Divine Dawn [v0.30] [Cryswar]

Divine Dawn [v0.30] [Cryswar]

April 27, 2024F95

Divine Dawn is an adult RPG in which you step into the role of a would-be hero, with dreams of greatness and no likelihood of achieving any of them in a peaceful world with no real genocidal threats. Then you nearly die several times in a row, discover traces of an ancient mystery and (possibly) impending doom, and go on a road trip with a colorful cast of comrades to save the world! Maybe. You’ve got a lot of fighting, therapy, adventure, and monster girls to deal with before we get to that point. Fortunately, you’ll usually have a partner at your side to help you out in fights and offer witty(?) banter(?). But only you can decide if it’s worth trading your humanity for the power you need – otherworldly energies offer much, but will change your body over time.

Thread Updated: 2024-04-21
Release Date: 2024-02-07
Developer: Cryswar PatreonDiscordSteamItch
Censored: No
Version:  0.30
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
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Text-Based, Character Creation, Male Protagonist,  Creampie, Oral Sex, Titfuck, Teasing, Adventure, Combat, Fantasy, Graphic Violence, Horror, Humor, Monster, Monster Girl, Religion, Romance, RPG, Turn-Based Combat, Female Domination, Naizuri, Vaginal Sex
Planned Fetishes/Content
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I do not intend to include NTR, futa, furry, heavily nonconsensual content, the harsher/crueler side of femdom, or realistic mindbreak/drugging, etc, though some monster girls may be more forceful or monstrous than others and blur those lines a bit. Don’t expect prostate/pegging stuff either.  There will be ‘petite’ girls, but not straight-up loli.
Current in-game content can be skimmed via tags, but including planned future content; expect a lot of consensual vanilla content, and a focus on relationships and feelings. Femdom is a common theme, but there are maledom options too; neither will go too extreme.
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1. Extract and run.
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  • Sarah affection 14, with entirely too much plot relevance to be in a random affection scene
  • Maya trust 12, showcasing Maya being less of a gremlin than usual (barely)
  • Metatron affection 14, in which Ashley is the MVP
  • Metatron conversation 5, further proving that Hieroneiden did nothing wrong
  • Ina joining scene (random event in camp, pass time/come back from adventure)
  • Ina trust 2. Got wood? She does! I promise that will be vaguely amusing when you read it, but no refunds.
  • Ina affection 2. Expect romance, get philosophical debates that get really depressing.
  • Ina, Kuril, and Kandros playable. Each has unique traits, some with funky mechanics!
  • Abilities are now sorted within an element by school. Martial arts are now color-coded by school as well – if people like it, I can do the same for magic schools.
  • Does anyone even want to read ‘assorted bugfixes?’ I feel like every patch notes has them, I never know what they mean, and frankly I don’t even remember what I fixed.
  • A massive combi-scene covering your return to the knight camp after the Deepwoods finale, with some significant plot development and some major callbacks to previous major choices. Also includes Ina being thirstier than usual, which is a feat in and of itself.
  • Aspasia 12 and 14 affection scenes, pushing further into friendship and romance with the starstruck slime. Like, astronomy stars, not a metaphor for romance.
  • Sarah 10 trust gets moving on her own Rocky training montage, which is unsurprisingly less violent than Ashley’s. Slightly more messed up tho.
  • Metatron 10 trust finally starts delving into Metatron’s own martial art, as well as more trauma. That’s gonna be a recurring theme.
  • Ashley affection 12 is mostly really wholesome, with a side dish of PTSD. She’s a good girl. Might purr if you pet her.
  • Greatsword rework; 4 new traits, a few new support abilities, and several new elemental skills. It’s still probably not as busted as Greataxe, but way safer and plays more into the unstoppable juggernaut vibe.
  • Some new music; Selendis and Ina each get their own themes!
  • A new knight, with art from alhazart. Same guy who did Kuril, Kandros, Svyatibor, etc.
