Friends of Mine [v1.3.1] [Sunfall]

Friends of Mine [v1.3.1] [Sunfall]

July 10, 2024F95

You have heard from your friends father that he believes that your friend is on drugs.
He has asked you to investigate, but what you find is even more unbelievable!

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Though the game has somewhat of a main story, it’s really a more open game with several different stories that you can pursue. Currently there is a Male/Female relationship, as well as Male/Male (sissy) and Male/Female (Bimbofication) stories developing. You can also become a sissy yourself and later will be able to become a woman, however those stories aren’t really developed much yet. I plan to continue developing this for quite some time, even adding in new cities to visit!

Thread Updated: 2024-07-10
Release Date: 2024-07-09
Developer: Sunfall PatreonTFGamesSiteSubscribeStar
Censorship: No
Version: 1.3.1
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
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Real porn, Text based, Male protagonist, Animated, Corruption, Drugs, Gay, Group sex, Mind control, Sissification, Transformation, Voyeurism, Sandbox
Bimbofication, Submission, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, MILF, Interracial
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  • Extract the game (the rar package)
  • Extract the images (the zip package)
  • Move the extracted folder [icode]images[/icode] to sit next to the html file in the main folder
  • Open the html file in your browser of choice
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– Added new content to Chloe’s storyline (NOT the PC Feminization one)!
– Added a small continuation to Zikala’s story (as a setup to the finale to the main storyline coming later this update series)!
– Added handjob and anal sex options with Chloe in her apartment.
– Added a handjob option with Felix in his dorm room.
– Reworked the achievement notification, completely abandoning the old code for something more fitting and that actually works properly (Thanks to Chapel whose custom macro this new code is derived from).
– Changed the UI buttons for menus (like Save and Restart) to red to better match the theme (Thanks to redytogame for taking care of that).
– Fixed some of Chloe’s intimate scenes not checking for the Love the Hardest Way achievement.
– Fixed Gabby telling you to meet the Pawnshop owner on Friday when it’s no longer a requirement.
– Fixed an image issue with the Team Leader Pawnshop job.
– Fixed some job scenes not checking for the Love the Hardest Way achievement.
– Fixed the sex scenes with Liam, Alex, and Alicia for the camshow not counting towards your sex total and the Love the Hardest Way achievement.
– Fixed some of the scenes with Felix in his dorm not having his dialogue properly colored.
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– Added new content to Felix’s storyline!
– Added a female PC variation to the public scene with Chloe in Twonton.
– Removed the random element from digging around Felix’s room. You’ll now just find each item in order so long as you have energy.
– Fixed the allure bonus from manicures and waxing being able to be stacked (will now check if had the bonus already).
– Fixed the Killing Loneliness achievement image saying “Locked” instead of “Unlocked”.
– Fixed the status page not actually calling the body image for 75% or higher femininity.
– Fixed the hairstyles at the salon being listed as $50 when they were actually supposed to be $40.
– Fixed getting a haircut not actually subtracting cash.
– Fixed some spelling and grammar mistakes.
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– Added a masculine M/M storyline with Mr. Morin (that can be done even if you’ve done the storyline with Mrs. Morin and vice verse)!
– Added some random scenes with Mr and Mrs Morin around their house after you’ve started going through their content.
– Added Female PC versions of the feminine job line at the chapel!
– Added a tooltip when mousing over the day of the week in the side panel to show who (of the main characters) is available for the current day.
– Updated the day of the week in the side panel to look a little nicer.
– Updated a couple of the feminine Chapel job line clips with new ones.
– Changed the random scene when walking in on Mrs. Morin in the shower with a stranger to only happen before you’ve been sexually active with her instead of the other way around.
– Adjusted the chance of a random event when walking into the Morin Parents’ bedroom to a 25% chance (down from 50%).
– Fixed one of the Chapel Missionary job scenes having no image.
– Fixed the Clean House and Wash Dishes actions going on cooldown when attempting them without enough energy.
– Fixed some text in Alex’s storyline objectives.
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- Added more content to Winter’s storyline!
– Added female PC variations to Felix’s ex scenes when visiting your apartment in Twonton.
– Added feminine male and female PC variations to Chloe’s sex scenes when visiting your apartment in Twonton.
– Added Winter’s storyline to the Objectives page.
– Added debug options for Winter’s storyline on the computer.
– Updated several scenes and rewrote a chunk of the dialogue throughout Winter’s storyline.
– Updated the Winter’s location images with a new model and higher definition image.
– Updated the Winter’s Sister’s location images with a new model and higher definition image.
– Reworked Winter’s storyline to remove the relation aspect make her storyline more direct like the other main characters.
– Adjusted the first part of Winter’s story to require meeting her the next day instead of Friday.
– Adjusted the package part trinket storyline to no longer require meeting the Pawn Shop owner on Friday, he will now just always be there during this step.
– Removed the option to repeatedly take Winter out on dates. Each date (the dinner, movie, and mall) was adjusted/extended and incorporated into her storyline.
– Removed stat requirement for speaking with the Hormone Specialist to make sure masculine characters can speak to her (Available options still maintain stat requirements).
– Removed the PC Parents debug options on the computer.
– Fixed an issue with having Winter blow her dildo setting you to the submissive path.
– Fixed the Testosterone Boosters checking the variable incorrectly and not working.
– Fixed spacing issues around Liam’s image in the Objectives page.
– Fixed a lot of typos/grammar in Winter’s scenes.
– Fixed a bug when buying LSD.
– Fixed an error in one of the hospital job feminine route scenes.
v1.2.8 Bugfix
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-I had to quickly update the HTML file to fix a variable check in the Morin parents content; if you were on the feminine path and did the new stuff, it likely put you on the masculine path on accident, the new HTML file fixes that. If you had already done the new content, I’ve added a debug option to the computer that will let you set your story with them back to the start of the new content.
-Another quick update to the HTML file; the variables for the Morin content were backwards, so the current HTML file fixes that. I’ve also changed the debug options, so now there is an option to set back to the Fem path and one for the Masc path just to make sure that you are on the one that you want to be one. Sorry for the trouble!
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– Added more content to the Morin Parent’s storylines.
– Added a salon to downtown Twonton for options to get a haircut, manicure, and waxing in the city.
– Added a trans prostitute to downtown Twonton with all scene variations
– Added button to view the full change log on the intro screen.
– Updated the Club Boy’s location images with a new model and higher definition image.
– Changed Mrs. Morin’s room selection to always appear in the living room when her storyline requires you to meet her there.
– Fixed some spelling/grammar issues throughout the Morin parents content.
– Fixed some spelling errors when talking to the prostitute in the park.
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– Added more story content to Alex’s storyline!
– Fixed Winter scenes not increasing Sexual Activities count or updating the PC’s virginity.
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– Added more story content to Alicia’s storyline!
– Added the option to hack Alicia and Alex’s webcams with the hacking skill.
– Added random events when visiting the Gas Station in the Outskirts.
– Updated Alicia’s location images with a higher definition image.
– Updated the Alex’s location images with a new model and higher definition image.
– Updated the Status page to a slide out window like the Objectives page.
– Updated the Objectives page images to reflect the updated character images (Alicia, Alex, Liam, PC Father).
– Updated the shop menu at the Gas Station to match all the other stores instead of just being text based.
– Updated the first time you take Alicia to the club bondage room to have a proper location image.
– Changed the Objectives page to display Alicia and Liam before meeting them, just so that their existence is made clear from the start.
– Changed the Women’s Magazine to increase Femininity only once per day up to a cap of 15% and the Odd Video to once per day up to a cap of 30%.
– Changed hacking into webcams to cost 10 energy and increased the arousal gain to 20 (up from 10).
– Replaced one of the random clips in the Pawn Shop with a higher quality one and added another random event.
– Adjusted the shop menus to look more cohesive (outlined individual items, equalized item panel heights, and matched the Buy button to the other game buttons.
– Reduced the Femininity requirement to buy the women’s magazine from the Gas Station to 5% Femininity or higher (down from 25% or higher).
– Fixed the player description and play stats being squished on mobile devices.
– Fixed various spelling and grammar mistakes.
v1.2.6 (Patreon):
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– Added new content with the PC Parents!
– Added meters for Energy, Arousal, and Allure on the sidebar.
– Added Femininity to the sidebar instead of the Status page.
– Added unique clips for masturbating at 25% masculinity and 50% (or higher) masculinity.
– Added extra random scenes for each parent in each location they spawn in when the character has high enough relation with them.
– Added random encounter scenes for the PC Mother in the kitchen as they were previously missing.
– Updated the PC Father’s location images with a new model and higher definition image.
– Reworked progression with the PC Parents so that repeatable scenes now only need to be viewed twice each and will show specific scenes for these initial necessary viewings to make sure that they are unique.
– Restructured the options when talking with the PC Parents so that the next option for progression is on the top line (other repeatable options on the second line) and that Feminine and Masculine options will disappear under a certain threshold (Masculine options will disappear over 5% femininity and vice versa).
– Changed the term Attractiveness (as it relates to the stat) to Allure.
– Changed the Femininity meter to display either positive Femininity or positive Masculinity rather than positive and negative Femininity.
– Changed the clips for the default masturbating scene and masturbating at 25% femininity.
