Goo Manji [v1.2.24] [BobMiginnis]
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Goo Manji [v1.2.24] [BobMiginnis]

June 30, 2024F95

You are forced by the school to tutor your bully, your best friend decides to help. Your mom is at home when you arrive and all four of you are sucked into playing this weird game.

Thread Updated: 2021-06-04
Release Date: 2021-06-04
Developer: Bob Miginnis Patreon
Censored: No
Version:  xpac1 1.2.24
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
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Real porn, Male protagonist, Animated, Anal sex, Vaginal sex, Group sex, Oral sex, Titfuck, MILF, Incest, Bimbofication, Body Swap, Paranormal, M2F
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Unzip the base game, then unzip any expansion packs you wish to install into the same directory, overwriting the html file then run the HTML file.
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xpac1 v1.2.24
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Fixed -Mom after following “Snaked Away” after you click “Bimbofy Lena” goes dead. Mom10 is missing from the image pack
Fixed-“Anyone Will Do” is listed as inside “imagesUIPerksanyonewilldo.jpg” capitalize the I in images (capitalization matters on linux browsers
Fixed-“Undo” image is a gif and should have .gif not .jpg
Fixed-On Walktrhough List you have “</td>” between Mimic Mom and Snaked Away(Linux OS issue, should be resolved)
Added-Walkthrough for current update path, will be renamed when path ends and then should be continued on the new build path going forward to make finding the content easier.
2 pages of content added to path currently in progress.
xpac1 v1.2.22
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3 pages of content added to path currently in progress, better changelog control for updates going forward.
xpac1 v1.2.19
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5 pages of content added to path currently in progress
xpac1 v1.2.14
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4 pages of content added to path currently in progress
xpac1 v1.2.10
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Bug Fixes, new path expanded on.
xpac1 v1.2.5
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Bug Fixes, new path started after you become a woman.
xpac1 v1.2.0
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Bug Fixes, walkthrough, 1 new ending.
xpac1 v1.1.15
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minor bug fixes
5 pages of content
xpac1 v1.1.10
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Fixed evan and MC images not changing when appropriate
Fixed mom image not changing when appropriate
4 pages of content
xpac1 V 1.1.6
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changed versioning information to something that makes sense (x.y.z, x = current expansion, y = current completed paths, z = pages done in incomplete paths)
xpac1 V 1.0.0
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Initial release of the expansion pack
V 1.0.0
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Version 1.0.0
Another sub path finished, marking game as complete, only updates going forward will be bugfixes. Work on sequel begins.
V 0.1.0
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Version 0.1.0
  • dom pathing completed
  • sub pathing begun
V 0.0.10
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Version 0.0.10
  • first ending for submissive storyline
V 0.0.9
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Version 0.0.9
additional content for submissive storyline
V 0.0.8
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Version 0.0.8
Focus shifted to submissive tree storyline due to popular demand
V 0.0.7
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Version 0.0.7
Added walkthrough
Added discord upon request
Fixed issues reported in 0.0.6
Slight expansion into more pathing but no new endings this time
Due to overwhelming demand the next update will begin work on the submissive pathing
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Version 0.0.6
UI added
Added path/end mimic mom
Known issues:
Mimic mom ending has incorrect path for images, fixed in 0.0.7
Some of the UI descriptions are not in place, fixed in 0.0.7
Incorrect function with removing evan’s sex change, fixed with 0.0.7
Lena mistakenly gets the owned by mom demotion instead of Evan, fixed with 0.0.7
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Added a cat for that one guy (You know who you are)
New Pathing splits
New Endings
A Cat is Fine Too
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- Custom name variable implemented
a few spelling fixes
converted webm to mp4, for ios compatibility
Endings renamed so you can tell if you get them all
Current Endings
Return things to normal (boring stuff)
No Deal
Momma’s Boy
Kage Bunshin
Blowjob King
Cumshot King
Cum Cow
General of Bimbofication
Mom’s in Charge
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- Path expansion opens up, proper change control implemented for tracking these better.
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- First endings implemented, bimbofication of others path begins expansion.
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– Initial Release, some initial bugs found, will be fixed in the next version. If you find any please let me know.
Developer Notes:
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Open for suggestions on content for future releases.
Download and install Base game first 

*This port is not released by developer, Download at your own risk

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