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Devoted Wife [v0.29] [LoveStory]

February 24, 2024F95

This is a visual novel about the protagonist and his wife, a newly married couple and the unexpected arrival of a young man into their lives.
The arrival of the young man made the protagonist realize that he had a strange fetish that he hoped his wife would indulge in.
As he began to experiment with different fantasies with his wife, he found that their interests didn’t always align.
As they navigated their new dynamic, they encountered a variety of interesting characters.
The future was uncertain, but one thing was certain:
the couple were in for the ride of their lives.

Thread Updated: 2024-02-24
Release Date: 2024-02-04
Developer: lovestorygamesPatreonWebsiteItch.ioDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.29
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
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3DCG, Male Protagonist, Oral Sex, NTR, Big Tits, Groping, Creampie, Vaginal Sex, Handjob, Sexual Harassment, Big Ass, Corruption, Cheating, mobile game
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  • Major refresh
  • 38+ renders and 31+ animations added
Bug Fixes
  • fixed the issue where the screen asking for a passcode does not appear
  • fixed the issue of Android updating instead of performing a fresh install
  • finally, no more crashes
New Content
  • 5100+ words added (53,600+ total)
  • 22 animations added
  • extras content added
  • new sound effect
  • redid 20 animations
  • refined 22 renders
  • edited some sound effects
  • removed unused and assets
Bug Fixes
  • fixed phone error
  • fixed change view error
  • fixed spelling errors
New Content
  • Replaced a character for improved narrative
  • Added 42+ new renders
Bug Fixes
  • fixed 30+ animations
  • revised dialogues
New Content
  • 4300 words added (43,200+ total)
  • 21 animations added (302+ total animations)
  • added Extras gallery with unlockables CGs , animations, and repeatables
  • added 14 gallery scenes, 4 animation scenes and 7 CGs
  • added bgm and sound effects
  • improved narrative flow and quality
  • refreshed 30+ animations
  • improved bgm and sound effects
  • removed unused files and assets
  • game mode separation reduced file size (2.8 gb to 0.8gb)
Bug Fixes
  • fixed pub background
  • fixed an issue with the messaging appear where icon appears to block dialogues
  • fixed disappearing animation chat bug
  • fixed an issue where time doesnt advance after an event
  • fixed an issue where bgm doesn’t play when entering a location
New Content
  • Introduced 5 new romanceable female characters and 5 rival male characters
  • and a total of 25+ events for all female characters.
  • Fixed issues like background glitches, chat glitches, and time glitches.
  • Added over 20,000 words of dialogue, voiceovers and 250+ new renders and animations for this update.
  • added 9 events to Mika (added 68+ new renders including animations) AND voiceovers*
  • added 4 events to Miku (added 36+ new renders including animations) AND voiceovers*
  • added 6 events to Reiko (added 38+ new renders including animations) AND voiceovers*
  • added 7 events to Rika (added 58+ new renders including animations) AND voiceovers*
  • added 7 events to Rin (added 63+ new renders including animations) AND voiceovers*
  • added interaction screen for all characters.
  • added missing animations files
  • added schedule for all female characters
  • can now accumulate points for certain actions to unlock repeatable scenes
  • changed all characters dialogue colour
  • added a functioning shop to the mall with purchasable items
  • added a functioning gym bench to gain strength attribute and it’s scenes
  • added a functioning vending machine to the streets with purchasable items
  • added 2 working locations to earn money, office desk & part time shopkeeper(unlocked after completing miku’s event)
  • added 14 items to the shop & vending machine added their description
  • added a cheats app
  • added customized phone assets required to implement the apps
  • refreshed all female character icons to hd.
  • added task app to the phone
  • added stats tracking app to the phone
  • added character location app to the phone
  • added messaging app to the phone
  • added a functioning bed, used to advance the day
  • added a time forwarding function, used to advance time
  • added a navigation system to all locations on the bottom left of the screen
  • added 97 new audio files.(including spicy ones)
  • added plenty of animations to all male characters.
  • (took the longest time) upgraded ALL files to adapt to a newer version game engine.
  • Removed unused files and assets, streamlining the game and optimizing performance.
  • refreshed 16 old animations
  • location Park, Slum, Streets, Gym, Beach, Night Club, Pub, Office are now accessible.
  • all character dialogues are now randomized.
Note: v0.25 is coming next week. Unfortunately, the full version has been delayed due to coding issues.
As a result, I’m releasing this update v0.24.5 as both a progress log and an opportunity to enjoy some new content (chapter 27,28 and 29).
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a major bug that keeps sending players back to NTR mode.
  • Corrected the logic for the Latest Chapter mode.
New Content
  • Added Chapter 27, 28, and 29, in storymode. (Accessible now)
