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Hardcoded [v0.7 Patreon] [Fortunae Virgo]

February 19, 2024F95

Hardcoded is an open-world dating-sim, set in the lawless reaches of a cyberpunk dystopia, in which you take on the role of a thinking/learning droid who has recently escaped her owners and is on the run. Before you can fully settle into your new life, it becomes obvious that Pira City is a place of dark and dangerous secrets. Fortunately, you’re able to befriend a cast of very horny characters who seek your aid in pursuing a shadowrun-style investigation. You can spend your down time trying to establish yourself, by earning money, decorating your apartment, buying clothes, collecting sci-fi dildos, or working on turning friendships into romances.

!!!This game is very explicit! There are many dicks in this game! Most of them are attached to girls!!!

Thread Updated: 2024-02-18
Release Date: 2024-02-01
Developer: Fortunae Virgo Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.7 Patreon
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
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2DCG, Futa/trans protagonist, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, Lesbian, Sci-Fi, Dating Sim, Futa/trans, BDSM, Prostitution, Romance, Sex toys, Text based, Monster girl, Interracial
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1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “hardcoded.exe” to start playing.
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version 0.7 – 2/1/24
  • Heather 13 and Forcier 1 makeovers, including an animation, still, a couple of sexy email selfies, and a character portrait:
    • two new emails for heather 13, one lewd
    • new character art in Heather 13
    • new dialogue stills for Forcier 1
    • new animation in Forcier 1
    • plant options in Forcier 1 have art.
New stuff:
  • I don’t want to wake trix up to get an itemized list of what she changed, but i’ll update this tomorrow with details!
New art:
  • 5 new stills and 1 new animation in Mags & Quinn 6
New scenes:
  • Calico 1 & 2
New art:
  • Calico pinup
  • Calico fucking animation
  • Tunnel Girls Mural
Misc changes:
  • Some spelling fixes
New scenes:
  • Mags & Quinn 7
Misc changes:
  • Main 17 fixes
  • Map updated
New scenes:
  • Main 15
  • Main 16
  • Main 17
Misc changes:
  • Olivia and Forcier’s appartment is no longer accessible before Main 2 is completed (no more going down on Olivia before you’ve even met her.)
  • Room Expansion Guy now has mouseover text and his portrait is displayed every time he talks.
  • Main 14 re-written
New arts:
-2 Lewd still in Cadence and Decima 7
-2 Lewd stills in Heather 11
-1 Lewd world art in Beryl & Misha 1
-Music added to several scenes
-3 new furniture items added
-Various spelling fixes
New arts:
-4 D&D backgrounds
-3 Lewd CWC playroom animation
-Lewd still in Pearl 2
New Scenes:
-Mags and Quinn 6
-New locations:
-Candle Wax Club playroom
-5 new furniture items
-New machine outlet
-Slight edits to Mags and Quinn 5
-Spelling fixes
New Art:
-Pinup still added to Joi 2
-The hallway outside HCs apartment has been updated
-Roof location added to HCs apartment building
-Room expansion
-New furniture market
-Spelling fixes
New Art:
-Two backgrounds for Heather 15
-3 lewd animations for Pearl 3
-lewd animation for Forcier 3
-New background for Mags & Quinn 4
New Scenes:
-Heather 15
-Mags & Quinn added to scene replay menu
New Scenes
  • Cadance 5
  • DnD 6
New Art
  • Cadance 5
  • Discord bug fixes <3
New Scenes:
  • Main 11
  • Olivia 7
  • Forcier 4
New Art:
  • Backgrounds and portraits for Main 11
  • Sexy art and animation for Forcier & Decima 3
  • Discord reported bugs fixes and spelling errors! <3 <3 <3
  • Big changes to Forcier 3
New Scenes:
Forcier 3
Olivia 5
New Art:
Another drawing & and a selfie art has been added to the first Beryl & Misha scene
Two drawings have been added to Cadence & Decima 6
New machine!!!
