Gain of Life [v0.35.0] [SirMister]

Gain of Life [v0.35.0] [SirMister]

July 9, 2024F95

If you gain weight your clothes will start getting tighter and tighter until you buy a new set of clothes (the same with losing weight, the clothes will get lose). If clothes are too small or they are going to RIP the game will automatically buy an overpriced set of clothes for you (it just makes sense because in real life you would just go and buy yourself new clothes, you wouldn’t go outside naked, so the game forces you to wear clothes).

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Your parents paid you an apartment near the college (which your parents paid the scholarship for). By default, you will attend college. With bad behavior, you can get kicked out of college, but you can also leave it when you want to.
Next to the college / as your job you will be able to choose from a wide range of jobs, each one containing something special. Some jobs require experience, fame, education,… so you will “unlock” them over time.

Better paid jobs will enable you to buy things, this game is a lot about money. A lot of money enables you to buy research centers,… to do…whatever you want to.

This is NOT supposed to be a minigame, which means one game year has 365 gamedays which you will have to play. Sometimes holidays,… can be skipped with a skip button for lazy players, but it is more efficient to play scenes/holidays yourself without skipping anything.

(Weight Gain Fetish)

Thread Updated: 2023-07-11
Release Date: 2023-06-05
Developer: SirMister Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.35.0
OS:  Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
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3dcg, female protagonist, management, fantasy
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1. Extract and run.
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  • Become a software engineer after completing the computer science class at the education center. You will meet Penny at your new job as well.
  • Meet Bob, the boss of iJam, a food delivery app. He has a unique way of talking and joking, especially when it comes to food.
  • Earn Bob’s bounty points by completing his bounty tasks. Bounty points will give you the option to make Penny to go on bounty missions. Talking of bounty, it has something to do with the coconut-chocolate bar. For now, Bob has five different bounty tasks for the player, where the last one will repeat repeatedly. It’s the shortest. These missions are quite interesting, such as “testing” the ordering functionality of the app.
  • Penny, the girl from the education center, also works at iJam, if you couldn’t guess from the above bullet point
  • If you run out of bounty points, Bob will make sure to compensate.
  • New building in town: the education center
  • Sign up for the computer science course (that consists of 20 lessons and 4 exams; each lesson and each exam with customized text)
  • Meet Penny, a computer science student
  • New weight stage for the main character
  • A new weight stage for the main character
  • Bunny is back: Meet her at the park. Collect all easter eggs and hand them in!
  • New: If you complete bunny’s mission, she will reward you with a cake. You can then share this cake with Jessica. You’ll play bottle spinning, the winner has to eat the next piece.
  • Fixed loads of bugs, including the kidnapping bug (hopefully, nobody confirmed it yet, but I cannot reproduce it anymore)
Meet Samantha
25 stages, there is no bigger large stage than Samantha has
Go on breaks with Samantha
Talk to Samantha
Stuff her with food and let her stuff you with food (depends on your choices)
You can try throwing pills from college projects in her drinks. After you completed e.g. weight gain pills project (at least 100% progress) you’ll be able to throw it in her drink. Note, she might find out…
a lot of small interactions that will slightly change depending on how the relationship to her evolves.
Office Job promotions
Depending on your choices you will be promoted. Each promotion increases your hourly wage by $1.
Loyalty Points – after your first promotion you’ll be able to earn Loyalty Points. You can spend exchange them for money or send food to Samantha / your boss.
Small adjustments:
You’ll be able to get the waitress job from the very beginning of the game.
Now you earn $7/hour at the waitress job.
You require certain math and language skills to unlock the office job.
You can go to work in the first week
The sleeping menu in the first week is the same as in the rest of the game.
Jane will gain weight ~20% faster.
losing weight is easier now.
the algorithm for gaining weight is a little different now.
you will get faster hungry, but you will get slower thirsty
-reworked main character sprites (I did not rework the character itself but the quality and the lightening of the sprites – in short: They look amazing now!). That’s a total of 160 images I completely re-rendered this month (yes, there are 160 images just for the main character).
-reworked file system for the character (I made it more efficient to add new stages and outfits)
-as always: new weight gain stage (I think this month’s new stage has the best outfit of all)
-added a calendar, so you will never miss any important event with other characters (many people had difficulties to attend Trevor’s party)
-Change to the Manor: Melinda will now, well lets say she will be more motivated in bringing you food while studying (also she got a bigger variety of foods she can bring you)
-Changes to Trevor’s party:
-If you don’t attend Trevor’s party the event it will no longer repeat until you attend it
-It will take longer and multiple parties until you get to the manor
-You can go to Trevor’s party multiple times. You can easily get invites by meeting Trevor randomly in college or by:
-Calling your friends:
-if you built a good relationship to Trevor/Jane you  can call them (not much to do in those calls, but in v0.7 I will add that you can invite other Characters for e.g. takeout at local restaurants)
-When calling Jane you can ask her for an invitation to Trevor’s party
-Go hiking in the mountains with Jane:
-the largest story-update this game ever had (520 new lines of pure story, that’s almost twice as much dialog as in the previous version v0.5):
-Go hiking with Jane
-Jane might ask you to go camping while hiking
-Meet Jenny, a witch that might have more cakes than you can eat (and well, she will make you eat them)
-a small, easy mini-game with Jenny, where it literally depends on you if you prefer winning or losing
-get lost in the mountains
-a new house! You can now purchase a new house at Real Estates. The bonus of the new house is that it gets messy even slower than the old apartment you have by default
-3 levels for the house (can be upgraded 2 times)
-Changes to nutrition values at the store: donuts will now be twice as filling, but don’t have twice as many calories, slices of white bread are now larger (I will update the nutrition table I uploaded recently)
Developer Notes:
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  • Weight gain
  • Weight gain
  • Force-feeding
  • Weight gain
  • Magic
  • The dictatorship (you can become a politician and create weird laws)
  • Aliens (you can buy your lab to do whatever experiments you want to…)
  • Hardly possible to lose (the game has a help-to-not-lose function. Means if you are going to fail the game will help you to not do so.)

*This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.

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