Futa Family [v0.2.18] [Ani has Problems]

Futa Family [v0.2.18] [Ani has Problems]

February 16, 2024F95

Every character in this game is 18+ and not blood related.  All children might be adopted.
In this game you play as a young adventurer trying to make as much money as possible,
in his local guild to someday buy a house for him and his girlfriend!….
But it’s you’re choice if this dream will really come true or if you will have to share her with somebody else,
or even something entierly diffrent.
Keep her for yourself, lose her accidentally or even agree to share her with…. your mom?? Do whatever!

Thread Updated: 2024-02-15
Release Date: 2024-02-15
Developer: Ani has Problems TwitterDiscordPatreonItch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.2.18
OS: Windows
Language: English
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3dcg, Animated, Big ass, Big tits, Futa/trans, Male protagonist, Masturbation, Netorare, Teasing, Vaginal sex
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1. Extract and run.
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-Added two scenes.
-Bug fixes.
Christmas update
Today is Camilla update with 2 scenes GF x Camilla
Both scenes are very easy to find with the new questlog.
I decidet to add all the quest one after the other ( today all the Camilla quests , next update all Julia quests and so on ) since adding them retroactively is more work then I thought.
I move the Gallery from the menu to the place where the content blocker used to be.
It felt a little useless to have it in the menu even thought you could only press it when you’re at home anyway.
v0.2.13 Halloween Update
– Update will have 3 scenes all part of the little special event you can trigger after buying some costumes in the clothing store.  A costume party.
– You’ll be able to talk a bit with the guests (Mom, GFMom, Synthia , Zoe, etc.) and see the scenes depending on if you do their rout or not. ( for zoe scene you need to do her little quest in the school usw. )
v0.2.12 + Fix
with 3 scenes.^^
Focus is the next part of the main story and the “goblin situation”.
( I numbered the versions wrong untill now, the last one should have been V0.2.9 not V2.9)
There are two h-scenes in this update:
  • 1. new event when you go into Julias room alone at night ( POV Futa on Male)
  • 2. after watching that even Julia has a new healing scene with MC (futa on male) when getting knocked out or when talking to her in the tent.
If you play NTR then the chance if 50%/50% what scene will play when getting knocked out.
Also this update should fix a lot of stuff
  • You can now chose what repeatable scene you want to see when bringing GF into Julias room.  You only have to watch the real scene you got because of your choice once and every time after the first one you can chose. Go in with GF = threesome , stay out = watching with Farsight.
  • the invisible wall labyrinth is now visible and not as anoying.
  • Camilla is now standing still in her house so she won’t block you from leaving when you visit GFs room.
4 ~ 5 scenes
1 scene on the pure none nts/ntr rout.
1 scene for GFxJulia NTS
1 repeatable GFxJulia NTS scene for the watching option.
1 repeatable GFxJuliaxMC scene with 2 options on how the scene will play out
I kind of endet up turning the threesome scene into two scenes in one so we’ve got basicly 5.
You know what I mean when you get to it^^.
Just talk to Mom in the kitchen after getting your Silver adventurer batch.
Julias 3 kids are in :
1. At the farm outside of the city.
2. At school
3. In the big house in the castle district.
Update for Camilla x GF with two scenes.
1 scene when you go to Camilla in NTR route after unlocking preggo stuff. (getting guild rank silver)
1 scene repeable when you bring gf to her room afterwards.
also added her 3 children for the preggo stuff, just as I said i would.
3 new guild mission each with a scene to find in them.
2 new books with a small scene each – 1 Arachne – 1 Goblin
A ton of other small things and rpg stuff.
Finally fully introducing pregnacy update.
(Wasn’t at home for the past two days that’s why the update is today)
2 scenes.
1- MC x GF repeatable scene so you can knock her up. (at night in her room)
1- MC x GF Pregnant pussy eating scene. (at night in her room when she’s pregnant)
I don’t want to explain everything here. I wrote some explanations into the game when you talk to the Nurse in the hospital.
Have fun^^
(GF could already be pregnant in your save, it was already possible to trigger in the last update)
– 4 new scenes.
– Main story stuff
– many small things
The 4 new scenes:
3 of them are in the main story and 1 out of the 3 is for NTR route only.
Tipp: the ntr scene is a little hidde. you need to use your Farsight at a specific part of the story. ( when you and GF get seperated). but I think that will be pretty obvious.
The last scene is the second Zoe scene.
Talk to her at night when it’s NOT raining and she’s outside running.
Smaller things:
-You can look at yourself in the bathroom and take a shower.
Scene MC x Futa will make mc dirty. take a shower once in awhile.
After the new story stuff you will be able to skip to the afternoon at your bed.
No need to run outside of the city to skip to a later time anymore.
I think that’s it!
