Desert Stalker [v0.14d Public] [Zetan]

Desert Stalker [v0.14d Public] [Zetan]

January 10, 2024F95

Inspired by the Fallout and the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series, this game offers an original storyline, involving different factions and side-stories that explore romance, violence and everything in between, sprinkled with a lot of adult oriented content. It has been a long since the apocalypse. You play as a Desert Stalker who scours the violent remnants of an civilisation scattered through sand dunes and destroyed cities in what was once the former Egypt.
The aftermath of the war still plagues the lands even after so long, and although your family at home offers a safe and calm haven, you will occasionally be thrown into harsher environments. How you treat others is up to you, as is what alliances you forge, what activities you participate in, and whether you are a self-centered or a more generous character.

Thread Updated: 2023-11-05
Release Date: 2023-11-05
Developer: ZetanDS PatreonSubscribestarDiscordItch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.14d Public
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
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3DCG, Point & Click, Male Protagonist, Female Protagonist, RPG, Adventure, Postapocalyptic, Male Domination, Female Domination, Incest, Graphic Violence, Humiliation, Gore, Exhibitionism, Harem, Slavery, Horror, BDSM, Sadism, Masochism, Urination, Big Tits, Small Tits, Sharing, Group Sex, Animated, Lactation, Sleep sex, Rape
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1. Extract and run.
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Minor changes / Bugfixes:
– Added a new Zahra animation in the Kateryna scene
– Various typos and grammar fixes
– Fixed an incorrect sayer in Asha’s settlement interaction
– Fixed a couple of instances where Fairy’s new name wasn’t interpolated properly
– Fixed an incorrect sayer in the settlement whore scene
– Fixed an incorrect image condition in Fairy’s introduction scene depending on whether Kateryna has joined the house or not
– Fixed Shani incorrectly showing up in the Emilia/Fairy harem scene if she hasn’t yet returned from the Zone
– Made the Queen’s palace interactions available only after the thermae scene to avoid out-of-order event references
– Fixed a variable not being set to True when Kateryna joins the household
– Made a small interaction between Ain and Kateryna available only if Kateryna has joined the household
– Fixed some incorrect markers on the world map button in the home menu
– Added an in-game option to toggle censorship/sharing on or off (currently under Edit Details)
– Added the option to rename Fairy & Kitty in Edit Details after you chose their name the first time
Minor changes / Bugfixes:
– Improved the quality of the Emilia/Fairy harem animation
– Added train animations at the start of the Decayed scene (We like trains)
– Fixed a flag for the water woman in the settlement that caused the outcome dialogues to be reversed
– The player now finds out Fairy’s name if they got her from the trader
Minor changes / Bugfixes:
– Hotfix for crash in the Palace
Minor changes / Bugfixes:
– Added some missing animations in Kateryna’s scene, Emilia/Fairy harem scene and Asha repeatable scene
– Fairy’s & Kateryna’s introductions now won’t happen as long as Shani is in the Zone
– Fixed rolling back after loading a save that caused a revent in the variable updates. Now rollback is blocked prior to that point
– Fixed Zahra’s name not being interpolated in Kateryna’s quest objectives
– Kateryna’s introduction shouldn’t happen if you denied her
– Fixed Asha talking while being knocked out in the intro scene
– Fixed misspelled variable in multiple places
– Fixed being unable to visit Raiders camp after seeing the settlement aftermath, blocking the player from Asha/Kitty
– Made Ain’s room available again
– Fixed some button markers related to settlement events being enabled prematurely without the actual events being available
– Asha/Kitty are now not accessible in Raider camp before the General and Kitty are captured
– Fixed inconsistency in Queen’s dialogue regarding the Thermae scene
– Fixed missing flag checks in Queen’s palace scene
– Fixed Emilia appearing in Kateryna’s introduction event even if the player denied her and added an alternative branch
– Added an Italian translation up to 0.14 (courtesy of Eagle1900)
v0.14 Beta
Added scenes & events:
– Kateryna’s introduction to the house (2 parts)
– Decayed visit
– Asani visit
– Fairy’s introduction
– Series of small events at Queen’s palace
– Settlement aftermath events
– Repeatable interactions with Asha & Kitty
– Harem scene (Emilia/Fairy)
– Brief interactions when you enter Ain or Shani’s room
Minor changes / Fixes:
– Added End Of Content screen variations
– Updated the Spanish translation to 0.13 (courtesy of Darax)
– Added Indonesian translation up to 0.12 (courtesy of Genkho)
Reworks and Revisions:
– d5g (Ain’s punishment)
Minor changes / Fixes:
– Updated the main menu animation
– Added library entries for Fairy, Sharifa, Igor and Asani
– Updated the library text and pictures for most entries
– (Hopefully) fixed an issue with the Her Majesty & Till Death Do Us Part quests not updating properly. Now event order and quest log should align.
