Genex Love [v0.9.96] [Reboot Love]

Genex Love [v0.9.96] [Reboot Love]

January 23, 2024F95

In a world full of “gifted” people, you are a young boy who’s life dream was to become a Hero…
Sadly, you don’t have any ability. But everything will change when your “Genex” shows up!.
Embark in this journey of “Becoming a Hero” (Or maybe an Antihero?)
while at the same time discovering more about your “ability” , dating beautiful girls, surviving the school, and who knows…
Maybe more.

Important: Game is not Fast-Fap material, and includes a lot of teasing before the sex happens (most of the times)
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Thread Updated: 2024-01-18
Release Date: 2023-12-30
Developer: Reboot Love PatreonItch.ioDiscordSubscribeStarTwitter
Censored: No
Version: 0.9.96
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
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3dcg, Adventure, Animated, Big Ass, Big Tits, Creampie,, Graphic Violence, Handjob, Incest, , Male Protagonist, Mobile Game, Monster, Monster Girl, Multiple Penetration, Oral Sex, Sandbox, School Setting, Superpowers, Turn Based, Combat, Vaginal Sex, Voiced and all the “Vanilla tags””
About non vanilla tags:
– bad NTR: Nope, never, no Love Interest will ever fall for other guy or cheat you.
– Group sex: Player choice (Player can choose at the moment of sex, or just disable it for good at the settings). MC will have a way to do group sex with no other males.
– Blackmail/Forced/Rape sex: Player will have the choice to do some “soft” versions of it. Also, things like that may happen to girls in the game, which of course can be stopped by you or someone else, or happen if you choose to. You can disable this at the settings too to never encounter it.)
– Girls raping/forcing MC: May happen a few times, once again, you can disable it at the settings to never encounter that. If enabled, MC will have the means to stop it when it happens.
– Exposing/Public sex: Player choice to enable/disable, if enabled, player will decided if it ultimately happens or not at the very moment.”
– Male Domination: Player choice at the very beginning (enabled or disabled). If Female domiation on, it will turn the tables on the girls that may try to dominate you at the first chance.
– Female Domination: Player choice at the very beginning (enabled or disabled). see Male domination for more info.
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1. Extract and run.
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  • Fixed Lynx event at day 58 for those playing anti hero (not getting the event)
  • Some proofreading
  • Fixed a bug that would lock you out of Lisha’s story if you didn’t join the girls at the cabin orgy event.
  • Bug at the prison health/energy packs being crafted in wrong levels
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Genex Love: Version 0.9.95 (12/23/23) EVENTS
  • Untimed  +7 events.
  • Day 48 –
  • Day 49 –
  • Day 50 –
  • Day 51 – Pffff
  • Day 55 –
  • Day 56 –
  • Day 57 –
  • Day 58 –
  • Day 60 –
  • Day 61 –
  • Day 62 –
  • Day 64 –
  • Day 65 –
  • Day 66 –
  • Day 67 –
  • Day 67 –
  • Last Day 69 –
  • Changed EVASION a little to make it more noticeable.
  • Three new girls available to tame!
  • Tamed girls will help you tame new girls. (They will daily “tame” other girls)
  • Each girl having better performance at different tasks. (Working, farming, crafting, taming).
  • More time! Prison will now have 12 clocks instead of 4, but all actions will cost the triple. This will give you more time with tamed girls while keeping new girls balanced. (Each action cost 3, 6, 9 or 12 clocks when girl is not tamed. All actions cost 1 clock when the girl’s tamed.)
  • New building to get some extra clocks.
  • One of the new girls will have a story mode tame (Melith)
  • Spend some time with a girl to increase her love.
  • ASK for the Genex of the new girls (instead of just taking it if love enough).
  • Fixed Hanah’s 1st replay condition dialogue.
  • Fixed Winter fight after turn 36.
  • Fixed gaming over after trip.
  • Fixed Femdom replay for Jennika at school during day 43.
  • New Main Menu
  • Added HIDE button for android.
  • Some new achievements.
  • Fixed some images.
  • Updated some abilities
  • Changed some obsolete coding.
  • Status icons name while hovering during fights.
  • Girls’ tab a bit reworked.
  • Added pictures taken for each girl (And the posibility to buy them with hearts).
  • Added free roam, after getting to the end point. (Progress won’t be saved, but you can enjoy replays and prison content).
  • Data transfer between games
This is not the real ending of Genex, this is the ending of the “first part” since the size issue which has been explained several times ⁠reboot-news-info. I’ll keep working on Genex like I’ve been doing so far.
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Update 27/05:
– Added Hero-Genex-Steal option with Ginger.
– Minor bug and lines fixed.
Update 20/05:
– Some lines fixed
– Taking the girl out for a walk now costs 3 clocks.
– Reduced difficulty from “Sewer event day 21” in easy mode
– Day 35 to 47!
– All relevant characters can be renamed now! (Names only, not alter-egos)
– Added consumable items (HP and Energy restore – Can be crafted by tamed girls at the prison)
– Working wage will increase when you work certain times.
– Stat limits can be bypassed now.
– Winter’s back, will you capture her!?
– Autotaming function added.
– Automatic work/farming/job when tamed.
– Enhancing the prison facilities.
– Inventory revised.
– Easy mode will made the taming easier/faster (Also in Autotaming mode)
– Lynx replays mixed
– Wind AOE insta killing anything
– Added alignment status in stats menu.
– Added money to the map for easy view.
– Enhanced combat a bit (saving a few clicks)
– Added x3 SuperStrenght button
– Some self skills will auto launch (not needing to click yourself)
– Some AoE abilities will not need to click two times to launch.
