Harem High School [v0.2.5] [SpliFF Productions]
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Harem High School [v0.2.5] [SpliFF Productions]

May 19, 2024F95

The game takes place 4 years after a great epidemic which wiped out 99.9999 percent of the male earth population. And you are one of the lucky guy’s who survived it. The game starts when you turn 18. Your life is about to change…

Thread Updated: 2018-12-25
Release Date: 2018-12-25
Developer: SpliFF – PatreonDiscord
Censorship: None
Version: 0.2.5
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
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Animated, Big tits, Groping, Handjob, Male protagonist, Oral sex, Vaginal sex
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1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “HaremHighSchool.exe” to start playing.
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Please note that I wasn’t able to update the game on my phone, so you may have to re-install it. Sorry :/
  • added 600+ images
  • added 60 animations
  • added taskbook
  • completely reworked the UI and the navigation system -> removed almost every arrow (from day 2 on)
  • added event with all member of the swim team
  • added event and repeatable scene with the twins
  • added special scene with the twins (First Patreon reward scene)
  • added event and repeatable scene with Vanessa
  • added event and repeatable scene with Fiona and Amie(new character)
  • added event and a repeatable scene with Sienna(new character)
  • added event with Eva, another new character
  • added event and repeatable scene with Mia, the nurse
  • added christmas event
  • added repeatable scene with Tiffany
  • added shower, Tiffany’s office and lockerroom
  • changed some fonts/colors
  • changed the map
  • changed the textbox
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Savegames from v0.1.0 should be ok to use
  • 430 images
  • 36 animations
  • MC’s living room
  • phoneicon, weekday and daytime (it skips weekend as for now)
  • menu music -> more to follow
  • Kasumi’s surprise scene
  • 44 images
  • 8 animations
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Savegames are not compatible!
– 170 Images
– 11 animated scenes
– new events with Mindy, Tina, Lea, Kasumi and some new characters
– repeatable scenes for Kasumi, Tina and Lea
– new locations in school
– added Playerhome (bedroom, kitchen, entrance hall for now…)
– map of the school
– timesystem (click on the clock to skip time)
– 70 images
– 16 animated scenes
– redone Kasumi good morning scene day 1
– redone Tina’s first scene (Her first time should have a better quality)
– cum is better visible in new and redone scenes
– the game needs less space
– changed fonts, colors and textbox
– changed some doors and arrows after the beta release (I hope it’s less confusing now^^)
– and some other small things…
if you find any bugs or strange things then contact me (Patreon/Discord).
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– added 186 images
– added 23 animated scenes
– added 12 girls
– completely revised the english text, thank you so much mysecret2016!
– you can now move around in one part of the school
– changed the transparency of the textbox
– changed the eyes of some girls
– changed the eyebrows of some girls
– changed the makeup of some girls
– changed some dialogues
– fixed some continuity issues
– fixed a bug causing a loop in the infirmary
– fixed a bug in Tina’s first event
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– reworked almost all animations. No more watermarks or cursor
– added a animation with Kasumi at the beginning
– changed some texts
– changed and added stuff from the scene with Tina. You should first go to the director….
– redone some animations with Tina
– redone animations in principal´s office
– changed the penis size in some scenes

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    Harem High School [v0.2.5] [SpliFF Productions]