Fall 4 Love [v0.2.5] [F4L]

Fall 4 Love [v0.2.5] [F4L]

January 14, 2024F95

The main character you play,  is an ordinary 18 years old man (boyish). Your choices can lead you to plenty awkward, kinky or romance situations. You will evolve in a fanciful world where women are in charge at all levels.

Thread Updated: 2023-12-07
Release Date: 2023-12-07
Developer: F4L Subscribestaritch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.2.5
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
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Male protagonist, 2DCG, Real porn, Text base, Romance, Transgender, Traps, Female domination
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1. Extract and run.
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version 0.2.5 public
– New feminin sportwear and shoes.
– Adapt Karen sport event with the new sport outfit.
– Add new sentences when you do running with feminin sportwear.
– Optimize kink info construct.
– Optimize few parts of script (updating stats) to speed up page loading a little.
– Remove old unused code in few passages to avoid possible bugs.
version 0.2.5 fixed
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– Some more faked pictures with reaction for Men taste app.
– New Sissy Story 4 on hidden shop.
– 2 new TV programs.
– Audio option on/off in setting passage (off by default).
– Ringtone when you have a call.
– Option on Phone to choose your ringtone (6 different) and on/off volume.
– Erase some old change log to lighten this passage.
– Reduce the price (75€ to 50€) of all books on hidden shop.
– Add and change condition for swimming with Joyce, it now count as swimming activity for the day report and the statistic gain.
– Timing of the call received if you miss a date.
– Missing listing of lips reaction for some relations.
– Missing code to dress up the mc at the end of your date with Kenya.
– Erase old code part for relation kink never used and can show an error on relation panel.
– More French and English proofreading.
– Detecting that it is a swimsuit when you are in pajamas at the pool.
– Wrong text direction on button in chastity quest.
– Some wrong statistics relation cible in chastity quest.
– Detection error for mc cloth and undercloth on Joyce truth event.
– Missing quest win notif when you call Scarlett in chastity quest.
– Condition bug in the first phone text message from Scarlett (was a dead end passage).
version 0.2.4 to 0.2.5 beta
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– Examination scene if the mc anus is expand to the max  (this scene was not in game yet).
– Yoga memory mini-game skip button with multiple options (but you will not benefit hormonal stat boost from skipping yoga).
– More help infos with some informations on hiden mechanic of the game.
Hints menu on help passage (just some clues to find paths you can have miss in the game).
– Huge addition on reaction system with muliple sentances. Relation will now react if you wear female cloth, shoes or underwear. Also women’s swimwear and bulge on your crotch (erection or chastity cage) will be noticable for other.
– Important event with Joyce and Karen at home.
– Continuation of chastity quest, new date with Scarlett and her mother.
– 2 new bikinis for pool activity to buy on clothes shop.
– New event with a new character.
– New date with Kenya as boyfriend.
– New date with Scarlett as boyfriend or friend.
– Multiple interactions with Joyce at the pool house.
– New event with Joyce.
– New event with the fugitive.
– Event at the church on sunday.
– Recieve now text messages from your relations.
– You can now buy and play with dildos.
– Visual for anal masturbation with plug anal.
4 trophies (witch makes 30 in total, so new reward).
– Condition day and night for all destination buttons to prevent accessibility if the clock past midnight.
– Increase hours limitation for sleeping if the clock past midnight.
– Redo all the help menu.
Pink top sliders shoes are now unisex.
– Little change on one of Kenya‘s lingerie design.
– Change color text for kink list (black text on purple box was a little hard to read).
– Reduce lighly by one the effect of PharmaFem injection.
– Few condition’s value buttons on the first date with Kenya to have more choices in early game.
– Anal plug purchase are now limited only by anal training fetish and dildo purchase are limited only by sex toy fetish.
– Boost limit when an anal plug or dildo are too small for the mc anus expension.
– Missing hair style on mc licking cum dynimic illustration.
– Few missing english translation at gloryhole.
PharmaFem investigation at the elevator passage to prevent intelligence stat farm and possible quest adding spam to quest list.
– Missing english in relation reaction system.
– Variable condition bug on reaction system with a wrong value.
– Wrong redirection on chastity quest if you don’t have enough money to pay the coffee to Scarlett.
– Some french and english proofreading in preview contents.
– When you move to a smaller size of anal plug, the anus stat didn’t decrease.
– Condition on anal masturbation that didn’t check the right value to know if your anus is too wide for the anal plug or dildo.