  • Aspasia gets 4, 6, 8, and 10 affection scenes, as well as an 8 trust scene setting up future combat upgrades!
  • Sam gets a 10 trust scene that lets you somewhat customize her playstyle, helping her synergize with various builds. There’s a much smaller, separate scene in the Training tab that lets you change it at any time while in camp.
  • Sarah gets a 12 affection scene that finally reveals one of her Aspects~
  • Maya gets an evening hangout/lap pillow scene, unfortunately not involving her lap. She also gets a new missionary sex scene with a CG!
  • Ashley got a 10-affection scene pushing her romance forward.
  • Damage/heal displays *should* be less prone to displaying 10+ digits, but the move to Renpy 8 caused some more backend issues than I had hoped so it’s possible I missed some. Please let me know if you run into any!
  • Various other bug/typo fixes as mentioned above. Probably the most obviously notable one would be Maya’s 10 trust scene having expressions now.
  • A new area, the Deepwoods Heart. Chock full of plot, new art, and music, it will be a true test of your your abilities and your beliefs, with heavily divergent endings depending on your final choices.
  • Sarah gets a wholesome new CG and sex scene (night) as well as another talk (evening), both requiring high affection.
  • Celica gets a new Affection 12 scene pushing the relationship forward, as well as a shared hangout with Sam (evening).
  • Metatron gets a new conversation that starts off focused on abs and eventually segues into massive spoilers about exactly how thicc or bricc various angels are. Trust me, it’s relevant to the plot.
  • Aspasia gets a new 6 Trust scene as your bond with her begins to grow and she gets a little bit snarkier.
  • Ashley gets a new conversation with Maya as oil and water mix into a big fucking problem. She also gets a followup conversation discussing her worldview.
  • Trait and now Ability dictionaries exist in the right-click menus, with better use of icons and separation to make ’em a bit easier to peruse. Hopefully helps for making new builds.
  • Chesed completely revamped into 7 new spells, while Malkuth got quite a few spellsword-oriented spells as well. Binah and Geburah got a few new spells apiece.
  • For some godawful reason a lot of active Charisma abilities didn’t actually let you master them, which is now fixed.
  • A metric assload of new traits; Charisma gets a bunch that let you buff your allies passively, while healing magic (mostly Aether and Water) get a variety of specialized as well as generalized traits. Pyromancy got some love as well.
  • The Athame weapon gained several new elemental skills and traits, hopefully making it a strong option for a more dexterity-focused spellsword rather than a stat stick. Oh, and you can bleed yourself horribly for a short magic buff.
  • New stat icons! Also rearranged the display a bit. No functional changes.
  • Several existing characters now have new music; Maya’s default, Sarah during her lewd scene, etc.
  • Several new themes for the Heart; there’s a lot of new boss music to say the least!
  • Minor channel balancing; each active channel increases the activation cost of the next. More thorough work will be done with them when I revisit the mana system, this is somewhat experimental.
  • Sarah affection 8/10
  • Celica trust 8
  • Sam affection 10
  • Ashley affection 8
  • Metatron conversation 5
  • Charles gets 3 new worldbuilding conversations
  • 7? new armors, with unique stat combinations
  • 30-odd new armor traits
  • 10? new Charisma traits
  • Traits to unlock critical heals
  • Elements and armors all have fancy new icons, courtesy of TheWiseHedgehog!
  • Maya gets a new conversation about therianthropy, a 10 trust scene, her first martial arts training unlocked, and a new nighttime sex scene with maledom. Bratty dog requires correction.
  • Ashley gets a 6 affection scene
  • Sam gets an 8 trust scene
  • Celica gets evening campfire cuddles
  • Experimental cheat menu! Some functionality is duplicated to see what people like and what I want to stick with/improve on in the future. Be careful with leveling down, that is experimental.
  • Initiative list shows up in combat
  • 24? Charisma abilities + masteries
  • Cryomancy revamp, including a bunch of new/revamped abilities and 6? new traits
  • The they/them army of Sam has been further decimated
  • Assorted bugfixes that I forgot 15 minutes after I put them in, weeks ago. The one I remember is fixing instant ability targeting.