!! GF can already get pregnant. But the actual pregnancy stuff (her with big belly) and other stuff aren’t in yet. !!
This update is filling up some of the missing placeholder stuff
-added two small scenes if you get knocked out  The rest is N/A
‘This update includes:
-The unique and impressive abillity to read. Try using that skill while not in a fight to read the book the MC has equiped. Books contain small H scenes. (Right now there are two books)
-Redid every zone in the forest to fit the gamestyle we had a poll on a week ago.
(I could finally balance shit since I now know how the gameplay looks like.
-Fixxed the Gallery, Gallery scenes were slightly diffrent then the scenes you could see when unlocking them. Was issue for a while but only found out about this….today.
-Introduced the unrestricted movement. could be that your old saves aren’t useable anymore but isn’t guaranteed to be so. I included a Save file on the netorarse rout with the gallery fully unlocked.^^
If a old savefile is still working, congratulations. you are probably op since all the numbers where too hight.’
This update has 1 new Mission for the guild , some new zones in the forest (will do a poll later on zone design), and I remade the pics for the first juliaxGF handjob/blowjob scene because I absolutely hated it. (idk just looked awkward and bad in my opinion)
Finally we are done with all the general game updates!
I am pretty sure to keep the general makeup of the game like this and focus on adding stuff to the story/routs.
-added first 2 missions in the guild with a scene each.
-added the new gallery. (I’m really proud of that one)
!don’t be surprised if one or two scenes are missing in a saved game since the old way I used to track the unlocked scenes was really buggy and I had to replace it.
But those scenes will appear after you see the next scene in theyre routs so no reason to start a new save.!
-generally added some improvements like labels for buildings so you don’t have to search around that much if you need to find Seys house for example.
Fixxed the bug in the forest / image loading issues.
This is a complete restructure of the game!
It took me forever but I somehow finished nearly in time^^
There are no more weekdays! Only Morning (Before school) , Afternoon (After school) and Night (most sex scenes are here)
Reworked the Intro, it’s much longer now and has some additional stuff.
I would recomend everyone to play the intro again, it will probably stay like this unless I have to fix some bugs.
Some scenes got rewritten or removed since they didn’t fit anymore, but they can still be accesed in the replay memory room. (I hope I don’t need to expand that level)
I finally figured out how I can progress the main story so that’s good I guess.
Endgoal of the story will be to get enouth money to buy a house for you and GF but this will come up more in future updates.
Saved games are probably really fucked now. sorry about that.
Also updated some parts of the engine since some of the programms rpg maker used to run are really really old, so no more anoying lags.
…..But that kind of broke the plugin with which I played the videos in scenes,
I’ll try to fix that and finally find a solution for this untill the next update!
Sorry about that again, untill then they’ll be picture only scenes without animations.
Once I find some other way to make videos work how I want them to work I’ll add them back in so dw.
added- Handjob scene GFxPlayer on Monday Afternoon. (Animated)
added- 1 bathroom event after Thursday/Sunday scene. (Animated)
-Added one mission with Sey including 2 scenes (1 normal scene, 1 bad end scene)
-Integrated the grammar patch of @SamtheYam and fixed most of the text wrappings etc.
-Generally updated some events I didn’t quite like.
– added first cg scene on Camillas rout and after sex events. (will add more on every update of this rout just like the text based scenes with Julia)
-Fixed some spelling misstakes.
-Added new Scene on Tueseday.
-Added new quite long listening scene on Wednesday/Saturday.
The listening scene is available after you have seen all GfxMom scenes up untill this point.
2 scene options Mom/GF one if you decide to watch and one where you listen on on them.
Since this is the first scene in this rout it will repeat itself every Wednesday and Saturday
Initial Release
Developer Notes:
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Thanks for looking at my game and I hope you stick around my discord for a bit, this is the free demo version I put out every now and then, if you want to support me please take a look at my patreon and check up in my discord.
This game is a hobby project and will probably be in developement for a very long time.
I update every two weeks on patreon and try to add new h-scenes as consistently as I can.^^
This free version might be many updates behind depending on when you read this :p
So do know that many things might have changed and saved games might not be useable in the updated version.
I don’t have a idea how big the scope will be once I’m finished , the goal right now is to build up the main storyline and then add the diffrent routs and endings.
I’m still learning and I hope I can get better with every update.

gmpimp39 & jampfl thanks for the link

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