Fuck Nights at Fredrika’s [v0.20] [SmutCube]

Fuck Nights at Fredrika’s [v0.20] [SmutCube]

January 9, 2024F95

F#&!NAF, or Fuck Nights at Fredrika’s is a pornographic parody of the first Five Nights At Freddy’s game. The objective of the game is to keep yourself safe from animatronics with malfunctioning AI.

Thread Updated: 2023-07-13
Release Date: 2023-07-13
Developer: SmutCube  PatreonWebsite
Censored: No
Version: 0.20
OS: Windows
Language: English
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3D game, 3DCG, Adventure, Animated Male protagonist, Furry, Humor, Horror, Monster girl, Parody, Big tits, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Rape, Groping, Titfuck, Group sex
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W – Face front
A/Click to the left – Turn left
D/Click to the right – Turn right
S – Open monitor (when facing the front)
Monitor can only be controlled using the mouse.
Spacebar – Close whatever door you’re facing
Controls for the ‘Toy Box’ poser mode are there when you open it.
Teddi(Bear) – Wanders around, turning off lights every now and then. This doesn’t really do anything until super late in the night when you’re trying to find Chica. When attacking, she’ll come to your right door and wait a bit before entering. To stop her, just close the door on her.
Chica(Chicken) – Totally silent and can enter your office at any time without you knowing. Watching her on the cams stops her from moving (unless she’s already walking) but it’s pointless until she’s in the office hallway. She only goes to the left door, but never shows up in the actual doorway. If you spot her in the camera while she’s about to enter, however, she’ll go away.
Bonnie(Bunny) – Sits on stage and doesn’t really do anything, up until she hacks you. If she hacks you and you don’t fix it soon enough, your power goes out and she attacks. To stop the hack, open the monitor and connect the green power nodes to the battery nodes by clicking. It should tell you how to do it when it happens, though.
Foxxxy(Fox) – Stays on one camera and gets pissed off if you don’t watch her play with herself on your monitor. If she gets too upset, she sprints down the hallway. If you manage to stop her at the door, she waits and taunts you until you finally open the door, and then she attacks.
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1- Extract to desired location.
2- Game.exe to start playing.
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Added 14 new story nights:
  • The story continues with 21 of the planned 22 campaign nights completed
  • Improvements to the dialog box to facilitate new story elements
Added new mechanics to each bot (SPOILERS FOR STORY MODE):
  • Story nights 15-21 show case new mechancis for each bot, making them much more difficult for one night each
  • Bonnie on her night will teleport around the office, office power will also not recharge
  • Chica on her night will swap the camera away from her if she’s in the room being viewed by the monitor
  • Foxy on her night will swap the camera to her periodically, switching away too quickly from her will make her very angry
  • Fredrika on her night will hover whenever any light in the office turned off, increasing her speed and removing the sounds of her footsteps
  • Mangle will repossess all furniture items from the player for the remainder of her night
  • Puppet will remember the positions she’s been in for a while, this means you will need to make sure to switch to a fresh position to reduce her boredom
  • Springtrap will now max the seduction meter of bots as she walks away from them, if she seduces a bot she will now come for the player instead of the bot
  • In addition to the above, every bot who has enhanced difficulty for the night will be immune to dildos, have their disable mechanics removed (i.e. Mangle’s “overheat” and Bonnie’s “counter hack”), and will ignore Springtrap
Updated the QA machine:
  • Changed the QA machine’s appearance to fix an issue causing it to clip into the wall during some animations
  • Fixed Puppet’s dildo-disabled animation and created a new animation that is more visible
Fixed bugs:
  • Finally fixed a longstanding bug that caused the control deck buttons to some times display the buttons of the previous room
  • Fixed the “Sex Scene Starter” window in the toybox so that it creates sex scenes in the same manner as the “Fuck…” right click menu
  • Various other minor bugs
Added a new maledom scene for Springtrap:
Buy the new handcuffs item from Mangles shop and click them as Springtrap approaches you to trigger a new scene.
Springtrap’s strapon has been remodeled to improve the look as well as facilitate the maledom scene
Added new items to mangle’s shop:
Now you can buy Handcuffs, a photo, and a poster for Springtrap, as well as an Energy Meter, Batteries, and Wall Shelves
The energy meter tracks the current power level of the office, batteries are a consumable that will recharge the office power to 100%
Overhauled the camera:
The camera controls have been changed so that they are much more intuitive to use and consistent across all areas where “free cam” is available (Game over scenes, the toybox, and desk setup).
