Girl by Accident [v0.6.4] [JellyStone]

Girl by Accident [v0.6.4] [JellyStone]

July 1, 2024F95

“Girl by Accident” is an over 18 narrative-driven title that follows Alex Sterling, a young and successful architect. The main protagonist suddenly finds himself in a car accident only to wake up in the hospital filled with sexy nurses but to his surprise, he is now stuck in the body of “Alice” Sterling, a sexy young blonde woman. This uncensored visual novel explores what it’s like to step into the female body. The true life adventure kicks in after a week when “Miss Sterling” gets out of the hospital. At that point, the player can decide to return to the family or move in with the appealing roommate, Lars. Every path you take can lead you to embrace new parts of your femininity or better yet, new methods of corruption to satisfy your penchant for adventure and sex. It is a game where you can have sex with man, also sleep with sexy woman. Play on and experience all the complexities, nuances, and pleasures that come with being a hot, sexually-charged woman.

Thread Updated: 2024-07-01
Release Date: 2024-07-01
Developer: JellyStonePatreonTFGamesSiteitch io
Censored: No
Version: 0.6.4
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language:  English
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Female Protagonist, Real Porn, Incest,  Anal Sex, Cheating, AI CG,  Corruption, Creampie, Drugs, Handjob, Lesbian, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Rape, Sex Toys, Sexual Harassment, Transformation, Vaginal sex
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1. Extract the game and images (the zip package).
2. Open the html file in your browser of choice.
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0.6.4 (01.07.2024)
  • Introduced the first part of the Red Light District.
  • Added the sex shop featuring three dildos (one’s a hospital leftover—if you missed it, now’s your chance).
  • Rolled out three new sexy lingerie sets, also available at the sex shop.
  • Added new scenes for using the dildos from your room drawer.
  • Fixed uneven corruption points for Patricia. If you’re affected by this, your points will be set to 20, allowing you to experience two spicy events.
0.6.3 (24.06.2024)
  • Unveiled the second corruption event with Patricia.
  • Introduced a massage session with Lars featuring 14 different encounters. What happens depends on his corruption level—things might get steamy!
  • Added a new variable for the upcoming update: the Red Light District.
  • Updated the diary.
  • Also worked on fixing small bugs that were reported to me.
0.6.2 (17.06.2024)
  • Added a spicy random event to increase Patricia’s corruption at the park once her corruption points exceed 20.
  • Now you can opt for an automatic shower when heading to bed.
  • Added an option to apply makeup automatically each morning.
  • Extended the random event with James in the morning for some extra fun.
  • Found and fixed an issue with the black sports shoe in both the wardrobe and shop—finally!
  • Added some missing initialization variables for the drawer in the shared living space.
  • Fixed the fast travel option to prevent getting robbed.
0.6.1 (10.06.2024)
  • Fiona’s Everything & Nothing Boutique” is now open in the mall.
  • You can now buy bags to store outfits and change outfits anywhere!
  • A small mirror is available to check your allure on the go.
  • Purchase a mirror for your wardrobe to automatically check your allure.
  • Fixed a missing time check for Liam’s second event.
  • Once again, I’ve significantly compressed the file size—by about 150MB!
0.6.0 (03.06.2024)
  • Introduced fast travel (sounds simple, but it took a lot of work—hope you all enjoy it!).
  • Unlock a second maid promotion if you’re willing to swallow your pride… and perhaps a bit more.
  • Added 6 new workdays featuring slutty maid outfits.
  • Added tips for the waitress and maid jobs based on your allure value.
  • Earn some extra cash from the bookstore owner if you’re alluring enough.
  • Corrected a small error where only 5 of the 6 secretary workdays were displayed.
0.5.9 (27.05.2024)
  • Added three different backgrounds that you can choose from in the settings.
  • A new random event for night or while asleep outdoors. If your allure value is high. (watch out it’s dangerous outside!)
  • The Perl Beauty Salon in the mall is now open for visits.
