EraHunter [v0.5.5] [EraHunter]

EraHunter [v0.5.5] [EraHunter]

January 14, 2024F95

Follow Era in her quest to became a professional Monster Hunter.

Thread Updated: 2023-11-11
Release Date: 2023-11-04
Developer: EraHunter PatreonItch.ioSubscribeStar
Censored: No
Version: 0.5.5
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English, Russian
Other Games: Naked Adventure
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public exposure, public naked, body paint, humor, rpg, adventure, hentai
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1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Game.exe” to start playing.
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– Fixed a bug with a disappearing blacksmith during the meanflower quest
– Fixed a small bug on the beach with a big-breasted swimming girl
– Wrote a plugin that fixes the problem with saving in Mac version
– Fixed a crash when losing to small meanflowers
– Fixed several typos
– Added information about the quick access room to the Extra location
A lot of things have been done and reworked. That’s why old saves don’t work.
We thought about writing a change log. But it’s basically a new game, there are familiar events and quests, but they have been modified and new events and quests have been added, so you’ll need to play the game from the beginning
We also added wasd movement support for convenience ^_^
– Fixed bug: If you talk to Joshua without swimming girl in your party – the final scene will not be triggered. You will be locked on the beach not able to do anything else.
– Improved the plugin for the night quest, improved the logic of the night quest, fixed bugs when Era is chased by 2 or more people.
– New global map.
– Added autosave.
– Wrote a few plugins for the beach.
-The beach is completely remade. To create and link all the events on the beach we used 120 switches. This is 3 times more than was used in the entire game before.
– The Monster now has a new sprite and a new character model (only on the beach for now).
– Other bugfixes
– Fixed the passages between locations (If you used keyboard you couldn’t leave university, go to town, to the cave, etc.)
– One style for all the events: some events triggered after approaching, others after touching.
– Removed “holes” in walls that let you walk into the background.
– Now you can’t remove Era’s clothes without her noticing it.

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    EraHunter [v0.5.5] [EraHunter]