Guilty Hell 2 [v0.31d] [KAIRI SOFT]

Guilty Hell 2 [v0.31d] [KAIRI SOFT]

June 4, 2024F95

He once descended to the ground 300 years ago and sealed the evil wizard Nana and the monsters under his control, but
due to the exhaustion of his power, he himself was sealed in the heavens by the gods and was waiting for the recovery of his power.

I’ve come down before, but it’s still a secret.

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Last time, it was an incomplete resurrection with full recovery of power, and it looked like a human magician.
(It seems that the reason why the boobs were small)

In “Guilty Hell 2”, power up with the help of the gods of the heavens to defeat Nana who is about to be resurrected.
The side effects make your boobs and buttocks bigger.
Costumes too because it became tight
The gods gave me new clothes because I had been touched for a long time and became dirty.

Thread Updated: 2024-06-01
Release Date: 2024-05-30
Developer: KAIRI SOFT Ci-enDLsiteTwitterPixivWebsite
Censored: No
Version: 0.31d
OS: Windows
Language: English (MTL)
Other Games:
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2DCG, 2D game, Side-scroller, Female protagonist, Fantasy, Rape,, Zombie, Internal view, Lesbian, Japanese game, Censored, Voiced, Graphic violence, Anal sex, Groping, Group sex, Vaginal sex, Multiple penetration, Vore, Creampie
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1. Extract and run.
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  • New areas “Lake” and “Lakebed Cave” added.
  • Added new enemy, “Undersea Man” (Octopus).
  • New enemy “Giant Fish” added.
  • Added a combination grab technique to Succubus.
  • Bran is now compatible with Succubus grab attacks (standing grabs and combo grabs only)
  • Added an animation of a succubus kissing an ordinary man.
  • Added vaginal insemination scene.
  • Some voices in H-anime have been corrected.
  • Added key configuration to the options screen
  • Minimap feature added.
  • Added the following summons to the Anywhere Summon menu: “The Forgotten People in Cloth,” “Hand of Eleanor,” “Undersea People,” and “Giant Fish.”
  • Added console functionality.
  • An increase in the price when purchasing summoning rights with money.
  • Madman G event Chinese version implemented
  • Many other fixes.
  • Implemented the continuation of the quest “Fog of Chiron”.
  • Anime added to “Forgotten People (Chibi Farmer)”. There is also a Blanc version.
  • Added large image animation to “Forgotten People (Chibi Farmer)”. There is also a Blanc version.
  • Added new enemy “Eleanor’s Hand”.
  • Added new enemy “Evil Dragon Alhut”.
  • Compatible with “Vampire” Blanc Noir.
  • Other bug fixes, etc.
  • New enemies “Lycan” and “Forgotten People (Chibi Farmer)” added. There is also a Blanc version of “The Forgotten People.”
  • Added new areas “Blue Fog Forest” and “Forgotten Village” . **
  • Added titty fuck to Airi’s prostitution anime.
  • You can now go back in time and watch Airi’s prostitution in the men’s bath.
  • Set proficiency, master skill, and AP system for some armor.
  • A large number of enemies that can be summoned at VIVI’s training range have been added. (Almost all small fish enemies, but the conditions described below must be met)
  • Added “Summon anywhere” feature.
  • Added damage hiding function.
  • Added new skills “Concentration”, “Blessings of the Earth”, and “Bomb Girl”.
  • Added new items “Bloodberry”, “Golden Mushroom”, “Shadow Berry”, “Slip-through Potion”, “Concentrated Slip-through Potion”, “Moonlight Gecko”, “Shatter Card”, “AP Potion”, and “Ring of Courage”.
  • Added synthesis recipe.
  • A new battle “Guardians” has been added to the arena. (Lycan and Giluria)
  • Improved auto zoom not being canceled when escaping from a grab attack. (Currently, it seems that auto zoom may not be canceled if you are attacked by another enemy while being grabbed or escaping.)
  • Fixed Airi learning masturbation when equipped with multiple cards.
  • Fixed an issue where all sellable items were not displayed when selling items.
  • Fixed the display position of items being shifted after item compositing.
  • Other bug fixes, etc.
  • Addition of debt collection events. anime added.
  • Added kiss animation to Eleanor (normal form).
  • It is now possible to fight “Eleanor (normal form)” in the arena.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Witch Association to freeze when going underground.
