Futa Dream [v1.7] [LizardSFM]
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Futa Dream [v1.7] [LizardSFM]

July 8, 2024F95

A 3D interactive game based on Futanari.

Thread Updated: 2021-11-07
Release Date: 2021-01-07
Developer: LizardSFM – PatreonDiscordTwitteritch.oi
Censored: No
Version: 1.7
OS: Windows, Linux, Android
Language: English
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3DCG, Animated, Big Tits, Futa, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Rough, Urination
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1. Extract and run.
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Final N/A
New location
Added 5 recent animations
Leveling up and night ending event is now accessed through dialog with Lunara.
Enemies recieve less stats from levels now
Minor fixes
v1.5. (May 2021) The update was focused on combat.
-New location
-2 new enemies
-A bunch of skills
-A bunch of items
-New music
-Rerendered and added a bunch of scenes.
-Player can now equip spells and passives for battle.
-Skill mastery increases the more you use the skill.
-Player can now allocate and revert stats on portals as they level up.
-You can choose battle speed in options menu.
-Enemy hp is now visible.
-You can empower enemies at portals.
-Night ending event which resets the level.
-You can find the amount of sex scenes played in status menu.
-Credits button changed, external links added.
-Improved perfomance and made android version
-Added watersports stuff (you’ll have to find an item that unlocks it)
-Minor changes
First Release
Developer Notes:
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Thank you guys for supporting me on patreon and commissioning me, I appreciate it a lot. Now this may sound dissapointing but I have to put this game on hold, I started it a year ago and it was progressing pretty slowly. So I’ve decided to stop and take some time to work on my productivity. I’m planning to buy new software, maybe courses and also build a new pc for faster renders. Ty guys again.

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    Futa Dream [v1.7] [LizardSFM]