Guild of Spicy Adventures [v0.57] [Hikkeiru]

Guild of Spicy Adventures [v0.57] [Hikkeiru]

February 12, 2024F95

Unleash your sword and embark on an journey with your beautiful companions to conquer challenges in this harem adventure game.
Thank you for support

Thread Updated: 2024-02-12
Release Date: 2024-01-02
Developer: HikkeiruPatreon Itch.ioDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.57
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS
Language: English, Russian, Polish, Spanish
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2DCG, Animated, Male Protagonist, Mobile Game, Groping,  Oral Sex,  Rape,  Sexual Harassment,  Sleep Sex, Adventure,  Dating Sim,  Fantasy,  Humor,  Parody,  Point & Click,  Romance,  Vaginal sex,  Sandbox,  Anal Sex, Big Tits , Stripping , Voyeurism, Spanking, Creampie,  Pregnancy, Harem
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1. Extract and run.
On Mac:
If app doesn’t run. Try using The Unarchiver to unzip the file. Thanks to @Lycant
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v0.57 If you experienced before blue animations or stuck at kanae h-scene, it is fixed in 0.59.
Until then it’s safer to save in the roaming mode for compatibility purposes.
  • Longer story continuation event!
    Your lewd time with Kanae leads to full-filling the promise of taking her to the place she is so excited about! Several new animations for the new event!
  • Story localization.
    Make sure to travel at least once to another location, and it will migrate the story automatically to support localization and the newly put story! Ex. Move to the next street in the town. The story is now translated and scripts are created to only enable proofreading-mostly without translators needing to translate every single sentence. If you wish to help with translation in your native language you can report particular screen with bug reporter or DM me for better interface access.
  • Meeting screen name correct font.
  • Added several UI item translations.
  • Ping method now doesn’t block UI thread.
  • Initializing ink story on first accessed rather than on game entry.
  • Button text going out of bounds adjusted.
  • Two new audio background tracks.
  • Fixing choice buttons sometimes not working when clicked too fast
  • Putting new text animator effects to the use. The letters can now animate to make the story pop!
  • New hentai scene!
    10 Animations with full support for multiple perspectives and optional pregnancy visuals. The animation has alternative animation that has chance to show. This is to ensure it will appear less repeatable and more alive! Also this scene is designed to be repeatable!
  • 0.56.1 Fixes bg stuck at heart animation during Mara return from Cure for Emilly event. Thanks for reporting Anonymous. It’s possible that it also fixes similar issue during the last H-animation, although I can’t seem to find a way to reproduce it.
  • Story continuation: Kanae want’s to go fishing. You can take her there for a price…
  • Adding new gallery item for the new hentai scene.
  • Fixing history log not available in 0.55 .
  • Now the story initializes with default time.
  • Fix black background blink when undo or there was a bg clear. I.e. Happened when changing locations.
  • Internal ability to get and save time number to mark time in ink scripts.
  • Clearing weather with other bg clears. Preventing it appearing on undesigned quests.
  • Story continuation:
    Winter is coming and you find a magical item. It teleports you to a new chilly place. You find a use for it with Kanae…
  • Removed a .1 sec frame gap when the bg’s are enqueued after each other.
  • Optimizing load game state restore by about 30%.
  • Internal ability to enqueue a removing background. Which was needed for new story part.
  • Fix During the 2 second period where the story encounters a roaming breakpoint and the game is quick loaded, it not longer disables tapping place preventing continuation hard-lock with cursor and android.
  • Optimizing slot loading ignoring caching for history slots. Depending on how much you played 1 minutes of playing it will help at 1% yet if you have a lot of history saves (which are taken every player action) it can speed up even by 200%+ when opening saving menu.
  • Reducing main menu entry spike lag by checking if save slots exists only on specific save types.
  • Fix currency bug having wrong offset.
  • Clickable places now finish animation transitions and not block other bg’s.
v0.54 Another week another story update. Meanwhile I’m cooking way bigger story update.
Thank you for support ❤
  • Continuation of the story.
    Mara has something to say about your last adventure with Cylia. Visit her and maybe you can get something extra?
    Are you gonna say sorry or remain with Kanae on uncomfortable grounds? She also has something to say.
  • Adding a Dalia story path allowing to pass time until you get accommodated.
  • Tooltip not populated when empty.
  • Typewriter has been replaced by more robust script, which is gonna be needed very soon. The type writing animation also looks a bit different.
  • New particle feedback background appearing currently on only one choice path of few.
  • Fix for forest hut location not showing background.  Thanks Grant morgan tadde **@**Deangela
  • Fix for forest hut location rain stopping.  Thanks @grant morgan
  • Fix gap in bottom of options. Thanks @SleepyInsomniac
v0.53 This is another weekly update. Bringing probably most requested feature. Plus some story.
  • Story continuation.
    You curiosity brings you to ask Dalia about races in this world. Some things don’t add up. Will you be able to find an answer? Continue on with Mara to understand get more clue on this case.

  • Localization for interface.
    Currently EN,PL,RU,ES.
    Story localization will come later.
    (I do features keeping need for new story events in mind. Therefore next update is planned more story.)
    For now it’s machine translated, report interface localization problems if you see them. Thanks.
  • 0.53.3 Two Halloween sprites were re-exported to fix artifacts.
  • 0.53.3 Halloween blockade choice now takes into account player order and displays additional dialogue @InsomniacSleeper
  • 0.53.3 Halloween adding zero to player inputs for randomized chest code @InsomniaSleeper
  • 0.52.2 Save UI not reacting to group tab changes.
  • Thanks for proofreading Ryleona
  • Catching several typos and speaker typos across the story Sleepy
  • Options content align and justified.
  • Fonts have been changed to support localization
v0.52 This was quicker update than usual, but acts as a follow-up for the last event. At the same time brings a lot of stuff.
  • Continuation of the story.
    Follow up on the last accommodation event that ended on different note.