Hold the right mouse button down to enable camera movement, then press the WASDQE keys to move the camera, clicking on a character’s head, boobs, hands, or hips will cause the camera to orbit around the clicked body part.
Game over scenes now have a menu that allows you to select a camera position from a list instead of having to iterate through all of them
The ability to lock on and rotate the camera is available in PoV modes as well.
Overhauled the toybox:
The toybox has been overhauled with many functions to make it more intuitive.
Toys can now be bought or rented, buying a toy allows it to be spawned for free from your inventory, renting it is only 1/10th the price but the toy can only be spawned once.
Toys are now managed by clicking and dragging icons where you want them to go: dragging an icon from the shop to the inventory buys the toy, dragging it from the shop or inventory to the ground spawns it, dragging it from the ground to another spot moves it.
When moving or placing toys (or groups of toys) a new transform gizmo will appear to allow you to make adjustments to toy positions
Sex scenes are much easier to setup, you can either use a “Sex Scene” window which holds a list of all sex scenes, or you can right click and select “Fuck” on a toy to see what other toys they have a scene with, or select “Join” to have another toy join an existing group.
All sex bots now have a PoV option which allows you to see from their point of view
Starting animations for Meatsack and the sex bots have been normalized so that they always start with a standing idle animation, Meatsack has received two new animations for this purpose
Meatsack + Chair has been removed, its existence was due to a sub-optimal design made long ago, the animations involved have been corrected so that meatsack can now play the Chica and Puppet animations without needing to be glued to the chair.
Overhauled the desk setup:
The desk setup has received many of the same improvements the toybox has, furniture items are now held in an inventory and can be placed by dragging and dropping them.
Furniture items can now be placed anywhere in the office, posters can be placed on the desk, desk items can be placed on the wall, you can even place things on the floor if you want.
Wall shelves can be placed on the wall to give extra space to place items.
Some items can now be purchased multiple times, you may have up to 3 of each dildo, 5 batteries, and 2 wall shelves
Overhauled the save system:
Saves are now stored in files under SaveData in the appdata Folder this will allow saves to be transferred between computers by simply transferring the files
Run “%appdata%..LocalLowDefaultCompanyFNAFSaveData” to find them, move them to the same folder on a different computer to transfer a save or copy them to make a back up
They are obfuscated but not encrypted, the obfuscation method is identifiable and easily reversable to someone who knows what they’re doing, if you don’t know what you’re doing DO NOT try to open or modify them, you can lose your save and I will not help you
This week I finally got the sex scene function of the toybox to a playable state. There’s still a good amount of work and clean up that needs to be done on it but the basic functionality is now testable. There’s also some pretty sizable bugs with it that I’m aware of (mostly the Chica and Puppet femdom scenes not working, as well as scenes clipping into geometry or not starting in the exact right spot) but since this update is already several hours late I’ve decided to put them off for now.
The sex scene window will allow a quick shortcut to recreate sex scenes from the game over scenes. From the window select a game over scene, there you will be presented with a drop down to select the location, and a drop down for each character who is needed for the scene. From each drop down select a toy and either buy, rent, or spawn the toy from your inventory, one all the necessary toys are in place a load scene button will appear which will start the sex scene.
Currently the only way to control sex scenes is by pressing the space bar to advance the scene, similar to the game over controls.
I will be working on cleaning up the UI and fixing the bugs next week.
New Chica Maledom scene
If you’re looking to your left as Chica tries to sneak into the office you will now cause her to stumble backwards. Clicking her while she’s on the ground will trigger a new maledom scene.
Platinum/Shadow toys added to toybox
Players who have the appropriate achievement can now purchase platinum and shadow variants of the sex bots in the toy box. Halloween/Festivus toys have also been updated to use the new achievement system.
Bugs fixed:
Fixed the brightness slider and increased its effect.
Reenabled Springtrap’s ability to use the “Look at” function in the toybox
Fixed an issue that required restarting the game to play an arcade night after a campaign night.
Fixed Mangle’s scenes from clipping into the stage
Fixed Foxy’s Stroker in the toy box from becoming invisible.
Tweaked the Toybox UI to avoid buttons appearing offscreen
Added the ability to “counter-hack” Bonnie instead of simply stopping her hack. This will drain power more rapidly than a normal hack but will allow you to disable her hack attempts for the night, or trigger the new maledom scene.
