GPTits [v0.4.8] [MultisekaiStudio]

GPTits [v0.4.8] [MultisekaiStudio]

January 13, 2024F95

In this game, you have the opportunity to customize the personality of the girl you are going to talk to and unlock explicit sex conversations, creating a unique and exciting experience that is not possible in conventional ChatGPT. With the power of customization, you can choose from a shy and innocent girl who calls you master to an experienced dominatrix who wants to punish you. All with the aim of satisfying your desires and fantasies. Imagine being able to have a spicy conversation with a girl who meets all your needs, whether she is submissive, dominant or even wild. The game offers an interactive experience that goes beyond the conventional, being a preview of what this technology allows. With each conversation, you have the freedom to dive deeper into your deepest fantasies and desires, exploring new possibilities of pleasure.

Thread Updated: 2023-12-16
Release Date: 2023-12-16
Developer: MultiSekaiStudios Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.4.8
OS: Windows
Language: English, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish
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2d game, AI CG, anal sex, animated, male protagonist, oral sex, teasing, vaginal sex, sandbox
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1. Extract and run.
Offline mode:
Free Mode:
  • Default mode
  • It has limits that can be changed, depending on the cost.
  • max_tokens=55
  • messages per minute = 3
  • memory = 1300 characters = 100%
Open AI Key:
  • Better results and longer conversations
  • Go to https://platform.openai.com/account/api-keys
  • Click on “Create new secret key”
  • You will receive a key in this format: sk-2kA1g….JJOdkBO
  • Enter your key in settings using OpenAi API mode
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  • Improved menu
  • *continue* button
  • New artificial intelligence for Patrons (limited tokens)
  • Automatic settings saving (except for the character)
  • Dynamic Scenario for OpenAi (changes the scene, character image, and background image)
  • Chromakey
  • Integration with Stable Diffusion API (Tested only with AUTOMATIC1111: https://github.com/AUTOMATIC1111/stable-diffusion-webui)
  • Use of .json to save characters
  • Compatible with most of these 912 characters: https://mega.nz/folder/FWgxyaLA#1Dxz2IYVibPBSMnM1Rut7Q
  • Button to turn messages into images (requires Stable Diffusion)
  • Button to regenerate the message/image
  • Edit button
  • List of image generation buttons for each character.
  • Patreon log in improvements
  • Button to log in manually with a key
  • Horde AI, Generate an API Key at this link, default 0000000000 has low priority https://aihorde.net/register
  • Automatic chromakey if the image has transparency, you can filter which models to use with horde
  • Auto Save and load session, max tokens increased, MhytoMax formatting, Julia removed
  • 10 example characters: 2B, Ashley, Azula, Elizabeth, Lara Croft, Makima, Mona Megistus, Raven, Tristana, Widowmaker
  • Minor fixes
  • In the “OFFLINE AI” folder, there is a “GGML.exe” that works on port 5001 (based on LostRuins/koboldcpp).
  • “Harlen”, New example character in Pygmalion format, should also work with other models too.
  • Words for substitution need to have a “$” in front (e.g., $NAME).
  • You can delete error messages.
  • Minor fixes.
  • Free mode and Patreon mode (with limitations).
  • To use the 16k model (for very long conversations), you need to use your own API key and UI settings. There’s no need to open the config.txt anymore.
  • Anonymous chat sharing.
  • OpenAI is more restrictive about generating sexual content. Please use AnonShare to create a model or lore independent of OpenAI.
  • Three languages: English (EN), Brazilian Portuguese (PT-BR), and Spanish (ES).
  • Display web content compatible with PNG, JPG, WEBM, MP4, and GIF formats.
  • Additional settings for OpenAI, including temperature, max_tokens, top_p, frequency penalty, and presence penalty.
  • Hovering over a menu option provides an explanation.
  • Cut-off text at the end is removed.
  • A “Characters” directory to store your characters.
  • Character creation with multiple parameters, accompanied by examples.
  • Random sexual injection for heavier fetishes. It chooses one from all that you add.
  • If the token count approaches 4097, it will automatically reduce to avoid errors.
  • Clear chat button.
  • Right-clicking on a message copies it to the clipboard.
  • Popup when the left chat is hidden.
  • Removes text within parentheses from TTS reading.
  • Ability to change the voice to ElevenLabs by name instead of ID.
  • Character images and videos.
  • Remove and copy message buttons.
  • Customize the character with a .PNG image.
  • Six example characters.
  • PNG and PSD templates for character creation.
  • Animated or static character options.
  • Proper display of non-Latin languages.
  • Some things that I forgot.
  • Added button description on the bottom right
  • You can use LLAMA offline, without using the OpenAI service
  • (v0.2b) GPT error messages with more context
  • (v0.2b) LLAMA_MODEL setting removed to increase speed, to change the model edit the model name in /LAMA/main.py
  • (v0.2b) included empty default “models” folder inside LLAMA
  • (v0.2b) Fixed bug that prevented the use of LLAMA in some cases
  • (v0.2b) included a backup of config.txt
  • (v0.2c) the LLAMA_URL can be used with a URL without a PORT
  • Released
Developer Notes:
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Press F11 to exit fullscreen mode.
Press F5 to refresh the file if you have made any edits.
Arrow keys change the image/video.
OpenAI is committed to making it significantly harder to create adult content, after September 13 it will be virtually impossible to have quality adult entertainment. I recommend testing Offline Mode in addition to GPT.
OPENAI and ELEVENLABS API calls occur locally on your device, I don’t have access. If you wish, you can revoke or delete your API KEY after use.

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