  • A new area, the Deepwood Vale. Plot-heavy, it introduces a variety of new characters, including an ara ara butterfly girl! Also a talking tree. Also an eclectic mix of monsters from Brazilian mythology, angry hobs, and spirit beasts.
  • Maya gets a blowjob and CG, as well as 6/8 trust and 6 affection scenes
  • Ashley gets her first martial arts training, as well as 14 trust and 4 affection scenes
  • Sarah gets 8 trust and 6 affection scenes
  • Sam gets 4/6 trust scenes
  • Celica gets a trust 6 scene
  • New Charisma/Magic hybrid weapon, “Mystic Harp,” unlocked via Rosalyn in the Deepwoods Vale. A potent support weapon with free but mutually-exclusive channels!
  • 50-ish new abilities, including a spread of Charisma active abilities to buff your allies and some more dedicated Theromancy spells!
  • 20-odd new traits, spread across existing weapons, the harp, charisma, and magic
  • New, matching sprites for every weapon!
  • Rightclick stat and ability menus upgraded
  • All ability displays now intelligently show channel upkeep, in battle it *should* even show it with traits considered.
  • Svyatibor and Eldrad both have custom music as well!
  • Waaaay too many bugfixes.
  • New monsters courtesy of aekashics, NPCs mostly from alzaharart, Rosalyn drawn by Coubalty, Maya CG drawn by InCloud, Svyatibor theme by Ubercrow, Eldrad theme by mnervastudios, weapon sprites by TheWiseHedgehog
Major updates to the opening and weapons in particular
  • The pre-temple opening of the game has been completely redone. Pick between bespoke new premade choices or a custom character builder, meet a new character, and meet a more tolerable Sam. Female Sam only; male Sam has been completely removed.
  • The temple has gotten minor updates, making it possible to skip some text, taking out some lower-quality stuff, and adding a bit more.
  • Sarah and Ashley temple scenes now have their own CGs! Minor updates to the scenes as well.
  • The game now has a LOT more backgrounds; temple is unchanged but the forest and home scenes, camp, and Badon now have proper art.
  • Amnelis sprite courtesy of Coubalt. Knight-Commander Selendis art courtesy of jfc!
  • Amnelis theme and Sofra normal/battle themes all by Ubercrow! The temple boss also has a new theme, courtesy of The Mad Duck
  • 4 entirely new weapons – Greataxe, Dual Daggers, Mana Blade, Longbow, each with unique playstyles. Almost every old weapon has been heavily reworked as well! Earth magic got a major revamp too. About 300 new abilities and ~100-150 reworked ones in total.
  • A new set of no-requirement channels, so non-mages have good access to buffs, and new Reaction system which lets you reflexively block, counterattack, or evade attacks for a certain duration or use count.
  • Significant improvements to much of the progress menu UI, showing much more info about abilities
  • Around 15-20 ish traits, some for existing weapons, some for new/magic
  • New Metatron 12-affection scene, covering the aftermath of her first lewd. More to come~
The biggest update yet, with about four hours of content as the result of two months of work!
  • Metatron’s existing romance and Celica’s new 10-affection romance scene now lead to lewds, each with a bespoke CG with multiple variants! Celica’s CG was drawn by Nor, while Metatron’s was provided by SunsetSkyline.
  • Deliver Ina to the knight camp, meeting several new characters, running into your first main plot decision, and unlocking…
  • A new combat area, the Deepwoods Verge. Expect to target down specific enemies, deal with cancerous bullshit, and fight…
  • Siofra, an extremely hot spirit mommy drawn by Coubalt, a new character debuting as a boss!
  • Two entirely new weapons, the Shortbow and the Greatsword, each with 6-10 abilities. Shortbows excel at ability rotations to keep debuffs and statuses on enemies, and can synergize with magic to become a magic archer, while Greatswords deal ruinous damage and can cripple enemies.