– Changed the sex scenes for feminine characters with both parents (on mom’s side) and gave them new clips.
– Changed the later sexual scenes with the PC parents checking for 25% or higher femininity down to 10% to match the initial scenes and prevent inconsistencies.
– Changed the random sexualized scenes of the PC Parents around the house to only show after you’ve started their respective content.
– Removed the player name from the sidebar.
– Fixed the Status page description not checking masculine characters correctly and being blank at certain Masculinity levels.
– Fixed the later repeatable sex scenes with the PC parents favoring one clip over the other.
– Fixed the oral scenes with the PC parents not adding to the sexual activities count.
– Fixed a shower scene with the PC’s mother displaying the wrong clip for female PCs.
– Fixed an error preventing progression in the most recent Player Feminization content with Chloe.
– Fixed an error when visitting Alicia at the club.
– Fixed an error in the Pawn Shop job nipple licking scene.
– Fixed an error when buying LSD from the Shady Guy.
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– Updated the PC Feminization storyline with Chloe with more content!
– Updated Liam’s storyline with more content!
– Added the job experience bar to the work menu of the camshow job like the others.
– Added a Testosterone Booster option at the hospital Hormone Specialist as an Attractiveness buff for Masculine characters.
– Added permanent Ass, Lip, and Testosterone options at the Hormone Specialist in the hospital for characters with 50% femininity (or -50% for the Testosterone option).
– Updated Liam’s location images with a new, higher definition image.
– Updated Zikala’s location images with a new model and higher definition image.
– Reworked the meters in the UI (Drunk, High, Femininity, etc.) to be custom elements instead of using the built-in meter elements for better control of the visual design and uniform appearance across various browsers!
– Changed the Apply for Work option to be greyed out instead of disappear when you already have a job somewhere else.
– Reduced the price of the Lip Injection and Ass Injection to $30 (down from $50).
– Adjusted passage links to show a more prominent border when highlighted.
– Fixed a bug with the Objectives page in which Liam’s storyline would disappear when resting before bringing him to dinner with your parents.
– Fixed the alignment of the Status, Objectives, Save, and Restart buttons.
– Fixed an issue where you could interact with Liam at his house while he wasn’t there.
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– Updated the feminine Hospital job line (the Intern position and it’s following promotions) to accomodate for a female PC!
– Added the option to get Chloe to have sex with you freely in her bedroom late in the PC Feminization storyline (without spoiling anything, it is late in the story, around the content of the previous update for this storyline).
– Added female variations to the shower scenes with the PC’s parents.
– Added an option when first meeting Liam and Winter to disable them entirely so they aren’t always there when you decline them. (Includes a debug option to bring them back)
– Updated the tooltips for buffs that last for multiple days to include how many days are left. (This includes the Clean, Fresh Haircut, Manicure, Waxed, Lip Injection, and Ass Injection buffs)
– Replaced a clip of Chet exposing himself to you (in the PC Feminization storyline) with a better clip.
– Removed the Winter storyline debug options.
– Fixed Felix storyline to prevent you from driving him to Twonton without a car. The game will now scream at you to do the trinket storyline.
– Fixed a long standing issue with achievements not properly being registered as achieved.
– Fixed the Record Dealer job at the hospital using an incorrect clip.
– Fixed spelling and grammar issues through the hospital job scenes.
– Fixed the Clean buff not always displaying.
v1.2.3 Fix
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Missing Images fix
– Updated Chloe’s storyline with more content! (NOT the PC Feminization story)
– Updated all of Chloe’s main storyline and sex scenes to accomodate for a female PC!
– Updated Chet’s location images with a new model and higher definition image.
– Added female PC variations to the sex, oral, and shower scenes with Chloe in her apartment.
– Added female PC variation to the repeatable oral scene in Chloe’s bedroom.
– Added a clip to the scene in the hotel with Chloe in which you don’t let her friends join. (Previously had no visuals at all)
– Added an Exit to Street option to the Twonton apartment, which takes you straight outside to the city instead of having to pass through the apartment lobby.
– Fixed an issue with taking a shower with Chloe in her apartment where the scene could be blank.
– Fixed grammar and spelling issues through Chloe’s storyline.
– Fixed HTML issues throughout Chloe’s storyline.
1.2.2 (Patreon):
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– Added a fleshlight item to the Pawn Shop that’s usable in your bedroom and for the Camshow job.
– Added 2 new variations to using the dildo in your bedroom for male characters with 25% or higher femininity and no breasts.
– Updated the Help button and moved it to the top right corner of the sidebar beneath the Font Size buttons.
– Updated the Objectives page images to be more compact.
– Updated the UI label images (Info, Inventory, etc.) to be more unified in size. (primarily on mobile)
– Changed the Use Dildo on Camera scene in the Camshow job to require owning a dildo.
– Changed the original toying scene for the camshow job for masculine characters to use the dildo instead of a fleshlight.
– Replaced the intro clip of the town with a higher quality one.
– Replaced one of the default clips when using the dildo in your bedroom with a different clip.
– Fixed an issue where using the dildo in your bedroom would still count towards the total sexual activity count without the necessary energy.
– Fixed the Proper Manly outfit saying that you need 50% or higher femininity when it shouldn’t.
– Fixed some non-story scenes not checking for the Love Ring accessory when it should.
– Fixed an issue where using the dildo in your bedroom without the necessary energy still displayed a scene description.
– Fixed masculine clips not showing when using a dildo in your bedroom.
– Fixed an issue with the Apartment Wardrobe missing some clothes.
1.2.1 (Patreon):
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– Reworked the Pawn Shop jobs which involves changing/rewriting some of the code and passage links, splitting each shift into three parts (Beginning of shift, optional tasks, and end of shift), and adding some new scenes. (ONLY THE FIRST TWO LEVELS ARE CURRENTLY COMPLETE)
– Added masculine scenes for using the dildo in your room!
– Added your current job position and experience to show when visiting your workplace.
– Updated the feminine Pawn Shop job path to accommodate female PCs with appropriate clips. (ONLY THE FIRST TWO LEVELS ARE CURRENTLY COMPLETE)
– Updated all of Chloe’s location images with a closer, higher-definition image.
– Updated all of the PC Mother’s location images with a closer, higher definition image.
– Updated some of the Pawn Shop job scenes that previously only had location images and text to have new images or clips relevant to what is happening.
– Changed the Objectives button to open up a side panel to display information instead of changing passages. (Still in testing before making this change to other places like the Status page)
– Changed the Employee Uniform from being exclusive to the masculine path of the Pawn Shop job; you now get it when starting either path.
– Changed the choice when first meeting Alicia to make the options as clear as possible.
– Adjusted the cash payout for the Pawn Jobs to lean less on attractiveness and have a higher base pay. (This way there is a less drastic range of pay for each individual position and you have a higher payout earlier on in the game)
– Adjusted the energy cost for the camshow job to match the pawn job changes (from 60 energy down to 50).
– Adjusted meters (such as the job xp and femininity meters) to always try and fit on screen properly for smaller windows and displays (similar to images).
– Fixed the dildo being incorrectly tied to a story variable; it is now freely usable in the bedroom/apartment once you own it!
– Fixed the “Cum in your Mouth” option when masturbating only being possible in your apartment, not your starting bedroom.
– Fixed an issue in which Felix may still be in his dorm even after he’s supposed to be gone.
– Fixed the Pawn jobs kicking you out to town when accepting them.
– Fixed some of the text for Alicia’s storyline on the Objectives page not properly line-breaking.
– Fixed various statement and html errors in Felix and PC parent content.
– (Hopefully) Fixed the weed tolerance issue.
– Fixed an issue with buying Moondust and LSD where it was setting the ammount in your inventory to 2 instead of adding 2.
1.2.0 (Patreon):
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– Updated Felix’s storyline with all new content!
– Updated all of Felix’s main storyline and sex scenes to accomodate for a female PC!
– Added an extra variation to sleeping with Felix when he’s at university, as well as female variations. (from 1 male variation to 2 male and 2 female variations)
– Updated all of Felix’s location images with a closer, higher definition image.
– Updated Mrs Morin’s location images with a new model and higher definition image.
– Changed the options when first confronting Chloe about the liquid in Felix’s storyline to make the options as clear as possible.
– Reduced the strength of most drugs to help make the achievement Love and Death Embrace properly attainable. (In particular, Marijuana at the final tier of tolerance will increase high by 3%).
– Fixed one of the masculine request scenes for the camshow job showing the wrong clip.
– Fixed Alicia showing up at her apartment still while she’s supposed to be in hiding.
– Fixed some interactions with Alicia while she’s hiding out sending you back to her apartment.
– Fixed an issue where having Alicia use a dildo in her apartment would teleport the two of you to the park.
– Fixed the Morin’s living room image being a strange size and matched it to other location images (600×338).
– Fixed the scene with Alicia trying on clothes at the store not showing the images.
– Fixed an issue with Alicia’s sscene in the bar using text effects incorrectly.
– Fixed a scene with Winter’s sister not properly displaying it’s clip.
– Fixed having sex with Alicia for the camshow not displaying the location image.
– Fixed text when sleeping displaying incorrect arousal changes. (+10 instead of +20)
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– Reworked the Camshow job to function in three different parts, with each step escalating. At each step, you will get a chat message with a hint at what the user wants to see and meeting that request will earn extra cash.
  • Various options at each step are unlocked based on promotion level (such as using a toy instead of just masturbating becoming available after the first promotion and sex with various characters being available after the second promotion).
– Added an orgasm scene option for the camshow job.