  Added two achievements: One for receiving the most amount of money in a night (requires HoneyPot from the shop and dynamic difficulty), and another for completing a night with all furniture items stored away, except the control deck. Each achievement has their own skin rewards
Reanimated the Chica/Foxy threesome scene to use the new “standard” counter height. Chica’s breasts should now interact with the counter top instead of clipping through it.
-Added Mangle Maledom scene which can be triggered after tipping her $100 total in a night and clicking the “Overheating” button that appears.
-Added new animations for Mangle throughout the night that change depending on how much she has been tipped so far.
-Added a developer log to the main menu to inform players what’s being worked on this week, next release, and what’s planned to be added “eventually”.
Small additions/fixes:
-Added a pop up message to the toybox to indicate when a player tries to purchase a toy they haven’t unlocked, or that they can’t afford.
-Fixed an issue with the player’s model that was causing the “skin color” to not update until the settings menu was opened.
-The difficulty of Bonnie’s maze now scales with her difficulty level when using dynamic difficulty.
Added new character: Springtrap:
Springtrap, unlike the other bots, is equally attracted to machines as well as humans. The player will need to “bounce” Springtrap from bot to bot to keep her distracted. If the player fails to move her to a new bot she will eventually seduce her target, incurring a charge to the player. However, she will also keep her targets busy while she has their attention so she can be very handy if used strategically. Be aware that taking Springtrap’s attention from a bot will cause them to immediately become agitated, they will need attention to keep them calm. Springtrap also comes in three modes depending on player settings: Normal(default), Strap on, and Futa with unique animations for each setting. Springtrap is currently too distracted by the other bots to go after the player, this “feature” will be added in a later update.
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Added a Puppet maledom scene, interacting with the Q.A. machine during the puppet’s escape will trigger an emergency recapture protocol.
Added the ability to control the volumes of the title screen, sex bots, mangle’s shop music, and ambient sound effects independently.
The volume of Mangle’s music, Fredrika’s footsteps, and Chica’s breathing is now tied to their difficulty levels.
Resolution and graphics settings have all been moved to the in game settings; Unity removed support of the old settings pop up.
The skin of the meat sack(s) in the toy box now match the user’s settings.
Made optimizations to the “show room” camera scene, reducing CPU load by 40%.
Streamlined sex bot prices and organized them into normal “Sex Bots” for $200 and “Premium Sex Bots” for $600 (i.e. Golden Fredrika, Phoenix, etc.)
Dynamic Difficulty is now a difficulty preset instead of a toggle to avoid confusion.
In an effort to reduce sales tax liability, credits have been changed so that patrons in all tiers have access to credits.
Credits now appear on the splash screen, title screen, and/or credits menu depending on patron tier.
Fixed Various Bugs:
Fixed an issue with Feste not telling player’s what color Bonnie’s gift is.
Fixed an issue the stopped Fredrika’s boob physics to stop working.
Improved the “elavation” scripts in the toy box to make placing toys on the stage/desk/bed more reliable.
Fixed toys in the toy box from becoming unclickable when clicking “over” the desk/stage/bed
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Rewrote large portions of game code, adding and tweaking features.
Added an additional difficulty option “Dynamic Difficulty”, this mode will cause each of the bots to get harder/easier every time you win/lose to the specific bot. Campaign (Story, Halloween, and Festivus) nights have “special” difficulties which are unaffected by player settings.
Hourly rate is no longer tied to difficulty, instead hazard pay increases with each bot’s difficulty. Hazard pay is no longer awarded on a game over.
Added a “Festivus” Christmas event hosted by the holiday AI Feste with 12 event nights. The odd nights require finding a present of a given color, the even nights require losing to a specific bot. A color blind accessibility option is available in the settings menu to make the presents monochrome.
All holiday (Festivus + Halloween) events will be available the week of April Fools (04/01-04/08) as an annual reminder of how foolish I was in estimating how long the holiday event would take.
Polished main menu U.I. to match the settings menu added last patch.
Completely remade Foxy’s femdom game over scene as it was destroyed by a Unity update.
Changed the mechanics behind the charges incurred by the player. Players can avoid cleaning charges by skipping the game over scene, cleaning charges will increase the more times a scene is looped up to 3 times. “Destruction” of property charges remain unavoidable.
Fredrika’s AI has been tweaked, the more lights are turned off the more likely she is to attack the player. Her maximum movement speed has been increased and is tied to her difficulty level.