  • Most weapons now have various stat bonuses and penalties, including several new magic or hybrid melee/magic weapons.
  • Ashley gained 8, 10, and 12 trust scenes, which start her along the path of her own custom martial art and reveal quite a bit about our beloved gremlin! Soon you’ll be able to follow her down the same path~
  • Maya got adorable new art, courtesy of jfc, with a boatload of new expressions!
  • Progress menu heavily revamped, with far more information and less reliance on shitty tooltips, as well as aesthetic improvements.
  • Tons of new icons for statuses and stats, especially visible in the progress menu and rightclick stats menu, courtesy of Clockwork Raven!
  • A new Charisma stat, which buffs your ally’s offensive and defensive abilities. It can benefit multiple allies, which may become relevant soon…
  • Deepwoods Verge monsters are a mix of custom stuff from Garrisen or acquired from Aekashics.
  • Deepwoods Verge background art courtesy of Chrisowl!
  • The main menu now cycles between a couple cool new backgrounds, and some of the commissioned music. Also messed with the layout slightly so it feels a little more… idk, professional.
  • A bunch of new music, particularly the Deepwoods and Sam battle/camp themes by the talented @Ubercrow, and a few from various free-use repositories.
  • Various fixes to channeled abilities; they now update targets each turn, including newly-summoned enemies or recently-dying foes, rather than needing to be re-toggled. Buff boosts and channel cost upgrades SHOULD be working properly as well, but doublecheck your pre-mastery channels.
Sam has a new sprite, courtesy of Coubalt, going from 8 to ~35 expressions! It can also get naked, which features in her first lewd scene. She also got a titfuck CG with 9ish variations, also provided by Coubalt!
  • Metatron’s romance also moved forward; she’ll get her first lewd scene with a CG of her own next update~
  • Ina gets a pretty chunky camp scene, showcasing her character much better, dropping some lore, and setting up next update’s plot progression.
  • Sarah got a new conversation and 6 trust scene, Maya got 4 affection and 4 trust scenes, Ashley got a 6 trust, and Celica got a 4 trust. I’d summarize them, but these patch notes are already too large.
  • Celica now has a phenomenal new camp theme, and Ashley got a dope new battle theme, both courtesy of the talented Ubercrow! Some other characters, like Sam and Metatron, also gained noncustom music for various scenes.
  • The equip menu is finally functional, allowing you to change your weapon, bring up to two weapons with you and switch in battle, and learn the abilities of any weapon you’re carrying with you without needing traits. More weapons will be added later.
  • The game’s music has been streamlined and converted to a more efficient format, cutting the game’s overall filesize down by ~40%. I also equalized some of the louder songs, so hopefully audio will be more consistent.
  • Camp and adventure transitions are now a little less clunky, ditto with some character appearances/disappearances.
  • Allies now gain masteries, which work about the same as yours, except they pick theirs from a curated list.
  • Several allies gained unique traits, and some had their abilities switched around to better fit their character.
  • In general, allies should be MUCH more potent now.
  • Unique and unlock traits are now colorcoded, and ally trait lists are now ordered, so it should be easier to parse them.
  • Abilities now have a dedicated custom tooltip screen in battle, which shows projected damage/healing to target, requirements (color coded in case any are missing), and remaining cooldown.
  • Damage and healing numbers are now displayed in battle. It’s a little chunky right now admittedly, but at least you have some idea of what your abilities are actually doing.
  • Identical enemies now get identifiers to better tell them apart.
  • I’m gonna be honest here, I know I added some new abilities, but I forgot what they were. Good luck finding them!
  • All girls with art now use that art for portraits when speaking, which should make it easier to follow their expressions in a conversation.
  • Sam now has 4 and 6 affection scenes, kickstarting her romance from a very different direction than others. She also has a few new expressions/overlays, and by ‘new’ I mean ‘I remembered they existed’
  • Celica’s wind training 1-3 are all done, with a massive number of dialogue swaps based on your stats, choices mid-training, other learned magics, and romance progress with her. Her Water training pt3 has also been updated to reference romance if you pursue that first.