– Added a small variation in Shani’s return depending on she was wounded or not
– Added some dialogue variation for the settlement discussion at the Palace if the player has not helped the Raiders
– Made the overpass settlement arrows a bit more distinct, as some players had trouble noticing them the first time.
– Fixed another (rare) potential soft-lock in the apartment scene
– Fixed a bunch more text and typos
– Fixed some render inconsistencies with Rabia’s necklace in previous events
– Added some missing animations in the Thermae scene
– Fixed a soft-lock under certain conditions in the apartment
– Fixed a wrong game jump from the Palace scene
– Fixed the main menu music not stopping when loading into a game
– Fixed logical dialogue errors
– Fixed various typos
– Fixed a bug where the cutscene marker wouldn’t disappear on a game over in the fight sequence
– Fixed some render inconsistencies
– Added library entries for Zion and Kitty
– Removed the inability to scroll back during the apartment event after realizing it wasn’t the best idea. Nice try though
v0.13 Beta
New Content:
– Added scenes:
– Ending of Shani’s quest in the Zone
– 10+ scenes that follow Shani’s return and aftermath
– Harem scene (Emilia/Ain)
Reworks and Revisions:
-d4d (Talia & Lirah encounter)
Minor changes / Bugfixes:
– Replace some music tracks
– Added a “content end” notification
Minor changes / Bugfixes:
– Fixed incorrect sayer characters in a few instances
– Various text errors and typos (thank you for all the reports)
– Removed a cooldown trigger from Kyra’s second basement event to make it more streamlined
– Fixed a couple of instances with overlapping videos causing lag
– Fixed an incorrect render sequence in Day 2
New Content:
– Added scenes:
– Continuation of Fairy’s questline
– Continuation of Rabiah/Nadia’s questline.
– Harem scene (Zahra solo)
– Harem scene (Emilia solo)
– Ain/Emilia in Ain’s room
– Ain in the hallway
– Added 1 small event:
– Repeatable Hive Queen visit
Reworks and Revisions:
– d1e (Zahra’s introduction)
Minor changes / Bugfixes:
– Kyra’s basement content should now not block other basement content
– Fixed a long-standing bug where you couldn’t get Fairy from K&K if Ivy was dead
– Turned Ivy back to Igor in the Kateryna visit scene
– Replaced Ivy’s music theme in previous scenes
– Various text corrections and typos
– Added Spanish translation (courtesy of Darax)
– Added Russian translation (courtesy of Kasatik)
Minor changes / Fixes:
– Fixed a variable issue when accessing the prisoner scene from the replay gallery
– Various text errors and typos (thank you for all the reports)
– (Android) Fixed a text issue in Zone bunker notes
– (Android) Fixed a few instances of overflowing text
– Added an opacity slider for the in-game textbox
– Added a “delete” icon for existing saves
Minor changes / Fixes:
– Various text errors and typos
– Fixed a notification issue in world map button due to a missing flag
– Included 3 misplaced renders
New Content:
– Added 5 scenes.