  • The design of the grabbing list screen and the system have been changed.
  • The voice actress in charge of Eleanor was changed from Kyoko Aieda to Mako Ogisaka.
  • The maximum amount of debt has been increased to 2500 yuno.
  • Normally, when the game is over, the days will pass.
  • Removed Eleanol from VIVI’s testing ground.
  • Some English and Chinese translations have been added. (Before and after the Mystine match)
  • Airi falls from the rooftop during the battle against the giant Eleanor.
  • Fixed: >Arena Gets Stuck After Winning in Restricted Mode Stats**
  • Fixed: Display of unique names of enemies.
  • Fixed: Moving sideways during an aerial attack does not stop when you release the arrow keys.
  • Fix: Heel drop sends enemies flying to the other side.
  • Added: Celestial Soldier Down Strangling (only visible in the Grab List List)
  • Change: Normal face image of Eos
  • Re-implementation of the Celestial Stage. (until the middle of the process)
  • Re-implemented “Holy Wisp” and “Celestial Soldiers” according to the above.
  • Addition of new animation and sex event for Celestial Soldiers.
  • Noir Blanc is available for “Big Lips”.
  • The “Devil’s Lips” is now compatible with Blanc. Noir is also supported from 25c.
  • Addition of a priest attacked by “Devil’s Tentacle” and a civilian woman raped by a delinquent girl and “Thug”.
  • New “Iron Claw” technique added to Destroyer.
  • New area and event added to the Celestial Stage. Corrections, etc. (Encounter with LaFran)
  • Naked Aili now has two consecutive normal attacks. Also, added guard, parry, item use, and blow up animation to Naked Aili.
  • Special skill “Summoning Lightning Method” implemented.
  • When a defeat event occurs, it is displayed on the screen.
  • Development level of Aili’s body is now displayed.
  • Changed the AI of wisps and celestial soldiers.
  • Various other bug fixes.
  • Addition of “Slave Market” in Black Market.
  • Addition of Iri’s sexual enslavement event.
  • New enemy “Bodanic tribal chief” added. (No grabbing attack, only H-animation event)
  • Addition of new quest “Kidnapped Sister”.
  • Fixed a bug in the quest “Bandit Knight Voltis” that it sometimes did not proceed after talking to Nikita.
  • Added a moneylender to the black market.
  • Added “Saturation Off” setting to Options. (Lightweight)
  • Changed so that players can warp to the daytime Black Market if they find a save point in the nighttime Black Market.
  • Added a new skill “I like big cocks”.
  • Various other bug fixes, etc.
  • How to proceed with the event
  • Addition of new enemy “Tentacle Demon”. Support for Blanc and Noir!
  • Addition of animations for Blanc and Noir versions of the three “Wraithified Villagers”
  • Addition of the continuation of the quest “Shillon of the Night Mist”.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the boss battle in the Ghost Wet Forest from occurring.
  • Added new skills “Quick Drink” and “Drinker”.
  • Display of the remaining time of the star ring.
  • Changed the MP consumption of Explosion.
  • Several serious bugs related to progression fixed.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the user from leaving after entering the forest to the left of Shillon.
  • Fixed many bugs related to mimic girls.
  • Fixed many compass behaviors related to the Witch Association and Voltis.
  • Many other bugs fixed.
  • The quest “Shillon of the Night Fog” is added. Villagers will be kissed by Eleanor.
  • New enemy “Vampire”.
  • Added grabbing technique to “Butcher” and “Madman”. (Both noir and iri versions are available!)
  • Two combination animations completed for the Breaking Monk (from 22c, one of the two animations will be randomly selected during combination).
  • Added an animation for pregnant Aili (bellybutton)
  • Major enhancements to the quest function (details below)
  • Added Aili’s version to the pre-battle conversation with Madman G.
  • Camera movement is now reset by long pressing the camera button.
  • Translation of some quest journals, item and character names, etc. into English and Chinese.
  • Corrected the display of Chinese descriptions on the menu screen.
  • Addition of new items “Chili Pepper” and “Celestial Water”. (Pregnancy progress speed adjustment items)
  • Added the village chief’s house in Shilong Village. (Can only be entered at night)
