Dungeons of Desire Reworked [v0.3] [Fat Rooster]

Dungeons of Desire Reworked [v0.3] [Fat Rooster]

February 5, 2024F95

A Dungeon Crawler.
Dungeons of Desire now features a new protagonist (although Beth may make an appearance as an NPC,) and an all new original soundtrack made by the first additional member of the Fat Rooster team.

Thread Updated: 2024-02-05
Release Date: 2023-12-18
Developer: Fat Rooster PatreonItch.ioTwitter
Censored: No
Version: 0.3
OS: Windows
Language: English
Other Games: Dungeons of Desire
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2D Game, Animated, Creampie, Combat, Female protagonist, Monster, Oral sex, Rpg, Sex toys, Titfuck, Vaginal sex
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1. Extract and run.
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New Feature: World Map
Plot your course through the world of Dungeons of Desire. Randomized text events will appear, prompting you with decisions and reactions. Your choices could be impacted by your character’s stats or available equipment, allowing for more thoughtful and dynamic decision making. This build features the first area of the game; The Outer Walls.
New Feature: The Inn
From the world map, you may pass through an inn. At the inn you may talk to an assortment of characters, or rent a room to stay in, and perhaps invite a guest to join you for the night. The Danger meter does not progress while at the inn, so feel free to stay as long you’d like.
New Feature: Relationships
Some characters at inns or in dungeons, have a persistent relationship with you. Flirt, chat, or give gifts to suitors in order to improve your standing with them. Building relationships unlocks special perks and favors, as well as special scenes to unlock in the gallery. Relationships do not reset between runs, and will function as a form of permanent progression.
New Feature: Gallery Mode
I’d like to have included this sooner, but it’s finally here! Animations witnessed in-game are now unlocked in the gallery, to be enjoyed to your heart’s content. The gallery can be accessed from the title screen menu. This current iteration of the gallery is pretty minimal, and will be significantly improved upon in a later update.
  • +1 New Enemy: The Demon
  • +1 New Item: Boxing Gloves
  • +3 New Sex Animations
  • +3 Romanceable NPCs
Balancing Changes
  • Added vases that can be broken
  • Enemies can now drop items
  • Gold drop rates have been increased slightly
  • Positive events are more common (You can longer reach the boss without having seen any shops or bonfires)
  • Attack frequency reduced by 10%
  • Attack Damage reduced by from 20 to 16
  • Attack frequency increased by 10%
  • Max HP scaling has been reduced slightly
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue that caused the game to lock if an enemy was simultaneously killed and harvested
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Shopkeeper to sometimes sell blank items
  • Fixed an issue that caused items to not increase stats when dropped from chests
  • Fixed an issue that caused gold to not increase when sitting at bonfires
  • Fixed an issue in which levelling up at a bonfire would decrement less gold than the intended cost
Known Bugs
  • Entering a new chamber will sometimes instantly send you back into the room you came from
  • Dialogue will sometimes appear jumbled, or combine lines from different strings
  • Sometimes multiple interactive items will be highlighted at the same time
  • Combat music will sometimes not play
  • Music and Sound volume adjustment are not working as intended
This update adds some new minor mechanics, a new (slightly secret) lewd animation involving the shopkeeper, one new item, and some new menu features.
Sex scenes now feature a simple minigame that effects the speed of the animation and the amount healed by harvesting. This can be toggled on or off in the options.
There is now a timer based difficulty. The longer you spend in the dungeon, the more dangerous its inhabitants become. This mechanic adds a new layer of strategy to the game, encouraging players to think more about their choices in the dungeon. When more levels are added, the difficulty will reset between them.
Initial Release
Developer Notes:
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Hey everyone! It’s been a while since the last update on the state of Dungeons of Desire, but I’m very excited to share what I’ve been working on.
In my last update, I announced a Steam version to be released in Spring of 2021 (which didn’t happen.) I was working hard on polishing up everything into a product I could be proud of releasing, but ran into a load of technical and creative issues. A common game breaking bug featured in the last version of DoD caused players to see sprites replaced with black boxes, rendering the game unplayable. I found that the cause of the bug was due to a memory issue with the engine it was built in, and despite my best efforts to reduce the memory usage of the game, it was not possible. Additionally, as my technical and creative skills improved, I could no longer be proud of the work I put into the project. After much deliberation, I decided to rebuild the game from scratch, with a new art style, and more engaging mechanics, while keeping the core combat (1-handed controls) and roguelite elements in tact.
Dungeons of Desire now features a new protagonist (although Beth may make an appearance as an NPC,) and an all new original soundtrack made by the first additional member of the Fat Rooster team, whom I will be introducing in a later post.
I’ll be sharing more information, including screenshots and a sample of what the new harvest animations will look like next week. I can’t wait to share the work I’ve been putting into this project, and I hope you all like it as much as I do.
Also, I have some animations and other assets that I created in the iterative process that led to project as it exists now, that I’ll be sharing exclusively on Patreon soon.
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