– Ivy’s hideout
– Kateryna’s house
– Continuation of Shani’s quest in the Zone.
– Raiders/Kitty
– Zahra on the terrace
– Small Hive Queen revisit scene [WIP]
Reworks and Revisions:
– d1e (Zahra’s intro)[WIP]
– Updated engine to RenPy 7.5.3
– [Bug] Fixed the radio in the Zone throwing an exception when the music is muted
– [Bug] Fixed incorrect variables in the Asha/Kyra scene
– [Bug] Fixed a variable issue in the Ain sleep scene
– [Bug] Fixed an incorrect sayer in the Fangs/Mantis scene
– [Bug] Fixed renders inconsistency for Asha in the Asha/Kyra scene
New Content:
– Added 3 story scenes.
– Continuation of the Hive quest
– Raider quest
– Shani’s entry in the Zone.
– Added 2 events:
– Sleeping with Ain
– One kitchen dialogue
Reworks and Revisions:
– d4e (Emilia’s room intro)
– Ain room visit
– [Bug] Fixed a path in Omar’s dialogue that did not progress the quest
– [Bug] Fixed a missing audio file in Day 8
– [Bug] Fixed a missing image in Nadia’s room scene
– Various text errors and typos
– Replaced some audio files and removed unused ones
Technical changes:
– Converted all images to webp, significantly reducing package size
– Added a “Hide UI” button in Quick menu for android
– Changed flash to be gray instead of white (thanks for pointing it out)
– Fixed a missing audio file issue during the oasis event with Shani
– Fixed a crash when visiting the prisoner in the market
Technical changes:
– Added Spanish translation (WIP), courtesy of Darax
– Added version information next to each save
Minor changes / Fixes:
– Removed the ability to feed Fairy until the end of time (players were getting soft-locked under certain conditions)
Note: Progression of Fairy basement events has been reset to account for the fix, and they need to be replayed – Fixed the travel sequence to the Mutants based being repeated
– Fixed Kateryna’s kitchen event leaking into other events under certain conditions
– Fixed Ain’s room being available earlier than intended
– Fixed a timeline inconsistency with Ain’s event
– Removed obsolete Ain/Shani relationship from “Edit Details”
– Various typo and grammar correction
New Content:
– Added 1 story scene
– Added 9 events:
  – One Ain event
  – One kitchen event
  – One event at the market
  – Expanded Fairy’s content (repeatable)
  – Added Rabiah’s home in the world map with 4 events
– Added a Harem scene (Emilia / Zahra)
Reworks and Revisions:
– d2b (Palace visit)
– d2c (first Queen visit)
– Reworked d2d (Leaving the Palace)
– Reworked d4g (Second Queen visit)
Minor changes / Fixes:
– Added a new library entry
– [Bug] Fixed Shani appearing in events after she leaves for the Zone
– [Bug] Changed “Sleep with Zahra” tooltip to use the name variable instead
– [Bug] Fixed various instances of custom names being ignored
– [Bug] Fixed d2f-23 being cut off (Ain kitchen scene) at last
Technical changes:
– Added an in-game changelog
– Changed the in-game menu
– Changed the dialogue font (can be toggled in Options)
– Changed the main font
– Changed the dialogue box and notifications background
– Reworked the credits sections
– The mutants lab scene is now repeatable.
– Fixed the missing car images.
– Fixed the missing menu hint image.
– Made the Shani choice a bit more clear.
– (Hopefully) fixed an issue with unlocking the Asha/Kyra gallery scenes.
– Fixed some dialogue issues caused by POV change.
– Fixed a trigger bypass in Ivy’s scene.
– Fixed some wrong images in one path with Fangs
– Various typo and grammar corrections.
0.08a Changelog:
New Content:
– Added 1 new story scene.
– Added 1 new side mission.
– Added 2 new small events.
– You can now sleep with your lovely wife instead of alone if you choose to do so.
