Eternal Dread 3 [Final] [Hitbear Studio]
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Eternal Dread 3 [Final] [Hitbear Studio]

January 23, 2024F95

Welcome to Eternal Dread 3, a game set in a bleak and hopeless world dominated by the demonkind.

Strong men have long since perished, driven mankind to the brink of extinction,
leaving only vulnerable children and the elderly.
It is up to the women to continue the struggle to protect what remains of humanity.

The battle however, has become much more difficult than ever.
Demons are increasing in numbers and ferocity while humans dwindle by the day…
Become the last glimmer of hope for the humanity and guide them through the darkest night,
lest the entire world be swept away by the tide of darkness forever…!!!

Thread Updated: 2023-04-12
Release Date: 2023-03-10
Developer: Hitbear Studio Steam
Censored: No
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English
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1. Extract and run.
Developer Notes:
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Create your own character and choose from one of the 8 available classes!
Warrior – Physical fighter excelled in melee combat and archery. Capable of stunning and knocking enemies down for advantage.
Ranger – Ranged specialist and master of sniping. Capable of summoning beasts to asssist in combat.
Mage – A magic user commanding great sorcery at the cost of physical aptitude. Specialized in elemental magic, especially that of fire, ice, lightning, and wind. Can exploit enemy’s elemental weakness to a devastating effect.
Battle Mage – A magically-enhanced melee fighter capable of attacking with magic spells.
Engineer – Specialized in technologies from ancient civilizations, an engineer can quickly assemble turrets, droids, and wield powerful gadgets in combat.
Guardian – Renowned for their unbreakable defense, a guardian can buff themselves and reflect incoming attacks while smiting foes with the power of sacred light.
Sage – User of ancient magic and wielder of light and darkness. Their geological affinity also allows them to call upon the might of water and earth.
Rogue – Highly agile and adept at survival, these venom specialists can afflict status ailments on enemies while whittling them down with archery arts.
Loads of Game Over Scenarios!
Shall we remind you that this a grim dark world? Defeated, and you’ll face the grim consequence of your defeat depending on the enemy and place you were defeated!
Embark on an epic adventure and vanquish the demons!
Explore different exotic locations around the world and fight enemies with different skills and challenges!
Take your character to the next level! – As you survive each combat, you will become stronger with arsenal or skills and signets to enhance your combat ability and enhance your stats!
A Second Job – Past a certain point of the story, you will be able to select a second class to mix and match with your initial class.
Choose a similar class to maximize the potential of your initial class
or choose an entirely different one for more choices and versatility and cover your weakness. The choice is yours!
Shared Stash – Share drops and items among your characters with the shared stash.
Loot drop not for your current class? No worries, save it for the next playthrough on a different class!

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    Eternal Dread 3 [Final] [Hitbear Studio]