  • Weather system beginnings.
    Rain was added for the new event. It will reacts when free roaming around the town. Meaning entering buildings will stop and start the rain and the sound. It also has a chance to trigger after sleeping.

    Please use it if you see any problem, grammar, typo etc. It has slight delay when opening since it takes a save and a screenshot. Thank you for your contributions.

  • Now you can pass day by sleeping in your room.
  • Your room location was added.
  • Part of initialization has been moved in transition from starting game to menu, which removes confusing smaller freeze at the game launch.
  • Opalizations to UI.
    Now part of them don’t get re-instantiated therefore avoiding double costs. There is now separate persistent UI scene.
  • Now name gets changed right after MC learns the name. Previously it was shown differently only on speaker changing. Thanks @SleepyInsomniac
  • Now narrator is wrapped in [ ] characters to distinguish more easily from MC. I.e.” [She started singing, as you pounded her in the ass.]”
  • Fixing few lines out of place in optional event @SleepyInsomniac
  • Fixing few lines speaker out of place in optional event @SleepyInsomniac
  • New BGM added for new event.
  • Meeting screen now takes into account name overrides. Thanks @SleepyInsomniac
  • Reversed shop location naming fix. Thanks @SleepyInsomniac
  • Clownfish is a bit easier to catch and more expensive since it’s most rare. Thanks @SleepyInsomniac
  • Accessing hut is now possible again, visit Forest Entry to unlock the location. Thanks @SleepyInsomniac
  • Several grammar typos, actor typo and improvement to contextual story flow. Thanks @SleepyInsomniac
  • Day night fix when loading before time was first time set. Thanks @elitechaos
  • Fix one render appearing out of place in jail cell. Thanks @SleepyInsomniac
  • Added pause menu with splash.
  • Internal Ink API background memorizing place added for weather purposes.
  • Fixed few sprites. I.e. accommodation bed sheet covers overlapping, and different opacity masks.
  • Top buttons update their state after load.
  • Small graphical fix to the timer border.
  • Adding missing default preset setting.
  • Top buttons bit smaller.
  • Increasing Options size to make it easier to see.
  • Optional rich presence added.
  • Slightly shifting lower travel point to main street.
  • 0.52.1 Animation loop fix.
  • 0.51.1 Console key fix, android fix @JuanokuG4
  • 0.51.1 Passing time when leaving the hut with Cylia fix.
  • Continuation of the story.
    Now that you have money to spend, you can buy some place to rest. Yet nothing goes exactly how you want it…
    This part of story is chunky in terms of choices.
    It also ends on a little different note. To start it Dalia→Town→Ask for a room.

  • Thanks for proofreading Ryleona
  • If you waited for longer event cure for emi. The scheduled public access is up now.
  • Alternative methods to check for internet.  Thanks yinyin.
  • Stopping bgm immediately after entering Halloween building.
  • Just a reminder. If you see a small typo just ss it. I can fix it in 30 seconds. ^^
  • Fixed one Emilly sprite being to big in halloween event.
  • Minor fixing a choice check in Halloween to show always last hint during the dynamically generated puzzle.
  • There are several minor fixes to story. Due to outside library and lack of documentation on this particular issue. Few saves that were missing choices, should show them now.
  • There is a small secret feature for dialogue variation that no one will probably see lmao.
  • BGM sound volume normalized to each other.

Halloween is scheduled, longer and more complex optional story event!

This update took over a month to make. For the people who support my work. Thank you for allowing me to continue making this game ❤

  • Huge continuation to story for halloween!
    To start Halloween ask Dalia about it after the fishing story. It is marked with pumpkin icon.
    Halloween event ignores jumpscare and bloody preference setting.

  • Over 12 spicy animations!
  • Multiple different outcomes!

  • 0.50.1 Adding quest for easier tracking. Thanks @greenarrow25
  • 0.50.1 Several lines speaker id fix. Thanks @greenarrow25
  • Halloween h-scenes were added to gallery.
  • Thanks for proofread. Ryleona thewhitespirit LIFE
  • Extending icon parsing for choices text.
  • New icons were added to choices for Halloween.
  • Now instead of asking for data privacy you can just choose to don’t answer feedback in the feedback story. This is to avoid people getting scared even though it was just randomized id and was only used to see which part of the story people liked the most.
  • Custom characters names removing _ character.
  • Cure for Emi for public should come within next month.
  • Some events requiring time have temporarily removed time requirement to prevent very rare save time soft-lock. It’s gonna be fixed in minor patch Thanks @EliteChaos
  • Story continuation
    • Upon entering main street you get a new quest.
    • Pursue continuation about it with Kanae.
    • Open Emilly shop and press her about those items. Someone may come to your help.

  • Town extension.
    • Union location has been moved to Main street.
    • Downtown main street.
    • Downtown main stairs street.
    • Downtown amity street.

