Fairy Trainer  [v0.13.5] [AstRider]
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Fairy Trainer [v0.13.5] [AstRider]

July 4, 2024F95

Imagine having a second chance to do everything you couldn’t? You were bound by an oath, “Die for the empire”, but now nothing can stop you from conquering everything you couldn’t!
You play as August (name can be changed) a mighty if not the strongest mage in the world, whose magic is to copy magics!
You one day, end up being reborn by forbidden magic, and since then, you start to wonder how to live from now on…

Video Scenes:

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Mirajane Sailah Ev1 2 Webm | Free Adult Games
Lisanna Hid Sex1 Webm | Free Adult Games

Thread Updated: 2022-04-09
Release Date: 2022-04-09
Developer: AstRider PatreonDiscordItch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.13.5
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
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3DCG, Corruption, Loli, Parody, Romance, etc etc etc.
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1- Extract to desired location
2- Click on “Game.Exe” and get started
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0.13.5 log:
  • Added the “Harem” button in the guild menu, where you can access information about the girls you are making progress in the game. (For now, only Ultear is progressing with a relationship, soon we will have… someone who will be decided by the patron’s poll xD)
  • Council event, you will meet the new council leader. (Linked to the Kagura event, an important step in how you will act within the game with the girls!)
  • Sex scene with Kagura, and the key point of the update! (Tell me what you think of the scene, I tried to follow a little of what I saw in the last Patreon poll, if that’s what you wanted and it made you happy, let me know!)
0.13 log:
+ 4 events

+ 13 new animated scenes (Including H-Scenes)

+ 90 new renders

Three sex scenes (Wendy, Ultear, and Dimaria)

0.12 log:
Bugfix + Textfix + 2 New events  added  (Wendy’s event fix.)
What’s Script Rework (ver. 0.11.5) about?
[COLOR=rgb(85, 57, 130)Let’s start:[/COLOR]
:coffee: 180 new renders were made to replace 250 removed.
:coffee:Removed routes: Flare, Irene.
:coffee:Added routes: Dimaria, Juvia.
:coffee:Both Flare and Irene will return in the future.
:coffee:A total of 1800 new lines of texts were made from ZERO!
:coffee:Dialogues changed, dynamics changed, gameplay changed, in addition, I updated the code to a cleaner code because what I utilized was a very “beginner’s thing”.
That’s almost a new game since the start changed… BUT, there’s about 2~3h gameplay depending on how fast you read!
2 new events for Wendy (Love), 1 new event for Lucy (Corruption), 3 mini-quests (very small, but leads to H scene), and the Mirajane event that introduces her sister in an “exciting” way, Lisanna.
  • 4 New events (Wendy, Mirajane, Getting along to FT, Lucy Quest)
  • 9 New animations (5 for sexual act)
  • Navigation menu finished!
Xmas Night with Lucy
0.9 BETA:
Beta vers, (Transition from chapter 2 to 3 + some show off of the “intended menu” coming for 0.10)
About 10 to 20 minutes reading.
LOG: 222 renders, 10 animations for 3 H-Scenes, a lot of writing, New love/corruption display menu.  (To let clean one thing, we have 1 H-Scene for Touka and two for Kagura, 1 Love route and 1 corruption route + teasing scene for Mirajane.
There are four (4) new event, 130 new renders, implementation of Card system
Also a bunch of writing (about 4k of words) and only-God-know many many codes.
1 animated scene (H-Scene) and 1 animated scene (NON-H -Scene)
Lesbian content for WENDY x CARLA (Very light, btw -for now at least 😳 -)
Total of 2 new H-Scenes. (You have to play corruption to see Wendy’s one, but the other is totally Free-wee.)
Have fun, and bye!
Bugs fixed and changes:
Now you can check how much Love/Corruption you have with each character! (There’s an image button for it at the top left of the screen!)
Changes for Wendy, Sorano, and Meredy design! (40 renders reworked)
Changes for Love/Corruption point system; Popups now are displayed when you get a point!
Changes for the game whole design/color.
Wendy’s route bugs are fixed as Carla’s one.
Fixed that bug of when displaying a video the audio sudden stop.
Textbox fix is done, as well as some misspelling corrections.
Menu navigation (BETA) implemented, so far I’ve fixed all bugs I’ve faced myself, if you face any bugs let me know!
What’s new:
About 125 new renders + 40 reworked ones (Minor changes), a total of 165.
Wendy’s event, Carla’s event (corruption only), Kagura’s first event, Irene’s event, Kyouka’s brief event -1~2min-, Touka’s first event and at the end of Kagura event there’s H-scene to be played.
The navigation menu (BETA) is a bit more “Worked”.
Corruption skills now can level up. (Be aware that when you level up corruption, the protagonist’s vision changes as well!)
So, bugs fixed:
Banner bug, menu bug, Kyouka renders bug (not displaying), and the shitty bug of switches (the game was jumping from wendy’s EV 1 to almost the end of the game, lacking half the content of the game!).
Important warning! The game folder say “0.6” but it’s 0.5!
New Log Version (Ren’py)
Summary: 4 new event (About 15~25 min reading, 2 choices, 1 H-Scene, 2 Animated scenes, about 117 new renders, END OF CHAPTER 1)
Erza training event 1
Ultear beach event (With her first route to unlock -H-Scene-)
Irene exploration event 1
1 new animation for Erza Training.
A total of 134 new renders (Plus time to make new maps, since I’ve edited them via Visual Studio)
New sound effects were added. (I’m still working on the audio thing!)
0.2:  —————————————————–Story Advance—————————————————–
286 Renders (HD)
1100 (+420 coding)  Lines
About 25~40min.  (To see every content available -means routes-)
To make a resume of the version >>> It’s the same as demo + the content I wasn’t able to build + Map select. I wasn’t planning to make a map selection for now, BUT, as every time, you guys ask for it and I do, geez. It was complex to me since I’m still learning the trick-pick of the engine BUT it was worth the time and stress!
Developer Notes:
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Just click / ENTER to proceedo :coffee::HideThePain:
About English:
Not my main language, but try it. I’m not a machine so at least I have some sense of what means “Bread” / “Breed” :v
(ps: Saves before 0.12 doesn’t work for future updates!)


Other: COMPRESSEDANDROID (unofficial compressed)


*This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.

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