  • Existing and new wind magic split into three distinct schools; each has a decent variety of spells and synergy! There are also a bunch of new wind-related traits, both general and for each school. Some other traits got buffs (ex. Flutter for daggers) and I added a couple others, like Vengeance for slower mages.
  • Metatron now has a massive Badon scene that significantly advances the plot and gives more information on the world.
  • Ina now has art, courtesy of jfc!
  • Her bodyguard Kuril also has art, courtesy of alhazartfinds!
  • Most characters now have unique battle themes, camp themes, or both, including some updated songs. RIP Celica/Sam not having camp themes… yet.
  • Maya is the recipient of our first custom commissioned music! Her camp theme was provided by ubercrow.
  • All Severn enemies now have art, courtesy of Garrisen! I think that means every enemy (except Maya) now has art!
  • Event UI has been extended to evening and night scenes, which should make it much easier to see how to unlock them. Also made me realize how few evening scenes there are. Fuck.
  • New targeting indicator in battle, courtesy of jfc! God it looks so much less ghetto now LOL
  • Sam now has a unique trait that gives her increasing Glancing Hit as her health lowers, adding a decent bit of survivability
  • Sarah now gains Perpetuity as a normal trait, somewhere in the 20s (may move it earlier, idk) to turbocharge her buffs.
  • Hopefully fixed all the bugs/errors known as of 0.18d
  • Added a generic Wait command, so you can’t softlock yourself by running out of mana
  • Spent hours for nearly zero tangible benefit reworking a few poorly-coded functions. Aside from fixing some bugs, they mostly just look better now. I consider that time well spent.
  • Metatron now has 6 and 8 affection scenes, exploring her character and pushing her romance forward. She also gets a conversation with Sarah, a conversation about gods, and (if you refused the moonlit visitor’s offer) a special conversation about that.
  • Aspasia now has art, courtesy of the gigachad jfc! Along with the usual expressions and ability to get naked, she also has an adaptive portrait next to the text. If y’all like it, I’ll extend it to other girls next update.
  • Aspasia also got two new conversations, which have a decent bit of lore and personality in them, as well as a 4 trust scene. She actually has a personality now!
  • Sarah and Ashley both have massive new lewd scenes, available in the evening and at night respectively. They are by far the longest in the game currently. The Ashley scene was partially in honor of TheTimeHasCumAndSoHaveI ‘s phenomenal review!
  • Maya got a dumb conversation because I was wondering how she felt about pets.
  • Most buffs and debuffs have been reworked; they no longer cost a turn, but instead cost mana per turn. They have been rebalanced, but not necessarily perfectly, feedback would be very helpful.
  • Many new buffs/debuff abilities added, ex. AOE buffs/debuffs exist that can affect much of the battlefield, like permanently burning enemies. My tentative feeling is that they’re probably too strong, but again, feedback is welcome.
  • Massive amounts of functionality have been added to traits, and there are ~15-20 new traits taking advantage of it. Most magic and weapon types have 1-3 special traits, most of which only apply to that form of offense, but can grant benefits like increased freeze chance or reduced cooldowns for dagger skills. Once again, balance is WIP.
  • Arden Outskirts and Arden Expanse now have monster art, courtesy of the talented Garrisen! I really love how the hobs came out in particular. Unfortunately, the Shaman is still a huge dick; art can’t fix that.
  • Complete honesty, I guarantee I forgot to mention a bunch of other changes and probably missed a scene
  • Special thanks to grim for help proofreading, Pavonius for help getting ability sort working, and jfc for helping me get the instant ability UI looking nice!
  • Sarah now has art, courtesy of Mistimagi! Her old content has been updated with expressions, as well as various outfits. Underwear, temple/exercise outfit, normal sweater, and tights-only for her thighjob LOL.
