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Fever Night Cafe [v0.2.1] [BcauseBaguette]

January 12, 2024F95

Fever Night Cafe
or FNC for short is an adult game where you take on the role of a café owner in the idyllic city of BourgCitron, a popular destination for adventurers. By day, you run your café as usual, but by night, you put your special abilities to use by enhancing the abilities of the adventurers who frequent your establishment…

Indeed, anyone you touch would gain a level. And that’s how your new business came to be. In a fantasy world where people strengths were determined by their level, you would slap every of your customers bottom cheeks for gold and pleasure…
And maybe, do even more.

Slap to gain golds, level up procedural generated and fully animated waifus,
enhance your cafe, attract new “customers” and become the greatest cheek slapper of all BourgCitron!

Thread Updated: 2023-12-05
Release Date: 2023-12-05
Developer: BcauseBaguette PatreonItch.io
Censored: 0.2.1
Version: 0.2.1
OS: Windows
Language: English
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2DCG, Animated, Male Protagonist, Point & Click, Management, Creampie, Vaginal sex, Spanking, Ahegao, Fantasy, Big Ass, Groping,  Sex Toys
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1. Extract and run.
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– New sounds for most common actions in-game! (Opening Customers shop, Quest scroll reward/closing, Fever Time…)
– TWEAK: Now Customer shop’s cost doesn’t raise instantly whenever you gain Cafe Renown (level up your Cafe). It raises only AFTER you recruited a Customer, and along with the fame of the future Customers.
– TWEAK: you can now quit Customer shop before all cards are revealed.
– NERF: “Towering Green Guy” Quest has been nerfed. Its related rewards haven’t.
– FIX: “Towering Green Guy” wasn’t displaying all its completion objectives because of some font size.
– Screen Ratio with 16:10 monitors is not optimized (some UI elements aren’t scaled properly).
– Golds FX size can vary depending on your screen resolution.
– Getting a Customer as a Quest reward will erase your Recruitment batch (if you closed the shop without choosing a Customer for some reason).
– When starting the game with a pre-existing save file, the Customer Recruitment displayed price can be 1B despite its real value being higher.
– When starting the game with a pre-existing save file, the customer haircuts might become very limited in variety, this is the old save failing to update to new filters properly.
– Classes: Each Customer has now a Job (lore friendly) which belongs to a specific Class (impact on gameplay). There is up to 5 different classes, for each their different perks and modifier. Any Customer can be anything, since you can already change one’s apparance through Customer Editor’s toolbox (Press C).
– Traits: Each Customer has also one or multiple traits depending on their Class and other secret variables. Basically divided into bonus and malus, traits will greatly affect your experience as a Cafe Owner. A word of advice: nobody’s perfect! Test them, gain experience and determine the best meta!
– Tooltip: Hover for 1 second over traits, classes or tools (hand, teasing hand, egg…) to show what stat they influence.
– 1 new Haircut.
– Teasing Tools are now upgrades in the shop as planned! Locked in the General Shop behind a price, you will then be able to upgrade them once to generate even more golds.
– Food upgrades: Do you remember those useless icons in the General Shop? They do something now. A small buff for greater plans towards wealth and prosperity… but only for those who dare have the body that pleases your eyes.
WARNING: New food system may be incompatible with old saves, you might need to restart a new save to prevent issues.
– TWEAKED: Customer as a Quest Reward now uses our Pity Rolls mechanic. Don’t know if I ever told you about it in updates notes but, yes, we do have one. Now you are guaranteed to get a at least Guard Rarity (green) customer as a Reward when finishing a quest with said reward. Probabilities for Knight and Elite Knight (blue, purple) are also increased.
– TWEAKED: Golds as a Quest Reward or as an Objective are now calculated more fairly, leading to situations with smaller gaps between what you actually have, what you need, and what you can pay. Rewards are now ALWAYS greater than costs. See Patreon’s screenshot for details.
– FIXED: Triggering Fever Time with slaps may make slaps FX disappear.
– New sounds and animations: For Vibrator and Egg.
– Smooth animations are back! Did you notice transitions between animations were a bit, hm, fast? It was a sacrifice to implement the new Teasing animations. Now it’s a sacrifice no more.
– TWEAKED: Added the possibility to forfeit Quests.
– TWEAKED: Vibrator and Egg are now “lazy” tools. You do not need to move the mouse around to build Fever while using them.
– TWEAKED: Slap Tool is now only Slap and Pat. Hand Tool does everything else linked to teasing, to prevent inserting a finger by mistake during long slapping sessions for example.
– TWEAKED: Balancing: Customer Shop Price is now based on Renown, reducing the gap between buying a new Customer and level up your Cafe Renown. Their price will, however, scale up from x2.8 to x3.2. (increase of roughly 20%) This should also affect Quests gold rewards positively.
– FIXED: Typo with “Level up a customer X times” to “Level up THIS customer X times”
– FIXED: Plug visual perspective when inserted.
– FIXED: Once you grabbed a bottom-cheek, said cheek will remain frozen in place during other animations.
– FIXED: Sometimes second hole would not open itself during fingering animations, or too late.
– FIXED: When you stopped some teasing animations, the idle animation would start twice.