  • 0.49.1 Traveling icons have been decreased in size, default color has been changed and it has now similar animation across all clickable objects. Thanks Raine_Maxwell
  • 0.49.1 Fishing slider animation speed changed to more accurately reflect the underlying value. Thanks Raine_Maxwell
  • 0.49.1 Small fix to fishing cursor position detection.
  • Day and night locations has been implemented. The event to change time will arrive next update.
  • Fishing, when reeling line doesn’t break as fast. Now there is a 3 second timer when fish is escaping before it snaps. Thanks @greenarrow25
  • Fishing instructions has been improved. Reeling doesn’t show click. Thanks @greenarrow25 nick17 molitar
  • Cleaning up a rod sprite which caused a moving vignette shadow.
  • Locations icons have been changed to be more consistent with each other. There is also new type of icons which are separated by entry or location spot.
  • API implemented to handle day and night cycle checking for ink story.
  • Shop item tooltip and inv tooltip now shows rarity name. Previously only item name was colored by rarity.
  • Card meeting buttons UI was changed.
  • Card meeting name font density increased for readability.
  • Card meeting image has now shiny animation.
  • Version title UI has been modified and added to main scene.
  • You can now freely toggle console with f2.
  • Several utility console commands have been added.
  • 0.48.5 – UI fix. Input code connector now closes when clicking out of the dialog box. Thanks @Imbibitor Lunae
  • 0.48.4 – Quick hotfix inventory invisible during some scenes due to button not found. Thanks greenarrow25
  • 0.48.3 – Quick hotfix button not found during fishing preventing fishing. Thanks greenarrow25
  • 0.48.2 – Cleaning shop feedback text on entry. Thanks greenarrow25
  • 0.48.2 – Clearing travel to Dalia clickable background. Preventing of double clicking which soft-locked Dalia first entry story. Thanks greenarrow25
  • 0.48.2 – UI fix for resolution setting. Thanks greenarrow25
  • 0.48.1 – Quick fix item id definition missing from runtime item.
  • Continuation of the story!
  • Visit Dalia the Unioner and ask her how to earn money!
  • Then ask Kanae about fishing!
  • Visit Kanae to tease her about your release!
  • Fishing is available! Earn money which will serve for new events!
  • Currency system. Allowing to handle money for buying, selling and accessing stories.
    Currency changes also display as notifications.
  • Stories can now be locked behind in game’s gold making the gameplay purposeful.
  • Choices have text parsers which color text or modify it to make it easier to tell if there is requirement for accessing those choices. I.e. If there is a story that requires price it will display it on green if you have this amount of gold.
  • Inventory and item system.
    Item changes also display as notifications.
  • Global unlockable system which unlocks systems little by little. Meaning i.e. inventory will not show on start of the story only after first item was received.
  • All those features required a lot of API changes, which may be invisible for player. I.e. Story required interaction with inventory system, unlockable databases. Saving of the unlockable, inventory. Views refreshing after unlocking.
  • Cylia’s scene on forest arrival now has the new sakura petals particles present.
  • Kanae’s color was adjusted to be lighter, more readable. There will be option soon to change the dialogue color to white and not color it by character.
  • To support the changes saving system was changed. Previous saves incompatible.
  • Half of settings was lost to merge them to new internal API. At the same time some settings which were not available in game menu (during gameplay) are now available.
  • Several locations background transitions are more smooth visually instead of blinking.
  • Choices have now a second delay to prevent double dialogue clicking.
  • Resolution and vsync option no longer visible on android platform. Thanks @soonerszone @YakumoDa
  • 0.47.3 Fixed BG shake sometimes doesn’t return to original position.
  • 0.47.3 Fixing fonts displayed pixelated. Changing URP asset’s filter to none.
  • 0.47.3 Story variable typo making one background sprite requeuing. Avoiding playing the background if it’s already playing. This caused one scene in the game to flash half of the background. Thanks Bargez
  • 0.47.3 Fixing high frames and vsync setting causing a need to double click for new dialogue. Thanks  @Majordeathwish ****klckr @DTFU**
  • 0.47.3 Improving connector scaling on bigger monitors. Thanks @Hellas33
  • 0.47.3 Improving few Choices going off screen on bigger resolution. Thanks ****Hellas33**
  • 0.47.3 Improving Input and extending keys to close ui’s.
  • 0.47.3 Scaling down clock a little.
  • 0.47.3 Story proof typo thanks to discord report. Thanks Bargez
  • 0.47.3 Increase scrollbar speed in settings menu. Thanks SnowyS
  • 0.47.3 When returning to app from background after few seconds. Video no longer is played speed up. Changing video play update mode to game time. Thanks Bargez
  • 0.47.3 Fixed quests list going out of bands, cut and unable to scroll. Thanks @molitar
  • 0.47.2 UI clickthrough fix to work with improved full screen continue. Thanks estrange
  • 0.47.2 Fixed few internal story typos. Thanks Ryleona
  • 0.47.2 Changed the authorization flow a little. Thanks Ryleona
  • 0.47.2 Fixed few reported graphical render spots. Thanks Ryleona @
  • 0.47.1 Changed menu background randomization.
  • 0.47.1 Fixed skip button getting stuck
  • 0.47.1 Internal. Character library to synchronous load.
v0.47 This update was bigger and took more time.
    Something snuck past the town’s security. As someone get’s wounded you embark on an adventure to find a cure. How much fucked are you?

This update literally doubles the story of the game. Contains 25 new custom animations.

