Desire Guardians [Final] [Aquin25]
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Desire Guardians [Final] [Aquin25]

January 30, 2024F95

In Desire Guardians, you play as a young Black Man,
moving to a small rural town in the middle of nowhere to start a new life for themselves.
However, in doing so, they end up getting roped into a metaphysical realm where the suppressed desires of the masses (so basically, their kinks) take on physical form, and need to be defeated before they turn dark and dangerous.

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However… the realm itself seems to have it’s own ideas on what to do with our young protagonist… perhaps uncovering some “Desires’ that even they themselves are unaware of. The gameplay is split into 3 segments, a daytime section to prepare for the fights ahead, an exploration section, where you delve into the realm to face the creatures within, and an after work section, where you explore the town and can spend time interacting with your friends and fellow party members.

Thread Updated: 2023-07-04
Release Date: 2023-07-03
Developer: Aquin25 PatreonDiscordTwitterWebsite
Censored: No
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English
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2dcg, 2d game, adventure, male protagonist
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1. Extract and run.
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v0.28 – Final – Fix (2023-07-03)
Should fix swamp progression block.
v0.28 – Final
The final dungeon, Finished all submission events, Finished Magnus’s After Work events., Added in 4 main endings.
(Patreon (Penultimate update)) Finished Manny’s after work events and added his BDSM scenes, Magnus’s after work events up till romance split, An expansion to the Monster Girl Dungeon (Succubus Helll), Rebuilt the game’s progression and rebalanced the cast. (So… ya, no save transfer saved like last time, sorry, you will need to start over. Luckily the hidden black bottles in the intro should help players rush through old content faster), Added a new shop unlockable via Magnus’s after work events., Other bug and spelling fixes.
Finished Marie’s main route after work events, Finished Manny’s After work events up until romance choice, Major rebalancing throughout the game, Added a secret stash of Black Bottles hidden in the game’s opening, allowing players to use them to zoom through previously beaten content at their leasure when restarting from the beginning, Various bug and spelling corrections, Shortened the text for the Reset Ghost (Will need to hear the talk at least 1 more time, then never again.)
A new dungeon (Mommy Clinic) New Submissions for EVERYONE (Including Marie), Lani’s final after work event, New After Work event for Marie, Various Bugfixes
A new Dungeon (The Temple of Man), A slight redesign to the dungeon menu to streamline it a bit, New After work events for Lani and Manny, A new mechanic for Manny at the bar and the mystery shop, New Submission events for Gwen, Julia, Lani, Manny, Magnus and Athena, Fixes to the Alpharena to make the final cup more accessable, and Buffs to Camilla to make her boss fight even harder!
A new dungeon. (Fairy Forest) (Must reach a certain point in Marie’s after work events to unlock.) 2 new after work events for Marie, and 1 for Gwen, finishing out her story. (Gwen having both romantic and platonic versions), New submission events for everyone. The Basement is now compleate, and new submission events for EVERYONE!
The Alpharena, a side story area to the game where players can take on arena challeneges. (There are 4 challenges that are to be unlocked across the story campeign. Players who have played through all content from all previous updates can access all 4, but those starting fresh will unlock them over the course of the story), A special superboss in the arena if you have all 4 of the dommes’ keys. (If any of their keys are missing from your inventory, simply rebattle them to obtain it), New After Work Events for Julia and Marie (Julia’s coming to an end, now compleated at 10 entries), New submission events for EVERYONE, including Marie this time.
New Dungeon (Team Domina Base) New After work events for both Julia and Athena (Both romantic and platonic, bringing an end to Athena’s side route) New Submission events for Gwen, Julia, Lani, Manny, Magnus and Athena. The Bed is now usable in the basement. Bug and typo fixes.
New dungeon. (Mika’s Shrine), New outfit for purchase at the shop for the protag, New after work events for Gwen & Athena (both romantic & platonic), New Submission events for Gwen, Julia, Lani, Manny, Magnus and Athena, A new “break up” system has been added to the romance system. (Will occur if you lie to your romantic interests about having other people you’re in a romantic relationship with), The X cross is now usable in the basement, Bug fixes for the past 4 domme dungeons so they properly distribute the keys. (Just rebattle Crystal & Jasmine if you don’t have their keys in your inventory.)
A new dungeon, (Jasmine’s Convention), Optional costumes for MORE than just your MC, but the other party members as well, After Work Events for Lani and Athena (Both romantic and platonic), New submission events for Gwen, Julia, Lani, Manny, Magnus AND Athena, New BDSM scenes (Including the newly added X cross, AND including Athena if your romance has gotten to that point with her), Multiple Bugfixes (Warning: Old saves are not compadible with this update. Sorry)
A new dungeon, (Crystal’s Palace) After Work Events & Submission scenes for Lani and Magnus, Can now start a romance with Lani, New BDSM scenes (Including the newly added queening stool, and including Lani in all past options, New Music Added to Maid Cafe, Multiple Bugfixes
A new dungeon, Setup for the next arc, New after work events for both Gwen & Athena in both routes , You can now start a romance with Athena, 2 journals (1 only accessable in domme route) have been added to the bedroom, allowing players to repeat after work events, AND see them early without accessing their effects, The massage table has been made interactable in the basement.
A new dungeon, New after work & submission events for Julia, Manny & Marie, New BDSM scenes in the basement for Gwen & Julia, A new way of gaining attacks exclusive to the domme route. (Visit the Core Tower)
Phase 3, a LARGE amount of new content you’ll have to play to see, and new after work events for Julia and Athena.
A new dungeon. (One with a… few suprises within), New after work events with Gwen and Athena, A new costume, And a… few more new things you’ll have to see for yourself.
(Patreon) An expansion on the Bimbo dungeon.New Costumes open for purchase. (Talk to the shopkeeper in the town square) New after work events for Lani and Manny. A new cutscene setting up the past 3 dungeons. (Sets up Holidayland, The Futa Academy and the Bimbo expansion) will play for any players who’s beaten the Casino)
A new dungeon, New After Work events for Lani and Athena, The San Bahia movie theater is now open!!
An expansion on Squarecorp. (Must play through Lani’s after work events to unlock), New After Work events for Gwen, Julia and Lani, A new “Costumes” feature with unlockable alternates, and some bugfixes.
A new dungeon, New After Work events with Lani and Athena.
A new dungeon, New After Work events with Gwen and Julia (Need to reach phase 2 for Julia’s), And some bugfixes.
A New Dungeon, 2 New TFs, New After Work events with Athena and Julia, And a nice, fun surprise for those of you who get all 15 TFs currently in the game. (Go to bed afterwards to get it) (6.1 was a bugfix)
A new dungeon, A new after work interaction with Gwen, A Gym has been added to San Bahia. Allowing you to use your money to upgrade MC’s stats. A series of secret codes has been placed into the game. You can get the codes by interacting on the game’s discord. There are 10 codes, each of which will be given out by rising through the interaction rates on the server.
Gwen has a new after work event, A new dungeon has been added. (Unlocked after seeing both of Gwen’s after work events), 2 new TFs have been added, The secret shop has been unlocked. (One of your allies will give the password to you if you talk to them after 7 TFs), A new cutscene has been added at home in connection to the Secret Shop, many typo fixes, reduced file size for your convenience.

*This unofficial port/version is not released by the developer, download at your own risk.

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