– Added more content to Felix’s side content (for players who initially chose to use the liquid on Chloe).

– Added more content to Chloe’s side content (for players who initially chose to use the liquid on Felix).

– Added Faceriding (first router upgrade) and Lesbian Strap-on (second router upgrade) categories to porn section of the player’s computer.

– Added a chance to run into Felix showering in the bathroom of the Morin family house (unless you have already had him move to university).

– Increased the arousal from getting a handjob from Alicia at the club (from 15 up to 20).

– Reduced the costs of getting a manicure and waxed at the salon to $50 (down from $80 and $100 respectively).

– Adjusted the option to Snoop Around Felix’s Room, so now there is no story requirement, but simply a 33% chance of grabbing something until you’ve gotten both the magazine and panties.

– Adjusted handjobs from felix (side content) to cost 15 energy (up from 0).

– Adjusted the brightness on the camshow chat mesages to be more legible.

– Adjusted the size of the image for the Morin’s house to be more inline with other location images.

– Changed the font size buttons to stand out less.

– Fixed an error where having Alicia come over for your camshow would instead show Alex.

– Fixed blowjobs from Chloe not affecting arousal.

– Fixed a bug in one of Winter’s scenes in which you would magically lose $20 instead of her conversation text style being set. (Pretty funny, but probably not good).

– Fixed the police referring to the shady person in the park as a prostitute.

– Fixed typos and grammar in the Help and Characterpedia passages.

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– Reworked the porn options on the computer (first part of an ongoing change), adding more options that change based on arousal an router level (None > Modern > Expensive) and adding a ton of new clips for it all.

– Added the option to have sex with Alicia for the camshow job.

– Added female variation to the repeatable oral scene with Alicia in the park.

– Added the Electronic Store to the mall and moved the Expensive Router and Webcam Hack over from the Pawn Shop.

– Added font size buttons to the top of the sidebar (Small 14px, Medium 18px [default], Large 22px).

– Replaced the clips when watching the Odd Video with all new clips.

– Adjusted the buttons on the sidebar to be a bit more compact.

– Adjusted the oral scene with Alicia in the park to instead increase arousal (from -20 to +30) and increased the energy cost (from 10 to 20) with a finishing scene when at 100 arousal.

– Adjusted the Clothing Store in the mall to show the choices as soon as you walk in instead of having to go to another passage.

– Reorganized the Objectives page and made the Trinket Storyline show up there even before it’s started to make sure it’s existance in known.

– Replaced the tooltip code (used primarily when hovering over buffs/debuffs) with something that looks nicer and is less finicky. (Thank you HiEv)

– Reduced the width of the sidebar.

– Removed the lilies and tulips in the pawn shop.

– Fixed a possible infinite loop when declining to take the camshow job.

– Fixed getting a haircut not costing money and reduced the price to $40 (down from $50).

– Fixed the line break on passage links that were too long; they should not just jump down a line where possible instead of breaking in the middle.

– Fixed still being in negative femininity when transitioning to a woman (now sets it to a 5% femininity minimum).

– Fixed the spacing issue in the salon and added the “nevermind” button at the top of the options as well to make going back easier.

– Fixed having sex at the glory hole not counting towards Sex Total and Virginity.

– Fixed missing text stylings when getting oral from Alicia in the park.

– Fixed syntax errors in Lady Mantis’s room.

– Fixed grammar/spelling issues when having sex with Liam for your camshow.

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– Added more content to Winter’s storyline and increased her mmax relation!

– Added more content to the storyline with Zikala in Thretik!

– Added a new debug section to the bedroom computer with Adjust Cash, Increase Femininity, and Decrease Femininity options.

– Added temporary debug options to set Winter’s story to the dominant or submissive path (for anyone who’s completed all of Winter’s previous content).

– Adjusted the scene with Chet barging in on you and Felix watching the odd tape to only have a sex scene if you are 50% or higher femininity and having him just be an asshole otherwise.

– Adjusted watching the odd tape to not increase femininity above 15%.

– Adjusted the sidebar to be more compact.

– Reduced the cost of Trying Something Different with the prostitute to $20 to match the other options. (down from $100)

– Fixed an issue with the Thretik introduction always playing when visitting.

– Fixed Winter’s storyline always being set to the submissive track in the 200 Relation story.

– Fixed some scenes with the player’s father having errors for female player characters.

– Fixed an issue with text being mixed up in the Try Something Different scene with prostitute if the police show up.

– Fixed a sex scene with Chloe with reversed variable checks.

– Fixed an issue with unequipping accessories in the Twonton apartment teleporting you to your parent’s house.

– Fixed the scene with Chet barging in on you and Felix watching the odd video sometimes being blank.

– Fixed missing access to cuckold oral scenes with Mr. & Mrs. Morin after their last story scenes.

– Fixed one of Chloe’s scenes leaving you in Twonton instead of Onegaron.

– Fixed the Wet Dream and Chloe’s Email scenes always sending you to your bedroom instead of checking if you are in an apartment.

– Fixed some variable issues in the Mr. & Mrs. Morin content.

– Fixed the chance that there would be no image when speaking to your mother about sexuality.

– Fixed one of the female variations of the Pay Prostitute scene not being shown.

– Fixed variable issues when speaking to Chloe after running into Chet outside her apartment.

– Fixed broken image links when giving Chloe a blowjob.

– Fixed several repeatable scenes with the PC parents sending you to the living room instead of back to talking with them.

– Fixed an incorrect variable call in one of Chloe’s scenes causing it not to change under appropriate circumstances.

– Fixed some variations of the sex scene with Random Guy in the city not being shown.

– Fixed some broken image links/missing images.

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– Added full female variations to Alicia’s sex scenes and updated references in her storyline to properly recognize that the player is female.
– Added small side stories and repeatable actions with Felix and Chloe when playing opposing storylines. (Using special liquid on Felix during Chloe’s storyline and vice versa).
– Added the ability to have sex freely with Alex in his apartment after his most recent story content.
– Added the option for masculine characters to get a blowjob from Alex in his apartment.
– Added an introduction scene for the first visit to Thretik, as well as updated Twonton’s introduction scene and the opening scene.
– Rewrote various bits of Alicia’s dialogue throughout her storyline to better fit her original attitude.
– Rewrote the scene in Alicia’s storyline when leaving the police station after having sex with the police officer to be more serious and not dismissive of the events that took place.
– Adjusted all images to scale with browser size so that mobile devices SHOULD be able to see the full image without scrolling (like video clips).
– Reorganized the options in Felix’s room and cleaned up old code.
– Reduced the cost of the first date with Alicia to $50 (down from $100).
– Fixed various text and image issues throughout Alicia’s storyline (especially earlier scenes).
– Fixed text and spacing issues when entering Chloe’s room.
– Fixed an issue with Chloe’s office sex scene that would stop progress.
– Fixed missing text styling when giving Alex a blowjob in his apartment.
– Fixed a lot of spelling and grammar errors throughout Alicia’s scenes.
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– Added now story content with Alicia!

