Eggomon [vApr 18th] [Invader Incubus]

Eggomon [vApr 18th] [Invader Incubus]

April 29, 2024F95

EGGOMON IS A MONSTER CATCHING ROGUELITE. Capture monsters, gather resources, explore, and don’t get bred by wild creatures!
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Eggomon is the NSFW monster-catching game you always wanted, with a focus on monster breeding, bad ends, and enough randomized content to refresh replayability.

In Eggomon, each player “life” is represented by an in-game character, called a SCOUT, who is ‘lost’ if she is impregnated by a monster. The game only ends once all scouts have been defeated and claimed by the monsters, BUT during a playthrough you may PERMANENTLY UNLOCK zones, more starting items, and new echelons of power that will carry over into your next run. As the project develops, it will expand into an enormous world, including hidden areas, indoor and underground environments, puzzles, quests, and unobtrusive environmental storytelling. As well as many more surprises.

Eggomon ditches traditional RPG leveling up mechanics, putting the focus on BALANCING the combat so it is always challenging. There are still ways to make your team of monsters more powerful over time, but these methods are often separate from battling, so combat should be considered a risky, but necessary action that will deplete your resources (food / medicine). To keep playthroughs fresh, you will be able to choose new starting locations, and characters, meaning that whenever you RETURN to the game you can experience the newest zones, and monsters, without having to play through content you have already experienced.

The final game will feature over a hundred monsters, inspired from mythology and popular culture.

When you become a patron of Eggomon YOU will be able to vote in monthly elections to decide what monsters will be added to the game, as well as which game areas, and features should be focused on next. You will be funding the further development of the game, and the commissioning of professionally made assets. The LATEST completed version of the game will remain completely free to play for all, forever.

FEATURES TO BE ADDED: Breeding Stables, Breeding Mechanics, Day Night system, Camp overnight mechanics.
URGENT (NEXT) ASSETS:  More Monsters, Additional scouts, NEXT LEVEL: Forest

Thread Updated: 2024-04-18
Release Date: 2024-04-18
Censored: No
Version: 2024 Apr 18th
OS: Windows
Language: English
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2D Game, 2DCG, Impregnation, Pregnancy, Animated, RPG, Monster, Monster girl, Female protagonist, Rape, Turn based combat, Oral sex, Vaginal sex
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1. Extract and run.
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Apr 18th:
  • Crackrat Added + Xanim + Unevolved
  • Drakia Xanim added
  • SPRINTING added
  • Lore Blurbs FEATURE added, population begins.
Apr 1st:
  • Galem Added + Xanim + Unevolved
  • WIND TYPE added, Wind move: Razornado added
  • Redpin Added + X anim + Unevolved
  • New zone: OPEN PLAINS
Mar 1st:
  • Kihikihi (shark) Added
  • Mamamole Added
  • New X animation
  • Encounters overhaul
  • Bugs crushed
Feb 1st:
  • Druidia Added
  • Scout Norma Added
  • Dark Forest Partially Added
  • Map added [M]
  • Environmental Threat level and corresponding difficulty modifier added
Jan 22nd:
  • Battle UI additions allowing for more complete tactical decisions
  • 12 New Unlocks
  • Add Contraceptives, which give Scouts Barrier Points (BP)
  • Contraceptive herbs added to many wild loot chests
  • Scout Bonus Fertility
  • Repel items added to the game
  • Clock now shows these new scout status
  • Struggle rebalance
JAN 9th:
  • Monster Rebalance
  • Art Repass on all moves
  • Bright Forest Art Repass
  • Drop Base Art Repass
  • SUPER Potions and Super Ethers added
  • Fruits added to the game
  • Day/Night Cycle added
  • Basic Lighting added
  • 10$ tier (No rewards yet)
  • New monsters: Grig and GRONG, first ROCK types
  • Monster redistribution
  • Caves / Dens added (singular there’s just one)
JAN 2nd:
  • Stables added to the game
  • Bright Forest Zone added to the game
  • XXX animations in combat now speed scale to countdown
  • CINDER scout added as a playable character
  • pregnancy and breeding are in the stables, so genetics are added
  • The game no has a clock tracking the passage of time
DEC 9th:
  • Added 2 monsters.
  • Overhauled Monster Switching
  • UNLOCKS feature now properly represented in UI
DEC 1st:
  • Rejiggered Camera, tightened and streamlined, smoothing
  • Second pass over Rosedew Meadow (Doubled the number of doddad assets, mostly recolors) Map is overhauled nicely now
  • When looting an evolution stone the info-pop tells you what type it is
  • Detailed Monster info panel
  • NEW SCOUT Aqua, voted on by patreons
  • NEW MONSTER Ovaris, a sheep, and her unevolved form
  • Game Over overhaul, now the player may opt to switch to whichever scouts they have remaining or end their run
2023-11-20 First release
Developer Notes:
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When reporting bugs, please be descriptive of your actions when the bug occurred. Most of the art will be redone by a pixel artist soon. UI and Audio assets are CC0, and many homemade assets and tiles for the project will also be released under CC0.

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