Gl1tch Qu3st [v0.2.0] [Klest]

Gl1tch Qu3st [v0.2.0] [Klest]

January 11, 2024F95

Enter Relic Hunters Online – a notoriously challenging and pay-to-win full dive VRMMORPG.
But what if in character creation, a glitched secret class is selectable? What is “Zard”?!
Navigate through the world of the game and unlock [GM] powers, allowing you to manipulate the NPCs and other players to your whims… and maybe, just maybe, eventually transcend the digital world with your newfound power.

Note: This is a fully offline single player game. The “online” aspect is just a story element.

Thread Updated: 2023-12-19
Release Date: 2023-12-19
Developer: Klest Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.2.0
OS: Windows
Language: English
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3DCG, Male Protagonist, Adventure, Combat, Fantasy, Rpg, Monster, Monster girl, Big ass, Big tits
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1. Extract zip file and run Gl1tch Quest.exe
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v0.2.0 – 2023-12-19
New Features:
  • Added a new Hunter, Giselda, in the Glorden Sextant selling sexy dances.
    The dance will buff you, but watch out for unexpected skills from this high level Hunter!
  • Introduced [GM] INFO skill:
    See stats, including current health of other entities.
    Improved herb gathering yields.
    View monster drops.
    Basic real-world Hunter stats revealed.
    Future updates will enhance this skill further and expand where it can be used.
  • Expanded Arinya’s dialogue in Aurelium’s tavern, offering world and game insights. Also, there’s a short quest here where you can see some skin if you use the new [GM] skill in the right way.
  • Improved character image transitions and conversation starts.
  • Added new armors to the blacksmith; she buys old armor and weapons.
  • Disabled harvest buttons in uncleared enemy areas.
  • Introduced a fatigue system: Gain a point upon death, halved with real-world rest. It acts as a malus on different checks.
Plains of Asteria Update (the area to the east of the city):
  • Added art and battlemaps for all locations.
  • Enhanced enemy variety, including Bandits and Wolves.
  • Limited herb checks to once per day per location.
  • Higher quality, rare herbs introduced.
  • Goblins drop herbs, ores, and gems; tougher goblins yield better items.
  • Broken bridge now requires jumping.
  • Wishing well can be used to provide limited daily healing/mana/money chance.
Gameplay Enhancements:
  • Enemies respawn with randomness.
  • Fixed and improved default combat map.
  • Can log out via System menu except during dialogue.Logging out penalizes in combat or near aggressive enemies.
    Logging in respawns dead monsters and resets herb counters.
  • Added bank portal to transfer TC -> glord with a 3% cut.
  • Inventory tab now includes RMT button for real money transfer (TC to glord) with a 3% cut.
  • Brendlewart healing reduced (10 -> 2) due to farmability.
  • Introduced floating text system for various in-game notifications.
Technical Improvements:
  • Included all fonts, libraries (3.js / bootstrap), and placeholder images in the app. This should prevent the app from asking for internet access, but let me know if that’s not the case.
  • Reduce overall file size by removing some dependencies from the production build.
  • Prevented arrow key and tab navigation in sub-locations.
  • Upgraded major dependencies for potential performance improvements.
  • Zone property automatically applied to all areas, designating red zones with potential penalties.
  • Improved spacing of turns in combat for better flow.
  • Fixed combat pathfinding bug; tunnels are now truly narrow.
  • Fixed bug where enemies could get stuck on the edge of the combat map.
  • Duels in red zones are now fatal if lost.
  • Player starts with 2 intelligence to cast Zard Bolt (previously magic firebolt) at level 1.
v0.1.0 – 2023-12-05
initial release
Developer Notes:
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After lurking on F95 for years, this is my first ever adult game !
I would love to get tons and tons of feedback as I have spent a lot of time as a solo-dev just making systems for this and I am now preparing to start producing content. Please give it a try and let me know what you think, am open to any and all suggestions.
Windows PC only, but will support macOS and Linux in a future release. This game is quite UI heavy, and is best at 1080p screen size and above.

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