– A brand new Teasing system with new tools, teasing options and interactions!
— Up to 4 interactions with the bottom lips.
— Up to 4 interactions with the second hole.
— Grab these bottom cheeks!
— Pat your cute customers!
All these interactions are available at the start, but in future updates we plan to lock these tools in the general Shop (button under the Cafe Renown Up). We will add a few more sounds in next updates, along changes and corrections. So feel free to test them out and give us feedbacks!
– 2 New pursy Mouths, 1 New Eyelashes and 1 new Haircut.
– TWEAK: Fit body Visual reworked to better emphasize toned curves.
– TWEAK: Sliding (over lips for instance) is much more comfortable to do, as you’re not forced to keep your mouse over the hitbox anymore.
– FIXED: Slap FX playing twice when slapping.
WARNING: Not advised to transfer your old save (player.bin) from 0.0.4 or older versions to this new update. It might create visual bugs and break balance.
– PRESS “C” to open the secret Customer Editor! This new cheating tool will allow you to customize any owned Customer to your liking, from their haircut to their skin color, eyes, nose, mouth, body-type… everything really.
Note: The game automatically save while playing BUT it is highly recommended to press “Save” in the options menu to ensure all modifications done on your Customers are stored. “Exit and Save” works as well.
– Offline Gold Generation: You will now gain golds when you come back, according to the time elapsed. Customers will also regain their stamina as they await your return!
– New Quests: Strange rumors of a black market are spreading among the knights… maybe there’s something to be gained by helping the Illustrious St. Jean hunting down these criminals? New Arc available after finishing “The Illustrious Knight”.
– TWEAK Overall Game Balance: We’ve changed a few factors in the game that should make progression quicker and more enjoyable (NERF Cafe Level up Cost, NERF Customer level up Cost, UP Customer level up/Renown golds generation factor). Customers are stronger and Quests appear much more often too.
– TWEAK Customer Stamina: Customer Rest (yellow bar) now stays between sessions.
– FIXED When getting a new Quest, if no unique Quest were available: could prevent the Quest to be completed (Believed to be Human Apex Quest bug. Please let us know if you find otherwise).
– FIXED Unlock new quest before applying rewards : so if reward is cafe level, you can get new quests with said levels.
– FIXED Replacing a Customer linked to a quest will now display a confirmation prompt and fail the quest if confirmed.
– FIXED Renown Quest objectives: asked one more level than needed.
– FIXED Various typos on Quests descriptions.

– Added 2 new haircuts, 3 new tattoos.
– FIXED: haircut with the long lock in front was looking weird with bunny Beast Ears.
– FIXED: small animation problem with Thicc bodytype’s right bottom cheek.
– TWEAK: Nerfed Back Tattoos drop rates. (Before: 75%. Now: 50%)
– TWEAK: Balanced Haircuts drop rates to be more equal. Before, the 6 first haircuts had a strong bias favoring them.
– TWEAK: Doing slaps is way easier now (reduced required vector distance).
– TWEAK QUEST: “Self-Defense Training” and “The Illustrious Knight” objectives cost 90% less.
– FIXED QUEST: Reward of 50 stamina should work properly.
– FIXED QUEST: “Have your shop reach level fame X” has been changed to “Have your Cafe gain X Renown”
– FIXED QUEST: “Have a Customer reach a Total Level of” now displays the correct value.
– FIXED QUEST: Quests’ drawing now display correctly.
– Added Quests. Let your journey in BourgCitron begin! You will be delivered quests of different kinds. Main, secondary and repeatable. Main quests are unskippable and linked to the main storyline. Secondary quests are additional storylines that will provide you, if completed, different bonuses such as Golds, Cafe Levels, new Customers and can even enhance your current Customers stats! Make sure you’re capable of completing the quest in due time especially if it’s a 2 or 3 stars quest. 3 stars are the toughest. After some time, you will find yourself with only repeatable quests to help you endlessly grow (they scale depending on your progression). We of course plan to release new quests with each update and keep the fun going as long as possible.
– Added 8 new haircuts.
– Updated Faces: Better eyelashes and eyebrows, well, faces overall. see Patreon’s previous teasing post for details.
– Added Statistics in Setting menu (esc), only visible to you.
– TWEAK: Customer Beds starting price is more expensive, Customer Arrival Price factor is nerfed. We want to reduce attractiveness of Customer Beds purchase so that players are less inclined to buy them, as they are not necessarily good business wise. –!! Indeed, Recruitment Cost scales up depending on your number of Customers !!– That means you can either choose to spend golds on having more Customers or on replacing unprofitable ones, to keep your Customer Recruitment price the lowest possible.
– TWEAK: Beastkin Ears are now separated into two layers, one above and one behind the head, visually more appealing.
– FIXED: A bug where Customer appearances were not correctly updated (dark crotch with pale torso…). We also fixed disappearing Customer Thumbnails.
– FIXED: When cancelling the Replacement in the Customer Recruitment, the buttons escape and discard are now visible.
– FIXED: Customers weren’t blushing anymore? They do now.
– Added 3 new haircuts
– Added 2 new body types
– Added 2 new elf ears, 2 new catgirl ears
– Added 3 new catgirl tails
– Polished Shop Opening animation
– Fixed a lot of Sound problems (moans)
– Fixed options that used to reset themselves
– Fixed Customer Recruitment trash option. Trashing a batch of customers closes the Recruitment unless you pay to open it again.
– Art tweaks (Options button, haircuts, etc)
– Customer Slot is now Customer Bed
Initial Release
Developer Notes:
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Thanks again for your support. Stay safe out there… and happy cheek-slapping!

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