Gateway [v0.3.0] [Feebs]

Gateway [v0.3.0] [Feebs]

June 11, 2024F95

You are uprooted out of nowhere and flung into an unknown world. This is a hub world, a junction if you will, the place humans known as travelers utilize to venture through gateways connecting to distant worlds and universes. It is soon clear you are somehow embroiled in the machinations of someone else’s grand game spanning centuries, and to gain power for yourself and another, you’re tasked with growing this hub world by making it appealing to the travelers passing through.

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Unable to travel back through the portal, you are forced to make a home here with the “strays”, nine women who arrived, much earlier, but in similar circumstances to yourself. However, you quickly come to realize your arrival and reason for being here is vastly different to theirs and that their lives are now irrevocably connected to your own.

Thread Updated: 2024-06-10
Release Date: 2024-06-10
Developer: FeebsDiscordSubscribeStar
Censored: No
Version: 0.3.0
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
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Real Porn, Male Protagonist, Animated, Text Based, Anal Sex, Bdsm (Optional), Cuckold (Bull, optional), Creampie, Corruption (Mild), Group sex (FFM/MMF – optional), Handjob, Harem, Incest (Optional), Interracial, Lesbian, Masturbation, Milf, Oral Sex, Sex Toys, Transformation (see dev notes), Vaginal sex, Voyeurism, Adventure, Cosplay, Isekai, Management, PoV, Romance, Sandbox
Incest-Others (Optional), Possession, Swinging (Optional)
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1. Extract and run.
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  • Story continuation (lots!)
  • Optional update-checker.
  • Substory and flavor content for various characters.
  • Several new worlds for exploration.
  • New Eden can be revisited once story has progressed. Nearly all the lewd scenes now have additional unlocks. Notable exceptions are the Pharmacist and Patricia which will come in the future. Your initial reputation with them is based on how you resolved the initial New Eden visit.
  • New cheat option to gain reputation with New Eden faster – will only show once you’ve reopened New Eden.
  • Several new subsystems, new facilities, and new skills to help expand your hub, your harem, and your lewd-collection. A lot of the subsystems are optional beyond their introduction. More flavor and optional content will be added to these in future updates.
  • Added missing wallpapers for mature Alyssa.
  • Warnings can now link to the relevant area.
  • 6541-44-4 now has piggyback and influence events.
  • A number of bug fixes.
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  • Fixed issue that meant if you slept with Kimberly prior to 0.2.4 she didn’t start visiting the pool.
  • Fixed issue that allowed some of the observation events for Alyssa to trigger early, locking the player from progressing her.
  • Can now change preset relationship status via the contacts app on the computer.
  • Changed how the phone loads which should make forcing open text messages more reliable.
  • Fixed bug that meant ignoring some night visits deleted them occurring entirely.
  • A little movement in Megan’s substory.
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  • Alyssa’s substory continues.
  • Derin’s substory continues.
  • Ella’s substory continues.
  • Fixed styling issue on some older-written dialogues that didn’t play nice with the styling update.
  • Added text filter to movies, backgrounds, and credits.
  • Tracker app added to computer allowing you to view everyone’s status at once and filter to show only those that are incomplete.
  * This will be improved in a later version (0.2.5/0.3.0?) to allow you manipulate the quick tracker for this app too.
  • Shift assist skill efficiency bonuses now take into account how many hours you spent helping like the other bonuses do.
  • Fixed issue with that meant Kimberley couldn’t always teach despite meeting all relevant prerequisites.
  • Molly’s measurements scene is no longer repeatable on the day it’s first unlocked.
  • Piper’s planet now correctly states there are no more piggy events once you’ve seen them all.
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• Fixed bug that sometimes prevented you welcoming Quinn.
  • Made it so when required to teach or study as part of Kim’s substory you can go beyond the normal maximum.
  • Kim can now teach someone even if they have no skill, providing all other requirements have been met.
  • Changed some CSS up that should make the game mobile-friendlier. I still wouldn’t class this as a mobile-game, but in landscape orientation you should have a better time now.
  • Fixed scene repetition bug with Alyssa.
• Several less critical bugfixes and typos too.
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• Millie’s substory continues.
  • Kimberly’s substory continues.
  • Phaedra’s substory continues (minor).
  • Added peep scene for Kimberly.
  • Added non-lewd scene for Millie in garage.
  • Corruption bonuses re-balanced for Millie and Kimberly.
  • Most locations use a new more pleasant UI.
