Ethereal Sunder [v0.9.2] [EtherealSunderDev]

Ethereal Sunder [v0.9.2] [EtherealSunderDev]

July 5, 2024F95

In the enchanting magical forest of Velhal, Eilayda reigns as the revered fairy queen. Her domain suddenly faces a crisis when a dreadful illness starts afflicting the fairies. To save her people, Eilayda leaves the forest searching for the “origin resin,” a powerful magical material crucial for creating the cure.

However, the only known resin is sold in a human city, deep within its infamous prison district, a den for criminals and malevolent souls. Nevertheless, Eilayda decides to enter the district, determined to find the resin and return to her forest unscathed by the grim shadows of the human world.

Thread Updated: 2024-07-05
Release Date: 2024-07-05
Developer: EtherealSunderDev PatreonpixivFanboxItch.IoDiscordTwitter
Censored: No
Version: 0.9.2
OS: Windows, Linux, MacOS
Language: English
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2D Game, 2DCG, Adventure, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Female Domination, Turn-Based Combat, RPG, Corruption, Sexual Harassment, Groping, Masturbation, Virgin,  Handjob
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1- Extract to desired location.
2- Run the file “Game” to play.
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Changelog 0.9.2  (2024-07-05)
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New: Added the scene for corruption level 1 with the Potions merchant located in the “Red Hornets Territory” map.
New: Added the scene for corruption level 1 with the Twin Brothers located in the “Southeast Street” map.
New: Added a new map, “Casino”. You can access it from the “Sapphire Mug Territory” map.
New: Added a new scene in the Casino.
Changelog 0.8  (2024-05-03)
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New: Added the ‘Path of Strength’ dungeon.
New: Added the conversation with Viktor of the Iron Bones after completing the ‘Path of Strength’ dungeon.
New: Added a new erotic scene in the ‘Iron Bones Territory’ map.
New: Added changes to the Recollection Room that show according to Eilayda’s current corruption level.
Changelog 0.7.3 (2024-05-03)
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New: Added the ex-administration hall map.
New: Added pit fights. You can access them by speaking with the clerk in the ex-administration hall.
New: Added spell Cold Spikes. You can unlock this spell in the Essence Reflection.
New: Added a new erotic scene: “Sleeping Outside.” There is a 1-on-6 chance of the scene occurring when sleeping outside, and the chances increases by 1 with each night you sleep outside.
New: Added a voice to Eilayda. Currently, only the following scenes have her voice implemented: the first scene after falling off the fort, the level-up 1 erotic scene, and the new scene added in this build.
New: Added a voice volume in the options menu for Eilayda’s new voice.
Changelog 0.6.1 (2024-04-05)
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New: Added the wine thief event. This event is located on the Sapphire Mug Territory map.
New: Added a ‘minigames and Jobs’ Journal that you can access from the item called “Journal.” This item can be obtained from the Bar’s Bedroom drawer.
New: Added the next scene with Marcus after completing both of his tasks.
New: Added an optional scene with Anne from the Central Watch gang. You can find her on the District Center map.
New: Added an optional boss in the ‘sewers’ map after interacting with a big hole in one of the walls.
New: Added new images for a few common enemies.
New: Added erotic scene “Bereck part 2”.
Balancing: The Frozen Steps spell has been reworked to decrease an enemy’s agility instead of removing evasion, and the duration of the debuff has increased; previously, it was from 3 to 4 turns, and now it is from 4 to 5 turns.
Balancing: The innate trait ‘Healthy’ has changed to ‘Power of Health.’ This new innate trait provides a 10% bonus to attack, defense, and agility for the rest of the fight if you have started it with full health.
Balancing: The innate trait ‘High MP’ has changed to ‘High MP Recovery.’ This new innate trait adds a 6% bonus to the MP recovery when sleeping in a bedroom.
Balancing: The innate trait ‘Money Saver’ has changed to ‘Fortune Finder.’ This new innate trait adds special tiles to the prison district. When you step on one of these tiles, you will get +2 gold.