  • New bonus scenes were added and few limited spots to claim them!
  • New gallery scenes were added!
  • New interaction mode for scenes. Ability to click parts to interact with them and switch cameras.
  • New Time Clock feature supporting day and night cycle.
  • Time clock now is used in stories without cluttering UI by showing it only in specific spots and auto hiding it on completion.
  • Backgrounds changes:
    • Internal. Ability to self requeue backgrounds making the renders more alive than any other KK game. This is probably my favorite new feature actually. It creates simple animations just with two renders which adds quite a touch to the story.
    • Internal. Ability to create multi part backgrounds (which can be at the same time simple sprite or a video) that play them at the same time. I don’t think I’ve seen any visual novel to support this.
    • Ability to play sfx on shown. Therefore animations have even more life. Three queued backgrounds. When the third is played only then the sfx plays.
    • Shake background modifier. Injected also in previous parts of the story. Injecting the new modifier in several places in already existing story. I.e. during falling in Cylia’s meeting.
    • New sakura petals particle effect background. You will notice it during the new story.
    • Internal. In case of not existing background suppressing error.
    • Internal. Optimizing background, reducing transition state checking from every frame update to callbacks.
    • Also prewarming transition. Reducing time between presetting them ,syncing them between layers making transition appear at similar time.
    • Releasing asset handle on destruction of object, hugely reducing memory usage.
  • Meta profile Internal storage for over the game global storage.
  • Scene system changes:
    • Main scene is shown to player after it has been uncovered. This prevents a few frames of showing something changing on screen that doesn’t make sense to the player.
    • Internal. Scene gets covered. Unloads old. Loads new. Uncovers.
  • Preferences window The preferences window displays when there is new preference added. The preferences are stored in meta profile.
    Button in menu used previously to open and close patrons is now in use for opening preferences.
  • Save system changes:
    • Right click quick access to manual saves.
    • MANUAL save types now hold position index (like renpy). Otherwise it gets sorted by date. This way both date organization and favorites overwrite is possible.
    • Overwriting save is now possible. Click and hold to overwrite save. Use this to assign save positions to specific spots in manual grouping. Thanks @OnlyHeStandsThere @Dreamfucker @kingmich @Nobles
    • Removing slot type name on slot item ui and replacing it with color ribbon instead. To help with readability.
    • Travelling now also causes to create history save.
    • Internal. Left to right transition was added.
    • Saving last queued background instead of current if there is queued background present.
  • Clearing ambience and bgm on loading. Prevents carrying over of sound between loading scenes.
  • Caching ambience and bgm. Prevents restarting of sound during i.e. location transitions.
  • Internal. Ability to specify skipping sfx if it was played within last X seconds. In a situation where third queued background is playing sfx, yet the user is constantly clicking therefore skipping render animation. It doesn’t then play the sfx doubled.
  • Loading screen image changed from black.
  • Internal. Ping replaced since it didn’t work on android devices.
  • Internal. Caching continue scroll and limiting it to one scroll per 400 ms.
  • Hair clipping on several Mara renders has been fixed.
  • Clearing save thumbnails on every click. Prevents displaying previous thumbnails on different slot save data.
  • Checking for invariant culture on bg modifier application. In case of typo or in places where it’s omitted.
  • Internal. Added vn interactive game mode to support limitation for traveling during clickable hentai scenes.
  • Moving patreons and socials to exit screen.
  • 0.46.3 Clicking on the screen and any other clickable object doesn’t cause double action performing at the same time. I.e. dialogue and undo.
  • 0.46.2 Fixing background error which could cause lag during dialogue clicking. Thanks @sionni
  • 0.46.2 Fixing android continue dialogue not working. Thanks @sionni
  • 0.46.3 Changing to default value of fps for android to 30 while removing hard lock. Thanks Bargez
  • Continuation of the story!
    Mara hears your conversation with Emi. What does she have to say about it?

  • Mara’s dialogue structure.
    Similar to previous updates. Open ended conversation style dialogue.

For every suggestion how to improve the game. Thank you. ❤

  • Choices marking end of dialogue have an icon associated with the choice.
  • Unity build pc to il2cpp.
  • Text writing speed increased.
  • Correct order or background. Sometimes when animated background took too much time to load. The next sprite background took it’s place, making the animation play after the sprite.
  • Background state restoration now has a blink transition. Eliminates some situations where incorrect sprites overlay for a second in incorrect place. Also the save feel faster.
  • Removed opening of the patreon page on the end screen. Thanks ****MrJay @Vladilen @Iwillbityoutomorrow @Bob Jared @EpicHentaiGamer69**
  • Setting to disable mouse trail. Thanks ****Xaky @triffids**
  • Setting to change dialogue font. Thanks ****Xaky**
  • Setting to change dialogue font size. Thanks @_tewi ****Xaky**
  • Disabling dialogue keys in start of the UI panels animation instead of ending. Thanks @Neechan-Lexi
  • Allowing resizable window. Thanks ****triffids @molitar**
  • Allowing clicking outside the dialogue box to continue. Thanks ****EstrangeNS @Kizuna___**
  • Also added numpad enter to continue dialogue buttons. Thanks @EstrangeNS
  • Text writer timer has been stopped when losing object.
  • Choice screen now blocking input on animation start instead of exit.
  • Card details animation silent error fix.
  • Speaker changed command silent error fix.
  • Can now change color and opacity of dialogue box.
  • Can now align text for preference.
  • History chat refreshes on entered instead of end of animation.
  • Adding Enter as a continue shortcut.
  • Main menu entry optimization.
  • Skip button changes. Thanks ****Xaky @Stupidkiller**
    The skip supports held and toggle state. Held state skips manually with history states.
  • Choices appear on end of skip and without extra click.
  • Ability to set text writing method Instant / typewriter. Thanks @AMereShadow
  • When save slot UI has no preview the image is set to none. Prevents using cached texture.
  • Button to open save folder has been added.
  • Thanks for proofreading. Ryleona @FoxOfEmbers
  • Small character render UI clean after Emilly return with guild registered story.
  • Locking fps at 30 for phones.
  • Bottom buttons rearranged for better mobile use experience. Thanks @Kizuna___
  • Animations fix on linux platform. Transcoding all win/lin to VP8. Thanks @FoxOfEmbers
  • Allowing run in background on windows, linux, mac. Thanks ****FoxOfEmbers @Kizuna___**
  • Continuation of the story!
    Emilly welcomes you with a present! Find out what is it! Visit her at the shop now!