Added Beryl & Misha 1 to the scene replay menu
Discord reported bugs fixes and spelling errors! <3 <3 <3
New Scenes:
  • Forcier 2
  • Beryl and Misha 1
New Mini-Scene:
  • Nix 3
New Art:
  • Root Street Theater background
  • Five dialogue stills for Nix mini-scene
  • Four dialogue stills for Beryl and Misha 1
  • Discord reported bugs fixes and spelling errors! <3 <3 <3
v0.0.56 – 6/1/21
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Heya Patrons!!! It’s one day past update day!!!
And we’re late posting but it’s totally here! Beryl’s story line has been restructured around last months cut scenes, the new scenes from this month, and some general tone-shifting. The empty Beryl 4 slot has been filled with a new, adorable scene in which Beryl and HC hang out with her egg. The old Beryl 6 has been changed to Beryl 5. The old Beryl 7 has been moved to where Beryl 6 used to be, and will assume the role of introducing Beryl’s breeding fetish. The empty Beryl 7 slot will be filled with a new scene in which Beryl further explores that fetish with HC (and some robo-cum-technology help from Decima.) The new Beryl 7 is full of some pretty dope animations, so check it out! And don’t forget that the new scenes can be played from HCs terminal files, if you’ve already progressed past them in her arch.
New Scene:
  • Beryl 7
  • Beryl 4
New Art:
  • Beryl 7 animations and stills
  • Fixed Night Price hair bug
  • Fixed various spelling
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New Scene:
  • Jemma 2
  • Mags & Quinn 2
New Art:
  • Jemma 2
  • Various dialogue portraits
  • Fixed headband bug in Heather & Cadence 2
  • Fixed Cadence miniscene bug
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New Scenes:
  • Mags and Quinn 1
  • Heather 12
  • Forcier and Decima 1
New art:
  • Joi 1 animations
  • 2 Beryl selfies
  • Quinn dialogue portraits
  • Storm Tunnels level 2 background art revision
Misc Stuff
  • New lore documents: Forcier’s Journal in their apartment, Gel Corp memo outside of Jemma’s office.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed a lot of typos (BTW, thank you so much to everyone pointing out typos and bugs it’s soooo helpful!)
  • Cassoon the cat intro repeating error fixed
  • hetcad1 should be accessible again
  • gloryhole mini repeating error fixed
  • relic candelabra remaining in store after purchase bug fixed
  • for1 crashing bug fixed
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New Scenes:
  • Forcier 1
New Miniscenes:
  • Cadence Gloryhole
  • 3 new gloryhole encounters in the restroom
Misc Stuff:
  • Economic rebalance
  • New art for Heather 7
  • Reina pole-dancing animation
  • Cadence Restroom Orgy Miniscene Selfie
  • Machine system report is clearer
  • Replay system altered for clarity
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed crash in Beryl 7
  • Fixed freeze in D&D 5
  • Email dupe removal system added
  • Fixed the duplicate email bug when replaying Heather’s scenes
  • Fixed snakebites being visible in front of mask
  • Heather & Cadence scenes added to replay system
  • Various spelling/grammar fixes
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New Scenes:
  • Main 10
  • Decima 5
New Mini Scenes:
  • Lemon Exhibition mini
  • Candy Exhibition mini
Misc Stuff:
  • New Heavy rain added to weather system
  • Updated drone explosion animation
  • Email UI slightly changed for readability
  • Lockpick minigame (wip)
  • Detective Sal apartment background (wip)
  • New art for Olivia and Forcier’s apartment
  • New art for the first room in the storm tunnels
  • Heather 4 animation update
  • Lore documents in Jemmas office and Olivias room
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New Scenes:
Heather and Cadence 5
Olivia 5
Misc Stuff:
Updated Cadence and Decima Animation
3 New hair options, + colors
New Dialogue Stills for Cadence’s Alley Mini Scene
Art for Heather’s Cat Ears, Gloves, and Collar (The collar doesn’t have multiple colors this month but we’re working on it!!)
New Lily Dialogue Portrait
New Short Essay in School and GelCorp (New Papernote System)
Berryglug lore notes in the library updated
Bug Fixes:
Fixed Heather 2 crashing problem (Hopefully!)