Balancing: The innate trait ‘Defensive Caster’ has been modified; now, the damage dealt back to the attacker is equal to your defense parameter, and this damage is reduced each turn by 10%.
Fixed: Messages not showing when interacting with the purple crystal in the essence reflection
Fixed: When visiting the Slime boss room after defeating it, there was no exit to leave the room.
Changelog 0.5.2 (2024-03-01)
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New: Added new dungeon ‘Sewers’ at the south of the district center.
New: Added a new minigame, ‘Cat Chase,’ located on the District Center map, near the entrance of the Red Hornets Territory map.
New: Added a new erotic scene that increases lewdness level to 1. This scene will play automatically when you reach 50 lewd XP and rest in the bar’s bedroom.
New: When the day ends, and you are outside, you can choose to sleep in the bar’s bedroom or on the streets to conserve gold.
Balancing: The layout of the Essence Reflex has been changed to give more options for upgrades and allow quick access to the early spells.
Fixed: Random exclamation marks chasing the player at night while walking in the Iron Bones Territory.
Fixed: When using an old save file from a previous version, you may encounter a visual bug during the Nun Minigame, showing more sick people to whom you must give medicine than you actually have to.
Fixed: Exiting a Fast Travel point instead of choosing a map or the cancel choice will create a problem with hidden/missing choices for other conversations.
Changelog 0.4.4 (2024-02-02)
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New: Added two new maps ‘Iron Bones Territory’ and ‘Sapphire Mug Territory.’
New:  Added Two new minigames, ‘Tag’ and ‘Catching a dirty fish.’ Both are located on the Sapphire Mug Territory map.
New: Added a new erotic scene. Located on the Iron Bones Territory map.
Changelog 0.3.6
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Balancing: Initial mana stored in the box of mana preservation increased from 112 to 173.
Balancing: Initial MaxHP increased from 310 to 368.
Balancing: Decreased cost of spells. Frost Ray, Ice Knife, and Ice Lance are from 6 to 5. Hail Storm decreased from 14 to 10. Chilled Purification decreased from 8 to 7. Frozen Steps decreased from 11 to 10. Frostbite decreased from 11 to 8.
Balancing: Eilayda will never miss an attack unless affected by an effect that reduces the hit rate. Ex: Smoke Bomb.
Balancing: Decreased the Smoke Bomb hit rate reduction.
Balancing: Removed 5 units from Red Hornets Dungeon.
Balancing: Breaking a normal seal in the essence reflection decreased from 40 to 30.
Balancing: Breaking a depth seal in the essence reflection decreased from 110 to 80.
Balancing: Increased stats gained after breaking a normal seal to 4 for m.attack, defense, agility, to 20 for max mp and 40 for max hp.
Balancing: Increased stats gained after breaking a depth seal to 9 for m.attack, defense, agility, to 40 for max mp and 90 to max hp.
Balancing: Decreased the Smoke Bomb hit rate reduction.
Balancing: Removed 4 enemy units from Red Hornets Dungeon.
Balancing: When escaping, the enemy you escaped from will stay in place for 2 seconds instead of 1, and you can pass through this enemy during this time.
Balancing: Reduction of chasing speed for most enemies.
Fixed: The spot to offer apples in Southeast Street is not resetting after the end of the day.
Fixed: Enemies in dungeons can see you through walls.
Fixed: Speaking with a particular NPC in the district center wrongly changes the story and apple variables, making it seem you have already finished the prologue and obtained the apples.
Fixed: A few visual bugs are shown in the Red Hornets Dungeon.
Changelog 0.3.5
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New: Added a map called Southeast Street, located on the southeast side of the district center.
New: Added a new dungeon called Red Hornets Base, located on the Red Hornets Territory map.
New: Added a new story scene: “Meeting with Marcus”.
New: Added a new mission: “Collect the black spheres”.
New: Added 3 new spells: Hail Storm, Frozen Steps and Chilled Purification.
New: Added a new erotic scene in the Southeast Street map.
Balancing: The Nun minigame now gives 24 mana instead of 16.
Balancing: The Clown minigame now gives 18 mana instead of 12.