– Bad place for one layer on pee illustration.
– Missing background on masturbation illustration.
– When a phone call was not added to the list of planned phonecall.
– Wrong list adding for Brigitte‘s chastity, was causing anal plug list bug.
– Wrong cage key ownership on Brigitte event the last friday of week 2.
0.2.3 fixed
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– More words for Hangman game in french and english.
– Button on Men Taste app to do a new search for edging.
– Pack of faked pictures with reaction for Men taste app.
– Remove unnecassary repeatability variable of inside house event that was only show once anyway.
– Edging with Men Taste app increase by 15 your arrousal (it was 10 before).
– The Men Taste search is no more case sensitive.
– The day limiter content if you are on PharmaFem cell route.
– Missing variable initialisation that was making the training with Karen the only event after the first time you had it.
– Change priorities order of inside house event selector, to force the game to show event with relation level condition before any other type of event.
– Bad variable naming on day report.
– Wrong redirection for the second date with Kenya as friend.
– Missing new phone variable manager when you are in jail, your phone was keept by the police women.
– Wrong place of variable blocker preventing time addition on Men Taste app. Now it will increase correctly by 5 min each time you look at porn on your phone.
– Erase old condition error in chastity widget.
– Missing new toilet passage on mall bathroom.
– Missing picture of Brigitte cage on central visual of the main character.
– Wrong code with the cage key owner Brigitte.
– Missing money stat change on Brigitte last talk/event.
– Bad use of clothes save for the last talk/event on week 2 with Anne and Brigitte.
– Missing trigger for chastity quest after Minoru passages, that was preventing the progress.
– Missing room in sub-level 2.
– Few missing translations on Minoru passages of the chastity quest.
– Some more english and french proofreading.
v0.2.3 public
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– Dynamic illustration that will be shown in some passages.
– Event with Minoru.
– New sexual activity gloryhole be sucked or the sucker.
2 trophies (witch makes 26 in total).
– Change date of some random outside events.
– Redo some part of the mc sucked dynamic illustration.
– Change one phonecall event to adapt it to the new activity, only if you miss the linked outside gloryhole event too much times.
– Decrease limitation for Mathilde little reward after yoga lesson.
– Bug that prevents the change of date for random outside events. So now if you miss a random event it will repeat the next day again and again until you see it, like it was mean to be.
– Css on quests window that reduce too much in size if no quests are active.
– Few dialogue balise error (wrong character box).
– When Kenya doesn’t wear her receptionist dress at start of day work.
– Some english and french proofreading.
– Major Bug Fixes
version 0.1.9
– One new event.
– A lot of fixes
version 0.1.9 public
– Add a special tv program with Christmas cards of F95Zone games developer.
– Some more French proofreading.
version 0.1.9 beta fix
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– Few more porn content on phone app MenTaste.
– Visual piercing and tattoo to lick cum dynamic illustration.
– Change the value of secret shop chance to appear (33% to 50%).
– Adjust secret shop event trigger.
– Adjust some fetish bonus from MenTaste porn.
– Balancing more value of some sub/dom choices limitations in early game.
– Missing fetish condition on anal stimulation button in masturbation passage.
– Missing arts on pushup minigame.
– Missing hair style art to liskcum dynamic illustration.
Fall 4 Love 0.1.7 technical update
Balancing, proofreading and bug fix.
version 0.1.7
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– Foot massage dynamic illustration.
– Oral stat details on stat panel.
– Urine stat increase 50% less with time.
– Depraved dice game, the score to be reached changes from 69 to 33.
– Yoga class, has now two fewer rounds.
– Delay of sex phone event with Kenya, to let the player one more day to up kinks.
– Missing cat picture.
– Some forgotten english translation.
– Remove eat variable limitation to avoid bug on day report.
– Broken condition on evaluation day.
– Night time conditions to avoid the lock of sleep button after midnight.
– English proofreading mostly the first day morning work (thanks to JKuncl3).
– Some more French proofreading.
version  0.1.0
First release.
Developer Notes:
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The game will be focusing on feminisation, female domination, pregnancy and many more.
-a lot of characters
-a lot of choices
-a lot of statisics
-visual novel image scenery system
-wardrobe system -quest sytem
-item, cloth shop -trophies system
-a fairly extensive hair system on the main character
-in-game gift boxes with bonus for subscribers (next update)
-multilanguage English and French

Extras: Fan Signatures

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