  • Ruby’s morning schedule changed.
  • Added two new video settings to enable/disable looping & controls by default.
  • Can now spend time assisting somsone working for the rest of their shift and gain skill yourself. The higher your skill, the better the results.
  • Several bug fixes.
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• New Eden event no longer retriggers once you return to the hub.
  • Menu should no longer show variable names when food or resources are zero.
  • Fixed issue with Millie’s tracker.
  • Taking Gemma to the Charity Event after having already met Howard but not Stacy no longer dead-ends.
  • Piper’s greet task was not always given properly.
  • A certain combination of choices combined which cheats prevented Isolda’s inspection.
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• Story continues.
  • Added dialogue to Lashonda’s gratitude scene and Kylie’s bakery scene. (Thanks to Shazamify!)
  • Special category added to movies app.
  • Can now pause construction projects.
  • Hotkeys can be enabled/disabled in the settings.
  • Traits are now displayed contextually on the expeditions and management pages.
  • Millie’s substory continues.
  • Derin’s substory started.
  • Ella’s substory expanded a little.
  • Can now click portraits in the tracker to quick travel to their location. Only available when quick travel also is.
  • Teaching screens updated.
  • Clear rota button added.
  • New weekly view schedule option – includes the ability to copy-paste daily schedule from one day to the next
  • Can now right-click a schedule slot to lock it, exempting it from clearing schedule, pasting schedule, and loading stored schedules.
  • Can now store up to five schedule configurations.
  • Ignoring a night visitor will now add them back to the potential night visitors pool for the following night, so you don’t have to retrigger the event.
  • Unblocking a refused night visit will now add it back to the pool of potential night visits without having to retrigger the event.
  • Credits screen and phone/comp background apps can be filtered by affiliation.
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  • Added some lewd rewards depending on how you solved the optional ninth-champion task. For existing saves, advance the game a couple of days to unlock. These lewds are currently mutually exclusive of the “Retrieval” scene.
  • Victoria’s missing night visit from discussing youth added.
  • Third buffer release now available any time post-inspection.
  • Alyssa now has content. It’s a slow burner at the start, but will escalate quickly once past a certain threshold in future updates.
  • Replays now show correct avatar if the character was transformed during the original scene.
  • Eslie’s Dildo scene trigger fixed.
  • Madison can now be found in the shower when trying to knock on her door [once a day], even if beyond that part of her substory.
  • Quick travel removed from some scenes where it shouldn’t have been.
  • Farm conversation no longer repeats with Kimberly.
  • Farm conversation no longer repeats with Kimberly.
  • Farm conversation no longer repeats with Kimberly.
  • Refrigerators upgrade added for restaurant, allowing you to optionally store up to 5 food per day.
  • Megan’s burnout trait replaced with inquisitive – 50% less fatigue gain when working the lab.
  • Expanded Lillian’s tracker to include the night visit after discussing your relationship with her.
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  • Derin no longer hangs around the lounge at night.
Bug Fixes
  • Close icon (X) no longer removed from dialogues.
  • Fixed issue where the restaurant was getting a bonus from a bakery upgrade instead, causing an error if you didn’t have the bakery yet.
  • ‘lacybuff’ task now works as intended.
  • No longer get error during ninth-champion side-task if you’ve not unlocked the networking app yet.
  • No longer get blank screen when trying to clear the buffer for the third time.
  • Kylie’s oven discussion will no longer disappear until that part of her substory is complete.
  • Charlie is a little shit.
  • Fixed issue where choosing Charlie blocked Madison’s & Megan’s substories.
  • Fixed typo that meant game didn’t always recognize Piper was at home.
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  • 13 new lewd scenes.
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  • Ruby’s & Charlotte’s taboo content progressed.
  • Kimberly’s steps updated in case you ignore Victoria’s night visit after speaking to Kimberly about hazy memories.
  • Fiona’s content expanded a little.
  • Seraphina’s content started.
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  • Some general UI improvements, such as showing fatigue when starting an expedition.
  • A general overview screen showing current projects and stats of all your workers. Also shows upkeep income per building – very much a work in progress and doesn’t currently take into account traits and skill levels.
  • While the game is still mobile-unfriendly, the computer and phone should now be usable on mobile-devices. I’d suggest playing in landscape, but portrait when using the in-game phone. You’ll miss a lot of the tooltips & QoL stuff, and I can’t guarantee there won’t be other issues later. As a result, I still can’t in good conscious tag it as a mobile game.