Fixed Dnd5 Repeating problem
Various spelling fixes
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New scenes:
  • Joi 3
  • Heather 10
Misc stuff:
  • Second level added to Gelcorp lobby
  • Gelcorp guard dialogue portrait added
  • Beryl 7 animation added
  • Lore details added to the library
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New scenes:
  • Beryl 7
  • Main 9
Misc stuff:
  • Piss restroom encounter art added
  • 2 dudes restroom enounter art added
  • Joi workshop miniscene art added
Bug fixes:
  • Apron bug fixed
  • Fixed various spelling, grammar, and formatting errors
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New scenes:
  • Beryl 6
New miniscenes:
  • Jemma / Courtier mini 1
  • Slime Rando mini
  • Contest 3
Misc stuff:
  • Cafe minigame apron rewards
  • Green apron moved to jacket slot
  • Apron uniform undershirt added
  • Skipnoise lvl 2 art revision
  • GELcorp art revision
  • Decima selfie email added to main 8
  • Background animations added to Mall
  • Animations added to Slime Queen 1
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed Slime Queen 1 inaccessible bug
  • Fixed Slime Queen and Joi missing from replayable scenes
  • Fixed various spelling, grammar, and formatting errors
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New scenes:
  • Heather & Cadence 3
New miniscenes:
  • Buff Contest Girl mini
  • Beryl mini
  • Cadence & Decima mini
Misc stuff:
  • ‘Snap My Choker’ shirts added to the store in the Candle Wax Club
  • HC’s face has been updated
  • New outfit menu background
  • Animation added to the cosplayer blowjob in Heather 6
  • Cosplayer cumshot email selfie revised
  • Cadence diner selfie revised
  • Beryl 5 edited
  • Wastewood Academy lore retcon’d
Bug fixes:
  • Sold Out bug fixed
  • Hair vendor sorting bug fixed
  • Beryl mini (bimbo x condom) missing email fixed
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New scenes:
  • Joi2
New miniscenes:
  • Lily & Reina mini
  • Cadence & Decima mini
Misc stuff:
  • Music added to the cafe and the cafe minigame
  • The glasses stand in the convience store has been updated and new glasses have been added
  • Background animations in Heathers room have been fixed / updated
  • Cafe minigame recipe bug fixed
  • Various edits
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new build that fixes the bugs with mags miniscene, D&D 4, and slime queen 1.
New scenes:
  • D&D 4
  • Slime Queen 1
  • Heather + Cadence 2
  • Main 8
New miniscenes:
  • Mags mini
  • Beryl mini
Misc stuff:
  • New art for the Mall
  • Taildo toy scene written & animated
  • Email selfie added to the miniscene with Beryl in the Candle Wax Club
  • New music added to all of the Main scenes
  • Event menu rebuilt
  • Drink Recipe now visible in the cafe minigame
  • Cafe characters renammed Candy & Peach
  • Cafe cum sound changed
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New scenes:
  • Cadence & Decima 4
  • Cadence & Decima 5
Misc stuff:
  • Cafe drink feedback/pause
  • Forcier art update
  • Olivia art update
  • Music added to the introduction scene where you meet everyone
Bug fixes / tiny stuff:
  • Otherdark Slouch sprite replaced with the correct one.
  • fixed duplicate Heather emails (not retroactively yet)
  • Changed when Heather emails you
  • Hazel & Peach have switched names
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New scenes:
  • Heather & Cadence 1
Misc stuff:
  • New location
  • 3 new restroom encounters
  • 3 new restroom still arts
  • New heather art
  • New heather’s apartment art
Bug fixes / tiny stuff:
  • Restroom coupon drops have been nerfed
  • Misc spelling / formatting / grammar / etc
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New scenes:
  • Slime Queen Introduction
New mini scenes:
  • Randos – Lemon Restroom
  • Beryl – Candle Wax Club
Misc Stuff:
  • New toy – Jar of slime tentacles!
