Graveyard Executioner [Final] [Blue Mad Diode]
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Graveyard Executioner [Final] [Blue Mad Diode]

January 12, 2024F95

A bloody battle with a religious nation called “White Country” to save the five princesses who were captured by the grave keeper girl


Thread Updated: 2022-11-29
Release Date: 2021-12-11
Developer:  Blue Mad Diode Ci-EnDLsiteTwitterFantia
Censored: No
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English, Japanese
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2d game, animated, female protagonist, monster, monster girl, combat, graphic violence, vore, big ass, big tits, adventure, fantasy, japanese game
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1. Extract and run.
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・Fixed the problem that “XXX’s womb” was not displayed in replay mode ・Fixed
minor bugs and typos
The highlight of this update is …
・ Implementation of background mobs for Botanical Gardens and Knights Sanatorium
・ Added 4 types of CG / animation
・ Overall cleanup
・ Implemented all voices of major characters except game over animation
Inside the game folder
Developer Notes:
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Character 1
  • 1422266 78E307Fd03Ddbbd2C7A7A4B5C499F2E1 | Free Adult Games
    [Nevia Ward]

    A girl who is a grave keeper. He has served the “Black Country” for over 100 years and has mourned many royalty. Fight the “White Country” to recapture the five kidnapped princesses.

  • 1422265 Dd7B5212C0D108A00E06C48F3B7Bd37A | Free Adult Games
    [Archbishop Glorias Ansem]

    Archbishop who controls the religious nation “White Country”. The purpose of this work is to defeat her. He plans to kidnap the princesses of “Black Country” and sacrifice “Archangel”. His personality is ruthless, cold and brutal. Manipulate pale thunder.

  • 1422264 B36084E74F79E625D07305F9E05547Bd | Free Adult Games
    [Church Grimm Brothers and Sisters Kevin] A

    dog spirit who lives in the catacombs of “Black Country”. It usually looks like a dog, but it can also look like a person. It has the ability to seal the soul of the predator with a torture device. He is also good at handling torture equipment. It seems to be in estrus.

  • 1422263 18510503666E8B9486D1C4C845F7Dd75 | Free Adult Games
    [Church Grimm Brothers and Sisters Lucy]

    Kevin’s twin sisters.
    When tortured or executed, he wears a plague mask and carries out his mission so that he will not be aware of his facial expression. Compared to his introverted brother Kevin, he has a mischievous personality and is playing with his estrus brother.

  • 1422262 81605C2851Be24D078C9567D87C1E37B | Free Adult Games
    [White Sister]

    A general female soldier in “White Country”. If you find this, you will slash it with a sword. Prefers to eat human flesh.

    By eating the soul, you can make it a “rotating saw punishment”.

  • 1422261 58Fcb3Df0C2F775786D2F2A296243597 | Free Adult Games
    [White Priest]

    A boy monk in “White Country”.
    A sexually dominated priest, he constantly masturbates and moves, ejaculating when firing magic bullets. Ejaculate even if the upper body is blown away.

    By eating the soul, it can be made a “Manneken Pis punishment”.

  • 1422260 Fc1F092F4B37492Cf972D72Fd85C74A6 | Free Adult Games
    [White Vice]

    One of the executives of “White Country”.
    Characterized by Noh weather and innocent words and deeds, his personality is very brutal. I only think of humans in the “black country” as pigs and insect mole crickets. Stand in front of Nevia and others with the ability to manipulate a vise.

    By defeating her, you can be sentenced to a “skull crusher”.

  • 1422259 Eadd6436B3Eb95D731Def80D47E2B0Cf | Free Adult Games
    [Alchemist] A

    mysterious girl.
    She is so poverty-stricken that she can’t even buy underwear in tattered clothes.
    It seems to have a powerful magical power, and by giving her a jewel, it strengthens Nevia’s ability in return.

    I’m worried that my chest is small.


1422273 Bc3416D91130668A2Fe1D665C72D1047 | Free Adult Games1422248 E3B02C3E6Cde0E1498C0859091213600 | Free Adult Games1422249 D72Fd4892680Bb726B2Ece93E7Eff077 | Free Adult Games1422250 8D1B34093166C67D62A7500F218Ceea2 | Free Adult Games1422251 E3Ffc925218178918B5B69C798E3F5C0 | Free Adult Games1422252 F1Ee2692E4Cb84D200F0F0Ec0Bcdfb94 | Free Adult Games1422253 Efa4374Ae2Bacafc0Eefd79A64F13C5D | Free Adult Games

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    Graveyard Executioner [Final] [Blue Mad Diode]