Reworks and Revisions:
– Reworked d1a (initial Raiders scene) from the ground up.
Minor changes:
– Slightly changed “Sightseeing with Kateryna” mission’s introduction to flow better.
– Fixed Asani being brought back from the dead under certain conditions.
Technical changes:
– Added the ability to select and view past main menu animations
– Overhauled the structure of audio/image folders (unfortunately this means no partial update)
– Added basic Android gestures (experimental)
0.07c Changelog:
– You can now change the namebox POV in Edit Details
– Fixed a handful of typos and text errors
– Fixed an inconsistency between Kateryna’s visit and it’s marker
– Ain is no longer doomed to be Abrax’ wife (fixed the Harem scene)
– Fixed an inconsistency regarding the fate of the kidnapper girl
– Nadia can now be unlocked in the Gallery
– Fixed a wrong condition in Thermae dialogue
– Fixed some stray interpolation variables that should be persistent
– Fixed Zahra being in the basement on Fairy’s gentle variation
0.07b Changelog:
– Fixed the flipped default relationship values
– Disabled “Presentation Options” due to a last-minute bug
– Fixed wrong character name in Ain’s harem scene
– Fixed a wrong condition in one of the Thermae dialogues
0.07 Changelog:
New Content:
– Added 1 new story scene.
– Added 2 new side missions.
– Added a new Harem variation (Ain solo).
– Expanded the Fairy basement scene.
Reworks and Revisions:
– Revised d1b (Ivy’s introduction scene).
– Reworked the world map from the ground up.
– Reworked the style of the main menu (options, gallery, loading screen).
Minor changes:
– Added an option to change the namebox perspective in Edit Details.
– Hopefully fixed the “None” issue with names that some players encountered
0.06b Changelog:
– Added an in-game menu to change names/relationships
– Relationships are now permanent and should carry over to the gallery
– Fixed Fairy not being unlocked in Gallery if you got her from the trader
– Fixed a missing flag in Fairy’s basement event
– Fixed Ain’s first meet Gallery scene
– Fixed excess notifications for repeated Fairy’s event
– Fixed the credits, no more error log
– Various typos and text corrections
0.06a Changelog:
– Fixed Zahra’s relationship bug
– Fixed spelling errors
New Content:
– Added 2 new stories / side missions.
– Introducing the first 3 NSFW animations.
– Added the Harem / living room & 1 variation scene. (More variations coming in the future).
– Added a free roam basement with access to girls kept in there & 1 new scene.
– Added an ingame library that contains a codex about characters and places.
Reworks and Revisions:
– Reworked the intro of the game. Instead of seeing a black screen when starting a new game, the player will get a proper introduction.
– Reworked and improved room visits. You can now lay down and have a chat with Zahra, Ain and Shani about multiple topics (to be expanded as the story goes on).
– Revised d2e (Shani’s tomb scene).
– Revised d1e (Ain Zahra Introduction. Full skin and lighting rework coming in the future).
– Revised the beginning of d1b (Ivy’s introduction).
Minor changes:
– Changed the home menu and world map background music due to copyright concerns.
– Changed some old low quality sounds.
– The gallery will now only show 1 time NSFW scenes. Repeatable free roam scenes will not be shown in the gallery.
– Quality of life updates for multiple HUD elements.
– Removed the repeatable kitchen scene from free roam (for now).
– Various typos and text corrections
– Fixed an error on declining Kyra/Asha due to incorrect variable
– Fangs’ Q&A is now more streamlined
– Fixed a missing flag preventing Kyra from being unlocked in the Gallery under certain conditions
– Fixed the trader interaction leading to opposite responses
– Fixed Emilia not getting offered the second time under certain conditions
– All quests have appropriate ending markers now
– Emilia’s room introduction event has been revised
– Ain’s room becomes unavailable after her punishment, for consistency reasons
– Fixed some renders in Ain’s introduction, that were overflowing the screen
– Added the missing Home Menu tutorial image
– Added Quick Menu option in preferences
– 8 new scenes (750+ pictures)
– refreshed some scenes with several renders
– Rework of the home menu from day 1-5
– added a quest log
– added markers for important events
v0.04 Public
Bug Fixes
– 8 new scenes
– You can now visit Ain, Shani and Zahra in their rooms. *1
– added a teaser for car inspection
– multiple text corrections (Thanks to CynicalADM and dsnow!)