  • The monsters in the opening forest area and temple now have art as well, thanks to Garrisen! Let me know how you like them (and if you find any bugs). The abomination is… really, really big and gross, as he should be.
  • I honestly can’t remember if this is new to this update, but monsters and characters will now appear inbattle instead of text boxes. This applies to normal battles as well as sex battles.
  • Celica has 6 and 8 affection scenes to give her some character development and start her romance route. She really, REALLY needs a hug.
  • Sarah has a new conversation about succubi with some plot
  • Maya has an armpitjob scene, available in the evening. Why armpitjob? idk man. I just wanted to try it.
  • Lots of bugfixes (not enough)
  • The game has been ported to 1080p. Characters should look MUCH sharper and have their canon heights.
  • The UI has been updated for the new size and improved in some cases.
  • There’s an all-new, auto-populating UI for camp visits now that displays event requirements even if you don’t meet them yet.
  • Aether training was completely revamped. There are now five scenes, including one with Sarah, and a significant increase in the amount of affection and aether corruption gained.
  • There are also five new unlock traits (which don’t cost additional attunement) that unlock a variety of new abilities across five different ‘schools’. There will be more abilities in the future, some of them are pretty lean right now.
  • Sarah has a new night scene, cowgirl position, unlocked at 6 affection.
  • Rollback is back, and functional everywhere but in battles and certain parts of adventures. Let me know if anything seems weird.
  • Celica now has art, courtesy of Mistimagi! She has 40 something expressions and a few layers of clothing, though some of the uhhh…less wholesome options aren’t available ingame. YET.
  • Ashley’s Nether training is complete, with parts 2 and 3. That means that Nether magic is finally available to the player, with 8 abilities (and various masteries). Expect a lot of debuffs, statuses, and weird mechanics, with good firepower.
  • Ashley got a 4 trust scene as well, with some philosophy to discuss.
  • Ashley sex battle now exists, because this is the second Ashley-focused update in a row apparently lmao. I swear she’s not the creator’s pet.
  • Celica got a 4 affection scene that pushes your relationship with her forward a bit, and maaaay lead to… places… in the near-ish future.
  • Metatron got a 6-trust scene that gives some character development and starts to explain her martial art. More importantly, it also gives her sleeveless art for a bit. THEM GUNS.
  • Various engine improvements; now most status effects can scale, the status effect window now has better descriptions and some new icons, lewd battles can now have statuses, etc.
  • Ashley has art, courtesy of mistimagi! 20 expressions and a variety of outfits, with 200% smug.
  • Ashley’s Nether training part 1
  • Ashley date in Badon, which unlocks her punk outfit and has an H scene
  • Severn now has a proper ending, which fuckstarts the plot back UP. Has a few routes and moral choices to make. Also, optional temporary partners!
  • Badon is now sorta in the game, with a pretty chunky intro that has even more plot!
  • A huge variety of ability conditions and additional scaling types are now functional, with some used in past or new abilities. They can have alternate descriptions play now too!
  • Bleeds, Burns, and Poisons are now somewhat better differentiated. Burns typically deal strong constant damage based on your stats, while bleeds typically have weaker scaling but can be stacked infinitely. Poison can now deal varying % max health damage. In the future, traits and abilities will play with the system more.
  • Some abilities can now apply elemental vulnerability effects, which amplify elemental damage. In the future, traits will also add resistances.
  • Sarah got a 4 trust scene
  • Aspasia sex battle is now replayable at camp
  • Fixed an error after sex battles
  • Metatron art added! Only the clothed version is visible ingame atm, but there’s a nude version for when her romance gets a bit further along. Please join me in worshipping those tattoos!
  • Sam’s fire training part 2 and 3 are complete, unlocking fire magic.
  • Four new Pyromancy/Thermomancy spells are available, most of them with masteries (RIP Heat Ray). More will come in the future.
  • Stat respecs are finally possible. The UI sucks, I know, it’ll improve later.
