DropOut Saga [v0.9.1b] [LazyBloodlines]

DropOut Saga [v0.9.1b] [LazyBloodlines]

April 28, 2024F95

Your life has been turned upside down since the loss of someone important to you. You’ve distanced yourself from everyone and lived in isolation, consumed by grief. But you’ve always put on a brave face for the outside world. Showing weakness was never an option. As a member of the mob, you’ve faced countless challenges that have taken a toll on you. You’ve been tasked with infiltrating an exclusive educational institution where the children of powerful politicians are enrolled. But the ghosts of your past are still haunting you, and your sins continue to weigh heavily on your conscience. Will you succumb to the seductive lure of the life of sin that you’ve been trying so hard to leave behind? The stakes are high, and the clock is ticking. It’s time to make a choice.

Thread Updated: 2024-04-22
Release Date: 2024-04-22
Developer: LazyBloodlines PatreonItch.ioDiscord
Censorship: No
Version: 0.9.1b
OS: Windows,  Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
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3DCG, Animated, Big Ass, Big Tits, Blackmail, Cheating, Corruption, Creampie, Drugs, Exhibitionism, Graphic violence, Groping, Handjob, Harem, Lesbian, Loli, Male Domination, Male Protagonist,  Masturbation, Mobile, Oral sex, Sandbox, School Setting, Sexual Harassment, Vaginal Sex
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1- Extract to the desired location.
2- Click on “Dropout.exe” to start playing.
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Changelog v0.9.0b -> v0.9.1b:
-Fixed the installation error for Mobile Users
-Compressed the game even further for Android Users (Hence the different file sizes)
Changelog v0.9.0b:
– ~1000 renders added
– Fixed the gallery not properly unlocking the old scenes with Ava.
– 35 NSFW animations added.
– I updated how animations are displayed, which should stop the lag in old devices. (The complaints were very isolated, but I’d love some feedback on that.)
– Fixed a weird bug that would sometimes not display the correct names and nicknames for the characters in case you didn’t type anything when you had the chance.
– Some have said that rolling backward was disabled. I have never deactivated that. So make sure you’re downloading the correct OFFICIAL version of the game. Just in case, I’ve forcefully set the rolling-back option to be True.
Changelog v0.8.7b:
– 900+ renders added
– Gallery essential functions have been added to the main menu. You unlock the scenes by playing, but patrons can unlock them anytime. This is an excellent way to check how many new scenes have been added to the game. I’m also adding old scenes to this gallery (it’s not a priority right now, however).
– 11 NSFW animations added.
– Lila’s now romanceable.
Changelog v0.8.0b:
-800+ Renders added
-8 New Sex Animations
-Patreon Gallery improved. Now it’ll show unlocked and locked scenes. And you’ll get a warning that you might get spoilers if you access a scene you haven’t unlocked yet. (Still a work in progress)
Changelog v0.7.0b -> v0.7.1b:
– 200 Renders added
– Finished the Gym scene
– Introduced a notification system whenever your decisions or actions change the girl’s status, like adding or removing corruption.
– Tutorial added
– Added text outlines if you opt for having a low dialogue box opacity. I think it’s better on the eyes.
Changelog v0.7.0b:
-1000+ Renders added
-A few NSFW scenes, including Ava(Blowjob, Handjob, Masturbation) and Sophia (Teasing, Grinding, Sexting, Bath scene)
-Texting feature introduced
-Patreon Gallery introduced (Still work in progress)
-More than 600 renders added.
-2 NSFW scenes were added to the game. 1 with Ava and Sophia (Threesome), 1 with Ingrid
-Now you can choose what Sophia will call you. (Planned feature for the other girls as well)
-Finished the previous event
-More than 600 renders added.
-3 NSFW scenes were added to the game. 1 with Ava, 1 with Jasmin, 1 with Sophia (Exhibitionism fetish)
-10 New scenes in total
-Now you can choose what Ava will call you. (Planned feature for the other girls as well)
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-Added 2 new scenes.
-More than 200 renders added
-Update consists mainly of a cannon event themed on Halloween. There are no sex scenes, but the main plot is driven forward.  :BootyTime:
-Added 3 new scenes.
-Added a new NSFW scene with Sophia
-Added 1 new sex animation
-More than 300 renders added
-Added a Scroll Bar Function in the Preferences Menu to change the Text box opacity.
-Changed Font Size for the Android port to improve readability for larger dialogue lines.
-Added 5 new scenes.
-Added a new NSFW scene with Sophia
-Added 4 new sex animations
-Introduction to sandbox elements
-Introduction to new features inside the office
-More than 300 renders added
-Fixed a game-breaking bug while taking walks around the school.
-Added a few animated scenes to Sophia’s NSFW scenes
-More than 300 renders added
-2 NSFW scenes were added with Sophia
-Improved some renders’ quality
-Figured out a more efficient way of reducing overall file size.
-Fixed several game-breaking bugs which happened if taken a certain combination of routes.
-More than 300 renders have been added
-Introduction of two new characters
-Improved some renders’ quality
-Added  Blackmail Route for Ashley and Lila
-Added a Scene in the College’s Shower
-Improved some renders’ quality
-Added Lila’s Love Route
-Several typos fixed
-Added a “Hint” system in the Office Menu
-Several Bug Fixes
-Improved some renders’ quality
-Several scenes rewritten
-A few dialogues have been rewritten.
-Improved some renders quality
-Better explanation of what the player should do in order to progress the story. (Hint system not working yet.)
-Mac support.
-Improved some renders quality. See THIS for details.
-Fixed Jake’s name sometimes appearing as Roy
-The player can now change MC’s name
-Better explanation of game mechanics and future plans ingame
-First Release
Developer Notes:
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Hello! I’m the developer of Dropout Saga, an adult visual novel.
This game is and will always be free to play,  do not accept any paid copies! If you like my work and wish to support my games, it’s greatly appreciated!
You can find updates, hotfixes, and more content on my Patreon page. Click HERE.
DropOut Saga will be updated two to four times a month with new content.

