Girl Games [v0.5.5] [danasavage]

Girl Games [v0.5.5] [danasavage]

April 17, 2024F95

Welcome to Feminae College, where you’ll meet your new roomie and explore the campus! But watch out for Heather and Jennifer, the two most beautiful and popular seniors, because they’re hosting something called the Girl Games: a competition where girls transform guys into slutty sex kittens …

Features both forced and voluntary feminization and crossdressing content, with a full Paperdoll dressup system …

Thread Updated: 2024-03-16
Release Date: 2024-03-15
Developer: danasavage PatreonPrevious VersionsTFGamesSiteWebsite
Censored: No
Version: 0.5.5
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
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Text based, Male protagonist, School setting, Trap, Sissification, SPH, CFNM, Female domination, Gay, Bicurious, Oral sex, Masturbation, Transformation, Corruption, Exhibitionism, Humiliation, mtf, Sissy, Gloryhole, ai cg, Chastity
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1. Extract and run.
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Content Added:
– Heather 5th Chapter (“get back my phone!”)
– Jennifer 5th Chapter (“debts to pay”)
– The Exam (finally!)
– 4x sleazy Johns added to the shady alley
– 1x (male) nightclub hookup
Quality of Life:
– Ability to have anal sex
– Ability to buy/use condoms (see above!)
– “Continue like this” action/option added to sex scenes
Bugs Fixed:
– You need $20 or more to enter the nightclub (sorry!)
– (hopefully!) fixed the bug where the game wouldn’t continue for some people during the phonecall segments
– fixed a bug where the game crashed during Jennifer’s 4th chapter on entering her room when she’s chosen the black/pink outfit for you
– fixed disappearing chastity device in Jennifer 4th chapter after gloryhole cabin
Content Added:
– Heather 4th quest (“Heather’s party”)
– Jennifer 4th quest (“Heather’s party”)
– new job: you can now work as a janitor on campus (see the noticeboard anytime after the Girl Games audition for more info)
– you can wear/take off makeup
– you can present femme, with (basic) npc interractions/reactions and location specific events added accordingly (more to come!)
Quality of Life:
– dynamic UI color transitions to signify what gender you’re presenting as
– stat notifications
Bug fixes:
– fixed bug where Claire’s image appeared for all characters after hookup
– fixed bug where dress transfers from backpack to closet during Heather dress quest
– fixed bug where player arousal bar wasn’t updating immediately when loading a previous save game
– fixed bug where background remained black after some calls to contacts
– fixed bug where Art Job flyer disappears after day 6
v0.5.3 Hotfix
– Fixed bug where art model job crashes on Week 2
– Fixed bug re: shaving/entering Heather’s apartment on dress quest
– Fixed bug where chastity device is removed on clicking ‘Get Naked’ in closet
Content added:
– Heather 3nd quest (“dance practice”)
– Jennifer 3nd quest (“meet me at the mall …”)
– Conversation with older woman in nightclub now leads to a hookup
– Working video cabin and gloryholes in the Adult bookstore!
Quality of Life:
– PC download(s) now just a single .exe file, and available as 32- and 64- bit versions
Bug Fixes:
– entering Amy’s room in a towel no longer traps you there!
– more conversations added to Kevin’s dialogue options
– more items added to the stores
v0.5.2  Hotfix
– Fixed a bug where the call to Jennifer won’t work once you’ve stolen or bought panties. This will now trigger the rest of Jennifer’s second quest.
Content added:
– Heather 2nd quest (“meet me at the mall”)
– Jennifer 2nd quest (“steal/buy some panties”)
– Amy liquor quest, drinking game and hookup
– experimental (i.e. needs polish/tweaking) ‘Sex Engine’ minigame now triggers on 1st Amy hookup (and again on subsequent visits to her room)
– mysterious older woman added to nightclub
– chastity descriptions/reactions added to various existing scenes (more to come!)
– (almost) all shops have stock you can buy (once you’re feeling girly/brave enough)
Quality of Life:
– phone panels now close with Escape
– sleep and wait ‘checks’ trigger when a quest is active, to stop you being able to miss them
– free bus ride if you need it for the Heather mall quest due to over-spending!
–  (as much as I liked the devious idea of you having to type it in by hand …) Jennifer “say yes mistress” input field is now populated with text, rather than blank
– Switched from GLES3 to GLES2 renderer, so game will work on older machines
Bug Fixes:
– quick save no longer names every file “Bedroom, Monday, Week 1”
– quick save (hopefully) no longer interferes with the “Yes Mistress” text input on the first Jennifer scene
– conversations can now be advanced with click (anywhere on screen) like any other element
– basic chastity and tucking functionality (more to come!)
– optional tutorial added to opening Receptionist scene
– cheat panel added for Patreon subscribers (access via password, for $1 tiers and up)
– nsfw splash screen/warning added
  • Reworked UI and refactored code
  • Redone (AI) art, SFX, and some lines of dialogue voiced
  • Contains polished content up until the end of Day 6 / Chapter One
  • See this FAQ for more info!
*Whole game rebuilt again from the ground up, this time in the Godot game engine.
*Now contains at least one full route through the game – the Heather path – right up to at least a kind of ‘ending’ …

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