characters can’t run.
-New characters now replace unused characters in the database.
-State icons now have the number of remaining turns.
-Changed battle commands, action reminded, changed appearance and order.
-Gather system improved, now you can obtain more items depending on the character’s gathering skill.
-Work system improved, noe the characters learn job skills and their effects improve depending on the number of days worked.
-Gameover system improved, now if you have one last pregnant party member alive and not corrupted and is about to give birth the remaining party members (defeated/corrupted) return to the city.
-Quest system improved, now a small talks about the quest happens when you start, finish or cancel a quest/mission, also a quest command on the sites when a quest requires to go to a site or leave a character.
-Improved character customization.
-The mysterious tent now appears in various places.
-Transformation items are now only available on the Mysterious Tent (At least now)
-Bandits quest changed.
-Children appearance is now visible on the base, but with the same aldult graphics.
-WASD input.
-Run speed differences for each race.
-Storage system.
-Pass days in Inn now shows a resume of events instead of multiple messages.
-Hair long and dye.
-Talk action in sites.
-NPC avatars.
-Job skills system.
-Item and skill animation and effects on menus.
-Passive skill system to work with new kinds of genes.
-Transformations affect the character genes.
-Transformation items.
-Added +1 body type, +1 penis size, +1 belly size.
-Added an old cabin outside the other side of the mine.
-Added slimemother bad end.
-Field of view reduced in night for some races.
-Dwarfs can run no matter if the inventory is full.
-Tent and return gem now shows an event when used.
-Rest in a inn and tent reduces corruption.
-In some events you could lose party members permanently.
-If you lose against the thief you will lose all your items and gold.
-When all party members get pregnant at the same time the game enters in a endless loop.
-Sound and music volume.
-Some gather items without a graphic on the map.
-Corrected some graphics.
Initial Release
Developer Notes:
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Turn Battle RPG – Dungueon Crawler
-Selectable Sex
-Pregnancy/Male Pregnancy
-Body Modifications (Genderswap, MtF, FtM, Dickgirl, Cuntboy, Futanari)
-Monster Girls
*Paperdoll System
*Customizable Characters
*Visual Equipment
*Descendency and Heritage System
Download Files Notes:
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Currently MEGA link have the newest verion.
There are 2 files:
“RTP” and “Descendants vX.X”
# Case 1: You already have the RPG Maker VX Ace RTP installed on your PC. #
1.1-You don’t need to download the “RTP” and just download the most recent
version of “Descendants vX.X”.
1.2-Once downloaded, just extract/execute the downloaded file.
1.2-After that, execute the Game.exe in the folder, and play.
# Case 2: You don’t have the RPG Maker VX Ace RTP installed on your PC #
2.1-You will need to download the “RTP” and the most recent version of
“Descendants vX.X.
2.2-Once downloaded, extract/execute the two files on different folders.
2.3-Once extracted, COPY the “Descendants vX.X” folder files into the “RTP”
folder and REPLACE all the files in it.
2.4-After that, execute the Game.exe in the folder, and play.
2.5-If there’s still a problem related to the RTP, edit the “Game.ini”
file with a text editor and erase the “RTP=RPGVXAce” line and save it
or move the “Game.ini” file from the folder “RTP fix” to the main folder
and replace it.
*You can do this for bug fixes too, for example you downloaded the
v0.2.00 and the v0.2.02, you just need to replace the old files with
the most recent version files.
*You can download the RPG Maker VX ACE RTP  here.
*The contents of the “RTP” aren’t going to change so you don’t have to
download it again if you already have it.
*The old savefiles are now compatibles. -Only versions above v0.3.XX.
*Some antivirus may give a false-positive the .exe files, it’s a common
problem with RPG Maker related to the registered .exe files.
Use F1 to toggle options, F5 for full screen, F6 to switch screen size
Read the Download Files Notes Spoiler.

Update Only (v0.4.50 -> v0.4.53): CATBOXMEGAPIXELDRAIN

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