  • Various backend upgrades that will be used in the next update, like equipment system.
  • Sam has proper art now! With three outfits and a variety of expressions, she should have no shortage of personalititty. Previous events (hopefully) updated. Battle art is not yet implemented.
  • Sam’s fire training part 1 is done; parts 2 and 3 will come at a later date.
  • Metatron got new Trust and Affection scenes, the beginnings of her martial arts and romance plotlines respectively.
  • New evening group scenes for Metatron/Maya and Sarah/Metatron. Requires 2 affection with each character.
  • Aspasia now has Trust/Affection scenes.
  • Ashley now has a footjob night scene. Requires 4 affection.
  • Frost Bolt and Frost Nova buffed slightly to keep up with other abilities
  • You can now pass time in camp.
  • Celica’s water training parts 2 and 3 are done, culminating in the ability to unlock Water magic. Also showcases her character pretty significantly.
  • Water magic as a whole is now better differentiated between its component schools of Hydromancy and Cryomancy, with multiple new spells for both schools!
  • Maya now has Trust and Affection scenes, which cover a little bit of why she’s here and what the fuck a yamabiko is. Her camp sex battle shouldn’t mess up the HP display and will restore health afterwards on win or loss.
  • Sarah got a new nighttime sex scene, requiring 4 affection. Probably the longest scene I’ve written yet, with a few pieces of art to go with it.
  • New adventure, the Severn Floodplains, with a wide variety of non-wolf/boar enemies. And some boars.
  • Respec system introduced! Currently, you can fully refund any buyable ability, trait, or mastery. Stat respecs will come in another update.
  • New waifu to hunt down, Maya, the smug petite dog-girl. You can fight her, sex battle her, or headpat her. Celica/Metatron have extra lines!
  • -New trait window, which tracks current traits and comes with a trait dictionary that shows ALL buyable traits, and can be sorted by requirements or only show certain types!
  • New Glancing Hit system as part of Agility rework. High agility grants a chance to reduce damage by 50% and ignore crits/status effects. May be too strong, as with the Vit rework I’ll keep an eye on it. Some enemies with high VIT/AGI had their values nerfed or removed so they wouldn’t be too annoying to fight.
  • New schools of magic are now limited by Attunement slots rather than your Magic stat. You get one free slot, and more from traits or high MAG.
  • Celica water training pt. 1 is out, based on feedback about Metatron’s. The remainder will be out in 0.10.
  • Massive sex battle rework. Mechanics, UI, lines, etc. entirely changed. Progression and some further updates still planned, but now the framework is a lot better I think.
  • Some new abilities for most magic elements. Also a Target skill.
  • Metatron has a new conversation about Gabriel.
  • Sam finally has camp scenes! (S)he is still an idiot, unfortunately, but a cute one.
  • Once you’re on day 3 or higher (aka, slept in camp once), a new option will appear at night, allowing you to meet a mysterious benefactor and make a major choice in return for some spicy info. Please don’t spoil the answers here!
  • Various backend improvements; using a flask while resting won’t change the battle repeat, some AI improvements, many crashes fixed. MANY crashes. So many crashes, wtf.
  • Intimidate buffed from 10 to 20 threat. It may need more love, honestly, but for now it should help Sam/Metatron or tank MCs do their job a bit better.
  • Easy mode added. It’s a toggle in settings, when on you gain 3x xp/trust/affection. Down the road when I do a proper cheat menu, you’ll be able to change them separately.
  • Vitality reworked as per option 1 of the recent roll; this makes tank builds (both player and enemy) MUCH stronger. Maybe too strong. Boars are way more annoying now. I welcome feedback!
  • ~6k words added.
  • New Trust and/or Affection scenes for Sarah, Celica, and Metatron. Metatron can now teach you the basics of Aether magic if you have enough trust and 5 Magic/Insight!
  • Dawn timeslot lets you work out or spar with allies, granting affection or trust+XP respectively. You get the XP whether you win or lose.
