Glimpses of the Past [v0.4.0] [MrStarRaccoon]
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Glimpses of the Past [v0.4.0] [MrStarRaccoon]

May 19, 2024F95

This story will take you to the world of a lonely guy, who is trying to find himself.
He had very difficult childhood, the failure followed him everywhere. Now he is selfconfident grownup. But his old fucked up memories are following him.
You will have to make a decisions for him to conduct his future and change his past.

Thread Updated: 2021-08-26
Release Date: 2021-08-25
Developer: MrStarRaccoon Patreon TwitterDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.4.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English, Russian
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3DCG, Animated, Male protagonist, Big ass, Big tits, Creampie, Handjob, Vaginal sex, MILF, Oral sex, Teasing, Humor, Romance, School setting, Bdsm, Footjob, Handjob
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1. Extract and run.
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+518 renders
+ 18 animations
+ 4 photos in galleries
* Fixed the preferences menu
* Added screen saver on/off option.
* Added option to change dialog window transparency.
*Fixed other little things.
+ 450 renders
+ 19 Animations
+ Gallery
+ New characters
Fixed errors in saving and loading menu
Fixed phone bugs.
2,736 dialogue blocks, containing 26,923
– 255 renders
– 11 animations
– phone sms
I’ve made adjustments to the save and load menu. (I’ve added the “delete” function.) If a slot with an image is out of range, overwrite it.
It is also possible that your saves from a previous version will not load. Start the game from the beginning and skip the first episode using the “ctrl” button. Sorry for this inconvenience.
-The translation was corrected by a proofreader. (Thanks to Sir Dammed)
-Added option with warning and selection of scene skip.
(There ‘s a scene that might seem unpleasant for NTR Haters, now you can skip it)
Developer Notes:
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While working on this project I tried to convey as much as possible of different kind of emotions of all the characters twisted with a light humor.
You will see feeling of every person, as well you will be able to find out what they are thinking of.
All from above will be accomplished by music and sounds effects. This will definitelly make you feel deeper the whole novel and understand the mood of the storyline. Every day I improve my skills in programing, i learn how to create and mix different scenes, poses and acts of every person in the novel.
At the beginning of the game, some images do not look perfect, because I started development without experience. And I wanted to remake the rendering, but my good friend who helped me with this game said that these images will show you my successes throughout the game. I hope you’ll enjoy it.
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Extras: Gallery Unlocker & Walkthrough ModFan Sigs 1Fan Sigs 2

*This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.

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    Glimpses of the Past [v0.4.0] [MrStarRaccoon]