*1: Room activities will be expanded over the coming updates
v0.03 Public
– improved text editing in most scenes
– minor bug fixes
– reworked pictures of Shani’s introduction
– a slightly adjusted Ain character model in various scenes
– a few extra panels at the end of Emilia’s introduction
– reduced the main character’s tsar bomb to a fatman in the massage scene
– removed the necessity to click through panels in repeatable NSFW moments
See More
Major updates:
– 2 story missions
– 2 side events
– added the first two repeatable events
– whole rework of Ain and all her scenes (explanation below) *1)
– discord is set up! Link *2)
Minor changes:
– improved the open world quest mechanics
– added back a familiar option to the first raider encounter (uncut version) *3)
– fixed spelling errors like “elf”
– added options to avoid two prologue NFSW scenes
– reworked the censor function a bit
– removed the game over after letting the elf die *4)
– added a “go to sleep” option to start a new day
– made the dialogue textbox more transparent
*1) Ain rework: This had to be done due to legal concerns. I know the character was popular before, but I wanted to make sure I won’t get in trouble where I live, so I made her more mature. I also cannot offer seperate versions for the same reasons. I’m sure you will like the updated character as much if not more. This was the reason for the delayed update
*2) Discord: My mods and me will still work on the discord channels and things may vary, but it’s up and running and open for discussions and WIP posts.
*3) Raider scene: Scene is optional, only minimally changed
*4) Figured out that it is possible without putting in much work after all. You guys were also right when you said that an RPG should have a choice there, so I put it back in.
See More
Giving the player more choices:
– added a censorship option
– added a relationship options
Reworked parts of Day 1:
– made Scene 2 and 5 brighter
– made the interaction with the crazy raider girl less extreme
(similar scene like in 0.01 planned for a future update, this was done to not scare off players from the get go.)
– edited the dialogue a bit and added a game over in scene 2
(The elve is a main character. Letting the player continue after killing her is pointless and only adds coding time I could save. The “decayed” event can also be started by buying her free.)
– changed some music tracks
(If you didn’t do it before; try playing with music and sound on, it took at least 20% of dev time)
Added Day 2 (End of prologue)
– 6 scenes in total.
(An introduction to the world, different characters and future NSFW scenes.
v0.01 Prologue
Initial Release
See More
– Storytelling that focuses on a solid plot as well as the everyday life at home
– Optional filters to avoid almost all kinds of non-vanilla content
– Some of your decisions will ultimately alter the way the story goes
– Fully covered music and sound effects bringing more atmosphere to the game
– Freely selectable events and missions through the world map; no grinding mechanics whatsoever
As the game progresses, I am investing in the necessary resources to make it as pretty and engaging as I can. Paying for those improvements is where the bulk of your contributions come into play.
Developer Notes:
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Desert Stalker will be a reasonably open gameplay experience that encourages multiple playthroughs with different optional paths like many classic roleplaying games. The game has an optional censor to hide controversial content like gore and excessive violence. If you like the idea of what I’m working on, feel free to support me through patreon or subscribestar. Cheers!
Note: All saves of versions prior to 0.05 will not work with later releases of the game. Also, to avoid potential issues, always unpack new full releases to their own folder and do not overwrite old ones.


Extras: Gallery MOD* – SigsWalkthrough MOD* – PDF WalkthroughSpanish Translation* – Russian Translation* – Chinese Translation* – Video Enhancement Mod*

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