First Taste of Freedom [v0.1.0b] [PinkestPetunia]

First Taste of Freedom [v0.1.0b] [PinkestPetunia]

January 11, 2024F95

First Taste of Freedom presents a story of the beginnings of a forbidden sexual relationship between a brother and sister.

This game features a non-linear, psuedo-open-world, but with narrative focus as well.

Inspired by the likes of  Sistersitting and Degrees of Lewdity

Please note that Itch.io will always have the most up-to-date version, but I’ll update here when I get the chance.

Thread Updated: 2023-09-22
Release Date: 2023-09-21
Developer: PinkestPetunia Itch.io
Censored: Yes
Version: 0.1.0b
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
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2dcg, male protagonist, female protagonist, Character creation,  Mobile game,  multiple endings, censored, creampie, vaginal sex, handjob, sleep sex, spanking, urination (avoidable), virgin, voyeurism, exhibitionism, incest, rape (avoidable), romance, sandbox
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  Play in browser on Itch.io or download, extract, and run!
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0.1.0b – minor patch
Bugs fixed: (Thanks for your reports!)
– Fixed several typos
– Shower prank should now respond properly if you’ve tricked sis into not wearing underwear
– Fixed a few missing continue buttons
– Tentative fix for errors with stats, particularly when watching movies
– The upsetness required to apologize to sis have been reduced.
– You now gain a little mood while killing time in your room.
0.1.0a – Return!
– Redesigned the whole game from the ground up using TweeGo.
|- Added mobile support
|- Lines of code:~1000-> ~5000
|- Images: ~300 -> ~4,000
|- Total filesize: ~40mb -> ~20mb (Thanks to more intelligent image formatting)
– Game is now available on Itch.io (Don’t worry, it’s still available for free there!)
|- Playable in browser, now download required
– Added new events, revised existing events.
– Added Schedule system, replacing random events.
|- You can now ask Sis what her plans are, though she might not always be truthful!
– Added character customization
|- Change gender and appearance
|- –  Your character will not appear in images in game
|- – Currently only customizing gender has an effect on gameplay, but other customizations may become relevant in future versions.
– New image system
|- Added procedural animations
– New clothing system with more outfits
– New tiredness system
– New request system
– Bug report system
|- Tons of bugs fixed as well
– Lots and lots more that I could never hope to document here!
0.0.4a – Random Events!
– Added random event system.
|- Random events are little interactions that might happen around the house, or while out and about, and provide repeatable ways to increase stats.
|- Random events will not contain any significant exclusive content, though they may provide alternative ways to access content that is typically hard to access
|- Currently there are only 3 events, one in the living room, one in the bathroom, and one anywhere in the house. These are mainly just to test the system, more will come in the future.
|__ In other words, once the game is finished, all random event content other than stat increases will be accessible through non-random means.
– Implemented poking around the house
|_ You usually won’t find anything, but every so often you might find something lucky!
– bug fixes
|- Fixed the shower prank not recognizing itself being completed. If you started it again, you’ll need to re-complete it.
|_ Other miscellaneous fixes and balance changes
– Miscellaneous text adjustments and additions
– Probably some other changes I forgot about
– By the way, the answer to my stupid riddle last update is “rape and pillage”
|_ Enter this instead of typing “I agree” in the disclaimer to unlock a brief rape ending if you spank your sister during the tutorial
0.0.3a – Visual Clarity!
– New Image system!
|- All images have been redone with a higher resolution
|- Support for alternate outifts
|- |- The game will remember what sis is wearing, though she will change clothes on her own, too
|- Added more poses, though not all of them are used yet
|- 2 new animations! The first one can be found in the tutorial if you figure out how to enable it…
|- |- This riddle will give you a clue:
|- |- |- “Instead of “agreeing” to the terms of the village, the vikings decided to r___ and p______!”
|- |- |- (or you can just “datamine” it from the code. It’s not exactly hidden)
|- Nudism is now supported more fully, though there may still be some bugs with it…
– Expanded Outings
|- You can now peek while sis is changing before an outing
|- Some Outings now have images, though this is still incomplete
|- Outings to the park late in the day may encounter a strange new NPC…
– Balance Changes
|- Sleep is important! If you miss a night of sleep, you’ll suffer from exhaustion. Miss more, and you may pass out!
|- |- Coffee can help counter some of the effects…
|- You can no loner do chores at night
|- The house will now get messier over time
|- Aphrodisiac pills are now a repeatable way to raise sis’s sexuality
|- When gaining stats, an extra ‘+’ or ‘-‘ will be shown for every 10 exp gained (eg. gaining 20 Deviousness exp will show “+++ Deviousness”)
|- Dawn and Sundown are now considered Daytime: Shops will be open and sis will be up, but you won’t be able to sleep.
|- Other miscellaneous balance Changes
– Bug fixes
|- Fixed the mysterious stranger panty-shot quest, you should now be able to hand it in
|- Fixed a lot of other bugs and typos
|- Forgot to fix more bugs and typos
|- Added even more bugs and typos
|- *cries*
– Miscellaneous text adjustments and additions
– Probably some other changes I forgot about
0.0.2a – Secret Admirer! (You should be able to load saves from the last version, but it may cause some issues… Still figuring this out…)
– Implemented the Secret Admirer prank. You’ll need to start it again if you’re using an existing file
– Added stat decay for mood and creep
  – Player mood and Sister mood/creep will now move toward 0 over time.
– Partially implemented nudism.
– Added the ability to check remaining food in the kitchen
– Minor balance adjustments
– Miscellaneous bug fixes and text adjustments
– Added more bugs to fix later
0.0.1b – Initial release!
Developer Notes:
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This game is still very much in pre-alpha. Expect bugs. Expect typos. Expect quests to go nowhere and things to just not work.
You may have noticed the game is now on Itch. Am I planning to sell out?
Don’t worry, I don’t ever want to force people to pay money to get access to the game. However, the reality of the situation is, if I don’t make money somehow, I’m going to have to put my nose back to the grindstone with a real-ass job. That’s going to severely restrict my ability to keep working on the game, and will slow down updates a lot!
So please, feel absolutely no obligation to put any money down for it, but if you want to see the game continue… maybe consider it? I’m a solo dev, so, aside from the approximately 30 cent transaction fee, 100% of your donation will go towards keeping me able to work on it!
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