  • Dialogue structure for Emilly.
    Multi layered dynamic character dialogue. Only possible thanks to custom unity framework I’ve written. This is only the beginning. You will learn what more this can do later.

  • Adding inside roam location. You have now a reason to show up inside the sisters shop again!
  • Adding travel point back to outside of the shop.
  • Adding direct travel point to Emilly’s shop counter.
  • Town entry direct travel point UI was made smaller.
  • Fixing bug on line starting with word ‘Customer’ which was previously parsed as a custom character.
  • History log views showing fix.
  • Adding back end-screen on dialogues that were last worked-on.
  • Canvas sorting layer of most top render layer is added. In case it would get sorted in wrong order.
  • Story continuation.
    Try to talk to Kanae as she has no reason to arrest you now.

  • Dialogue structure for her dialogue.
    The conversation starts nicely with entry animation. With transitions to random idle animation and from other questions returning back smoothly to idle. In the middle it switches from single render to multi layered render which allows such smooth background handling.
    This unique system is only possible with the development of my custom framework. More to come!
  • Patreon credits. Thanks @POLSKISAMURAJ
  • Menu entry components animations.
  • Internal. Editor transcoding menu entry animation to VP8 codec for windows.
  • Gallery button doesn’t await forever for fetch answer.
  • Thanks for proofreading Ryleona
  • Fixing anchor positions on menu online check.
  • Save delete functionality
  • Playing sound sfx when manual saving.
  • Playing sound sfx when deleting save.
  • Internal. Image color blinker was created.
  • This is used to blink border of save load deletion menu.
  • Internal. Image alpha blinker was refactored and is now visible on startup screen.
  • Internal. Editor view mono switcher button.
  • Save slots mask was lowered to not cover the groups arrows.
  • Continuation of the story!
    You can visit the union again for more!
  • Thanks for proofreading Ryleona
  • New unity editor LTS was released. Updating to this version.
  • Gallery
  • Main menu background changed to animated.
  • Main menu buttons, title, and design rearranged.
  • Internal refactor separation of few main menu components.
  • Blocking dialogue actions while UI screens are shown.
  • Clearing direct travel objects when entering forest and forest hut. Thanks @greenarrow25
  • In case of ink story provider error. The story is ended making the map available. Serves as a compatibility safety error fallback.
  • Exit screen now reacts on button pointer enter and quits immediately.
  • Main menu online check UI.
  • Optimization for history (undo) file load. No longer double checking if file exists through other api. Matters more if you have a lot of history (undo) saves.
  • When there is no line available, the animation on the chat is hidden. Meaning you will see the animation when there is actually currently clickable content.
  • Bottom line buttons are now centered.
  • Save notification is now displayed correctly with it’s replacement on save completed.
  • Quest notification is now displayed correctly stacked.
  • Quest description left padding decreased to fit more within border.
  • Clickable places now don’t overlap each other when transitioning. Implemented transition override for specified objects.
  • Continuation of the story
    After locked up time, to follow the agreement deal you find a guild union. Travel to left alley for the first time from outside of the sisters shop.
  • New character
    She will handle all your guild related needs, while you will try to handle her big personality!
  • Direct travel was added from Town entry to Guard post.
  • Direct travel was added from Town entry to Outside sisters shop.
  • Direct travel was added from Outside sisters shop to inside the shop.
  • Direct travel was added from Outside sisters shop to union.
  • Direct travel was added from Outside sisters shop to town entry.
  • Meeting Mara’s sister with following Cylia story doesn’t require now traveling to forest.
  • Improving error handling and typo in XTOYS integration. Thanks @steampunkmage
  • Startup scene adjusted.
  • No longer dialogue manager is processing lines per frame when there is no more content.
  • Triggering choices with keys no longer possible if the the key is above 9.
  • Thanks for proofreading Ryleona
  • Scrolling is now disabled when opening the options menu. Thanks Ryleona
  • Cylia H-scenes play correctly.
  • Android scripting backend to IL2Cpp.
v0.37 Brings XToys integration.
v0.36 XTOYS integration in testing phase. Meanwhile here’s 0.36 update notes.
  • Story continuation!
    You may be fucked, but is it because of prison? How will you get out of there? Something’s cooking behind the scenes, are you able to raise to it?
  • New custom hentai animations!
    Manako wants it so badly, but will you let her have it?
  • Thanks for proofreading Ryleona
  • Continuation of the story!
    You have landed in a horny jail… You meet a very specific character that’s persistent getting to know you inside out!

  • New character.
    With Manako’s ‘driven’ personality you feel like you might not be as safe as you though in the prison after all.

