Dominant Witches [v1.0.2] [NikociantGames]
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Dominant Witches [v1.0.2] [NikociantGames]

January 23, 2024F95

   You play as a student of a magical academy who was sent to an internship in a fortress located in the middle of nowhere. You meet there three witches and an innkeeper. Also in the game are succubus, vampire and kitsune who live outside the fortress. It is a visual novel, with some sandbox elements.
The game is femdom oriented.

Thread Updated: 2023-07-13
Release Date: 2023-07-13
Developer: NikociantGames PatreonItch.io Discord
Censored: No
Version: 1.0.2
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
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3dcg, animated, male protagonist, sandbox, big ass, big tits, masturbation, groping, female domination, hand job, adventure, fantasy, urination, fetish, monster girl, oral sex, futa, lesbian
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1. Extract and run.
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new event with Keira in succubus’ ending (evening)
crab girl (Camilla’s ending)
new feet licking event with Catrine (morning)
new event with Layla and Bianca in Yuki’s ending (morning)
Reworked endings a bit,
added illustrations for each ending
Added better piss animations in some scenes
fixed a few small bugs (edited)
  • Event with Leah in her ending
  • Event with Camilla in her ending
  • Event with Succubus in her ending
  • 5 new scenes in the whore event on the square (There are 10 scenes there, some may be locked because on locked fetishes)
  • Fixed some bugs and glitches, mostly in succubus ending
  • Event with Catrine (fart)
  • Chair event with Zoe and Gloria (You need Zoe’s pup ending)
  • Event with Salma (You have to be a fox and activate a futa content)
  • Event on the square (go to sleep in a whore route and Leah will explain what to do)
  • Small fix – succubus now can’t contact MC if he drinks permanent transformation potion
Added succubus ending, and alternative free-roaming mode for it with 1 event
fixed bug with infinite loop at day 19
Leah’s ending
Camilla’s ending
Some technical changes – reworked gallery, fixed conditions for day 30, added music theme for succubus
Salma’s route/ending
Zoe’s route/ending
New scene in a fox route with Yuki, Layla, and Bianca
Reworked UI
Whore route
Added free-roaming mode for a vampire route with a two new scenes (go to the 2nd floor at noon and to Catrine’s room in the evening)
Continuation of Yuki’s and Catrine’s routes, made an alternative free-roaming for Yuki’s route. I wanted to make for Catrine’s too, but so far I haven’t been able to find an appropriate maps for rooms.
I also added a music theme for Catrine
1 New day – first Zoe and Salma(futas), then Camilla(if she subdued you)
  two game days
   two game days
   two game days
   added event with Keira (talk to Antonius at the market about work)
   two game days
  • Three game days
  • Completely reworked choice system
  • Three game days
  • Three game days
  • Three game days
  • Three game days
  • Update contains 253 renders and 40 animations
  • Two game days
  • Improved sandbox a little
Initial Release
Developer Notes:
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– dragonide, battlemage, your mentor. If you manage to impress her, she will take you as an apprentice, otherwise you will be her personal ass-kisser (literally). Main fetish – asslicking.
-Salma – human, futanari(dickgirl), local alchemist. She is researching a potion that turns men into women and vice versa. Salma will offer you to be a test subject. Main fetish – different things.
-Camilla – human, the former Countess, though she hates to mention it. Camilla explores the twisted magical rituals of ancient civilizations. Usually very friendly, but there’s something wrong with her. Main fetish – lewd rituals.
-Leah – moon elf, tavern keeper. She is a lesbian who hates dicks. Leah doesn’t mind doing some ‘things’ with you, but you have to be a girl to open most scenes with her. Main fetish – urination.
-Yuki – kitsune, live in the forrest. Main fetish – pussylicking
-Catrine – vampire, live in ancient ruins. Main fetish – feet licking, footjob and so on.
-Succubus(you can choose her name) – live in the citadel. Main fetish – sex (she is a nympho)
What you can see in the game (a lot of things will be avoidable) – male domination, female domination, futanari (mostly on female), submission, gender bender, lesbian, ass/pussy worship, foot fetish(also stockings), urination, vaginal and anal sex.
What you will never see in the game – gore, vore, scat, ntr, harsh bdsm and so on.

Extras: Extra Scene’s PatchSignatures


*This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.

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