Dragonia [ROI.INC]
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Dragonia [ROI.INC]

July 10, 2024F95

The role that you control is the white dragon’s daughter who will resist the evil dragon and protect the Dragon Kingdom’s national treasure “Dragon Tears” according to the dragon’s witch’s instructions. At the beginning, the small white dragon’s power is not strong. But with constant fighting and collecting a lot of Dragon’s Souls, her bullets, attacking methods and special skills will be improved.

Released: May 29, 2017
Developer: ROI.INC, SakuraGame
Publisher: SakuraGame
Version: First Release
Censored: Yes (mosaics)
Platform: Windows
Language: Rough English, Still has some Japanese parts
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RPG, Bullet Hell, Action, Shooter, Shoot ‘Em Up
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1. Extract to desired location 2. Click on Launcher.exe

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Should have R18 patch already part of it. If not, below is the R18 patch
R18 Patch : MEGA

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    Dragonia [ROI.INC]