– Added new story content with Alex!

– Added new interaction scenes with Alicia at Club Six (after the most recent story content).

– Added a scene in which you wake up to an orgasm when going to sleep with 100% arousal, removing the shower buff and rested buff if you have them.

– Added background images to the introduction page and dream/sleep sequences.

– Reworked sleeping to now take Arousal and varying levels of femininity/masculinity into account for dreams, increasing the number of possible dreams from 8 up to 24.

– Adjusted the Matty King question to accept his name even in all lowercase.

– Fixed an issue with Gabby transforming the player, in which declining would always say she gives you the package even after you’ve already dealt with it.

– Fixed a small window in which Felix could still be embarrassed at his home after already having moved out to university.

– Fixed the text not being styled correctly in some scenes.

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– Added the option to have Chloe grow a dick with Gabby’s help. (Available late in the PC Feminization storyline after being pegged by Chloe after having to visit the doctor)

– Added the option to freely give Chloe blowjobs (after growing a dick).

– Added the Hot Springs to Thretik! Currently you can just relax and see a few scenes. (Will be used for more upcoming content)

– Added a 20% chance to be able to fool around with the officer behind the desk when visiting the police station.

– Added female variations to the prostitute scenes.

– Updated the Help page, adding an FAQ (frequently asked questions) section and making it accessible anytime from the sidebar.

– Updated the Attractiveness icon.

– Adjusted some text on the sidebar and fixed the meter elements to look more like they are intended in Firefox.

– Reorganized the travel options in town to try and condense them a bit more.

– Fixed an issue with being able to take classes at the University after having already studied that day and not having enough energy.

– Fixed having Gabby transform you immediately upon giving her the trinket not updating the trinket storyline.

– Fixed declining Gabby’s transformation resetting the trinket storyline.

– Fixed the prostitute taking your virginity even when you didn’t have sex.

– Fixed an issue where finishing work as a Chief Medical Officer would leave you at Club Six instead of the hospital.

– Fixed the extra tasks for Club and Hospital final promotion jobs being endlessly repeatable.

– Fixed an issue with smoking marijuana in the PC’s bedroom.

– Fixed syntax errors in some Chapel and PC Father scenes.

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– Updated the PC Feminization storyline with Chloe with more content!
– Updated Liam’s storyline with more content!
– Added the missing clips for the sex scene with Liam in the PC’s bedroom.
– Reworked Chloe’s Bedroom to clear out a ton of useless variable checks and be more organized.
– Fixed image/clip issues in the hospital job and Winter content.
– fixed a few images using incorrect file format.
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– Added feminine male scene variations to the Seek Sexual Relief scene in the chapel.

– Added the option to return to your previous position when applying to a job that you had previously quit.

– Added an exit button to the top of all shop lists so you don’t always have to scroll all the way down.

– Added a masculine variation for the shower clip.

– Added proper back buttons to the Status and Objectives page.

– Updated the body type images in the Status page with more standardized images to feel less random.

– Replaced the default shower clip with a higher quality one.

– Replaced the clip for the random alley jerk off encounter in the outskirts with a higher quality one and rewrote the scene.

– Changed the cost of the park prostitute to $20 (down from $100) and set the scene to change based on masculinity (-25% or lower for sex, otherwise it’s only a blowjob).

– Changed name of Shemale Porn to Transgender Porn and references to the term Shemale to Transwoman.

– Adjusted the prompt to guess Mathew King’s name to simply accept Matty King.

– Adjusted the Seek Sexual Relief from the nuns to at least 10% femininity/masculinity and 60% arousal (from 0% with 50% arousal) when below 25% femininity/masculinity.

– Adjusted some shop item text to fit into their boxes better.

– Fixed the park prostitute not affecting femininity (now -1 femininity).

– Fixed the incorrect description for the Killing Loneliness achievement.

– Fixed the Seek Sexual Relief scene being inaccessible to female PC despite already having female variations.

– Fixed an issue in which the Young Punk outfit would show as being purchased already after buying the Spring Dress.

– Fixed the membership card for Club Six still taking $500 while listed as $200.

– Fixed some missing character images when speaking with the priest at the Chapel.

– Fixed some dialogue in the chapel not being bold.

See More
– Added new story and content with the PC parents!
– Added new story and content with Felix and Chloe’s parents!
– Temporarily added debug options to the player’s computer to adjust relation with the PC’s parents and Felix’s Parents.
– Added your relationship with a character under the location image when speaking to them (after gaining relation with them for the first time).
– Added a new achievement for reaching 250 relation with at least two different people.
– Added Friendship Bracelet accessory as a reward for new achievement that doubles all relation increases.
– Added the home humiliation sequence to start the feminine content with the PC parents to the objectives page.
– Added an image for the PC father’s coworker.
– Reworked early Masculine scenes with Felix’s parents to better match the pace of the Feminine path.
– Changed all repeatable actions with PC parents that affected femininity to only 1 point (down from 2 for some actions) to make the progression feel slower.
– Changed the first feminine options with the PC parents to require the small home humiliation sequence which triggers automatically when encountering the PC’s mother after achieving 5% or more femininity.
– Changed the first masculine option with the PC parents to require at least 5% masculinity.
– Changed the early scenes with Felix’s parents to require 5% femininity or masculinity (Down from 25%) and instead made later sex scenes require 25%.
– Changed the encounter with the PC father’s coworker to be different depending on if the player is above or below 25% femininity.
– Adjusted some early Feminine scenes with Felix’s parents to consider if the player is already above 25% Femininity or not.
– Adjusted the Chat with Mother/Father options to cap relation with them to 25 to prevent skipping the intended progression.
– Adjusted options when speaking with either PC parent to be more organized.
– Fixed the button borders around the images for clothes and accessories in the wardrobe and lockbox.
– Fixed having sex with the PC parents not being able to grant the Love The Hardest Way achievement.
– Fixed shop menu images being able to cover up the buy button.
– Fixed several scenes with Felix’s parents not affecting femininity.
– Fixed syntax errors in the Tease Father scene with the PC father.
– Fixed spacing issues when speaking with the PC father.
– Fixed spelling and grammar mistakes throughout the passages in the Objectives page.
See More
– Added new content to Felix’s storyline!
– Added new content to Chloe’s storyline!
– Added female variations for the Cam Show job scenes!
– Updated the Thretik location images to be the same size as other location images (600×338).
– Updated the logo again.
– Finally! The black borders around the menu buttons have been fixed.
– Fixed an issue with a missing link in Alicia’s story after getting her back home making the rest of the story unreachable.
– Fixed a few scenes with Felix and Chloe not properly affecting arousal and sex total.
– Fixed an incorrect image when visiting Chloe after the incident with Chet.
– Fixed several grammar and spelling issues in Chloe’s storyline.
– Fixed grammar and spelling issues in the previous Felix story content.
See More
– Added female variations to the various sex scenes through the town storylines with Gabby, Lady Mantis, and Zikala. (such as having sex with Matty King)
– Added female variations to the sex scenes during first jobs for the park and club dealers.
– Added female variations to the scene with Gabby in having her demonstrate the trinket for you. (For 50%+ and 75%+ femininity)
– Added female variations to the sex scenes with the two ladies in Zikala’s hut.
– Adjusted the reward for helping both dealers for the first time to each include $50.
– Removed the energy cap when eating the first meal of the day. (This way you can get the full effect when eating right after waking up.)
– Reduced the cost of the gas can in the trinket storyline to $50 (from $100).
– Reduced the cost of the member card in the club storyline to $200 (from $500).
– Fixed having sex with Matty King not affecting sex total and virginity.
– Fixed the sex scene during the first club dealer job not affecting sex total and virginity.
– Fixed an incorrect clip in one of the Honorary Nurse job scenes.
– Fixed an incorrect clip during one of the shemale sex scenes when helping the club dealer.
– Fixed text issues when getting the gas can from the gas station.
– Fixed the option to go back to Onegaron from Twonton not being on the bottom of the list.
See More
– Over 40 new clips were added between the two job updates!