  • Checked and fixed an issue with the black sports shoe.
  • Fixed an error in Lars’s evening event.
0.5.8 (20.05.2024)
  • Second Promotion for Secretary
  • 6 New Workdays with Slutty Office Clothing
  • Added High Heels Training with Patricia
  • Changed the Texts for Random Money Events and Removed Corruption Gain
  • Added Missing Information in the Diary for Patricia’s Events
0.5.7 (13.05.2024)
  • Makeup training with Patricia has been added.
  • If you obtained the nurse outfit but did not escape, you can now keep it after discharge.
  • Added another text for job change.
  • Corrected an error in the repeatable event with Patricia.
  • Changed some remaining German text to English.
0.5.6 (06.05.2024)
  • Added a way to escape the hospital with 2 bad endings and the first neutral ending.
  • Added the last dream sequence into the hospital.
  • Made some changes to the hospital discharge page for a better appearance and understanding.
  • Revised the “accident” at the very beginning.
0.5.5 (29.04.2024)
  • Added flirting training with Patricia.
  • Added the next meeting with President Barclay and a step in the story.
  • Decreased femininity at the meetings with President Barclay so the player can reach 0 by the end for an alternate ending.
  • Changed all Patricia’s random event pictures to the correct images.
  • Changed “(WIP)” to “(please wait for update )” for better understanding.
0.5.4 (22.04.2024)
  • I added two options in the settings window.
  • Added “Day mode” for players who prefer to be blinded by a bright white background while playing.
  • Added an option button for all random events; now, how often they appear is your choice.
  •    This option applies to: Patricia’s random events, Lars’ random events, cash random events, random events at home, and hospital random events.
  • Added the third missing event for Patricia at the park.
  • Added a peek count, so you can’t max your stats on the first day. More corruption lets you peek more often.
  • Sorted the people in the hospital room; now you can choose who you’d like to see.
0.5.3 (15.04.2024)
  • Added 3 small random events for Patricia to gain more friendship once per day.
  • Also added 3 random events for Lars.
  • Fixed the issue where the random events appeared too often.
  • Fixed Lars’ third event.
  • Corrected many instances of “befor” and “bevor” to the correct “before.”
  • Added the daily reset for James’ third event.
0.5.2 (08.04.2024)
  • Added the Pinewood Park “Fit For Fun Run” into the game.
  • Added yoga with Patricia in the park.
  • Added a small random event outside, also 30% chance once a day.
  • Added the right sidebar for later use.
  • Fixed missing energy loss for jogging with Amelia.
0.5.1 (01.04.2024)
  • Added 15 random events, one per person and time period (not during sleep).
    • Added 18 new pictures/videos and 4,500 words, totaling 27,000 characters.
    • You have a 30% chance to get a random event in the parents’ living room.
  • Fixed an issue where the hospital schedule was shown too early.
  • Fixed some minor issues.
0.5.0 (25.03.2024)
  • The next two dirty actions are available for playing games with Liam.
  • The next meeting with Victory Barclay (main story).
  • You can now change your clothing before going to the landlord.
  • Fixed an issue where the second row of panties in Sindy’s Lingerie Shop was available without Amelia’s second event.
  • Fixed an issue where the dildo in the hospital was not available for going to sleep.
  • Corrected 14 instances of “to late” to “too late.”
  • Fixed an error where you received an uneven number on the third event with Amelia.
  • You can now go with just swimwear in the backyard.
  • Fixed an issue where you met Patricia twice with President Barclay at the third meeting.
0.4.9 (18.03.2024)
  • Increased the corruption gain of all characters to +2 per action.
  • Fixed an error with the wardrobe if you started a new game.
  • Addressed many more grammar, spelling, and time issues in the hospital and the part 2 intro.
  • Fixed small errors in the hospital and the apartment.
  • Fixed the wardrobe problem in your room in the apartment.
  • The hospital mirror now has 7 different steps to show your body every 5 femininity points.
