DiBS: Tentacles in Spaaace [v0.7.3] [MoxieTouch]

DiBS: Tentacles in Spaaace [v0.7.3] [MoxieTouch]

January 25, 2024F95

DiBS is an action exploration game with a ‘grapple mechanic.’
When a creature comes close to her, they grapple.
When grappled, you navigate her to break free from the grapple, or she’d be dicked.
Oh, the tragedy.

Thread Updated: 2024-01-09
Release Date: 2023-12-01
Developer: MoxieTouch – Itch.ioPatreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.7.3
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
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Female protagonist, oral sex, animated, 2DCG, furry, multiple penetration, tentacles, vaginal sex, combat, platformer, shooter, rape, monster
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1. Extract and run.
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What’s New
Much of the work has been on the boss and quality of life features.
Barebones Boss Systems
Here’s the boss! A good chunk of his systems are in place. Balance and animation timing still needs more work, but he’s in a playable state now!
  Shoot to annoy him into a boss fight.
  Tosses Mox out of his room and closes the door upon losing boss fight.
As a reminder, there will be no art for the boss for this build, only art placeholders. The art will be properly worked on the next dev-cycle.
Proper Boss Cinema Animation
Here’s the proper cinema tape for the boss!
Empty Stamina Pop-up
There is a mechanic where Mox can’t jump when tired, so now there’s a pop-up for it!
One-Handed Cursor Indication
This should be easier to visually show when walking in One-Handed mode.
One-handed Mode Teleprompt Reminder
Shows a reminder that one-handed mode is active when using the keyboard. Will automatically disappear after a while.
One-handed Mode Mouse Deadzones
One-Handed Mode now has a deadzone setting for those with larger displays, so no need to move the mouse at the end of the screen.
Auto-combine Ammo Mode
Every reload auto-combines ammo. Super convenient for more casual playthroughs.
  autosavedisable / autosaveenable – Disables / enables autosave.
  Fixed woof riding the elevator that gets him stuck on the third floor.
What to expect next
  Focus on Boss art
  “Collected all tapes” achievement
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What’s New
Early Final Cinema
Here’s a look at the final cinema animation!
As mentioned in the roadmap, there will still be another month to refine the cinema tape before heading to coding the boss implementation!
Big Computer
The final tape can be found near the Big Computer.
Infinite Ammo
Auto-Combine Ammo Notice
Found a small duplicating bug with this mode, so it’ll be implemented in the next build.
  None. Focused on cinema animation.
What to expect next
  More refining the final cinema.  
Quality of Life
  • Increased Mox’s walking speed slightly.
  • Keyboard automatically uses WASD/ZQSD layout. QWERTY / AZERTY option not needed anymore.
  • Achievements will always be saved after picking up tapes.
  • Controller
  • — Pressing (B) while in Pause menu goes back a menu / resumes game.
  • — Jump mapped to Left Button (LB)
  • Note: controller and one-handed mode can conflict sometimes
  • Fixed cushion repeating animations.
  • Fixed object duplicating after interacting with mouse wheel.
  • Fixed resetenemies sometimes not working.
  • Fixed woof and koubold not sending to Clair Lune room when respawning.
  • Fixed controller interfering with keyboard inputs
  • Fixed game crashing if plant takes damage while in grapple minigame.
  • Fixed Mox Meetup accidentally playing hug animation after a few seconds.
  • Fixed blaster not turning blue when it has ammo.
  • Fixed woof doing a jitter dance when in Exploration Mode.