  • Combat system improved in a variety of ways, most notably with some hotkeys and the ability to repeat your last move. Focus now reduces cooldowns by 1 turn for every 10 focus, simpler than stronger than previous breakpoints. You can also use your totally-not-Estus flask at rest points.
  • 1 new sex scene, a thighjob from Ashley.
  • Roughly 8k words added.
  • New adventure, Arden Forest Expanse. There’s a wide variety of random events throughout, so hopefully it’ll be a fun challenge. How you treat the hobs will play into an upcoming storyline! Don’t worry, there are no wrong choices, but killing or helping them will both have consequences.
  • Next semimajor party member, Aspasia the slime alchemist, can be found about halfway through. You can fight her, sex battle her, or use the incredible power of basic communication to recruit her as a party member and/or waifu. 0.7 should make both repeatable in camp, but for now, you may wanna save before deciding. Good luck if you decide to fight her, she’s pretty annoying in a 1v1.
  • So yeah, sex battle system is in. First take on it, may not be super fancy just yet, but it works.
  • Oh, and she gives you a totally-not-Estus-Flask so non-mages can have some healing. It has limited uses each adventure but always recharges upon returning to camp, so you don’t have to worry about saving it.
  • Ashley now has Trust/Affection events that reveal a little more of her real personality.
  • Allies now have levelup traits! Most will get a new trait every 5 levels up to 20, which will make some of them MUCH stronger than they were before.
The sex battle system absolutely kicked my ass up and down over the last two weeks, so this is a little later than planned. 0.7 will be much more chill and focus on camp scenes, particularly adding more trust/affection scenes, and some mix of additional sex battles, sparring matches, and maybe learning new magic types from allies. We’ll see what all makes it in. I’m gonna shoot for the 4th of May, we’ll see how it goes.
v0.5 Release:
  • Metatron and Sarah now have camp conversations, trust, and affection scenes. 2 trust and 15 affection will unlock all current content for them. I welcome feedback on the scenes!
  • 3 new H-scenes, 2 with Sarah, 1 with Ashley. A bit more femdom-heavy than usual.
  • Camp sex now builds affection and corruption. Corruption currently caps at 20, so don’t stress it too much.
  • The new Evening timeslot lets you hang out with an ally of choice to gain affection. It’ll be fleshed out VASTLY more later.
  • Crits now display in battle! Also, cleanse/buff/debuff duration and regen effects should be less buggy. Maybe.
  • Many bugfixes and typo fixes.
v0.4 Release:
  • The first randomized adventure is out, with a mixture of battles, a boss, normal events, and a special event hinting at future conflict.
  • The Mastery system is out as well, allowing you to upgrade abilities you’ve used enough times to superior versions of themselves.
  • You can now unlock a persistent camp to return to.
  • One new H-scene with Ashley during the Night timeslot
  • Trust and Affection systems added
  • Lots of new music! I highly recommend listening to the Arden Forest Outskirts default music and the camp nighttime music, or the new boss theme.
v0.3 Release:
  • Dinner, night, and morning covered, about 20k words
  • 2.5 new H-scenes with the succubi, based on earlier choices
  • 5 and 10-stat requirement traits mostly filled out (RIP libido)
  • Gallery system added
  • Lots of bugfixes, as usual
v0.2 Release:
  • Finished the temple and covered the evening after returning home, about 28k words of content
  • Fancy-ass boss with a bunch of mechanics. Pay attention to the turn counter and its health bar!
  • 2 lewd scenes, both with major variations based on choices in temple, and some boob fondling
  • Character window improved, now lets you see more info, and shows ally info as well.
  • First pass of AI improvement, for both enemies and allies. New ally commands added and existing ones retuned to work better.
  • Time system added
  • LOTS of bugfixes…
Initial Release
Developer Notes:
See More
I would greatly appreciate constructive criticism of the game so far! I update regularly and have been incorporating feedback as possible.
Saves from older versions should be loaded outside of battle (preferably at camp) for maximum compatibility.


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