– Changed Main Menu image a bit.
– Map looks a little prettier, just a little.
– Spending all clocks at the prison, will end the shift recovering some HP and Energy.
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Genex Love: Version 0.3.0 (13/11/22)
EVENTS Day 21 to 34.
– Fixed Hanah study event (good and evil choices)
– Fixed Ayane event (good and evil choices)
– Fear Branch begins. (MC will have from time to time the option to inflict fear on the girls to get something extra, this is not “bad” but will go hand by hand with the evil route. Yet again, you can have some fear choices, and still go for the true love route for the girl).
BUGS FIXED I fixed some, but I forgot to take note.
Genex Love: Version 0.2.52 (18/09/22)
Day 16a –
Day 17a –
Day 18 –
Day 19 –
Day 20 –
Prison implemented (A place to put the monster girls and tame them)
– Feed her
– Wash her
– Spy her while she’s doing her private things…
– Punish her (five different punishments)
– Take care of her
– Get her new clothes.
– Teach her.
– Send her to work for you.
– Talk to her
– Tame her the way you want by earning her trust or making her fear you (both ways are okay)
– Get her Genex ability!
BUGS FIXED – Wrong battles at rebooted days.
– Hearts included (To buy missing replays)
– Medium difficulty fights will reduce threat 15% (Hard will reduce 20%)
– Matt and Foxy names to customize.
Genex Love: Version 0.2.0 (3/7/22)
Day 11 –
Day 12 –
Day 13 –
Day 14 –
Day 15 –
Day 16 –
Day 17 –
Day 13a-
Day 14a-
Day 15a-
– Added Jennika and MC customizable relationship names… (Dom/Femdom branch)
– Wrong variable in Jennika’s event fixed.
– Removed Saving point for updates each day (Only showing when you reach the actual END of content)
– Added Font size setting to the settings menu.
– Map icons got bigger (easy to read on APK).
– First kiss achievement for all girls added.
Genex Love: Version 0.1.5 (15/05/22)
Day 7 –
Day 8 –
Day 9 –
Day 10 –
– Changing game difficulty not working.
– All events proofed!
Genex Love: Version 0.1.0 (03/04/22)
Day 4 –
Day 5 –
Day 6 –
– Incremented arrow size to click in fights.
– Added ally function to the fights.
– Replay functionally added.
– Added option to disable name colors.
– Added setting to skip fights (still will get damaged and get the reward).
– SuperStrength skill will no longer need the extra click to activate.
Game was completely checked, expect a really improvement in the dialogues. (Thanks Ghost and Simply)
– Vellanie’s clothes at the third day.
– HELP button not working at night.
– Correct clothes at pool fight. MISC
– Added combat tutorial.
– Added SuperStrength extra info on the stat screen.
– Removed “Custom name” button from the girls tab.
– Added Settings button at the map to customize everything.
– Enhanced arrow clicking (bigger size) to make it easier.
– Girl’s tab done.
– All missing replays added
0.0.7: “Demo”
This is just a game “demo”, to show what’s the “complete” “idea” of the game, there’s little gameplay, though there’s a few H-scenes included so far. In this version a few events were added, and the gameplay system. You will be able to see what’s the game like, the sandbox/rpg/fights and so.
This is just the game intro, to show what’s the idea of the game and the quality of work intended, there’s no really gameplay, though there’s a few H-scenes included so far.
Developer Notes:
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You can choose everything here, you won’t be forced into any content, everything will be your choice. You’ll decided how the game is played, and which girls you do or don’t do. When it comes to non vanilla sex/relationships, you’ll choose if it happens or not, game won’t just skip the scene, but modify the game to match your choices. If a girl is up for sharing, that’s because MC will plant the idea on her, if MC blackmails a girl to have sex, that’s because you choose to do that. Game’s not based on simple choices/results. You can get any girl, even if you decide not to always “please her”. Some choices will affect her love in a great or lesser way, but that doesn’t mean you’ll not get her if you decided not to do everything as she would prefer. Of course some choices will completely end the girl. Same goes for the Hero/Vigilante/Anti-hero personality. You don’t need to do everything like a True Hero, to be a hero. What I’m trying to say, if a choice is not what you want, but gives the girl/heropersonality a better outcome, you can avoid it, and your game won’t be ruined.
– Customizable MC name
– Customizable Roles/Nicknames for some girls/player
– Day/Night Cycle
– Stats System
– Map System
– Inventory System
– Replayable H scenes
– Choices that matter
– Animated  and sounded H scenes
– Easy mode
– Super Fights/Skippable Fights
-Hero/Anti-hero/Vigilante Path
Game Planned Content:
– All girls will have their own story…
– Different Endings
– Vanilla and Not Vanilla sex scenes.
Game Tags:
Visual Novel with Sandbox/RPG/Dating Sim features
Reason for 2 Parts:
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Since I’ve learned that size is a problem for most android users (Android 2gb size) which made a lot of users unable to play, forcing me to make an especial android build with lower resolution, I decided to cut Genex in 2 (two) parts. That’s why you may see “LAST DAY” or “END” in development status or information I post. After part 1 is delivered, I’ll start part 2 continuing the game right where we left it. And yes, the save game/progress will be shared, so you won’t lose your progress or anything. Around day 70, the story reaches an important point, where a break would make it okay. Also: If you wonder about prison stuff and keep playing after reaching the “end”: Yes, you will be able to keep playing after this “part end”, of course this progress won’t save, it’s just to play prison content or replay H events. The progress will be saved at the very last event which I hope you really enjoy.

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