0.4.8 (11.03.2024)
  • Added a schedule in the sidebar for the hospital.
  • Added a tutorial for the wardrobe if you enter your room after the hospital for the first time.
  • Added the office building to the world as well.
  • Made a small text correction.
  • Fixed a logic error with the clothing in the backyard.
  • Fixed the time issue with “helping dad” in the backyard.
  • Fixed an error in the apartment when delaying rent and then attempting alternative payment.
  • Fixed the issue where the Barclay house was available on any path after visiting the university.
v0.4.7 (03.03.2024)
  • Added the option for sex with Lars in the shower correctly.
  • Added the next step with Lars while playing console games.
  • Now, you can also have sex with Lars at night.
  • Updated the diary.
  • Fixed the error with Lars’ third event.
  • Fixed an error in the wardrobe where Daddy’s dress and high heels were still not in the wardrobe.
v0.4.6 (25.02.2024)
  • Lars’ third event is now available at 60 corruption.
  • The dress and high heels from James’ third event are now in the wardrobe.
  • You can now rush from Patricia to home.
  • Corrected some grammar errors.
  • Added missing pictures for Liam’s second event.
  • Corrected some diary errors where some actions were double-mentioned.
  • Added missing time advance for the afternoon in the kitchen.
  • Corrected the wrong text in the maid job.
  • Fixed an error where Liam didn’t get any corruption points while playing console.
  • Now, you can’t be picked up for the third event with Liam during sleep periods.
v0.4.5 (17.02.2024)
  • The third James event, for 60 corruption with about 1600 words, is now in the game.
  • We can now invite James to shower as well.
  • The next garden fun is not accessible after the third event with James.
  • New feature: You can now see when you change into your new outfits obtained throughout the game in events.
  • Fixed a small error in the diary.
  • Corrected some mix-ups with the shower pictures.
  • Fixed an error where Lars appeared in the parents’ house.
v0.4.4 (10.02.2024)
  • Moved Patricia so you can meet her earlier in the game.
  • Lars now watches spicy movies at night, and you can lend him a hand.
  • You can now practice kissing with Patricia.
  • Sex talk with Patricia can now increase her corruption to 40.
  • Fixed a time skip error on Friday mornings.
v0.4.3 (04.02.2024)
  • First corruption event with Patricia.
  • Patricia is now seen in her room picture.
  • Added a night event with Liam, including analsex.
  • Added shortcuts for the Barclay household to visit Patricia more easily.
  • Now, you only need 10 friendship points with Patricia to unlock the Barclay household.
  • Added missing diary entries.
  • Fixed missing shower pictures with Liam.
  • Finally fixed the issue where you can’t go over 100 fitness in the gym.
v0.4.2 (28.01.2024)
  • Waitress, maid, and bookstore assistant can now switch jobs with each other.
  • Added the university to the world so “Secretaries” can do the third event with Liam too.
  • Patricia can now be found at home.
  • You can talk to Patricia to increase friendship and femininity.
  • At a friendship level of 50 with Patricia, you can have some intimate conversations to increase her corruption.
  • Now, you get dressed again after having fun under the shower with Lars or Liam.
  • Fixed an error with the “invite Lars and Liam to shower” option.
  • Fixed an error in the WG living room.
  • Fixed an error where you went to the parents’ bathroom after having a shower in the WG.
v0.4.1 (21.01.2024)
  • The third event with Liam to raise his corruption over 60.
  • You can now invite Lars and Liam to the shower.
  • Improved quick save slots to prevent saving the wrong outfit on them.
  • Added a new bikini.
  • Fixed an error with corruption in the shower.
  • Improved the shower text.
  • Fixed missing pictures in the eating-out scene in the pool.
  • Added a missing diary entry for Amelia.
  • Also added diary entries for Lars and Liam.
v0.4.0 (14.01.2024)
  • The drawer in the bedroom now has something to play with if you found it in the hospital.