Balancing: Each offered apple to residents now gives 18 mana instead of 10.
Balancing: The Artist Brothers event now gives 38 mana instead of 24.
Fixed: When offering apples, you could get a number of residents who accepted the offer higher than those who can accept the offer.
Fixed: Removed access to one of the testing maps that was wrongly added to the game.
Fixed: The game crashes if you load a game file from version 0.1.X.
Fixed: When doing Bereck erotic scene #1 to receive apples, you receive the item apples, but the number of apples is not set to 12.
Fixed: Potions GUI resetting to 0 after being defeated in the Red Hornets Base dungeon.
Fixed: Lightning appears through the fog of war in the Red Hornets Base dungeon.
Fixed: Many collisions against walls, roofs, and map objects.
Fixed: Multiple issues during the prologue sequences, including wrong screen tint, missing nametags, missing busts, wrong BGM in the bar bedroom, and late accessibility of the H menu.
Fixed: A variable working incorrectly makes a map available before time.
Fixed: The game allows selling other items besides potions to the potion vendor. Depending on what you sell, you can get a soft lock.
Fixed: One of the audio files was wrongly set in the game folder, causing ‘loading file’ errors to pop up on the screen when playing and after playing the moving boxes minigame.
Changelog 0.2
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New: Added a map called Red Hornets Territory on the eastern side of the district.
New: Added a merchant that buys and sells potions of health.
New: Added a new minigame that provides +3 gold when you complete it.
New: Added a new erotic scene located in the Red Hornets Territory map.
New: Added two more variations to the harassment scene that can happen when you are offering apples.
Fixed: The clown minigame does not remove one gold coin when you decide to play it.
Fixed: Eilayda loses her combat range when using an instant spell.
Changelog 0.1.1
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Fixed: Issue with a trigger that made the clown minigame available during the night you are meant to visit Bereck’s house.
Fixed: Defeated enemies inside the kidnappers’ dungeon respawn if you go up or down the stairs.
Fixed: Money-related events show the wrong icon in the notification.
Fixed: Tutorial events repeating inside the Kidnappers’ dungeon if you go up or down the stairs.
Fixed: BGM stops playing after leaving the Essence Reflection.
Fixed: Manually using the bar’s bedroom bed doesn’t remove 5 gold after use.
Fixed: Manually using the bar’s bedroom bed doesn’t reset daily events.
Fixed: When ending a night event and activating the bar’s bedroom bed automatically, Eilayda doesn’t recover 13% of her Max Mana.
Fixed: Nun minigame scales in difficulty when you fail to help her.
Fixed: If you complete the clown minigame and ask for mana, his animation would play, but the mana wasn’t stored.
Fixed: Fog of War resetting every time you go up or down the stairs during the Kidnappers’ Dungeon.
Developer Notes:
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Important!! Please read this post in Itch if you find the issue “Failed to load: audio/” after updating the game to 0.4.4.

Game Mechanics

Corruption System: Lead Eilayda through the prison district and decide her fate; will she maintain the same purity she walked in or leave tainted by the pleasure the district offers?
The system is divided into levels starting from 0 and ending in 3. Each level has new erotic scenes and continuations of previously visited scenes, showing Eilayda’s development and her fall into a world of debauchery.
Enhance combat system: Fight taking advantage of the enemies’ vulnerabilities while keeping an eye on your own. The range system adds an extra spice of fun to the classic RPG Maker combat.
Custom character growth: Choose the parameters you want to improve and the skills you want to have inside the Essence Reflection, the center of Eilayda’s magical power, to make her as powerful as you want.
Resources management: Gold and mana are your most important resources. Gold is used to buy items, rest in the inn, and solve problems; mana is used to cast spells in combat and improve Eilayda’s parameters.
Spend your resources wisely and explore the district to uncover events and minigames that can provide you with more mana and gold.

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