Eyes Never Lie [v0.11] [Begul]
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Eyes Never Lie [v0.11] [Begul]

January 24, 2024F95

You’re a schoolboy with the blood of an angel running through your veins, and demons are after you, the Principal of the school is a demon and all she wants is your delicious semen. You are a poor boy living in harsh conditions and a mysterious old man sleeping in the trash, an aunt, some childhood friends and a high school girl with smelly feet with you.

In this game where you will travel to mysterious lands, your only purpose is to survive without being sucked by the demons until your balls are dry. In this adventure where you will taste femdom, horror, and fun at the same time. Good luck to you, if luck works…

Thread Updated: 2023-10-08
Release Date: 2023-10-08
Developer: Begul
Censored: No
Version: 0.11
OS: Windows
Language: English
Other Games: Panty Sniffa
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Animated,3DCG, Horror, 2D Game,  Big ass, Big tits, Combat, Corruption, Fantasy, Male protagonist, Female domination, Monster girl, Orc, Reverse Rape, Vaginal sex, Foot fetish, Smell, Teacher, School, Incest, Pantyhose,
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1. Extract and run.
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What’s new;
+ 389 New images
+6 New scenes
+4 New h-scenes
+4 New mini scenes
+3 New animated video(Yoko’s toilet scene, Dorango’s walk)
+1 New Map: Hidden Forest
(Some scenes have been combined)
What’s new;
+ 510  New images
+ 5 New scenes(Ice cream scene, Lilu&Old demon, Succubus Queen, Sachiko, Haru&Yori)
+ 6 New H-scenes(the Principal, Yoko(2), Sleeping demon, Futa demon, Lilu)
+ 1 New map(A path in the Semen Dungeon)
+ 1 New object(Boosted semen nectar)
+ 2 New animated scenes(4 animations from different angles)
What’s new;
+ 480 ~490 New images
+ 4 New scenes(Erection on the beach, the Guardian,  Haru’s shampoo, Dorango intro)
+ 2 New mini-scenes(Beaten Dirty Uncle, Lilu)
+ 6 New H-scenes(Risa, Beth(2), Hannah(Auntie), Haru, Lilu)
+ 2 New characters(Dorango(Yoko’s older sister Yuna), and Sachiko)
Whats’ new:
+ 310 ~315 New images
+ 4 New scenes
+ 5 New mini-scenes
+ 4 New animated scenes
+ 4 New H-scenes
+ 1 New map(Demon Realm)
Whats’ new:
+ 275~280 New images
+ 4 New mini scenes(sunbathing)
+ 7 New scenes
+ 3 New H-scenes(Principal/Hannah)
+ 1 New plugin: Quest log
+ 1 New map(Summer vacation)
+ New clothes(Bikini,swimsuit,shorts)
+ Pastry shop earnings increased to $2


+ 7~8 New scenes
+ 3 New Femdom scene
+ 230~235 New images
+ 1 New character: Werewolf
+ 1 New shop/ Supermarket
+ 1 New room as gallery/Dream Room
v0.2 Remake
+ New job/Pastry Shop
+ 190~200 new images
+ 4 new characters Yoko,Elen,Sara,Yori
+ 5~6 New scenes
+ 2 new femdom scenes Risa + Principal
+ Pixel character visual update(clothes)
First Release


Extra: Save File

mnmers thanks for the link
*This port/version is unofficial and not released by the developer, download at your risk.

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