Gardener [v1.3] [Deep Spirit]

Gardener [v1.3] [Deep Spirit]

May 18, 2024F95

Gardener is a game about exploring and adventures of young guy. There are two main characters with highly interactive sex scenes: Mercedes Carrera and Abella Danger. There are two paths: Evil and Kind. You may rape or seduce: it’s up to you.
Thread Updated: 2024-03-09
Release Date: 2024-03-09
Developer: Deep SpiritPatreon
Censored: No
Version: 1.3 Public
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
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Male Protagonist, Multiple Endings, Real Porn, Text Based,  Combat, Anal Sex, Adventure, Sandbox,  Romance,  Voyeurism,  Vaginal sex,  Titfuck , Teasing ,  Spanking,  Slave,  Sexual Harassment, Rape, Oral Sex, Milf,  Male Domination,  Humiliation,  Groping, Corruption, Gay, Cheating, Group Sex, Multiple Penetration, Pregnancy
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1. Extract and run.
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I’ve added 28 k. words and 140 files in this update.
The files have grown from 1023 to 1325.
What can you do overall in this version 1.3?
  • New. Seduce or rape Jessica Bell who is pregnant and a bit shy but you corrupt her during photoshoot. There’s the whole version for Patreon subscribers.
  • New. Try to overplay a mysterious woman(Violet Smith) in a night dress who can be found in the afternoon. There are three stages of the quest though she is so icy. There’s the whole version for Patreon subscribers.
  • New. Seduce or rape a shy woman(Nadia Ali) who you can find to take photos. There’s the whole version for Patreon subscribers.
  • The above mentiones scenes are over 28k. words and 14 endings, FIY. They will be open when a remastered version of the game is released.
  • Fuck  or rape Mercedes Carrera as you wish in many postions. Overall, you can even kill her if find this option
  • Seduce or rape Abella Danger. I’ve added one path if you seduce her and others will be open later after releasing a remastered version.
  • Seduce or rape a pregnant woman(Missy Mae) with a bike.
  • Seduce or rape a woman in need (Angel Smalls) though it’s not a big scene.
  • Take photos of Elizabeth Bally in pigtails. She likes cosplay!
  • Seduce during photoshoot Vivianne DeSilva who is a hot MILF
  • I might forget something to mention though you find content to make yourself pleased.
Please do not hesitate to report any bugs you might encounter here.
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  • Added a missed scene with putting hands on Jessica Bell’s hips
  • Fixed a bug that prevented to play a quest with Nadia Ali. She can be found on OnlyModels via PC.
    If you haven’t found right away, just watch all girls and reset them.
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The count of words has increased from 144k to 204k.
The files have grown from 1023 to 1325.
  • You can now reminisce about the past of your character and their family.
  • Job hunting is now an option, and at work, you might encounter some… peculiar people.
  • A new storyline with Mercedes Carrera has been added, including several endings. One of which is quite dreadful. You will have to choose between pragmatism and loyalty.
  • You can end up in jail for raping, and even get out. There are three options to do that.
  • Two short encounters.
  • The opportunity to continue romantic interactions with Abella Danger.
  • You can invite her to a restaurant (be prepared to spend a good amount of money, and some luck will be needed).
Please do not hesitate to report any bugs you might encounter.
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-some bugs were fixed
-added videos for Abella rape scene that weren’t shown before
-added a possibility to get back to Mercedes Carerra
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+331 files
+43 k. words
+Completed Sharing Scene
+Completed Dildo Scene
+Completed A Queen of Night mini-quest
+Completed A Husband’s Arrival mini-quest
+ a map of some districts
+some work on GUI (green buttons)
+added Abella Danger and some content with her (only raping one so far)
+check your laptop to find some models
+try to meditate at home
– mistakes in the text
– the sleep issue
– added text in the “hints”
– rewritten a gay scene (almost all active gay content is avoidable or you may react. There’s no passive gay content)
– the fight buttons issue solved
-added a “back” button in the house while she’s getting dressed
-added some erection while peeping and swimming to a hero and a heroine
-infinite ladders and ropes are over 😉
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– Initial release
+607 images
+21 video
+11 Endings
+74591 Words
Developer Notes:
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I guess I’ll have to release a remastered version to implement the mechanics I find intersting, as well I might change the approach and get rid of violent content. I have a survey for you to take, and I’ll be very pleased if you find time to take it.
And yeah, I want to save this project. This is my first serious game though there were bugs, not much content, empty spaces and so on. Anyway it was valuebale experience and I am eager to continue and release a remastered version that will be better.
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Creating romance path for Abella Danger was fascinating.  I’d like to show new characters and three semi-secret communities in the next version.
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I worked on the characters, their story arcs, and the city map. Additionally, I’ve learned from my mistakes while working on the game. It’s important to complete each piece of code right away to avoid delays due to missing images or text, for example.
Practice makes perfect!
P.S. An online version will be later.
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I didn’t want to publish any games until I finish at least one. I’m sure now I can work on games, and I’d like to try different genres and ideas, so I’ll create not big games, but games which can be completed within six months. For example, I’ve been working on that game for 7 months. Mainly, I worked on the randomization of the content, exploration of the house, and elaborated sex system.  Enjoy yourself!
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