Five Nights At KinksDom [v0.3.5 Alpha] [LoSoSAnimation]

Five Nights At KinksDom [v0.3.5 Alpha] [LoSoSAnimation]

April 14, 2024F95

The games take in a Pole Dance area, where some erotics animatronics want yours. The aim of this game is to get away from the old basic erotic fnaf game, and into a different light. See things differently. With a system of relations, during the nights, allowing to gain particular animations and to develop unique exchanges. The aim of the game is to get players to develop a real affection for the animatronics.

Thread Updated: 2024-04-09
Release Date: 2024-04-09
Developer: LoSoSAnimation LoSoSAnimationPatreon  – Discord
Censored: No
Version: 0.3.5 Alpha
OS: Windows
Language: English
Voices: English (Animatronic Japan voice)
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3D Game, Animated, Male Protagonist,  Multiple Protagonist, English Game, Masturbation, Male Domination, Female Domination, Oral Sex,  Teasing,  Vaginal sex, Virgin,  Multiple Endings, Voiced, Animatronic,  Romance,  Ahegao, Big Ass, Big Tits, Corruption, Creampie, DeepThroat, Furry, Groping, Harem, Interracial, Dating Sim, Parody, Point & Click, PoV, Sci-fi, Strategy, Horror
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1. Download, Extract and run : “Five Nights at KinksDom.exe”.
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V0.1 Release
V0.2 Release
V0.3 Release
V0.3.5 Release
Modifications Update :
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V0.2 :
Bugs fixes :
-Unlimited Energy -> Lost when comes to 0.
-IA navigation remake
-Chica bug fixed
-Option menu :  – FOV add
  -Sensi add
  -Sound Base put a 10%
Camera mecanic :
-Open and close cam : Press space
Foxy mecanic :
-Prog end
-Animation of the game end.
-Bugs fixes
-Sound add
-Sound step add (Orignal Foxy song from FNAF)
-Frederika mecanic:
-Random laughts add
-Dance change, now freddy won’t moove one the scene
-In kill mode, lights is off, you can’t see frederika anymore, you will, must keep an eyes on corridor
Changements :
-Option menu : -FOV add
  -Sensi add
  -Sound Base put a 10%
-Camera system 2D -> Camera FPS 3D
-Tuto Make
-Animatronic reskin
-Animation of Game Over
-Animation 6 AM
-LightDoor System Add
-LightWall next doors was removed
-Guard room brightness of the light is lowered
-Room behind Guard room brightness of the light is lowered too
-Mouse get no more out of the screen
V0.3 :
– Difficulty system, (now the difficulty of foxy and frederica is based on the difficulty choice)(Balancing game).
– Button can display menu
– Settings are register Now
– Gallery Made (Must watch one of the reward to unlock one of them)
– Gallery Background Made
– Game Over info killers
– Screamer when animatronic at light
Big Add :
– Add animation Menu
– Added Animation Loading Screen
– Foxy Reward scene
fixed :
– Game crash when regenerate energy when all fuel 0, Fixed
– Chica Stay in front of doors after heat 0, Fixed
– Door light Recenter
– Promotion image Game
Changes :
– Frederica pleasure based : 20 -> 100
– Frederica Reward -> Light remake, black line delete, better render animation
– Game get more Dark
– Sensitivity  1 Max – > To 2 Max
– Chica Bar and Heat button didn’t display anymore in guard cam
V0.3.5 :
Fixed :
– Crashed when regenerate motor, fixed
– Bunny bug letter stay pressed, fixed.
– DeathScreen lose by power is now fixed
– Recharge Foxy batteries won’t consume 1 for 0.1
– Problem when click on exit button, stay active and can’t anymore leave without active another button
– Foxy button didn’t stay activate anymore when foxy is deactivated
– When open cam after exit one time, the last cam active stay non interactable now
Fixes Frederica :
– Frederica attack when shouldn’t, fixed
– Frederica game continue when don’t, fixed
– Frederica look the guard correctly at the door now
– Screamer Sound when frederica is at door now
Fixes Chica :
– Bar or awareness and heat is now disabled when chica want kill guard
– When heat at 0 nothing happens, now heat at 0 chica will kill guard
– When guard def chica attack, awareness reset correctly to 0
– Light sound when chica is at door, fixed
– Possibility to heat chica after didn’t get heat at time, fixed
– Chica heat sound arrive faster
Add :
– Frederica use now IA navigation
– Frederica Program All rework
– Bunny Program reworked
– Mangle new Mechanic add
– Mangle difficulty based on player choose
– Menu nights (1 to 5) each animatronic is activate one by one
– Frederica have a new own walk animation
– Foxy have a new own run animation
– Bunny have a new own walk animation
– New frederica Dance
– Mangle add To Background menu
– Mangle add to loading Screen
– Afk animatronic
– Frederica new poses
Change :
– Difficulty devised by 2
– Frederica difficulty now based on the difficulty choose by the player
– Frederica move speed reduce to -1
– Frederica sound is now more spaced out
– Chica difficulty now based on the difficulty choose by the player
– Chica heat now reduce less quickly
– Music background Dance -> Horror
– Reward system change, now you get the reward after completing the night you choose
– Mangle tuto add
– Tuto shortcut for some parts, and nights information add
Developer Notes:
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Is there a smartScreen alert, I test it and upload on Google Drive, mega and mediaFire, there is no virus, just accept the execution.

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    Five Nights At KinksDom [v0.3.5 Alpha] [LoSoSAnimation]