  • Undiscovered relations use actual character card images instead of placeholders.
  • EndScreen takes into account version check.
  • Optimizing undo by caching last file name instead of iterating though all files to find last.
  • Internal save cleanup.
  • While SCROLL UP undo’s. SCROLL DOWN continues. Serves as an alternative to clicking and space key.
  • Correct version check when offline and more reliable hosting.
  • Fixing found WIDE SCREEN issues:
  • Choices not being present. Appears first during first sex scenes. While they can be still accessed through numerical keys they are not on screen. Thanks to Reppumaru.
  • Relations cards screen glow is going out of ui screen.
  • Relations cards card border is going out of ui screen.
  • Few buttons anchors were adjusted.
  • Map places assigned.
  • Scrolling up resets the choice view. Thanks to Reppumaru
  • Fixed Hibiki end render to not display when choosing to avoid. Thanks @BlasKyau
  • Alternative dialogue was added in several places based on choice when you avoid Arili soft dom. Thanks @BlasKyau
  • UNDO implemented.
  • Clickable places. It will be now possible to travel by clicking in front of you instead of only the map. Can be also used during normal dialogue.
  • Animations now play during the transition.
  • Internal BG -d (delay) parameter starts counting after the previous content was fully shown. Meaning i.e. the Arili arrival animation wouldn’t have awkward pause after the animation. Also Sori arrival dance wouldn’t cut mid first animation.
  • Continuation of the story!
    While traveling across the town you see Cylia going inside a shop. What is she buying?
    You will be able to access this story after you travel back to the town entry from the forest.
  • New character!
    You get to meet Mara’s sister as you visit her shop. She has a problem with you!
  • Default max sentence text size was reduced.
  • Thanks Ryleona for proofreading <3
  • Story place events.
    Triggered when first time traveling with map to newly unlocked locations.
  • Migrating to professional FMOD audio solution:
    Main menu sounds have been added.
    Main menu sounds now randomize.
    Sounds are now categorized by states which are randomized from a pool. Meaning appearing in the same location will play different music.
    Transitions should appear more smoothly.
    Ambience slider was added with the appropriate separation of sounds.
    Game save works, sounds need to be played from start.
    Added some Sfx randomization.
    When first time opening the door to a new world, the entry sfx was cut so the sound plays before the player skips.
    There are several sounds where fade-ins and fade-outs were adjusted.
  • Map places now show a locked sprite on locked places.
  • Map feedback text was moved to the bottom so it isn’t blocked by place text.
  • Map unlocked notification with action.
  • Settings resolution duplication UI fix.
  • There is a secret new option when you choose to sudoku during Arili meeting.
  • Kanae description was changed.
  • Quest notification contains description.
  • On roaming extends toolbar with animation.
  • Notification open animation fix.
  • Chat now has 2 animations when writing and idling.
  • Dialogue click place was limited to a similar region as the chat dialogue box to make space for on-screen interactive objects.
  • There are also A LOT of internal changes, hopefully making a better experience in general. Most of this changelog line changes won’t be noticeable.
    Animation is completely custom made for the current scenario.

  • New character!
    the lawful protector of the town (not so) warmly welcomes your new arrival.

  • Story Continuation!
    You arrived in the town. Have a sexy meeting with the new character and prepare to land in a horny jail…

  • Few sfx were replaced to improve quality
  • Hand drawn map is available!
    What’s the benefit of using a hand-drawn map? I can change and react graphically to the events of the world. Additionally, the map is fully colored (no Boogle like maps).

  • Internal refactor.
    If scene transition would fail it remains at the current screen.
v0.28 To ensure longevity of the game. Internal changes that may be invisible are required.
  • All buttons are now hidden behind a single toggle button. To access i.e. the relations view, you simply slide down all the buttons. This not only eliminates buttons during the visual novel mode, but also makes some of the renders look nicer since some of the shadows were previously cutting onto the characters.
  • The windows have been internally refactored, allowing the animation to be stopped midway during the transition from closed to open.
  • When the bounce background modifier is turned on and images with boundary bleed are added, a scale modifier is also added to ensure that no heads are slightly chopped off, such as when riding a cart. Thanks Ryleona
  • The load screen title bar has been adjusted to look like one UI instead of having a gap in the middle.
  • The position of the history screen close button has been adjusted to be displayed above the opening button.
  • The previously hidden trail renderer is now visible.
  • Internally changing initialization of few components and sorting layer rearrangement.
  • The history screen now includes animations.
  • Continuation of the story.
    Ride the carriage with the new character!
  • New modifier system applied on renders.
    This allows me to i.e. bounce foreground while the background remains still. This was used in the carriage riding compound animation.
  • – FIXED. Prior versions when entering animation during the “moment in the dark” ONLY SOME devices were crashing and some didn’t display the next scenes. Now the problem is confirmed to be fixed.  Thanks tonttu and @fickyou
  • Even more proofreading. Thanks, Ryleona
  • Save textures are now saved in 1/4 resolution to optimize and reduce lag when previewing save slots. You will see a difference when you have 100 slots. This only applies when saves are saved with the new resolution screenshot.
  • This also means that save files are lighter in storage.
  • Internal. Save previews are now decoded when showing in the UI instead of loading just after button click.
  • This also means that there is additional feedback text.
  • Saves slots UI objects now use internal object pooling. This means that when you are changing filtering tabs (i.e. From ALL to QUICK) it’s faster.
  • Fixed potential follow mouse vfx script bug.
  • Fixed on a few devices main menu version crash.
  • Fixed bug in background with console opening from background thread.
  • Replaced script writing command name for transition id.
v0.25 Updated unity version.
  • Story continues! On the last straight road. Someone’s incoming…
  • More proofreading. Thanks, @Ryleona
  • Some unwanted bgm’s should now stop playing when the save is loaded. Thanks, Ryleona
  • Looping sfx’s are now saved and loaded i.e. fireplace sound.
  • Story continues! Find out what happened in the morning!
  • Some story was adjusted and the choice was added to Arili’s route at the beginning. Thanks for your notice @BlasKyau. It was added since the decision to make unwanted tags avoidable was made after the beginning story was in the game. Now it’s more aligned with this golden rule.
  • The story progresses further!
  • You arrive at this unknown place expecting the worst. What await you inside?
  • Something unexplainable is fucking with you or helping you?
  • Have a conversation with Cylia that will help you learn about her.
  • New environment: Mysterious forest hut!
  • This place was built from the ground up to fit the requirements of the story.
  • A lot of textures have been modified to show the coziness (and scariness) feeling of this place.
  • You will be able to visit this place later!