– Added the final promotions to the hospital jobs in Twonton!

– Added masculine variations to the Cam Show job scenes! This is specifically M/M focused content (as it’s mainly looking at your own naked character), rather than the typical masculine M/F.

– Which scenes you get are dependent on your femininity; 0 or less will get masculine scenes, and anything over 0 will see the original feminine scenes.

– Added the option to change your name when transitioning with Gabby or at the Hospital.

– Fixed an issue with most hairstyles not increasing Attractiveness when getting them done at the salon.

– Fixed grammar and spelling in the cam show job scenes.

See More
– Added new story content and increased max relation with Winter!

– Added the option to transition from Female to Male to the Feminization Specialist.

– Updated the Town, Outskirts, City, and Bathroom location images to be the same size as the others (600×338) to help keep page sizes more consistent on mobile.

– Adjusted certain actions with Winter to affect femininity.

– Adjusted the name of the Feminization Specialist to Hormone Specialist.

– Fixed the repeatable interactions with Winter not costing energy.

– Fixed the extra tasks for the Vice Coordinator and Chapel Overseer positions still being available after being completed for the day.

– Fixed tag errors during the transition phase of taking pills as you go to sleep.

– Fixed tag errors when speaking with Gabby.

See More
– Added female variations to all the PC father relationship scenes for full female PCs.

– Added full female variations to the sex scenes with the random woman you can run into in Onegaron.

– Added female variations to the sex scenes with the random guy you can run into in Onegaron.

– Added a missing masculine variation to the sex scene with the random guy in Onegaron.

– Updated the transition function with Gabby to allow female PCs to transition back to male. (Will be updated in hospital at a later date)

– Updated some of the //Kiss Mother// scene variations and some story scenes with her to account for the player being female.

– Adjusted the scenes with the random woman in Onegaron to show feminine variations at greater than 0% Femininity (down from greater than 25%).

– Fixed an image for one of the //Be Teased// scene variations with the PC Father that wasn’t being displayed.

– Fixed the story scenes with the PC parents that involve oral sex not increasing sexual activities count.

– Fixed and reworked the way the sex scenes with the man and woman in Onegaron were coded to be more in line with the rest of the game.

See More
– Updated Alex’s storyline with new content!

– Updated Alicia’s storyline with new content!

– Updated all scenes involving food throughout various storylines to add the ‘Well Fed’ buff if the player doesn’t have it already.

– Adjusted position of buff tooltips to be closer to the buffs themselves.

– Fixed the drunk sex scene with Alicia not affecting virginity and total sex count.

– Fixed Alicia’s Hideout not being accessible after being introduced in her storyline.

– Fixed several missing location images for Alex’s storyline.

– Fixed various spelling and grammar mistakes throughout Alex’s storyline.

– Fixed link spacing issues in Alicia’s apartment.

See More
– Added 2 additional scenes to the end of the recent PC Feminization story to be more conclusive. (If you have already reached the end of the previous update, return to the bedroom at your parent’s house then leave again)

– Added female variations to the sex scenes with the Club Boy at Club Six.

– Added 1 new masculine outfit to the Pawnshop and 1 to the Clothing Shop in the mall.

– Added a breast reduction option at the hospital in Twonton.

– Adjusted the cost of breast expansion to $150 (down from $200).

– Fixed a scene in Chloe’s story in which declining to stay the night with her wouldn’t progress the story.

– Fixed the female transition in the hospital being inaccessible.

– Fixed the scene where the PC tries to convince the police officer to release them from jail not playing a variation when the PC has breasts.

– Fixed some text and spelling errors in the Club Boy scenes.

– Fixed the //Flirt// option with Winter not reducing energy.

– Updated the Player Feminization storyline with Chloe!
– Fixed a typo in the //Love the Hardest Way// achievement.
See More
– Updated Liam’s storyline with more content!
– Added the ability to visit Liam at his house (after the new content).
– Added a character image for the prostitute in the park.
– Updated passage links to have a small border around them to help make them clearer and easier to click on mobile.
– Updated Liam to have 3 greetings when speaking with him instead of just 1.
– Updated the //Play a Game// option at the computer to reduce arousal by 40 for 5 energy, as a nonsexual alternative for arousal reduction.
– Adjusted Masturbating to cost 10 energy (up from 5) and remove 80 arousal (up from 60).
– Adjusted the chance for random events at the chapel to 30% (up from 20%).
– Adjusted the //Seek Sexual Relief// option at the chapel to be available at 0 feminity and 50 arousal (up from -25 feminity) or just -25 femininity (up from -50).
– Adjusted the help page a bit more.
– Fixed there being no image when you don’t have enough cash to pay the prostitute.
– Fixed some syntax errors when fooling around with the ladies in Zikala’s hut.
See More
– Added the option to take photographs around Twonton and Thretik with the appropriate photography skills.
– Added female variations to the ‘Seek Sexual Relief’ scenes at the Chapel.
– Adjusted the name of a few places and items (such as the Quick-Stop bar now being the Quickie Bar).
– Fixed the fact that Felix was visitable at University while on the PC Feminization path.
– Fixed the photography skill allowing Arousal to go over 100.
– Fixed Chloe and Felix showing up in Twonton when they shouldn’t.
– Fixed certain variations of the ‘Seek Sexual Relief’ scene not updating virginity.
– Fixed grammar and spelling throughout the Chapel location and job scenes.
– Fixed an HTML error when having sex with Alex for your camshow.
– Fixed some options missing proper icons.
– Fixed the title images.
See More
– Added more content to Felix’s storyline!

– Added more content to Chloe’s storyline!

– Added a chance for Felix to visit the player’s apartment in Twonton after completing his current story.

– Added a chance for Chloe to visit the player’s apartment in Twonton after getting through part of her current story.

– Added 1 new outfit to the Pawn Shop and 2 new outfits to the Clothing Store.

– Removed the “Sit in Alex’s lap” and “Take Fun pictures with Alex” when at the arcade with him, because I will never find appropriate images for them.

– Fixed the image in Chloe’s Apartment showing her even when she isn’t home.

– Fixed the Floor Manager job at Club Six not loading correctly.

– Fixed sex scenes during the ‘dealer help’ sequences not updating virginity status.

– Fixed a lot of syntax errors when checking chat at higher levels of the webcam job.

– Fixed text issues in the Twonton clothing store.