There’s quite a few bugfixes here, as well as a new interaction for Mox Meetup!
Mox Meetup – Koubold Hug
A new interaction after giving the scarf! Mox can hug koubold. There’s still a few more interactions on the way before moving on to the boss.
Mox Meetup Cinema Refinements
The older one felt a little flat, so a few refinements were done on the overall look for the anim.
Misc Features:
Scarf indicator
Small Step Ups – Mox steps up small ledges now.
Mox Meetup only starts after saucying both woof and koubold.
Added “uh, you’re probably stuck” message when accidentally clipping through a wall, which prompts a way to teleport.
Fixed not being able to hug woof.
Fixed accidentally starting Bored Ending when grappled in Bored Mode.
Fixed clicking “cycle ammo” or “drop ammo” button, then pressing space activating the button
Fixed not sitting on 4th seat from the left in cinema.
Fixed shield plant sliding instead of walking.
Fixed Woof cinema tape not showing up
Fixed getting stuck in the ceiling in the Train when jumping.
Fixed losing stamina when in woof grapple minigame.
Fixed Mox can get bored while grappled when in Bored mode
Fixed clicking “cycle ammo” or “drop ammo” button, then pressing space activating the button
Fixed cushion repeating some animations.
What to expect next
Bun Nun Game Jam!
Finally, the 0.4.3 release! This includes a barebones version of the miniquest and the achievement of clearing plants.
Sorry for the delays. Following the previous post about the project crashing, there will be a separate post that details what will happen when the project crashes, and how the next dev-cycle will be structured by learning from this.
Now that many of the other systems and cinema tape are done, more focus is on koubold and woof miniquest for the December update, including its cinema animation!
What’s New
Cinema Train
Elevator Ending
The ending after going through most of the game. Mox pulls out her phone and does a report on the ship.
“It’s right at the start” – Mox’s Ship Ending
The ship controls in Mox’s ship is finally interactable!
“Do nothing” – Phone Ending
Leaving Mox idle will make her pull out her phone. Wait around and she’ll get so bored she leaves.
Cushion Plant
The health station. This guy solves the problem of clearing the circles, while also being a reliable place for clothes! Also includes sauce animation.
(Barebones) Koubold and Woof Miniquest
Mox can meet koubold and woof in the mainhub after meeting both of them.
A few interactions in the game, including koubold giving Mox clothes and woof getting annoyed when Mox aims at them.
Combine and Drop Ammo
Ammo can be dropped and combined using buttons next to the ammo. This was originally for the 0.4.3 update, but it was also included in an earlier version too!
Extras and Stats
Bored Mode – The ‘life’ bar depletes over time since she’s getting bored. Running out or filling the bar will end the game.
Exploration Mode – Explore the ship at your leisure with plants idling about
Stats – Currently keeps track of plants cleared, found koubold, and found woof.
Dutiful Citizen – Picked up all the trash.
Janitor – Just clearing a few plants.
New Things
Pseudo gallery – Getting 3 circles goes back to the start of the level. It became annoying having to go through the creature chamber over and over again, and Exploration Mode fulfills the role of a pseudo-gallery now. Holding up will now enter the gallery chamber after getting 3 circles.
Grapple sprite is now finally animated.
Fixed riding the train again preventing from going back to the train station.
Fixed koubold teleporting when pressing ‘A’ in the controller.
Fixed Bored Ending Mox jittering.
What to expect in the next progress log
Mox Meetup Cinema Tape draft!
~~Previous notes~~