  • Crazy shader improvement with light rendering.
  • The refined light supports more dynamic shadows.
  • They were used in a new animation!
  • This comes at some cost of extra steps to polish renders. Yet I’m sure it’s worth the time since I really love the improved results.

  • A few specific sfx’s like the fireplace should now loop to improve the quality of the story.
  • In a few places sound transition duration was changed.
v0.21 Continuation of the story where you venture with your companion and make a new decision on the journey. This decision leads you to an unknown place where you will need to survive a night filled with unexplained occurrences.
v0.20 This update is part of a same-day hot fix for 0.19.
  • Load menu should be now correctly visible in the game menu. Thanks, @greenarrow25
  • Few anchors have been shifted to fit better wider screens.
  • Internal refactor of the opening options screen.
  • Better sorting order of canvases to improve assurance that everything will order correctly.
  • Moved the optional main menu info to options.
  • Changed key trigger state. Thanks to @StupidkillerKeys A (auto mode), LCTRL (skip mode), and H (History) now trigger an action when the player releases the key instead of when they press it. This should make player feedback a little clearer.
  • Appropriate feedback is given when checking for a version and offline status.
  • Multi-save slot system:
    • There is no need to start a new game, old saves should work!
    • Saves now contain screenshots embedded in them, which makes it clear which save is which.
    • Saves can be filtered by type. Saves can be filtered by all types at the same time. While filtered by all, you can still see the type of the save.
    • Saves cache in the background, which eliminates the need to load them a second time while previewing. Slots animate on entry.
    • Saves also show the last time they were written. All of them are sorted by the newest written first. Meaning even your third leg will always know which slot is the last one you played.
    • History is cleared on load.
    • Q.Save and Q.Load buttons on VN. Keys A(auto mode), LCTRL(skip mode), and H(History) now trigger an action when the player releases the key instead the of time when he presses it. This should make player feedback a little more clear.
    • The save camera captures everything except ui layers. Which makes the save ss look nicer.
    • There is blinking animation making the user action flow more smooth.
    • Additionally, there is also feedback text to make it clear when the save is completed.
  • The history log should be now scrolled to the last message when you open it. Thanks, Stupidkiller
  • The skip modifier now turns off when loading save or starting the game. This prevents from skipping story on loading.
  • The same with auto modifiers. Thanks to MrBlasyMSK
  • You can now continue the story past her waking up.
  • Changed the font to be more readable. Thanks, @Stupidkiller
  • When a new card appears on the screen the auto mode turns off. Thanks, MrBlasyMSK
  • Lowered the buy button zoom on the itch page. Thanks, MrBlasyMSK
  • New character card images.
  • Cards image graphical update! Updated Sori unhovered, hovered image, and card meeting image.
    Updated Arili unhovered, hovered image, and card meeting image.
    Cards are now more accurately anchored to the border of the images.
  • All radical tags can be avoided. Thanks BlasKyau and @bobdillan
  • Added an option to the first choice of prologue scene.
    You are now able to avoid the prologue starting sexual scene tag that many may not want it. Implemented due to the request of the user. Now every more radical sexual tag will be avoidable. I will try to keep that gold standard throughout the game.
  • More story proofreading. Thanks MrBlasyMSK
  • New story!
  • This story update has a few new hentai animations.
  • You can now finish the quest “New venture”!
  • New quest “Way to town”
  • New character
    • Story with the new character
    • New character card
  • Choices now display with an animation
  • You can now play the game with your left hand only!
    • On standalone, you can now access choices with 1,2,3. keys.
    • You can continue dialogue with space.
  • Background manager changes:
    • Transitions are now available ‼. The images and video will gradually transition to each other.
    • There is a possibility now to queue backgrounds. When one line is displayed, there can be a few background changes. This makes the user experience more flowy and interesting.
  • Adding new audio.
  • Fixed some images with transparency bleeding on each other within the scene.
  • Few renders graphical fixes.
  • Zip folders have now an additional game folder. Allows to extract game without the need to create extra folder manually. Thanks MrBlasyMSK for suggestion.
  • Quest, relations, story state, name aliases overrides now properly restart when restarting the game after going back to main menu.
  • Card meeting screen font changed to be more visible on white gradient.
  • Cards (on relations and meeting screen) image is now contained within the border of the border image.
  • Cards border now anti alias
  • Card meeting lock image upscaled
  • Console window for cheat codes (available with special password) and for release development.
  • Developer mode
    • Allows to enable logs and testing keys in the release build itself.
  • Window manager.
    • Windows will now not overlap each other! If you open a map therefore other unimportant windows will close. Unimportant windows are one that are always can be closed without consequences. Choice screen which is part of the story cannot be closed because you are forced to make a choice now. Relations, Quests, Map, Options are marked as unimportant.
    • Window manager has also experimental capability to layering two windows side by side. Yet this will be more developed in the future cases.
  • Few optimizations around accessing different dialogue states, reactive bottom buttons.
  • Now clicking when text is scrolling, you finish the sentence instantly. Thanks you for this request.
  • Save timer notification now disappears way faster. Thank you for this request!
  • Mouse trail now follows cursor faster and more closely.
  • Fixed silent error when checking for version. Thanks to @MrBlasyMSK
  • Settings now load when reopening the game.
  • Shorter frame freeze of previous video frame.
  • Videos color coding has been changed for better support by unity engine.
  • More story proofread
  • Adding content warning screen when entering the game due to request
  • Fix – Story proofread
  • Fix – Image not found
v0.12 Android only
  • Fix: Android not playing videos fix
  • Fixed compression settings for images
  • Initial version.
  • Prologue story of the game containing meeting two main characters.
  • Quest system
  • Relation system foundation
Developer Notes:
See More
Tags are optional with choices and preference window.
The game was built with a custom Unity framework made from scratch. I don’t use renpy. This allows me to do special visual effects, more customizable controls, and different mechanics that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.
I also make quite a bit of custom environments, custom hentai animations and custom clothes/textures.
This is NOT my first game development experience, which is also why I choose something more advanced than renpy and which is why I drew my own map that I can later dynamically modify based on the game events.
Whether that would be positive ratings, encouraging comments, or patreon subscription. Even if you can’t  support. I still want to continue this project since I enjoy making it. The game get’s delayed updates to public access after more is developed. I was inspired by some games that I found thanks to F95, so I also hope that I can create sexy and meaningful journey that any cultured man can enjoy.
Thank you for support.
Due to your horny personality at work, you are forced to quit.
Being tired of how unfair the situation was, you only wish to commit sudoku.
An unfavorable situation can turn into an unexpected journey.
An attractive fox girl saves you and offers you a job that you cannot refuse.
You will need to face many challenges, ultimately creating a guild to defeat them.
With your hard sword and beautiful companions, you can pull out of any danger.
Anticipating what awaits, you take a chance at this venture.


