Evalia: The Lust Kingdom [v1.25.01] [VelvetGene]

Evalia: The Lust Kingdom [v1.25.01] [VelvetGene]

February 5, 2024F95

Evalia: The Lust Kingdom is an erotic sandbox RPG in which you get to become a ruler of a sex-obsessed city called Evalia. The game allows you to build relationships with anyone in your kingdom, including unique NPCs that are a part of your kingdom, as well as randomly generated NPCs that live in Evalia. Anyone can become your lover, waifu/husbando, sextoy, sex slave – the sky’s the limit!

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As the King/Queen of Evalia you will be charged with ruling over the citizens of Evalia. You can change the kingdom’s laws and rules, listen your people’s pleas at the courtroom, punish criminals for their misdeeds, or simply sit back and enjoy your privileges!

The game’s main focus is to give the player the ability to customize the experience to their needs. The game allows you to play as a man, woman, or a futa. You also get to choose what your sexual experience will look like (heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual) and who lives in your kingdom (men and women, women only, men only, etc.).You can have sex with any NPC, currently the game has 12 types of animated sex scenes that are fully interactive!

Thread Updated: 2024-02-05
Release Date: 2023-05-24
Developer: VelvetGenePatreonItch.io
Censored: No
Version: 1.25.01
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
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2D Game, RPG, Sandbox, Male Protagonist, Female Protagonist, Futa, Fantasy, Open World, Animated, Vaginal, Anal, Footjob, Creampie, Oral Sex, Handjob, Public Humiliation, Rape, Gay, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Bisexual, Free Use, Harem, Lesbian
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– new body model for female characters
– new body model for male characters
– new animations:  handjob (female), handjob (male), footjob (female), boobjob, blowjob (female), sex (female)
– new outfits
– new locations: graveyard
– new UI
– new customization options
– new wardrobe
– extra dialogue, events, story, etc.
– added a new location: the Grand Cathedral. Here you can talk with priests and priestesses and do other holy (or not so holy things)
– added a new body type for females
– added a vaginal sex animation for the second body type
– added a new priestess outfit for female characaters
– added a squirt and cum animation for NPCs
– added a new story event in which you get anointed by Lizette and then get handed a mysterious note
– added massage animations for men
– added extra dialogue for happy and depressive NPCs, Blanche, and Eugene
– new massage mechanic (only female/futa character currently), including:
– back, shoulder, arm massage animations
– ass fondling / licking animation
– foot massage/licking animations
– pussy/penis rubbing/licking animations
– armpits licking/tickling animations
– asshole licking/rubbing animations
– new conversation topics for NPCs
– additional prisoner interactions
– new sex punishment system for prisoners
– full implementation ofPOV  handjob scenes
– crime fighting mechanic
– new staff postion – chef
– new sex animation for doggy style (male + female)
– new Wall of Shame animations – prisoners in stockings
– new punishement option for prisoners – forced sex
– new public sex mechanic
– new face types for female characters
– new story quest – Meeting Archibald
– new unique character – Archibald the Noble
– implemented male and futa POV handjob scenes
– implemented POV handjob scenes for Eugene
– added a new slum area
– added a new smuggler profession that allows the player to buy illegal items
– added a new thief outfit
– implemented male, female, and futa POV footjob scenes
– implemented POV footjob scenes for Blanche and Eugene
– fixed POV footjob scenes with female partners displaying descriptions for scenes with male partners
– added cum textures for footjob POV scene
– added the farmlands
– added the cum button for sex scenes, you can now cum at any time
– tweaked / doubled the pleasure gain during sex scenes
– new outfits (farmer / hunter)
–  added the wardrobe feature for PC
– added the crown
– fixed the prisoners bug not allowing the player to punish/reward them, force them to move to a “safer” sex location, and other problematic things
– tweaked flirt/tease mechanics for obedients prisoners, they should now respond to them more amicably
– added futa top animation for anal and vaginal scenes,
– changed the dialogue for the prostitution options a little to account for new combinations of Futa/Male, Futa/Female scenes
– added the ability to ask futas for bottom anal and vaginal sex
– changed the main menu screen
– added missing futa assets (basically all sex scenes)
– changed the way futa MC works in sex scenes
– added missing assets to sex scenes, such as blushes, clothing, cum textures etc.
– Blanche and Eugene can fully access their wardrobes now
– completed Eugene’s sex scenes assets
– changed the proportions of the boobs in the boobjob animation (they’re bigger and bouncier now)
– changed the requirements of Affection, Lust, and Obsession for sex acts. It should be significantly easier to convince characters to have sex with you
– changed the effects of some of the edicts you can choose with Eugene. Heavy support of the Sex Industry and the Military will give you bonus Lust and Obsession points when talking with new people, while reducing Taxes to zero will give you a major bonus to their Affection
– remade the UI, it’s more simplistic now, and easier to navigate, menus finally fit into one box in the corner of the screen and every option can be easily picked.
– added a box that informs the player about the basic things about their conversation partner (name, gender, relationship), as well as updates them on changes done to their affection / lust / obsession
– compliments / teasing interactions had their affection and lust bonuses changed, it should be easier to build rapport through them
– simplified some of the conversation menus
– fixed the MC’s name being replaced with the default ones during dialogue, use the ‘Update’ option in the bedroom to fix it, if you’re playing on an old save file
– fixed the bug with models that happened during the end of sex scenes
– fixed the bug with character improperly describing their personalities
– fixed a missing nose in the character portraits in the VIP menu
– improved the feet button for missionary / anal sex. It’s now off to the side, to indicate it is a side option, and it should prevent the weird desync bug that was happening with assets sometimes.
– fixed some minor bugs and typos
– fixed issues with NPC spawning in the palace
– added the ability to get the Hobo Outfit for the MC (you have to search the trash in the alleyways, after you have sex with a character there)
– added missing futa assets (basically all sex scenes)
– changed the way futa MC works in sex scenes
– added missing assets to sex scenes, such as blushes, clothing, cum textures etc.
– Blanche and Eugene can fully access their wardrobes now
– completed Eugene’s sex scenes assets
– changed the proportions of the boobs in the boobjob animation (they’re bigger and bouncier now)
– added a character creator
– optimized male sex scenes (should work more smoothly, and faces should be better aligned)
– added a male cunnilingus sex scene (the assets were already there, but I guess I must’ve forgot to add them and didn’t notice until now)
– added missing scenes with Eugene
– fixed some minor errors in the code
– Added an UPDATE button in the PC’s bedroom. Use it to access new content in old savefiles
– revamped old assets : old eyes have a new design and everything is better aligned together
Developer Notes:
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The game is in its early stage, I do everything by myself which is why it might take long for major updates to get out. I am planning to make this a long-running project that I will keep adding new content to, after the main story and all of the features are finally implemented into the game.
I am looking for feedback on the game. I’m open to suggestion on what people would like to see added to the game, but I also would appreciate sending feedback regarding any bugs that you encounter. It is extremely difficult to catch all of them by myself.

*This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.

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