  • Slowing down the pregnancy progression speed.
  • (You can enter the house at night.) Slowed down the pregnancy progression speed.
  • Many other fixes.
  • “This is an event where you can control characters other than Airi!”
About Queen Warrior Noir
  • Noire is a character who uses a bow, and other than the main character Airi, she is a character whose popularity is split between Eleanor and Eleanor from the previous work. (Kichuneko-sama was in charge of Noir’s voice this time!)
  • The face image is slightly different from before.
  • Blanc, who is also from the Quinn tribe, had two events where they fought together, but I haven’t seen Noir fighting yet…
  • This time, Noire will finally play an active role, but…
  • Maybe she’s stronger than Airi…? (In the previous work, Destroyer was helpless, but…)
Noir Combat Power
・Archery (Z)
You can shoot at a very fast speed!
If it is a weak opponent, you can defeat it without getting close at all.
・Upward archery
You can also attack upwards.
The upper trap can be destroyed from a distance.
・Aerial archery
You can shoot a bow diagonally downward from the air.
Although the rate of fire is lower than normal, depending on the location, you can attack unilaterally.
·Horizontal kick
Noire is also good at physical arts. Noir’s kick is much quicker than Airi’s swan kick, allowing for continuous attacks and sending the enemy flying.
・Explosive Kick
If you hold down the kick button and then release it, the kicked opponent will explode and be blown away.
Consumes a lot of MP, but is very powerful.
I don’t know if it’s some kind of magic… It seems that there was an enemy who used a technique similar to the Witch Association?
・armpit licking
・Breast licking
・Breast sucking
・Navel licking
・Insert Of course, there is also an Airi version!
(Airi’s cunnilingus has been added since 21c)
Madman G’s true identity…! ?
Although nothing was said in the previous work, it seems that Madman G was Eleanor’s subordinate.
Madman G manufactures a miasma covering Heidel.
It seems that Madman G is also related to Heidel becoming full of zombies.
In the game, if you continue to inhale the highly concentrated miasma that erupts from the pipe, you will begin to take damage. This miasma can be stopped by destroying the pipe.
In this story, it’s a little clear who Madman G was…?
  • Mimic girl hides in treasure chests now, if you open you’ll get an H scene if you don’t escape.
  • The mage guy now has double penetration.
  • Witch Academy is expanded.
  • Witches now show different levels of corruption.
New features
Attack items
Nude-Switching clothes (only in front of the box)
Rotating kick Middle or upper (Z when kicking and collecting ↑ Z)
Shop on the map
Standing picture of message window
Grab animation list display (animation to play can be selected)
Consumable item equipment
Item composition
Drunk Airi (Drinking alcohol makes you drunk for a while)
Fatigue Airi (Standing is always short of breath when HP is 50% or less)
Estrus voice (changes to a pleasant voice when inserted when using an aphrodisiac and in an uneven state)
Option screen (and temporary title screen)
Treasure chest (also with key)
Named Enemy
Set armor value for enemies


Addition of new area. (However, the home that was in Part.1 was temporarily deleted)
Addition of new enemies “Chibi Oak”, “Thug” and “Succubus”
Added kiss anime to thugs
Implementation of new techniques “Dash Kick (Tentative)” and “Tracking Dash (Tentative)” (for testing)
Addition of usable items “Fairy Medicine” and “Aphrodisiac” (can be used infinitely in 0.2b)
Aerial attack becomes three-stage attack. (Addition of heel drop)
UI design change on the upper left. Added consumable item column
Addition of abnormal conditions (“fascination” / “muramura”)
Money implementation
Enemy item drop system added
Conversation system added
Enhanced log function when kissed
The name of the grab technique is displayed in the lower right. (Currently only a small part)
Other minor improvements and fixes
Developer Notes:
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About translation
Now that I’ve been able to talk about it, I’d like to start translating it soon!
However, the story at the beginning is still changing, so the translation will be after that.
Please wait a moment now. m (__) m

*This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.

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