See More
– Updated the player mother content and increased max relation with her to 500!
– Updated the player father content and increased max relation with him to 500!
– Added female variations to sexual scenes with the player’s mother.
– Added missing sex scenes to the Let Gabby Fuck You scene for female player characters.
– Updated some of the information in the help screen.
– Updated the warnings for the female transitions in regards to content not all being updated yet.
– Fixed seeking sexual relief at the chapel not affecting sexual activities and sex total.
– Fixed an issue where cleaning the house didn’t take the correct amount of energy and could act strangely.
– Fixed the clips when Working Out with Dad being the wrong format and not playing.
– Fixed spelling and grammar throughout the mother/father scenes.
See More
– Added a full transition option to the Feminization Specialist if the player has at least A cup breasts and 50% feminization or higher.
– Added the option for Gabby to fully transform you into a woman once you’ve brought her the trinket.
– Added female variations to the interaction and sex scenes with Gabby.
– Added female variations to home scenes based on breast size (this includes shower, masturbation, and dildo scenes).
– Added female variations to the various gloryhole scenes.
– Added D cup breast expansion at the hospital in Twonton.
– Updated using the restroom to always slightly relieve arousal.
– Fixed an issue where playing with the dildo in your room would often not have text.
– Fixed one of the blowjob scenes with Gabby using the wrong clip.
– Fixed getting a blowjob from Gabby not affecting Arousal.
See More
– Added final promotions to the Club Six job lines!
– Added straight masculine scenes to the glory hole in Thretik.
– Added 3 new outfits to the general store in Thretik.
– Adjusted energy cost for using glory holes to 10 (down from 15).
– Fixed the achievement ‘When Love and Death Embrace’ not registering.
– Fixed an issue where you would end up at your parent’s house when doing drugs in your apartment.
– Fixed the glory hole in Thretik not properly checking for energy.
– Fixed several sex scenes not updating the player’s virginity.
– Fixed grammar issues in the Zikala and webcam job scenes.
– There is a small chance someone may be looking back at you through the window.
See More
– Added a small story update to Gabby which unlocks the option to have threesomes/gang bangs with her.
– Added 2 more variations to the Fuck Gabby scene to match the other options.
– Added unique sex scenes with the random guys in Onegaron/Twonton for characters with breasts.
– Added the missing titles for Special Producer, Shop Manager, Vice Coordinator, and Chapel Overseer to the Status page.
– Reduced the cost of the Apartment and it’s upgrades by $250. (from $1000/1250/1500 to $750/1000/1250)
– Adjusted the trigger for masculine sex scenes with the random guys around Onegaron/Twonton to be less than or equal to 0% femininity. (Previously was less than 25%)
– Adjusted the trigger for masculine scenes at the glory hole in Thretik to be less than or equal to 0% femininity. (Previously was less than -25%)
– Fixed unique shower clips for characters with breasts not displaying.
– Fixed masturbation scenes for characters with breasts not displaying.
– Fixed a scene for the Cleaner job at Club Six having no exit.
– Fixed the achievement accessories not showing on the Status page when equipped.
– Fixed several syntax errors.
See More
-Added final promotions to both of the Chapel job lines!
– Increased the max relation with the PC Father to 400 and added new interactions with him!
– Updated the opening a little bit to explain where the help page, characterpedia, and achievements are.
– Fixed an issue with the Special Producer job in which it would sometimes max out your femininity.
– Fixed an issue with upgrading the apartment where it wouldn’t let you unless you had the exact amount of cash required.
– Fixed an issue with the second apartment upgrade throwing an error and not removing the cash.
– Fixed a bug with the extra tasks for the final Pawn Shop promotions sometimes showing blank passages.
– Fixed some spacing issues in the new Pawn Shop job scenes.
– Fixed some scenes with the PC mother missing images.
– Fixed incorrect text in some of the PC father interactions.
See More
– Added a new final promotion to both Pawn Shop job lines with several new scenes each!
– Added a series of classes to take at the University to access the final job promotions.
– Updated the Search Through Books option at the university library with another lore book related to the new university content.
– Updated the text in the Search Through Books option at the university library to make names more clear.
– Fixed Alicia’s apartment becoming available earlier than intended.
– Fixed the sexual relief with the nun checking femininity incorrectly.
– Fixed the Chloe storyline to now only require that you’ve brought the car home during the trinket story, when prompted to drive her, rather than having to go to Twonton yourself first.
– Fixed the dildo not actually being added to inventory when bought from the Pawn Shop.
– Fixed spending the night in jail not updating all the proper variables.
– Fixed many grammar and spelling errors in the arrest/jail scenes.
See More
– Added a new series of job to the hospital in Twonton!
– Added the option to wear no accessory to the lockbox.
– Updated all jobs to now require 60 energy (up from 40), but also increased pay.
– Updated all jobs to have a 50% chance to affect femininity just by working normally (increase for feminine jobs, decrease for masculine).
– Updated the confirmation message when accepting a job to make it more clear.
– Updated the confirmation for accepting a promotion to make your new position more clear.
– Changed the random guy and woman in town to now require 25% or -25% femininity to spend time with.
– Fixed the Chat with your Audience action for the Camshow job being blank sometimes at the highest level.
– Fixed several missing images in Liam’s story.
– Fixed the Camshow job actions working regardless of energy.
– Fixed a bug where leaving the general store in Thretik would take you back to Onegaron.
– Fixed relationship interactions with the PC’s parents not properly affecting femininity.
– Fixed having sex with Liam or Alex for your camshow not affecting your sex total.
– Fixed the interactions with the random guy/woman not properly affecting femininity.
– Fixed the missing title on the status page when on the camshow job path.
– Fixed more spacing and capitalization inconsistencies.
v0.9.6 Fix
See More
– Fixed an issue with hacking webcams allowing Arousal to increase infinitely.
– Fixed the PC Mom’s dildo being unusable even with required femininity.
– Fixed several actions requiring Femininity not working with the Love Ring accessory.
– An apartment can now be purchased in Twonton! For a decent fee, you can snag a place to rest up in the city instead of having to run home to Onegaron!
– Upgrading the first time allows you to watch TV in your apartment and improves the
effects of eating.
– Upgrading the second time increases the effects of food even further, as well as
allows sleeping to bring your energy up to 110.
– Added dildo interactions with Alicia at the park and her apartment if you own the dildo.
– Added a dildo interaction with Mrs. Morin if you are on the masculine path with her and own the dildo.
– Added 2 more scenes to having Felix play with himself in his dorm.
– Added 2 more scenes to both having sex with Gabby and getting fucked by her.
– Added the option to cum in your own mouth when masturbating in your apartment.
– Fixed having Felix play with himself in his dorm to be available with the dildo from the pawn shop as well.
– Fixed a bug that could possibly let you build up infinite Attractiveness by eating.
– Fixed some capitalization inconsistencies on interactions.
See More
– Added new interactions with the PC mother and increased her relationship cap to 400!
– Added a masculine line of interactions with the PC father.
– Added an anal sex interaction with Mrs. Morin.
– Added a relieve interaction with Mr. Morin.
– Added 2 new hairstyles to the salon.
– Added the dildo to the pawn shop to make it available outside of the feminization storyline.
– Fixed grammar and spelling for camshow job scenes, as well as various places around Thretik.
– Fixed some broken HTML tags when working at Club Six.
– Fixed some missing stat icons for actions around the game.
– Fixed several sexual interactions not counting towards the sexual activities statistic.
– The following items now require 25/-25% femininity to purchase:
– Dildo
– Jewelled Buttplug
– The following items now require 25% femininity to purchase:
– Summer Dress
– Shiny Swimsuit
– Schoolgirl Outfit
– The following items now require 50% femininity to purchase:
– Sissy Dress
– Rave Tutu
– Lotus Lace Dress
– Rose Lace Dress
See More
– Added the chance of getting arrested when doing something criminal, such as being naked in public or dealing with drugs. There are several solutions to get out of jail, including seduction.
– Added a restroom to the Cobblestone Inn in Thretik with a gloryhole.
– Added a Nun that you may encounter in the Chapel instead of the priest with new actions particularly for masculine characters.
– Added a couple of extra random events in the Chapel.
– Added new random scenes when walking around Thretik.
– Added some small random scenes when entering the Pawn Shop.
– Added back the option to watch television at home and added new scenes to it.
– Added buff icon for Lip and Ass injections.
– Added the option to wear nothing in the wardrobe.
– Updated opening scene a little to better introduce characters and be a bit more detailed.
– Reduced the chance to encounter a lot of random events.
– Fixed an issue with the camshow job where you would get stuck chatting with your audience forever.
– Fixed an issue early in Alicia’s story where you could get stuck if you buy the wrong flowers.
– Fixed some text effects in Alicia’s storyline.
– Fixed an incorrect image from one of the random scenes when walking in on your father in his bedroom.
– Fixed the special request with the park prostitute from displaying the video clip when it shouldn’t, not counting towards the Love the Hardest Way achievement, and not properly affecting arousal.
See More
– Updated Liam’s story with more content!
– Added 2 new pieces of lingerie to the shop in Thretik.