Nice! 0.4.2 is stable. Bored mode and exploration mode are in the game, including a few bugfixes. There will be one more future fix that will include the koubold and woof miniquest.
After this is done, we can head straight to Mox Meetup cinema animation for the December update!
Important Note: Koubold and Woof Miniquest is not in the 0.4.1 Release. Expect fixes in the next few days. In the meantime, here’s a stable release.
Found the reason for the constant crashing a few days ago. It was Koubold and woof miniquest, so the project had to be rolled back to 0.4.1 to avoid the project crashing.
Unfortunately, there’s not enough time to fix and reimplement features, so a few features will be disabled for now.
Sorry for those that were excited for more of bubs and woof this update. Expect the fix and new features in a few days.
The download links will be updated to 0.4.3 once the features are stable.
What to expect in the next few days
– Reimplementation of koubold and woof miniquest and a few rolled-back features.
Train Station
We finally have the train station! It feels more lively now compared to the barebones of before. There’s even some vintage newspaper in the giftshop.
West Wing
West Wing is super neat to see in-game. It’s like a small contrast to the other mall. In fact, the two malls are connected. So if Mox enters the club first, she’d go through the West Wing first, with a pathway that leads to the other mall.
Animated Woof Eyes
Hey, it’s animated woof eyes! The heart will also appear after woof shows his calm eyes.
Ammo Swap Order
The ammo order can be swapped back and forth! If you’d prefer to use the least amount of ammo first, just hover next to the magazine to click on the sort button.
  • Added a few refinements and flavor environments to train. An outline of the door will show and there is a semi-functional light switch.
  • Re-enabled computer dialogue in Mox’s ship.
  • Mox’s blaster will visually show when it’s empty. It’ll also show that it’s disabled when in Mox’s ship.
  • IdleMox: Mox will pull out her phone after being idle for a while. This will be for a future ending too
  • Behind-the-scenes file reorganization.
  • Fixed Mox duplicating when attempting to sit down and hug woof.
  • Fixed jazz music accidentally being played too early when wolf opens door.
  • Fixed settings crashing when a setting item is missing.
This is legitimately one of the cooler levels I got to work on, at least in terms of atmosphere.
Currently, Mox can wait in the front of the carriage until the destination, or clear out the train.
There are still more things I’d like to add (namely sound effects + meaningful reward at the end of the carriage + make it longer). But this should be a building block to hopefully a cool level!
Wolf Interact
We have different wolf interacts now! Depending on how well-dressed Mox is, he has an ever-so-slightly different reaction. Plus, he also drops his cinema tape. It looks so goofy.
Also planning on a mini quest for koubold and wolf to persuade them to their home planet, but that’s for much later.
Speed Up Tenta-
It’s back! This was an old mechanic that made the tenta-icons move faster. No one noticed or understood it, so was disabled in 0.1.7. Now, it has visual feedback and it’s done with the more intuitive ‘right-click’ instead of ‘space’.
More New Things
  • Added “wolf” cinema tape, dropped after saucy.
  • Mox can sit in the mainhub.
  • Koubold finally sends Mox to the save room.
  • Clicking on stamina bar can skip minigame.
  • New splash screen.
New Commands
  • showkoubold
  • givesnack
  • deletesettingsfile
  • Replaced water area with a ‘breather’ corridor for pacing.
Known new bugs
  • Cursor disappears when in fullscreen (haven’t been able to replicate bug. Seems fixed though.)
  • Fixed duplicating dropped ammo when exiting level.
  • Fixed umbrella broken in gallery.
  • Fixed snack icon not being removed after giving.
  • Fixed vending machine duplicating snack after giving.
  • Fixed crashing when settings file is outdated
  • Both F1 and ` can open the console.
  • Settings now save. Can be found in AppDataRoamingDeep in Brixen SpaceDiBS or ~/.local/share/Deep in Brixen Space/DiBS.
  • Pressing S multiple times while entering doors repeats the entering sound.
  • Pressing B makes game fullscreen and breaks UI
  • Cursor disappearing when in fullscreen (?). Unconfirmed if fixed. — Not fixed, for some reason.
  • Pressing Tab shows all the tapes Mox collected. Should help with keeping track how many tapes are left. Fast, Medium, and Slow Saucy Speed
  • Anyway, saucy now has slow, medium, and fast. It automatically speeds up after every 5 seconds, then goes back to slow. Slower Camera
  • Camera panning is slowed down by half. It’s less jarring now. Using a controller also makes the camera slower. More console commands