  • New dialogue lines for Frank and Sparky
  • Fixed pillory miniscene repeating bug
  • Fixed the ‘next’ button bug in the outfit menu
  • Fixed the crash that sometimes occured in stores / when buying clothing
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New scenes:
  • Heather 8
Mini scenes:
  • Lily / Reina mini 1
Misc Stuff:
  • ’16 memories’ bug fixed
  • Industrial district art revisions
  • Root st bg animations reinstated
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New scenes:
  • Main 5
  • Heather 5
Mini scenes:
  • Contest 2
  • Pastel Goth Clothing Pack – 36 new witchy cosmetic items :3
Misc Stuff:
  • Map art revision
  • Furniture system hard reset
  • A ton of scenes have been edited
  • New toybox item & animation
  • Replaced placeholder text for the holodildo in the toybox
  • Contest 1 is now skippable & progresses time
  • fixed slut trophy sprite switch
  • fixed crash in the furniture store
  • fixed many typos, text overflows, and text color issues
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New scenes:
  • D&D 1
  • D&D 2
  • Heather 4
Mini scenes:
  • Lilly 1
  • Reina 1
New animations:
  • Olivia 2
  • Cheat code input system
  • Firefly particles
  • New Acorn art
  • Modified text of one of Cadence’s emails.
  • Fixed bug with drone / contest interaction
  • Fixed transition effect when entering the acorn
  • Reduced root st load time (i think)
  • Fixed an instance of Forcier being misgendered, and other typos.
  • Fixed the cosplay character choice in heathers scene not working
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New scenes:
  • Heather 3
  • Beryl 4
  • 1 new hairstyle
Misc Stuff:
  • Machines!
  • Random Npc skin/hair tone randomizer
  • New animation in Main 3
  • Art added to the anime sections of Heather’s scenes
  • Decima’s workshop art updated
  • Skipnoise lvl 2 art slightly updated
  • Tons of spelling / grammar / tone edits
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New scenes:
  • Cadence 4
New Locations:
  • Furniture store
  • Skipnoise Ave, lvl 2
Misc Features:
  • Multiple Save Slots!
  • Scene Replaying system added!
  • Home decoration system!
  • Camera smoothing
  • Camera repositioning when exiting areas
  • UI art slightly updated
  • Computer UI & email system rebuilt for flexibility
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New Animations:
  • Cadence & Decima 3
  • Beryl Mini 1 (mini animation)
  • Main story 1 (mini animation)
New Scenes:
  • Mags 1
  • Mags 2
  • Decima 4
Misc Features:
  • Glasses slot, with glasses purchasable in the convenience store.
  • You can now get a piercing.
  • You can change your expression in the outfit menu by clicking on your face.
  • New background added to outfit menu.
  • Morning / Evening are distinctly lit in preparation for more time-based scenes and events in the future.
  • HC now dreams every once in a while when you save.
  • Some of the more expensive items have been reduced in cost. More economic changes to come.
  • Added cuddle art to the intro if you decide to share a bed with Beryl.
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Someone pointed out a bug in Beryl 3, so here’s a little update that fixes it.
  • Beryl 3 now starts without skipping to the end of the scene
  • Misc spelling fixes
  • Preview of fancier outfit menu
Patch notes:
New Animations:
  • Decima 2
New Scenes:
  • Olivia 1
  • Olivia 2
  • Olivia 3
  • Industrial district has been expanded to included a powerstation and a 3d printer clothing store
Misc Features:
  • A nameable, coupon-scavenging drone has been added. Unlocked in Olivia 3
  • Over 70 new cosmetic items
  • Beryl 3 has been slightly revised
  • A new email selfie from Olivia
  • Title screen has been modified
  • Options menu has been added, which includes the ability to disable men in the random encounter areas and to change the screen resolution. Both setting will be remembered when the game is closed and autoloaded when the game is launched.
Developer notes:
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Attention anyone who was experiencing a weird crash-on-save that they couldn’t progress past! I have now fixed the bug that was likely to be causing it! 😀 Until now, buying out all items in a specific slot in any of the clothing stores would cause a crash on save, but no longer! Also, we gave the clerk in the Candle Wax Club a dialogue portrait and a name this month, in an affort to bring them into the game more in the future 😀 They are a femboy named Misha and they love to lend a hand to anyone exploring their kinks. Visit the Candle Wax Club for the next miniscene in Berly’s little bimbofication arc. Also, keep an eye out for the buff horse-cock girl, she does some shopping there too :3 As always, thank you so much for all the support!! Enjoy the update!

teckie thanks for the update!

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