EP:Backrooms [v5.11 Public] [v4.04s Patreon][SIFAGames]

EP:Backrooms [v5.11 Public] [v4.04s Patreon][SIFAGames]

February 7, 2024F95

You are a young guy who decided to try a new trial program “Enhards Project: Backrooms” (or just EP:Backrooms). As the slogan said – “Life is Better when You are Better”. So maybe you can become a better person… or at least earn some cash 🙂
Game is 100% original, all the materials are made by me and my guys :love:

Thread Updated: 2024-02-6
Release Date: 2024-02-03
Aliases: Enhards Project: Backrooms, SIFA Games
Developer: SIFAGamesPatreonDiscord
Censored: Partial
Version: 5.11a Public – (or 4.04s Patreon)
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Prequel: Enhards Project
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2DCG, Male Protagonist, Female Protagonist, Futa/Trans Protagonist, Multiple Endings, Creampie, Futa/Trans, Humiliation, Male Domination, Oral Sex, Sissification, Spanking, Teasing, Transformation, Trap, Rpg, Turn based combat, twins, Parody, Character Creation, сard game, rogue-like, dungeon crawler, shrinking, trap, anime, original
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1. Extract .zip archive
2. Open the folder named EP Backrooms
3. Run .html file
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HotFix v5.11:
– fixed clothing bug when losing to Elf
v5.10a – Christmas Stable
  • Lots of code refactoring; significantly reduced save file size. Also a step toward maybe not breaking saves in future updates…
  • The game now scales up to larger screen sizes better.
    (This also sort of breaks the ability to zoom using your browser, please let us know if you need that on Discord…)
  • Added some simple animation to UI elements. Note that these are disabled if you have a “reduced motion” setting turned on in your OS or browser. Also, most of these are mouse-hovering effects; sorry, mobile users.
  • Improved the grammar of most text in the game; thanks, Zein!
  • Added a nicer settings menu and more settings to adjust difficulty (left sidebard>settings)
  • Inventory changes:Card deck and unworn item inventory can be reorganized more easily.
    Unworn inventory shows your currently worn item on hover, and when about to replace.
    Unworn and worn inventories are accessible from each other.
    Clothing can be removed (and kept in unworn inventory).
  • some small bug fixes
v5.02a – Bug Fix – should work fine with previous save of v5.0, just start new adventure.
  • Gifts requirement limited by 9 (18 if you want to undress santa). Requirement rises only when you undress Santa.
  • When Sylvie the Elf is fully undressed you still get clothes, so the pages/items are no longer broken.
v5.00aUse a new save; older ones will break.
  • New Christmas adventure! New characters to meet, new clothes, and new events!
  • 2 characters with 4 possible endings
  • 33 new winter-themed clothes
  • 6 new categories of clothes: headgear, handwear, legwear, shoes, mask, outerwear
  • early version of quest system
  • early version of inventory system
  • early version of undressing enemies mechanics
  • Small balance tweaks to item values, experience & $ gains, etc.
  • Code optimizations & cleanup. Prevented save files from becoming huge & slowing the game
v4.03s – RNG Revamps (thanks Vidios) – Use a new save; older ones will probably break.
– Nearly every system that gives random choices has been re-worked. No more duplicates for styles or clothes!
– Fixed issues with skill trees; costs and unlocks should be correct now. Unlocked cards are more common.
– Finished adding lipstick as a separate style slot from makeup.
– Various additions to the sidebars.
– Disabled “undo/redo” buttons again since they lag the game, especially when saving.
– Added a small Guide
v4.0 Major updates:

– Battle system

Now you can actually play a game with your opponent. They have their own decks, so think wise about your strategy.
– Transform your opponents
Yep, you can also feminize or masculinize them. Actually, for now it’s only 1 opponent, but I’ve already prepared materials for next character.
– Sex scenes
You can unlock special Sex Scenes. You can find them pushing “Gallery” on enemy choice screen. And there will be more of them very soon 🙂
– Skill Tree
Your action cards can be unlocked in skill tree using Feminity or Masculinity points
– New Clothes
Some new clothing pieces were added as a demonstration of what you can expect from the next update. The theme will be university (or school).
– Better experience
Some other improvements, like lobby location, different maps, etc.
v3.02p Patreon Public
Character View is unlocked
v3.02b Public
– explore the map, decide which enemies to fight and what things to touch
– consumables
– new enemies
– better loot and TF progression
– some other stuff
v2.05a Patreon
– Character Window
– Character Creation
– Bug fix
– Another bug fix
– Important bug fix
– new gameplay
– 20 action cards
– 5 character cards
– 4 enemy cards
– 1 npc card
*all the cards contain original artworks
– 51 clothing cards
– 21 body cards
– 43 style cards
*all the cards contain original vector illustrations and are visible on the Paper Doll (unlock character view to see)
inventory system
use skills in fight (rough)
rarity of clothes (+lower quality instead of destroyed clothing)
– improved fighting system (health points, action points, enemy has attack, etc.)
– improved SIFA parameters
– improved rolls (enemy roll, clothes roll, parameters roll, etc.)
– clothing shop (buy clothes) (rough)
– laboratory (change body) (rough)
– beauty parlor (change appearance) (rough)
– etc.
Developer Notes:
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Development in progress. I need people to test the game before each release. So please, leave feedback somewhere (on discord would be better). If your feedback will be useful I will add you to the testing team.
Bug fix:
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HotFix v5.11:
– fixed clothing bug when losing to Elf
Patch Installation:
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1. Save the game if you don’t want to lose your progress
2. Download new archive from the links below
3. Extract .zip archive
4. Open the folder named EP Backrooms
5. Run .html file using the same browser as before
7. Load your save if it haven’t been autoloaded
Bug Fix – should work fine with previous save of v5.1, just start new adventure.
In some cases save can be totally broken. Sorry for that, but you can only restart the game…

v4.04s Patreon

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