  • The hospital bedroom has the same toy if you got it out of the locker.
  • You can’t leave the beach nude.
  • Added shortcut links to the schedule in the hospital.
  • Updated descriptions for more places.
  • Fixed a wrong name in the first Lars event.
  • Corrected a small typo and an error with the landlord.
v0.3.9 (07.01.2024)
  • Fixed a time error (yes, again).
  • Added four new training sessions with Patricia.
  • Each training session with Patricia has five sessions plus one extra repeatable.
  • Patricia gift you a new outfit during the dressing training.
  • Fixed a significant issue with Amelia’s shower after jogging.
  • Updated the diary for Patricia.
v0.3.8 (30.12.2023)
  • You can now go topless outside if you have a sports bra on.
  • Inthe garden with James it’s not just teasing, you can do more now.
  • Added James’s second event (hope it is not too long, please leave feedback).
  • Included a diary entry for James.
  • Corrected some typos.
v0.3.7 (23.12.2023)
  • You can’t go outside wearing sleep clothes or nude anymore.
  • Completely rewrote the first Lars event, doubling its length.
  • Added the second Lars event.
  • Fixed an error with beach swim fitness.
  • Added a new entry to the diary for Amelia and Lars.
v0.3.6 (17.12.2023)
  • Moved the rent payment location (please report any bugs if you notice anything unusual).
  • Added missing makeup points for allure checks.
  • Included missing time progress when cooking with Amelia.
  • Added a fitness load button for jogging with Amelia.
  • Included missing time progress when helping James in the garden.
  • Mom’s third event after jogging and shower to increase corruption over 60.
  • Added pool liking with Amelia after corruption is over 60.
  • Fixed an error at work where the wrong text was displayed at night.
v0.3.5 (09.12.2023)
  • Rearranged shower pictures.
  • Fixed corruption issue during Amelia’s TV night.
  • Work is now closed at night.
  • Barclay House is now open (no events yet).
  • Amelia can play in the pool if her corruption is 41 or higher.
  • Updated the diary again.
v0.3.4 (02.12.2023)
  • Fixed the issue of missing fitness while jogging with Amelia.
  • Resolved the problem with sleep clothing.
  • Fixed the quick slots during the first-time load.
  • Updated the repeatable TV event with Amelia to avoid it looking like the first time every time.
  • You can no longer skip paying rent by using yoga in your room.
  • Added Amelia’s second event for 40 corruption.
  • Corrected the error in the yoga event, preventing players from earning more than 100 fem points.
  • Introduced six new lingerie items as rewards after the Amelia event.
v0.3.3 (25.11.2023)
  • Provided a description for the movie night in the diary after Amelia reached corruption 21.
  • Fixed the endless repeat issue in Liam event 2.
  • Now you can jog with Amelia to increase her corruption to 40 faster if you are attractive enough.
  • You can help Amelia with the kitchen dishes in the afternoon.
  • Added a load button for work, yoga, and sleep.
  • Corrected Patricia’s friendship information in the diary.
  • Now you can do yoga with Amelia if her corruption is over 20.
  • Added the corruption points for the waitress that were missing.
v0.3.2 (18.11.2023)
  • two more meetings with President Barclay.
  • added the second of girly training with Patricia.
  • resolved issues with Lars gaming event.
  • fixed some spelling errors.
  • resolved an error at the gym for infinite fitness.
  • corrected a major time error at Liam gaming event.
v0.3.1 (12.11.2023)
  • added three additional outfit slots.
  • improved the “outfits save” function to support multi-layer outfits accurately.
  • resolved the issue with helping in the Backyard; now available only in the afternoon and evening.
  • included Patricia in the diary.
  • introduced a new friendship bar with ten levels of friendship.
  • fixed the corruption bar issue for Liam for corruption 40 and above.
  • the next meeting with President Barclay.