Plans for the future:

DropOut Saga is still too early in development. As the game grows, more content will be added, including:
  • Story events. Moving the plot forward.
  • Random events. Depending on your relationship with the girls, different scenes may happen while you walk around the college.
  • Character events. As you learn about and get closer to characters.
  • Lewd scenes. As your relationships grow into something more physical.
  • Additional characters. Every now and then new characters may be presented in the story with their variations of interactions.
  • Additional fetish content. There are plenty of tags not yet included in the game because we’re not there yet. Check planned tags to know more about this.
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  • There are a few RPG elements I wish to add to the game. Like corruption and inhibition, which I wish to add to the girls. I’d also like the MC to have a few attributes that increase his chances of success during interactions and choices in the game. Like charisma when trying to seduce one of the girls. This is still too early in concept. It might or not be implemented in the future.
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Every girl is supposed to have two routes. Love route, which does not mean MC and the girl will fall madly in love. It’s more about they build a relationship based on trust and affection for each other. In contrast, you have the blackmail route, in which the MC’s relations with the girls will be based on fear or/and dominance.
And for these two routes, you can decide on 3 approaches, maybe multiple of them.
  • You can increase your relationship with one of the girls, and she’ll be more prone to accept doing things with you. Like having sex with you or leaving her boyfriend for you. (If she has one)
  • You can increase her corruption, making her more comfortable doing lewder things. Like having sex with you while hiding it in public places. A high relation/low corruption girl would only like to be with you and have a low lust/high passion personality.
  • You can decrease her inhibition, which increases the probability of doing lewd scenes in public.
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For now, there are 6 girls in the game.
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2165691 1667420305786 | Free Adult Games
Asuna is a 5’0ft tall girl. She’s more of a teasing type of girl and finds the MC attractive. She likes to tease with no intent to move things forward.
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2165720 1667420586840 | Free Adult Games
Ash is a punk-rock girl who gets cheated on and feels safe when the MC keeps this a secret. She sees the MC as an authority figure and wishes to get revenge on her boyfriend. Slowly she’s building up feelings for the MC. She’s a virgin despite having a boyfriend.
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Lila is a blonde, blue-eyed girl. She’s the mayor’s daughter and the first girl the MC gets to meet.
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2165731 1667420771180 | Free Adult Games
Jasmin is a pretty tall girl and Julie’s sister.  MC catches her with Ashley’s boyfriend and uses this to get closer to her.
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2165726 1667420665108 | Free Adult Games
Julie’s the youngest of them all and Jasmin’s sister.  She respects and fears the MC, being tall, muscular, and an authority. She’s single and a complete virgin. She hasn’t even given her first kiss yet.
My deepest thanks for being interested in my game!
About the Prologue:
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The Prologue was the first prototype for the game. It contains in detail all the events summarized in the Chapter 1 intro. It’s greatly advised to play the Prologue first and then play Chapter 1.
Fan Signatures:
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2817902 Sigtest4 | Free Adult Games
2817904 Sigtest2 | Free Adult Games
2817906 1690143480658 | Free Adult Games
2817907 1690143488409 | Free Adult Games
2817911 1690143530956 | Free Adult Games
2817908 1690143502275 | Free Adult Games
2817909 1690143509723 | Free Adult Games
2817910 1690143517633 | Free Adult Games
Chapter 1 – v0.9.0b

Prologue – v0.6.9a

*This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.

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