Elfheim [Ch. 2 v0.2.0] [Elfheim]

Elfheim [Ch. 2 v0.2.0] [Elfheim]

February 13, 2024F95

is a magical land beyond your wildest dreams! There are elves, mysteries and adventures around every corner, but be aware this is not your usual by the book adventuring… more often than not…. expect things to get lewd.

Thread Updated: 2024-02-12
Release Date: 2023-12-23
Developer: Elfheim PatreonF95zoneDiscordPixivTwitter
Censored: No
Version:  Chapter 2  v0.2.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
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2DCG, Harem, Male Protagonist, Slime, Hentai, Elfs, Group Sex, Masturbation, Fantasy, Oral Sex, Mobile Game, Bit Tits, Big Ass
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1. Extract and run.
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Ch2. v0.2.0
Ch2. v0.1.6:
# Art
– 6 new images, 4 brand new and 2 variations!!!
# Text
– More than 700 new words!
– The last image of the previous update had script changes to better connect with the new ones
Steam release of Elfheim – Chapter 1, version 1.0.2
We took a while to get here and we must thank each and every one of you!
Today I present to you the Steam version of Elfheim! For this release we have updated many artworks, got new additions to the soundtrack and to the dialogue!
v0.5.3 Release (Apr 30, 2022)
# Art
– 17 new images, 12 brand new and 5 variations!!!!
# Text
– More than 2500 new words
– Some changes to the last scene from 0.5.2, small changes to earlier content when Nil tries going backdoor
– Further edits and proofreading thanks to Neal!
# Audio
– A brand new track to spice Morgana’s already spicy scenes!!!
v0.5.2 Release (Mar 29, 2022)
# Art
– 18 new images, 13 brand new and 5 variations!
# Text
– More than 2600 new words, as well as further changes and improvements all around!
v0.5.1 Release (Feb 23, 2022)
# Art
– 10 new images, 8 brand new and 2 variations!
# Text
– More than 2400 new words, as well as some changes and improvements all around!
v0.5.0 Release (Jan 24, 2022)
# Art
– 13 new Scenes, 5 being variations!
– 1 Scene from 0.4.2 has been improved
# Audio
– Main menu song has been reworked
# Text
– New sections feature more than 2000 new words!
v0.4.2 Release (Dec 23, 2021)
# Art
– 17 new Scenes (8 brand new and 9 variations)!!!
# Text
– More than 1600 new words, as well as some changes and improvements here and there!
v0.4.1 Release (Oct 30, 2021)
# Art
– 3 new scenes!
– 2 scenes have been cleaned
– 1 scene has been updated
# Text
– 700 words from the demo
– 600 words from the new scenes
– Minor changes throughout the entire novel
Demo Released (Oct 16, 2021)

v0.4.0 Release (Sep 27, 2021)
# Art

– 4 new scenes! (Fully painted!)
– 13 changes to old scenes, most of the changes are upgrades to the overall quality of the background, while others are mainly book additions to empty shelves (still more to come).
# Text
– More than 800 new words, as well as some changes and improvements here and there!
– Morgana now has her own name color!
– Added a “Hide” button to the in-game quick menu(the one on the bottom), this addition is meant mainly for the mobile version since there’s a lack of the normal hotkeys for hiding the GUI.
v0.3.2 Release (Jul 22, 2021)
# Art
– Updated 10 Scenes.
– Some books added, some still missing.
# Text
– More than 300 new words added.
– A few more revisions.
v0.3.1 Release (Jun 16, 2021)
# Art
– Updated 16 Scenes.
– A brand new gigantic Scene.
v0.3.0 Release (Apr 29, 2021)
# Art
– Added 20 NEW SCENES!!! One is a variation, the rest are unique.
# Text
– Added 2300 new words!! We’re improving the narration of the journey our protagonist is going through with each release.
– Further insights to the overall Universe structure and its Planes.
# Audio
– Added 1 new track.
v0.2.2 Release (Mar 12, 2021)
# Art
– 9 improved scenes.
v0.2.1 Release (Feb 22, 2021)
# Art
– 21 FULLY painted scenes (there are still some adjustments left to be done).
– 2 scenes got cut to remove unnecessary repetition
– Increased the text box size, we can now fit 4 lines easily.
v0.2.0 Release ( Dec 22, 2020)
# Art
– 23 NEW SCENES! (There are at least 15 new scenes while the rest are small variations or transitions)
– Small fixes to a couple of scenes from the last version.
# Text
– 2500 new words!!! Setting the plot to move forward and into a new location!
– Some fixes and rewrites here and there including changes to verb tenses in a few sentences.
– Every text is now BIGGER providing better readability!
– Android version now has a proper background on the main menu.
– Size increases improves GUI Button visibility on the Android Version.
v01.4 Release (Oct 15, 2020)
# Art
– 12 revised and improved scenes.
– 1 scene entirely reworked.
# Text
– Further small adjustments and revisions.
# Audio
– Two new tracks
– A new Button on the Main Screen.
v0.1.3 Release (Jul 13, 2020)
# Art
– 10 painted scenes! (Meaning that all scenes are now COLORED!!)
– 1 scene replaced. (New scene is a really good one too!)
– Minor reworks/improvements to previously completed scenes.
# Text
– Minor Improvements all around.
– A full revision of the script.
– Color adjustments on in-game menus.
– Pause screen improved.
v0.1.2 Release (Apr 18, 2020)
# Art
– 16 painted scenes! (Very few left for full color!!!)
– 2 altered and improved scenes.
– New background
# Text
– Included a message after you reach the end so we can have a “voice” in-game.
– Minor line changes here and there.
– Changes to the font and its style.
– Overall changes to almost every detail of the User Interface.
– Some tooltips in the Settings Menu.
– Further small changes in places I don’t recall.
v0.1.1 Release (Jan 31, 2020)
(First playable version)
Developer Notes:
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Hello everyone! I’m proud to share a new project that we are working on called Elfheim! There’s quite a bit to say about it, so let me lay the groundwork.
Elfheim is a very special project we have been developing for some time now and we hope to keep expanding it’s world for many years to come!
The artist and creator of our universe is none other than Sunna a man whose love for Elves is unparalleled! As for the rest of the team, well, we also love Elves more than you can imagine. I’m in charge of giving the final touches to the script and share all of our great news and previews with the world, while the third and last member of our team(hrb) is the one who connects, creates and makes sense of all of our dreams, he is our lead writer.
Now for the project, here is what you can expect:
  • Elfheim will have many adventures and you will help shape them! Our introduction is already written, but with the help of our Patrons, beginning as soon as our first move forward, there will be polls to choose which Elves, kinks, fetishes and plots points will drive the next part! Thighjob already won a vote we held earlier this year and it will happen!
  • Our first adventure will feature a small cast, although few in number, they will be very well developed, we want to have this condensed beginning to introduce the player to our universe and it’s magical and unique setting.
  • On the Lewd side, you can expect to see some action as early as the first minutes of the prologue. Our beloved pointy ears will be seen in their mighty nude form more often than you think!
  • A Slime, one who’s not equal to any other slime that has ever lived, finds himself in a land full of Elves, there he will discover things he couldn’t ever hope to dream about!
Chapter 2  v0.2.0


Chapter 1  v0.5.3

Steam release of Elfheim – Chapter 1, v1.0.2

Extra: Fan Sign
HGW thanks for the link

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