  • Press ` to show console.
  • New commands: — addclothes — removeclothes — givecircles — clearcircles — resetenemies
  • Removed ‘health’ command for redundancy + ambiguity + broken.
  • Some menu UI inconsistency.
  • Fixed out of bounds in elevator scene.
  • Numerous places where Mox’s sprite can phase through.
  • Fixed game elements (doors, switch, etc.) persisting when restarting game.
  • Yoga Mox: Her arm could rotate 180 horizontally.
See More
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Proper controller support
  • Controller works now, including aiming.
  • Even works on menus.
  • Controls:
  • — Left Stick / D-Pad – Move
  • — Right Stick – Aim
  • — Right Trigger – Shoot
  • — Right Bumper – Flashlight
  • — A – Jump
  • — X – Reload
Your feedback is very welcome.
If you have ideas for how the controller should work, head on to Discord suggestions!
Finally, Some Options
  • Implemented options system.
  • It also saves. When you reopen the game, your settings will be the same.
  • Options so far:
  • — Keyboard mode: QWERTY or AZERTY
  • — Fullscreen and borderless.
  • — Volume sliders (SFX, Music, Voice)
In-game Console
  • Press ` to show console.
  • Commands so far:
  • — ammo
  • — health
  • — unlockgallery
  • — resetgallery
  • Finally added “dialogue” system. (It’s mostly just to show text on-screen.)
  • Fixed ammo duplicating when using a door.
  • No more bullets through walls.
  • Controller: Fixed jump delay.
What’s New
New Creature – Noodle
  • Floats to Mox. Goofily.
  • Really dumb. Doesn’t understand how walls work.
  • Can be found near the debug door.
That’s the ninth (9th) creature in the game. Three (3) creatures left to make!
“Oh, there it is!” – Persistent Ammo System
  • Magazines now stay when you leave. Absentminded-Mox no more.
  • Interact “outline” will not show up when your magazines and ammo are full.
Koubold Fixes-ish
  • Koubold is slightly less broken now, but still broken. He’s proving to be difficult to work with. Real stubborn lizard.
  • Hand and ‘creature’ heart removed.
  • Bugs can be seen in Known Bugs
(Update: I- What? Koubold works now. I don’t know why? I mean, there are still other bugs, but there was a big one where he sometimes literally disappears. It’s fixed, and I can’t for the life of me figure out why.)
Other Changes
  • The walnut guarding near the debug room is now retired. Replaced with noodle.
  • Noodle would sometimes play its animation in the Chamber, even if it was still in selection.
  • Randomly, some entities would start floating (from introducing the floating mechanic). Fixed.
  • Koubold should now stop teleporting after a grapple.
  • Koubold “should” stop disappearing. (?)
Known Bugs Low Priority
  • Cinema Room: Moxie moves left and right very fast if the cursor is hovering over her (in cinema).
  • You can enter a new room while being grappled.
  • “Creature Hat”: Creatures climb walls when player and creature occupy the same space near a wall.
  • GrappleMechanic: Can’t move diagonally when there are two tentacles that are attached to Moxie.
  • In water, running to either side while spamming jump seems to play splash SFX only on the left channel.
  • The elevator platform “blinks” when moving away from it.
  • Koubold: His grapple will sometimes get Mox’s icon stuck for no apparent reason.
  • Koubold: During the minigame, his broom will move across the screen. This also moves other items, like clothes, ammo, and cinema tapes. Impressive.
What to expect next in August:
  • Cinema Animation
  • — Oh boy here come new anims
  • Noodle Flashlight Mechanics Implementation
  • — Was temporarily removed due to bugs. To be re-implemented in August
And that’s it! Next update will be on August 30.
Less Pathetic Bullets
— Bullets deal more damage (3 shots for most creatures)
Where’s the ammo?
— Removed some ammo magazines. Magazines are rarer now.
More motivated creatures
— Stunned creatures recover faster.
Where are they?
— Fewer creatures, and focusing on exploration a bit.
Reloads: “Good enough.”
— If you reach 95% of your reload, you’ll still reload.
Less Missed Jumps
— Less likely to fall off platforms because of bad jumps.
— In nerd terms:
Speedy When Naked
— Grapple Minigame: Tentacles are faster when player is naked
I am Speedy
— Grapple Minigame: Player’s speed is slightly increased.
Known Bugs:
– If you shoot creatures that are bunched up, the hit sounds repeat.
Developer Notes:
See More
DiBS is under development.
Things can change.
Bugs can appear, then be squashed.
Finally, content will be added, even if at a steady, albeit slow pace.
(But it doesn’t have to be wink wink)
DiBS is being worked on under my spare time,
usually one or two days a week, so content update is slow.

DenseFool thanks for the link

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