– Adjusted the initial Alicia meeting to make the Alex path a little more clear and properly update the objectives page.
– Adjusted the ability to use your mother’s dildo to require 25% femininity or extremely high arousal.
– Fixed early Alex objectives from spoiling the transition before it actually happens.
– Fixed Felix showing as having moved to university when being feminized by Chloe.
– Fixed some image issues for the Store Representative job.
– Fixed a broken image for the pawn Stocker job.
– Fixed several location images still using the old format/being broken.
– Fixed several spacing issues.
See More
– Added more content to Alicia’s storyline!
– Added more content to Alex’s storyline!
– Added the first independent job: Camboy! Less starting pay but more pay later, plus do it right from your bedroom!
– Added missing text for several job promotion scenes.
– Added missing images from Liam’s storyline.
– Adjusted links to glow when moused over and removed the underline.
– Fixed some incorrect energy usage with some PC parent interactions.
– Fixed some text in Alex’s storyline.
– Fixed an energy issue when fucking Gabby.
See More
– Updated Chloe’s storyline!
– Added a new interaction with the clubboy to have him put on a show for you with no limit like his other interactions.
– Added 2 new random sex scenes and 1 new random fooling around scene with the clubboy.
– Added the option to join Chloe in the shower when you catch her showering in her apartment.
– Added a chance for your mother to join you in the shower if your relationship is 300 or greater (currently only on masculine route).
– Added a chance for your father to join you in the shower if your relationship is 300 or greater.
– Added feminine scenes when spending time with the women in Zikala’s hut for characters with 25% or more femininity.
– Added a new shop to Thretik with 3 new outfits.
– Added 2 new outfits to the pawnshop.
– Added a new, more expensive car to the dealership in Twonton.
– Updated the bar menus to match the shop menu instead of just text options.
– Updated the Characterpedia with Lady Mantis, Zikala, and the Club Boy (after you’ve met them).
– Fixed the camaro image in the inventory and the cars with effects not working properly.
– Fixed some incomplete passages in Chloe’s storyline.
– Fixed some work options not properly checking arousal.
– Fixed the jewelled buttplug not working when walking around Thretik.
– Fixed incorrect clips in one of Liam’s scenes.
– Fixed errors when running into Chloe or Felix in Twonton.
– Fixed a few sex scenes not adding to the total sex stat.
– Fixed text issues in Liam’s storyline.
– Fixed some missing pawn shop images.
– Removed the old debug option from the computer.
See More
– Updated Felix’s story with new content!
– Updated Chloe’s story with new content!
– Added a car dealership in downtown Twonton with 4 available cars.
– Added 2 new hairstyles to the salon.
– Added scenes with Felix’s panties and magazine at the university.
– Added buffs on the sidebar for having a new haircut, getting a manicure, and getting waxed.
– Adjusted some options with specific femininity requirements to show up greyed out when unavailable rather than being invisible.
– Reduced the energy cost from searching through Felix’s room to 5 (from 10).
– Added the current car to the inventory on the Status page.
– Adjusted the inventory to have consumables like drugs near the top.
– Fixed the inventory to be less of a mess.
– Fixed a missionary job scene having the incorrect description.
– Fixed the images on the Status screen from squashing together.
– Fixed Mrs. Morin expecting Felix to be home after he’s moved out.
– Fixed Felix magically appearing back at his parent’s house to embarrass him with panties/magazine after he’s moved out.
– Fixed a text error when searching through Felix’s room.
– Fixed the duplicate Casual Guyish outfit in the wardrobe.
– Fixed a new save file not actually having the default outfit equipped.
– Fixed chatting with Liam missing the correct font color for his dialogue, as well as sometimes just being completely blank.
– Fixed almost all of Chloe’s story options not having the story icon.
– Fixed some old text formatting issues in the objectives page.
– Fixed some incorrect location images.
– Fixed broken images in the Onegaron drug dealer story.
See More
– Added a hairstyles option to the salon with 8 hair styles (Changing hairstyles also increases Attractiveness for 14 days).
– Added random events to Downtown Twonton, Thretik, and the mountain trail around Thretik.
– Reorganized options so that location interactions are at the top, moving locations in the area are all in the middle, then moving to a whole new area is at the bottom.
– Fixed the salon location image missing the stylist.
– Fixed a bug causing strange spacing in work scenes.
– Fixed text issues for options in work scenes.
– Fixed a bug preventing the player from returning to Zikala’s hut.
– Fixed the Cobblestone Inn trying to trap the player forever.
– Fixed missing text effects in several of Winter’s scenes.
– Fixed a bug where taking the trinket directly to Gabby when found could cause the storyline to loop endlessly.
– Fixed several issues at the hospital.
– Fixed images when getting the car in town.
– Fixed text errors in the salon.
– Fixed the objectives page using the wrong image for Zikala’s story.
See More
– Added the new town area Thretik! Can be visited once you’ve retrieved the car from the trinket storyline.
– Added a little closing bit for the Club story which leads into the next part in the new town area, Thretik!
– Added new interactions with the PC parents for having over 250 relationship with them.
– Added 2 extra books (just for lore) when searching through books at the library.
– Adjusted and balanced the femininity system to scale from -100 to 100 (instead of 0 to 100) with 0 being neutral, 100 being feminine, and -100 being masculine.
– Adjusted beginner position jobs, now requiring certain femininity or arousal to participate in some events.
– Adjusted the pay from all jobs to be slightly higher.
– Fixed the sex scene with Mr. Morin not properly counting as sex for stat purposes.
– Fixed the Lokai Bracelet affecting arousal instead of femininity in some cases.
– Fixed a pawn shop job scene checking max femininity incorrectly and allowing it to go over 100.
– Fixed Alicia not showing in the location image in her apartment.
– Fixed an issue in which you would sometimes with with Alex instead of Alicia in her apartment.
– Fixed a scene when getting punished by the PC father displaying the wrong clip.
See More
– Added new interactions and story with Winter and increased max relation to 200.
– Added new interactions and story with both PC’s parents, increasing both max relations to 300.
– Added random encounters with Felix in town and the city if you are far enough along with his storyline.
– Added an extra possible scene to Chloe’s random town and city encounters.
– Finished the Winter date scenes that were still missing text.
– Adjusted the option to have Felix play with a dildo at his university dorm to just having him play with himself and added 2 more random scenes to it.
– Adjusted Chloe’s random town interactions to start slightly later in her storyline.
– Fixed sexual activities with Felix in his dorm not properly affecting arousal.
– Fixed several location images using outdated setups.
See More
- Added new scenes when talking with your mother! Build your relationship with her (up to 200) to get closer and learn more about her!
– Added the ability to peek on your mom in the shower on days that she’s not in the kitchen or living room.
– Added several new scenes for finding Chloe in the shower.
– Added new clips to the shower scene for player characters with breasts.
– Added a new accessory to the Pawn Shop and Twonton Clothes Store.
– Added icons to the wardrobe and lockbox options to make them easier to differentiate at a glance.
– Updated instances of sleeping with other characters to properly update stats and variables as if you slept at home.
– Sleeping should now fix relation issues with Gabby, Winter, and the PC Mother.
– Adjusted older scenes with your mother (such as getting caught sneaking stuff from their room) to affect your relationship with her.
– Adjusted the start of the trinket story so that you can immediately take it to Gabby when you get it.
– Adjusted all the shops to take you back to the shop menu after buying something instead of kicking you out.
– Fixed the scene not probably randomizing when visiting Chloe’s apartment.
– Fixed the actions for the Pawn Shop secretary job not affecting femininity.
– Fixed a lot of scenes not displaying how much they were affecting arousal.
– Fixed an issue where watching the tape with Felix might not display correctly.
– Fixed an issue with breast expansion not working on older saves.
– Fixed Alicia/Alex’s apartment not being accessible when it should be.
– Fixed some of Gabby’s actions checking for the wrong relation variable.
– Fixed grammar and typos in a lot of Gabby’s scenes.
– Fixed the issue of starting with no clothes.
– Fixed some item descriptions.
– Fixed the mass of blank space on the page when sleeping.
– Fixed some text effect inconsistencies.
v0.8b part 2 Full Release
See More
Added more story with Alex!
– Added 2 more variations to the “Let Gabby Fuck You” scene.
– You can now visit Alex’s apartment after completing his current story.
– Added uniforms for the Pawn Shop stocker job and the Club Six cleaner job.
– Added tooltips when hovering over outfits with special effects.
– Added a small warning to the first trinket scene in the park to make it more clear that you are making an important choice.
– Updated Alex’s story in the Objectives page so that you can keep track of it.
– Changed the work payment to be directly affected by your attractiveness, scaling up with promotions.
– Adjusted the job xp equation to be slightly higher by default.
– Fixed the “total cash earned” stat not updating properly.
– Fixed some bugged scenes with the masculine club job.
– Fixed some missing images and text effects in Alex’s story.
v0.8b Part2
See More
- Reduced the chances of random events in various areas so you aren’t constantly bombarded by different things.
– Viewing camshows on your computer now requires the router from the pawn shop.
– Adjusted the position of the tooltips for buffs to be out of the way of the cursor.
– Adjusted the text and objectives page to make the first step of the trinket storyline more clear.
