Gears of Dragoon – Fragments of a New Era [v1.05] [Ninetail]
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Gears of Dragoon – Fragments of a New Era [v1.05] [Ninetail]

January 22, 2024F95

“Within the labyrinth, one may find the truth.”

The city-state of Carnas prospers, founded on a rich, thriving culture of magic. Unbeknownst to its inhabitants, relics of a bygone era lie hidden beneath their feet.

In Carnas, machinery is seen as an affront to the sacred art of magic. But when individuals capable of manipulating mechanical wonders begin to emerge, they upset the city’s magical balance, causing disquiet and unrest, particularly among the ruling class.

Two ideologies, tangible and esoteric, coexist in a city where magic once held unrivaled supremacy. As tension simmers beneath the surface, the gears of destiny begin to turn.

A daring young adventurer, driven by insatiable curiosity, braves the ruins beneath Carnas. And if the legends hold true, the secrets of this enigmatic underworld await his discovery…

Evoking classic JRPGs with intense combat and immersive top-down exploration, Gears of Dragoon: Fragments of a New Era is Ninetail’s magnum opus, celebrating their 10th anniversary.

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Welcome to the enchanting city-state of Carnas, a realm steeped in arcane wonders, governed by skilled magic users. Yet, beneath its cobblestone streets and towering spires lies an unexpected contrast—the Dragonschaft, a labyrinth filled with forgotten technology and mechanical mysteries. This underworld, teeming with monstrous creatures and remnants of an extinct machine-driven civilization, waits silently beneath the bustling life of Carnas.

Meet Rustar, a young adventurer imbued with curiosity. Bearing his father’s final words and a unique talent—the mastery of both magic and machinery—Rustar dares to venture into the depths of the Dragonschaft. His journey takes an unexpected turn when Persy, a fiery young woman wielding an ancient artifact, crosses his path.

With their destinies intertwined, Rustar and Persy delve deeper into the Dragonschaft. The resurgence of a mechanical civilization within its depths disrupts the magical balance Carnas has maintained for centuries. As echoes of a forgotten era stir, so too do the ancient gears of fate, thrusting our heroes into a quest that will forever alter their lives and the course of Carnas.

Prepare for an epic journey in ‘Gears of Dragoon: Fragments of a New Era’. Challenge the labyrinth, unlock the secrets of the past, and shape the future of Carnas.

Thread Updated: 2023-10-21
Release Date: Japanese 2016-01-29, English 2023-10-20
Original Title: GEARS of DRAGOON 2 ~黎明のフラグメンツ~
Developer: Ninetail – Website
Censored: No
Version: 1.05
OS: Windows
Language: English
Voices: Japanese
Length: Long (50 hours)
Install Size: 5.8 GB
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Pre-installed version:
1. Extract the archive and run the ‘GoD.exe’ executable.
Installer version:
1. Extract the archive.
2. Run the ‘setup.exe’ executable.
3. Follow setup instructions.
4. Play.
Developer Notes:
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  •   50 hours of story
  •   Dungeon crawling gameplay
  •   Japanese voice acting by seasoned professionals
Win (Installer):



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    Gears of Dragoon – Fragments of a New Era [v1.05] [Ninetail]