Futa Concoction [Ch.4 P1] [Faust Seiker]

Futa Concoction [Ch.4 P1] [Faust Seiker]

May 10, 2024F95

After years of research and a bit of luck, Lazuli finally managed to create her magnum opus,
the Cumcoction.
Follow the story of this sexual crazed alchemist as she tries to corrupt all of the girls surrounding her.

Thread Updated: 2024-05-02
Release Date: 2024-04-23
Developer: Faust Seiker PatreonDiscordSubscribeStarTwitterItch.io
Censored: No
Version: Chapter 4 – Part 1
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
Length: 5h+
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Extract and run.
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Chapter 4 Part 1
  • 7 (+1) main “girls” to meet and corrupt.
  • 20 new scenes
  • a lot of new areas
  • A complete revamp of all of Lazuli’s dialogue pictures
  • A small weekday system where different things happen around the Tavern depending on the day.
  • Fixed a few bugs and notably the one which locked the Brendan/Nemona threesome

    Known problem : It is possible to make the autonomous movement of characters inside the Tavern bug. It won’t cause any major problem and will simply reset upon exiting and reentering the room.

Chapter ?4? (April Fools Special)
– April Fools !
– 7 scenes
– 42 animations
Chapter 3 Part 2
– 15 New main scenes and 9 new repeatable small ones
– One new main character
– The end of Nemona and May content
– A new area to investigate
– 1h+ of gameplay
– Solved a few bugs as usual
Chapter 3 Part 1
– A whole new bunch of girls with custom made 2d sprites
– 15 new scenes
– A new area to discover and much more
– Also solved a few bugs, as usual
(Go to the cabin in the forest to start off this new update)
Chapter 2 Part 4
– 8 main scenes
– a hefty lot of small repeatable scenes
– made all the sharing scenes avoidable through choices (except for Tsunade’s scenes because that’s most of her content)
– 2 old scenes received small changes  (Nemona’s and Nami’s first scenes) so they don’t look as bad anymore
– Corrected a few bugs
-A plugin caused old saves not to work anymore. You’ll find different saves in the archive so you can go back to where you stopped.
(Sorry for the android players, I don’t know how to share a save in your case)
Chapter 2 Part 3 – 2023-08-14
Bugfix + Android
Chapter 2 Part 3
– 10 new main scenes
– A lot of new small repeatable scenes
– Izumi’s first infirmary sex scene had its animations remade to look better and even got a new animation as a bonus
– I’ve remade a lot of discussion portraits (e.g remade all of Mitsuki’s)
-Also changed some dialogues to emphasize less on the infertility of Lazuli. This doesn’t mean she’ll get anyone pregnant but at least it’s not such a turn off to mention it everytime.
-If you’re unsure about what to do to progress, just talk to Naruto. (If you have Futa on Male disabled this will get hinted to you anyway)
Chapter 2 Part 2
-11 new scenes have been added.
– A fresh new TitleScreen
– A lot of QoL here and there
Chapter 2
– 7 new targets waiting to be corrupted
– 26 new scenes
– Full change of the plugin used to play the videos for it to be compatible with everyone. If you had any kind of problems while playing the videos (black screen, game crashing…) it should be fixed now.
– Now only the ‘H’ shortcut will hide the text but it will also hide the name.
– You can press ‘A’ to auto-forward dialogue
– As usual, no new ingredients have been added in previously explored zones.
Chapter 1.5
9 new scenes
– No new ingredients have been added in previously explored zones. So, if you have thoroughly explored those zones, there is no need to go back.
– I have corrected some mistakes. (If you still find any “finnaly,” I apologize as it is sort of my trademark. I have corrected at least 5 of those.)
– There shouldn’t be any major bug this time 😉
I have listened to your feedback and made the following changes:
– I have added more climax scenes. From now on, I will try to animated all of them. (It’s not the case here since I had already done a few scenes before I received feedback.)
– The waist proportions of Lazuli and Nemona are not as bad as before. (Nami’s waist hasn’t changed since that’s just how she looks in the original work.)
– I heard you liked Nemona, so I gave her a scene, even though she wasn’t supposed to get any until a future update centered around her.
– I have tinkered with every sound for each scene, so things like slaps are superposed with the animations. (It will desync if you alt-tab in the middle of the scene, though.)
– I changed the way I made the side doors to be more credible. It doesn’t look super good, but I think it’s better.
– I added a bench in the middle of the village.
– I settled on naming the game Futa Concoction instead of Futanari Concoction
First Release
– 16 Scenes
– Both pixelart and 3d animations
– 5 main girls to corrupt
(for now)
Developer Notes:
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Before I say anything else : Is Ntr Futa on Make avoidable ? Yes it is and it will always be.

Why do some scene not work ?

If you’re on android, some scenes may not work depending on your phone. Nothing I can do about that.
It is recommended to use Joyplay instead if you want to play on android.
If you want to support the game but can’t become a patron, consider leaving a good review or a like, it always helps.
Hey guys, it’s my first ever game so I wanted to make a bit of a disclaimer here.
1 : As always when it comes to the first time in something you get better when making it, so the quality of the animations gets better as I’m progressing with the story.
I’ve revamped a few ones already but you’ll surely still find some scenes looking a bit off.
2: I’m not a native English speaker so my wording may sound odd at times. I’m quite fluent in English but I’m not sure that my language registry is always the best for every situation.
3: I just sincerely hope you enjoy my game.
4: I also do some animations for fun on my spare time so come check them out if you’re interested.

April Fools 2024 Special Chapter

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Extras: Save FolderIngredient ListFan Sig

*For some people, some scenes don’t work with the android version of the game. It depends on your phone. (It is recommended to instead use Joyplay to play on android)*

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