The mysterious and seductive helper of an unknown deity.

This foxy lady is as elusive as she is alluring, guarding the secrets of her origin and sexuality with a cunning smile.

With a twirl of her tail, she can cause chaos and stir up trouble, but don’t let her mischievous ways fool you. She’s got a soft spot for the underdog.

Just don’t get too close, or you might find yourself caught in her cunning trap.

2380076 Ariliborderedsmaller | Free Adult Games

Your personal fairy companion on your epic journey!

This winged wonder is determined to be the right-hand wingman that you didn’t think you needed. Always read your mind to know exactly what you need and yes… what you want.

From providing helpful hints to making you laugh, she is guaranteed to bring a little bit of magic to your journey.

2380078 Sori Bordered Smaller | Free Adult Games

With her quick reflexes and nimble movement, she will shape any type of dagger to her desire.
If you are unlucky enough to cross her path, you land in a tight spot that will neutralize any weapon against her brisk motions.
Beware then of her elfish nature, she may guide you through the forest or lead you astray to a place from which you won’t be able to free yourself.

One thing’s for certain she’s sure to leave you on a wild ride!

2416044 Cyliaborderedsmaller | Free Adult Games

The proud shop owner with her little sister.
Her straightforward approach extends beyond her personality.

If you’re not yet feeling tipsy, be prepared for some divine intervention as water may turn into wine.

You ain’t holding up there? Don’t worry. With her wardrobe choices, she may not only serve as an advertisement for her shop, but also put any whiskey willy back into action!

2522648 Ezgif.com Video To Gif 1 | Free Adult Games

The sassy fox with a mischievous sparkle in her eyes. While her sister is busy tempting customers with her sinful spirits, Emilly runs a grocery store where she sells everything but the forbidden fruit.

With a smile as sweet as her small fox ears, she’ll charm you into buying anything… except when you actually need it.

She seems to have some reasons to dislike you, and if you don’t tread carefully, she may never show you the juicy peaches that she keeps hidden behind her grocery store counter.

2641191 Emi600Transparent | Free Adult Games

Kanae may not be the best protector, but she sure knows how to protect her beauty sleep.

She got herself a hard nut to crack when you walked onto her property. You both race to bust each other up in different ways. While she wouldn’t mind putting a troublemaker like you in handcuffs… You… on the other hand, seem more interested in “frisking” her than actually following the law.

If you ever get on her good side, she might just show you how to handle that baton in ways you never expected.

2641192 Kanae600T | Free Adult Games

This former lady of the night has been around the block more times than the ice cream truck, and she’s not afraid to show it.
Forgotten like a discarded dildo, she’s been so deprived of male attention that she’s thirstier than a camel in the desert.

She’s quite a difficult case. What made her end up this way?
If you are brave enough, lean in and let her whisper all her secrets in your ear.

Manako is a woman you won’t forget – whether you like it or not.
The only thing for certain is that if you get too close, she might just hold on to you for dear life. Or maybe something else entirely…

2641193 Mana600T | Free Adult Games
…and more planned…

About NTR:
After taking some time to ‘research’ NTR. I decided that it would not be in line with this project.
The story will have a male character, but he will not be attracted to any of the LIs . It will primarily serve a comedic role in the game. Similar to HHG (guard). Therefore NTR will not appear in main content.


While I’m not planning to write and implement NTR within the main story content myself. I’m planning to add MOD support where you would be able to download story mods from other authors. I would like to try this technical implementation. Although I will implement this on my own time, while mainly still focusing on providing more important updates (i.e. main story, h-features).
When the time comes I’m willing to support the authors as a thanks and even put their links next to their mods.
Thanks for playing ❤

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