Fertile Shores [v1.1.0a] [RA Masters]
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Fertile Shores [v1.1.0a] [RA Masters]

July 2, 2024F95

Fertile Shores takes place in an adult, dark fantasy world. You find yourself washed up on the shores of Norvemor, a Kingdom that’s seen some troubles recently. Primarily, an Incubus is seducing women in their dreams, and the Princess has gone missing. You have to find your way into the city using only what you have on your back.
Oh, right, and you washed up on the shores naked.

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Gameplay wise, there’s no combat, but there is some randomness to make each playthrough unique. A talent based system lets you determine where you shine, and you can put points in flirtation, perception, stealth, or others. Your skills will determine how events play out, but no matter how your dice rolls, the events will always be interesting. Players can make choices that will impact their alignment or their inhibition, which may change how others respond to you, and what information or favors they’re willing to give up.

The Character:
Thalia has never been the type of elf who behaved herself. In the past, she’s been a thief, a sex worker, a prisoner, and an adventurer. Finding herself in a new land, she can reinvent herself to be whoever she wants.

Thread Updated: 2021-04-21
Release Date: 2021-04-06
Developer: R.A. Masters – PatreonSubscribeStarDiscordTwitter
Censored: No
Version: V1.1.0a
OS: Windows
Language: English
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Multiple partners, Polyamory, Footjob, Glory Hole, Sex Work, Voyeurism, Rough Sex, Oral Sex, Vampire Sex, Breeding, Rape (optional), Incest (optional), F/F (optional)
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1. Extract and run.
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1. Relationship system! Will be growing this with upcoming updates, but you’re now able to track your relationship increases and decreases with people. More opportunities for romance will be added in the future.
2. Added in a (currently hidden) pregnancy tracker, which will play a big role in the next major update!
3  Your profile now has images of what outfit you’re wearing! If you change via the equip menu, you’ll need to exit the menu before the image updates, but if you change via a dresser, it’ll be automatic.
4. Added in a small second scene with Kafele.
5. Added in art for scene with the Client.
6. Option to skip intro if you’ve already played it. You’ll start with all the things you’d get if you seduced the fortune teller (50g, picture 2, relationship increase, 1 level)
Because the relationship and breeding change impacts all existing relationships, you will unfortunately not be able to transfer your save file. I’m hoping to keep these types of changes minimal in the future, so that save games can be continued, but I felt it was necessary this time to achieve what needed to be achieved for these events.
1. bug fix for fighter event in the Slums if you’d already completed the quest, and made it happen any time after 05/15
2. bug fix for time of day not matching lighting
3. bug fix for Kafele freezing in the slums inn
4. some minor tweaks, improvements, and fixes to events to make them more consistent and less likely to run into issues in the future, as well as setting the system up for growth
5. added a chance to blackmail Erolith and Shael without completing the Speakeasy Quest
6. bug fix for mystic’s book not properly showing if you took the book from the crypt
1. I switched the farm and the mystic’s location on the country map for a better flow to the quests
Developer Notes:
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Hey! I’ve been an erotica author for 10 years, and I love slutty, kinky elves. I wanted try something new and make a game I’d like to play. There’s currently 13+ sex scenes, and a full playthrough is about 2-3 hours depending on how much you explore. I don’t currently have plans for animations and will be spending most of my time on art and story.
Right now, I’m looking to add more content to the game: more pictures, more h-scenes, a brothel, more fleshed out clients, more relationship options & growth, more random encounters, more endings, smarter systems for random encounters, further developing the lore and storyline, making alignment and inhibition more meaningful, and adding in requested content! Planned kinks include more breeding, monsters, MC/Corruption, and BDSM.
It’s currently in alpha, and I’m so excited to build upon it and make it something really enjoyable!


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    Fertile Shores [v1.1.0a] [RA Masters]