  • CUCK & NTR mode. (Accessible now)
  • Included a total of 201 new animations and images to enrich the game’s narrative and visuals.
  • Introduced 2 new office female characters, each with 6 new events, adding depth to the workplace environment.(will be available by next week as v0.25.)
  • Added 1 new gym female character with 5 new events, providing fitness enthusiasts with exciting interactions.(will be available by next week as v0.25.)
  • Welcomed 1 new beach female character with 6 new events, expanding the game’s coastal adventures.(will be available by next week as v0.25.)
  • Included 1 new mall female character with 6 new events, offering more shopping and social opportunities.(will be available by next week as v0.25.)
  • Implemented a new interaction menu for characters.(will be available by next week as v0.25.)
  • Updated Rina’s schedule for more dynamic interactions.(will be available by next week as v0.25.)
  • And many many more.(will be available by next week as v0.25.)
  • Removed unused files and assets, streamlining the game and optimizing performance.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a transition bug that was affecting of sandbox gameplay.
  • Resolved the issue with day/night background variations in sandbox mode.
  • Updated missing audios.
New Content
  • Updated all 26 story events with refinements and adjustments.
  • Added two variations (cuck and sharing) to the story mode, allowing players to experience different journeys.
  • Added path choices that allow players to influence the direction of the narrative, adding replayability and personalization to the gameplay.
  • Expanded the gallery with 5 new scenes.
  • Reconfigured story mode to continuous story mode for seamless narrative experience.
  • Introduced a captivating new intro.
  • Converted all audio files to the more efficient and high-quality MP3 format, reducing the game’s overall size while maintaining audio fidelity.
  • Included some voiceovers for Rina, making her interactions even more engaging.
  • Introduced a new character icon for easy identification.
  • Expanded the sound effects library.
  • Implemented new fonts for dialogues and texts.
  • Added a work option in sandbox mode, giving players the chance to engage in various jobs and activities to earn rewards and progress in the game.
  • Implemented a monetary system in sandbox mode, allowing players to earn and spend currency within the game world.
  • Introduced an inventory system, enabling players to collect and manage items they find during their journey.
  • Updated the GUI color to red, giving it a bold and dynamic look.
  • Added background music for each location in sandbox mode.
  • Added a bed functionality in sandbox mode, allowing players to rest and advance time if needed.
  • Introduced a new mall location in Sandbox mode.
  • Removed unused files and assets, streamlining the game and optimizing performance.
  • Integrated new sound effects to enrich various in-game events and actions.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed park interaction.
  • Fixed missing character sprite.
  • Fixed roam_looping errors
New Content
  • Voiceovers for Chapter 17.
  • Added Chapter 17.
  • 129 new renders/ animations
  • 600+ dialogues
  • Added new character (roam)
  • Added new character schedule and interactions
  • Improved Rina dialogue sprite
  • Upgraded area system and quick nav menu
  • New main menu
  • Optimized game size from 3gb to 900mb
  • Upgraded the scheduling system to make it possible to track npc positions.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed time-day function
Fixed an issue with the time-day function to ensure that the game’s day-night cycle works correctly.
  • Fixed story_loop error
  • Added missing images/animations
  • Corrected spelling errors
  • Fixed issues with side images on mobile devices
  • Corrected some of the poses eg hands-on-hips pose
New Content
  • Added Chapter 15
  • 76 updated animations (for all chapters)
  • 620 new dialogues
  • 56 new story images
  • 11 new UI images
  • 8 side dialogue animations for Rina
  • 6 side animations for MC
  • New music, environments, and sound effects
Added new side animations for the main character for Rina to bring her character to life and make her interactions with players more interesting
  • Added a simple tutorial for roam
To help players understand how the roaming feature works, making it easier to navigate the game world.
  • Added Kenji to the relationship screen
Players can keep track of their relationships with him (roam)
  • Added animated character side images
To make them more visually appealing and engaging for players.
  • Added task tracking feature to phone (roam)
To help players keep track of their objectives and progress in the game
  • Added a chapter selection screen when players choose “story mode”
To make it easier for players to jump to their desired chapter when playing in story mode.
  • Added relationship points system feature for roaming mode
To allow players to track their relationships with different characters and unlock new interactions based on their choices
  • Updated the title screen, icons for pc, android and mac
  • Merged two game modes (roam and story)
  • Improved shaders for Rina
  • Revisited images/animations for previous updates
  • Converted some of the images to animations
  • Added loading image for when the game is starting up to desktop/android versions