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  • Can now change character names and relationships using the contacts app on the computer.
  • Movies app now explains how to unlock most scenes. Though some hints are story-gated and will initially just say “progress story”.
  • Three new settings.
  • Volume slider.
  • Popup notification placement.
  • Autosave frequency
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  • Rewards & fatigue gains are now applied automatically, and you no longer need to visit Gateway B for them.
  • More off world flavor content.
  • Expedition deadline extended to 16:00.
  • Resource gain formula changed. Should gain more on planet 1, but less from planet 3 onwards.
  • Fatigue gain decreased by 33%.
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  • A few more upgrades & traits added.
  • If you’re talking to a character when they should be changing location, they’ll now excuse themselves.
  • Most discussion topics are no longer repeatable unless they still offer some form of benefit.
  • Baking can now only be done once a day, but has increased benefits. You can use food from the farm to bypass this limit.
  • Off world workers have changed a little and are introduced much earlier. In existing saves, this may result in a scene giving you info you’ve already seen when you next sleep.
  • A new spa upgrade allows you to schedule workers to relax themselves.
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This is not an exhaustive list. But all reported bugs in the F95zone thread have been addressed.
  • Rota performance issue addressed.
  • Replaying Victoria’s scenes should no longer cause an error.
  • Lashonda’s tracker fixed.
  • Piper/Isolda softlock issue addressed.
  • “Throcky” nickname should no longer be default for Alyssa if you changed from the default mc name or one that the game doesn’t have a pre-included nickname for.
  • To prevent a potential softlock, you can no longer build anything else until the monitoring station is complete.
  • Negative interactions no longer have positive bonuses applied to them.
  • Should no longer get locked out of Rita’s content if you do things in an unexpected order.
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  • When building the monitoring station, no longer locked out if you assign staff after selecting the project instead of before.
  • No longer get error if nobody ever assigned to construction when advancing time beyond a shift threshold.
  • If you cheat corruption values and bypass certain key events, you’ll no longer get an error when triggering a new shoot.
  • Isolda will no longer dismiss herself if there’s an ongoing inspection.
  • No longer get error with Megan or Kylie if you’ve progressed their substories without triggering any night events.
  • No longer receive “starts” error when reading certain text messages.
  • If you cheat and bypass rota management entirely, you’ll no longer get an error when asking Kimberly or Isolda to teach something.
  • Could trigger Charlotte’s poses message twice, causing an ID error making you unable to read her messages. If you’ve triggered it more than twice, send me your save file and I will manually fix for you.
  • Fixed missing tag during Derin’s car chat, and continue button now returns to correct place.
  • Fixed error in Lashonda’s tracker.
  • You will no longer get debug mode if storing in a location that includes “temp” or “private”.
  • Choosing to send Fiona home yourself instead of using the automation wasn’t repeatable, meaning she’d stick around indefinitely on her second visit.
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  • Addresses issues with adding scenes for Victoria and Phaedra to the replayer.
  • Resources issue fixed.
  • Fixes the $breakdone error on the management screen.
  • v0.1.0 Release
Developer Notes:
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If using family options, the current incest partners are aunt, sister and cousin. Though, there are some small dream scenes with the mother.
First game. Isekai. Originally wanted to make with 3D models, but my Daz skills were lacking. More info in my Dev Thread.
Option to play online via gateway.mom. It’s only on a shared host, so don’t expect it to be super speedy, but is a decent way to demo before you decide to download proper, I guess.
I will release patches from version to version, so you don’t have to download the entire game each time.
For those that are less interested in the game elements, there’s a cheat app on the computer.
Transformation for the purposes of lewds is NPC only. There is currently no intent to allow MC to TF. As of 0.2 TF allows gender bending of two male characters, bimbofication of one and mature/youngification of others.
Update Only (v0.2.5 to v0.3.0): GOFILEMEGAMIXDROPPIXELDRAIN
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Update Only (0.2.4 to 0.2.5): PIXELDRAINGOFILEMEGA
0.2.0 or 0.2.1 to 0.2.2: PIXELDRAINMEGA GOFILE
0.1.3 or 0.1.4 to 0.1.5: PIXELDRAINGOFILEMEGA

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