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Replaced the game map with one of higher quality.
Also updated all the game over scenes (except for Foxy’s) so that they use the new map.
Added post-processing effects, they can be enabled/disabled from the settings menu.
Combined different menus into one that can be accessed from the title screen, game over scenes, and the toy box by pressing escape.
Added a “Bonnie Meter” to the shop that will notify you when she’s attempting to initiate a hack.
Added a new threesome scene with Mangle+The Puppet
Tweaked how threesomes are triggered, if a sex bot triggers a game over while their threesome partner has fulfilled the following conditions they will trigger a threesome:
Fredrika: 1 or less light is on
Bonnie: The player is currently hacked
Chica: Is hiding inside the office or just outside
Foxy: Is outside her enclosure
Puppet: Boredom is at 90%+
Mangle: Is past due for a tip
The shop in the toy box is now organized into different categories. Also the “Look at” function on the sex bots in the toy box have been turned off by default.
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Added a maledom scene for Foxy, open the door when Foxy has her back turned to you to trigger it. Also added an experimental first person control to the scene that will allow you to look around and “focus” on different body parts by clicking on them (still needs some work).
Added a new furniture item: “The Control Deck”
This piece of furniture will display context sensitive buttons depending on the active camera.
It will allow you to tip Mangle, change the puppet’s position, turn lights on/off, and…
Added the ability to interrupt Bonnie’s hacks through the control deck if you can catch her while she’s on her phone.
Added a small Halloween event that will appear in game between 10/26 and 11/05 every year. The event features increased bot difficulty and unlocks the Halloween skins in the toy box permanently once completed.
Added a P.O.V. option to the meat sack toys in the toy box allowing the camera to snap to the male character’s head. Hold down left mouse button to rotate the view. Press left and right mouse button to exit P.O.V. mode.
Fixed various bugs including: Fredrika staring at a light all night under certain circumstances, Story mode “Continue” button skipping nights, the puppet’s animations not showing up in the toy box.
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Added the Mangle sex bot. She requires a steady stream of tips to remain happy. Mangle also has her own game over animation and a story night.
Players now start the game with $100.00, since having less than $3-10 with Mangle in a night isn’t winnable. Mangle’s game over also does not have a penalty (beyond ending the night early) to avoid players being unable to escape debt.
Chica no longer spends the entire night in the office if she sneaks in. If the player stays looking forward long enough she will return to her position on stage.
Added audio cues for the Puppet, Mangle, and Chica:
Chica – can be heard breathing when at the door/in the office.
Puppet – the sex machine can now be heard from the office, it will decrease in speed as the puppet gets bored.
Mangle – her shop’s music stops whenever she is requesting a tip
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Added a threesome animation for Bonnie and Fredrika that can be triggered by receiving Fredrika’s game over while your tablet is hacked by Bonnie.
Added a new idle animation for Fredrika that can be triggered when all the lights are off and she’s at the office door.
Began work on updating the game map. The in progress game map has replaced the previous Toy Box “checkered box” map.
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Adds a new “lock sync” in the toy box mode
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Not available
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Added Chica/Foxy Threesome game over
See if you can figure out how to get the first game over combination between Chica and Foxy
Foxy improvements
You will now be able to temporarily stop foxy by closing the left door before she gets to the office. She won’t go away but she will put on a small show for you. Opening the door will cause her to immediately attack.
Toy Box Improvements
Animations are now sorted into different categories to better organize the 28 new animation clips in this update.
Misc. touch ups
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Only $10+ patrons can use the cheats as it requires logging in with a Leather or Metal Tier account to access them. The cheats below are for the 2018 December build and will not work with any build after it.
ELFEYES” Location of the animatronics in the Tablet.
GETTOTHEPOINT” double the speed of the clock
Instant $1000 “SUBSIDYPLZ“;
Toggle Golden Fredrika Skin = “BEARSKIN“;
Activate Nightmare Difficulty = “GGEZNORE“;
Go to Fredrika Game Over Scene = “POOHBEAR“;
Go to Chica Game Over Scene = “HOTCHICKS“;
Go to Bonnie Game Over Scene = “BREEDLIKERABBITS“;
Go to Foxy Game Over Scene = “STUPIDLIKEAFOX“;
Go to Chica+Foxy Game Over Scene = “HERBSANDSPICES

Extra: Cheats

*This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.

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