What’s new

in Beta Version 0.2:
  • Main Story Scenes (still work-in-progress) : Main story scenes now triggers when you visit the right location. Most of these events occur when you return to the home entrance, making it easier for you to follow the story’s progression.
  • Basic Roaming System (still work-in-progress) : Explore the game world with a new, basic roaming system. Currently, it’s not as feature-packed as I initially hoped, but rest assured, I’m working hard to refine and expand upon it in future updates.
  • Diverse Cast of Characters (still work-in-progress): Interact with a variety of interesting characters, each with their own unique stories and backgrounds.
  • World Map Implementation: Navigate the game world with ease using the new world map feature.
  • Home Location Exploration: You can now explore your in-game house by clicking around. Keep in mind, this is still a work-in-progress, so expect even more interactivity in the future.
  • Basic Cell Phone Interface (still work-in-progress) : Stay connected with the other characters with the newly added, albeit basic, cell phone interface. This is also a work-in-progress, and we’re looking forward to enhancing it further.
  • Time-Day Function: Experience the passage of time within the game with our new time-day function. As this is still a work-in-progress, we appreciate your patience as we refine this feature.
  • Points System (still work-in-progress): Test out the new points system with one character for now. We’re eager to expand this feature to other characters in future updates.
Additionally, I understand that some of us may prefer the older version of the game.
To accommodate these preferences, I’ll be releasing two separate versions of 0.2.
v0.2(with roam)/v0.2b(without roam)
For a comprehensive lists of new features, enhancements, bug fixes, and other changes added in each version.
More notes
As many of you may know, balancing game development with a full-time job can be a challenging endeavor. The passion and dedication required to create a game while managing the demands of our day-to-day work can sometimes be overwhelming.
Here, I just want to take a moment to express our deepest gratitude to all of you.
Your enthusiasm, encouragement, criticisms and financial contributions have been invaluable in keeping me motivated and focused on our goal: to make the best game possible.
Thank you

Have a good day !

v0.19.0 (05/4/23)

  • 40000+ words
  • 45+ new renders
  • 27 new animations
  • 5940 unique dialogues
  • 43 menus
  • ADDED POV for s scenes for v0.19 only
    Change view available on the top left corner of the screen.
  • ADDED simple phone UI
  • Game size reduced by 72% (2.3gb > 660mb)
  • Shifted “Skip to latest version” to “Continue tab”
  • 2+ s scene sound effects
  • Bug fixes
v0.18.0 (18/2/23)
  • 35000+ words
  • 60+ new renders
  • 12 new animations
  • 5200 unique dialogues
  • 39 menus
  • ADDED side portraits for Rina and Kenji
  • ADDED simple phone texting (TQ Nighten)
  • Game size reduced by 73% (2.1gb > 570mb)
  • Shifted “Skip to latest version” to “Continue tab”
  • Fixed a bug
  • Potential new character? Maybe
v0.17.1 (28/1/23)
  • 30000+ words
  • 20+ new renders
  • 4 new animations
  • 4500 unique dialogues
  • Resized main character’s body parts*
  • Added potential new characters
  • Rerendered all previous scenes involving the MC
  • Bug fixes
  • Game size reduced by 78% (1.8gb > 400mb)
v0.15.1 & v0.16.1 (Minor)(13/1/23)
  • updated v0.1 storyline
  • new ending for v0.15
  • 4300+ unique dialogues (150+ new dialogues)
  • 29000+ words
  • more dialogue options (v0.1,v0.11,v0.12)
  • 17 new rendered images
  • 2 new sound effects
  • Fixed browser errors
  • Fixed fatal errors (bathroom scenes)
v0.16.0 (7/1/23)
  • New character introduction
  • 4200+ unique dialogues
  • 28000 words
  • 80+ animations
  • 70% reduction in game file size ( 1200mb > 350mb )
  • +1 new vault scene
  • 20 menus
  • fixed bugs
  • 2 new sound effects
v0.15.0 (17/12/22)
  • 3350+ unique dialogues
  • 40+ animations
  • 50% reduction in game file size
  • boss story development
  • icon update
  • fixed duplicated lines
  • 2 new sound effects
Version 0.10
  • First Release
Developer Notes:
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(Patreon Notes)
I’m currently working on a path system for the game that will allow you to choose which paths you want to take, and dialogues will change accordingly, making your gameplay experience even more immersive and customizable.
However, it’s a complex feature that requires careful planning and implementation, so I appreciate your patience as I work on it.
How frequently do you update?
The game will receive monthly updates.
What’s the difference between Public (Free) and Patreon versions?
Public (Free) and Patreon versions of my game are essentially the same.
However, as a thank-you to my Patreon supporters, I offer some exclusive perks such as early access to updates, access to development logs and sneak peeks, gallery codes and more.
Early releases and other perks are offered as incentives for financial support.
The reason I am able to dedicate my time to the game is due to the support received from those who financially support the project.
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Password: 999111
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