– Fixed the side story image on the objectives page not displaying.
– Fixed Chloe’s interests in the Characterpedia opening Felix’s instead.
– Fixed the prostitute in the park trying to trap you forever.
– Fixed the salon options menu to be cleaner and consistent with other shop menus.
– Fixed lots of formatting and grammar to be more consistent.
v0.8b Bugfix
See More
- Backward/forward fixed
– The trip with Liam is now planned for Monday so that you can actually meet up with him.
– Fixed the new Gabby scenes checking energy incorrectly.
– Fixed the Fuck Gabby and Let Gabby Fuck You scenes not properly affecting your relation with her.
See More
- Added more story with Liam!
– Added more scenes with Gabby and your relationship with her can now be extended to 200 max.
– Added some extra scenes with Liam when you are far enough in his story.
– Added a glow effect around outfits in the wardrobe that have additional effects when worn.
– Added some missing images from Liam’s story.
– Adjusted the wardrobe menu to be more compact.
– Fixed some sex scenes in Liam’s story at his home missing their clips.
– Fixed some clips at the Chapel job missing/not displaying.
– Fixed an issue with getting the next story part from the Club Drug Dealer.
– Fixed the outfits not showing up properly in the drug dealers’ menus.
– Fixed a statement error when speaking with the park prostitute.
– Fixed some story options missing the proper icon.
– Fixed several images being called incorrectly and not showing.
See More
- Added another continuation to the stories with the park and club drug dealers.
– Added 3 new outfits to the Pawn Shop and Clothing Store (6 total) which become available after finishing the new drug dealer stories.
– Added a new icon to represent options that start or progress storylines.
– Updated the Objectives page for the recent additions to Chloe’s story.
– Fixed an issue in which Chloe’s story may get stuck.
– Fixed the Search for Porn menu missing an image and text.
– Fixed the Help menu trying to trap you forever.
– Fixed a bunch of errors when searching through the books at the library.
– Fixed an issue where ordering alcohol could put your cash in the negative.
– Adjusted some options and text for consistency.
v0.8 Final
See More
- Updated Chloe’s story
– Added different masturbation scenes for players with breasts (2 different scenes for depending on size).
– Moondust now slightly increases energy and arousal.
– Optimized the code for alcohol/drug use (thanks to newport_georgeg for this).
– Fixed some of Felix’s scenes not counting towards the sex/sexual activities count.
– Fixed the virginity loss not working in a lot of situations.
– Fixed an issue with energy when taking LSD in your bedroom.
– Fixed an error when speaking with Winter.
– Fixed an error when drinking a wine cooler at the bar in Onegaron.
See More
– Updated Felix’s story with more content!
– Added a Library to the University in Twonton.
– Added two skills to learn at the library (webcam hacking and photography) that will open new options at certain places and with certain characters.
– Added an option to use the new Webcam Hacking skill on your computer for random scenes.
– Added an option to use your Photography skill at the park for random scenes.
– Readjusted the variables for the Chloe and Felix stories to separate them and prevent issues.
– Added a temporary debug option to the computer in your bedroom to reset Felix/Chloe story progression.
– Fixed an option in the Felix story that could stop you from progressing.
See More
– Updated the Club Six story with more content!
– Masturbating in your room now has different clips based on your femininity (0-24%, 25-49%, and 50%+)
– Updated the Objectives page with the Club Six story to make keeping track of it easier.
– Updated the Help page with information about the drunk, high, and femininity meters.
– Walking into your parents room you may occasionally see your dad’s dick.
– Fixed a missing video clip from the altar boy job at the chapel.
– Fixed a bug causing a message to show saying that you made money and lost energy when you tried to work but were too tired.
– Fixed Old Gabby’s image when you enter her house.
– Fixed the shady guy’s image when you talk to him in the park.
– Fixed an issue with the salon showing that you got a manicure/waxed despite being too masculine or not having enough money.
– Fixed the missing image of Mr. Morin in their bedroom.
– Fixed some unclear wording on the Objectives page.
See More
- Updated Liam’s storyline! He’ll show up back in town 2 days after the events at his family’s house.
– Masturbating now reduces Arousal by 60 rather than straight to 0.
– Fixed a bug in the Club Six storyline when having to guess someone’s name.
– Fixed error on the Objectives page.
– Fixed a bunch of broken If statements.
See More
– You can now freely visit the salon on the Outskirts of town to get a manicure or waxing.
– You can now buy LSD and ‘Moondust’ from the Shady Dealer at Club Six. They can currently only be used in your bedroom or at Club Six.
– Added a new Clean buff from showering that will last for two days.
– Reorganized the way Attractiveness works; It now starts at 0 and is built up by your buffs such as being clean and well rested.
– The inventory on the status screen is now a scrollbox so that the length of the actual page will not increase no matter how many items you have.
– Added two new actions with Gabby after giving her the trinket, one for masculine and one for feminine characters.
– Added a clip for when Gabby previews the trinket for you.
– Fixed the Odd Tape not showing images when viewed by Felix.
– Fixed the spacing of some options at the Outskirts.
v0.6e Final
See More
- Added new promotions to both lines of the Pawn Shop job.
– Added new promotions to both lines of the Chapel job.
– Added new promotions to both lines of the Club job.
– Fixed an issue with the Pawn job promotions not letting you work.
– Fixed missing informational text from some of the promotion work events.
– Fixed some work events that weren’t properly affecting femininity.
v0.6e Prelim
See More
– Fixed issues with the Chapel and Club Jobs.
– Added the first two promotions for the Chapel and Club jobs.
– Added the missing text to all of the new Pawn Shop interactable scenes.
– Added missing text to the Pawn Shop promotion scene.
– Fixed bug with number of Club Boy not increasing and unlocking the sex option.
– Fixed the promotion bug at the Pawn Shop preventing you from working after being promoted.
– Fixed errors at Club Six.
– Added two possible jobs to get at Club Six.
– Added a new promotion for both Pawn Shop job positions, each giving more money and presenting brand new scenes.
– Working will now give your work experience which is affected by your job performance (Attractiveness and status effects). Maxing out your job experience will open up the chance for promotion.
– Your job performance is now affected by Attractiveness, as well as certain status effects.
– Added a Job Experience bar to the status screen.
– When applying for the chapel job, you can now see which job is masculine or feminine.
– Fixed the Priest’s image which was still using the old image format.
– Fixed some scenes with the Pawn Shop owner that still used the old image format.
See More
– Added a random event to the Town in which you can run into a random man or woman and have sex with them. (Man sex scene is different based on whether you are feminine or not.)
– Created a visual system for the shop rather than just using text links.
– Added a Shemale porn option that you can search after buying the router.
– After having fun with the club boy 3 times, you will now be able to have sex with him.
– Interacting with the club boy is now restricted to once per day.
– Updated the Characterpedia a bit with a few more characters and updating some old information.
– You can no longer endlessly gain femininity by watching Sissy Encouragement porn; it now only affects your femininity once per day.
– Having fun with the club boy now properly affects arousal.
– Fixed errors when having fun with the club boy.
– Fixed a spacing issue on the Status page.
See More
– Added a new sissy character that you can interact with at Club Six. You can unlock him by speaking to the bartender. He currently only has 2 random scenes.
– Added images to the Status screen to show your character’s current body type based on femininity.
– Updated the story of your mom and dad with a few more scenes. If you’ve already done the previous parts, you should be able to Confront your Father.
– The city now has 2 simple random occurrences that may happen as you pass through it.
– Reduced the cost of the Club Six membership card from $1000 to $500.
– Some of the new scenes from 0.6 now correctly affect arousal.
– Fixed the location image not displaying correctly when talking to your dad.
– Fixed one of the new Player Date scenes showing the wrong clip.
– Fixed some typos and grammar in newer scenes.
See More
– Continued things a bit from the scene with your mother giving you leggings. (Go to sleep after that scene, then go into town.)
– Continued the Club Six story a bit more.
– Added 2 small random events to the Outskirts area.
– Added missing images to leggings scenes with your mother.
– Fixed an error on the status screen.
– Fixed the Alex restaurant image not showing.
– Fixed an issue where you would getting stuck talking to your mom.
– Optimized code some repeated functions (like sleeping).
– Option to watch TV removed for the time being (Might come back in the future if I find a use for it).
– Added 2 extra events with Gabby after Previewing the Trinket at her house.
– Added a small story with your mother when at 25% or above femininity.
– Added an image for the Club Six bartender.
– Objectives page brought up to date for Chloe and Felix stories.
– Fixed the images of your mother when talking to her.
– Fixed the image of your mother not showing correctly when coming home with the car.
– Buying Beer and Margaritas in Club Six now works properly.
– Buying Marijuana in the park now works properly.
– New Graphics for the Status Screen have been added.
– New Graphics for the Objectives screen have been added.
See More
- Updated the Player Sissification story!
– Updated Felix’s story!
– Updated Chloe’s story!
– Plenty of more gifs and images added.
– Fixed an image for one of Liam’s scene

Others: Bugfix and CheatMod

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