  • added three new dresses.
v0.3.0 (05.11.2023)
  • you now can see the versions number on the first screen
  • added a new important charakter (Patricia Barclay)
  • first how to be girly training
  • undress everything button in wardrobe
  • added the third meeting with president Barclay
v0.2.9 (28.10.2023)
  • you can visit brother at night
  • a new oututfit
  • brother event 2
  • added more text to some events/rooms
  • diary updated
v0.2.8 (21.10.2023)
  • corrected some spelling errors.
  • added 8 random events to Tiger University for gaining more stat points.
  • Players will need to visit President every 5 lecture classes.
  • included the initial two meetings with President Barclay.
  • added more FeM3Dx pills!
v0.2.7 (15.10.2023)
  • Add a black bra and panties to your inventory in the prologue, so there’s no need to buy them in Chapter 2.
  • Add a leggins to your inventory in Chapter 1, so there’s no need to buy them in Chapter 2.
  • The Backyard
  • Helping dad in the backyard
  • Wardrobe tidy up
  • Startpage changes
  • You need to waer sleep clothing to sleep at chapter 2 now.
  • One pajama on the bed bed for you
  • 7 sleep outfits
  • diary updated
  • first event with dad
v0.2.6 (08.10.2023)
  • Add 4 new work uniforms, one for each job.
  • Add different 24 job events 6 for each job.
  • You can get your first promotion now in each job.
  • added 2 missing pictures.
v0.2.5.1 (02.10.23)
  • Fixed missing picture.
  • Fixed missing closing tag.
  • Fixed the rent pay at parents home.
v0.2.5 (30.09.23)
  • You can now load saved games in future versions of the game. (Sorry, I didn’t realize it wasn’t possible before.)
  • Add a black bra and panties to your inventory in the prologue, so there’s no need to buy them in Chapter 2.
  • Add a leggins to your inventory in Chapter 1, so there’s no need to buy them in Chapter 2.
  • Add some femininity points for the morning pill.
  • Take another look at the starting parameters for the “Chapter 2 skip. (I had to play the first chapter by myself.)
  • Improved more files for better quality and smaller download file sizes.
v0.2.4 (23.09.23)
  • bug fixes
  • Increased the starting values for the “Chapter 2 skip.”
  • Improved file format for better quality and smaller file sizes.
  • A mysterious pill has been added in the first chapter.
  • Eavesdrop on the additional conversation at the end of chapter one.
  • At the start of the game, the PC now falls into a coma.
v0.2.3 (16.09.23)
  • allure value has undergone a makeover.
  • you’ll automatically undress when you step into the shower.
  • modified the first event with Brother and Lars.
  • chance that you can now be watched during yoga.
  • you can now purchase and apply makeup.
  • added the first Mom event.
  • new outfits, 3 bikinis, have been added.
  • you can now swim at Dolphin Beach.
v0.2.2 (09.09.23)
  • many bug fix (I’m sorry that the bug’s even happened.)
  • first events with lars and bro.
  • shower events
  • work clothing
  • dairy
  • work promotion progress bar
  • better alure valule (yes you need to check it at the mirror.)
  • corruption tracking bar
v0.2.1 (26.08.23)
  • major rent update
  • you can be nude now.
  • first bad ending
  • added tv and yoga
v0.2.0 (19.08.23)
  • 48 new clothing items
  • wardrobe
  • 2 different homes
  • “open world”
  • 4 different jobs
  • the allure value
v0.1.2 (12.08.23)
  • the beginn of Chapter 2
  • added the current clothing display
  • Fixing some small bugs
v0.1.1 (05.08.23)
  • Fixing a handful of bugs
  • adding more dreams
  • Two placeholders established
v0.1.0 (05.08.23)
  • Chapter 1 release
  • small grammar correction
v0.0.5.1 (29.07.23)
  • fixed wrong room number in room 203.
  • corrected the terminology. It is now body transformation and no longer body swap.
  • added instagram link
v0.0.5 (22.07.23)
  • fixed some first- and third-person grammatical errors
  • fixed spelling mistake
  • change some pictures

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