Harem Mate [R1] [Illusion]
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Harem Mate [R1] [Illusion]

July 7, 2024F95

HaremMate is an eroge created by the Japanese H-game company Illusion. The game was released on December 26, 2014 and focuses on H with multiple girls.

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The protagonist (player) is a newcomer in a Production Agency (Manager for Idols basically) for the 5 heroines. One of the heroines (Akiha Jyujyu) is a childhood friend of the protagonist (she calls him “Onii-chan”), and her mother is the boss of the agency. Another heroine in the agency (Saeki Azusa) is the protagonist’s underclassman in the past so she calls him “Senpai”. The other three are strangers.

After H scene with 2 heroine, 3 of the heroines discovered that whoever has sex with the protagonist gets inexplicable luck when it comes to getting job offers, and actual sex improves luck more than foreplay. The word spreads and the rest also have sex with the protagonist. The story is basically the heroines decided to keep having sex with the protagonist for that reason. (The two heroines that knew the protagonist do have feelings for him)

That is where free H mode picks up.

Thread Updated: 2021-02-16
Release Date: JP 2019-10-25, EN 2021-01-27
Censored: No
Version: R1
Developer/Publisher: Illusion Steam
Repacker: ScrewThisNoise Anime-SharingDiscordPatreonSukebei – ScrewThisNoise
OS: Windows
Language: English, Japanese
Voices: Japanese
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3d game, Japanese game, Voiced, Character creation, Big ass, Big tits, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Oral sex, Handjob, Titfuck, Footjob, Male protagonist, Harem, Management, Virgin, Creampie, Pov, Animated, Ahegao, Groping, Group sex, Multiple penetration
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1. Extract and run.

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  • Applied Base game
  • Applied official update hmate_02_plusstudio
  • Applied Preorder DLC すくぅ~るメイト 由芽セット
  • Applied Preorder DLC 極エロ水着
  • Applied official update hmate_02_plusstudio_all0130
  • Applied Paid DLC ハーレムめいと 追加衣装スクールセット (Additional costumes)
  • Applied compression to base game files
  • Applied translations from HF-Patch
  • Translated remaining image assets
  • Generated updated machine translation
  • Added BepInEx v5.4.5
  • Added BepInEx.ConfigurationManager v16.1
  • Added BepInEx.MessageCenter v1.1.1
  • Added BepInEx.MuteInBackground v1.1
  • Added XUnity.AutoTranslator v4.14.0
  • Added 0xd4d’s dnSpy 6.1.5 (**)
  • Added enimaroah’s SB3U v21.0.3 (**)
  • Added Horse’s ScriptLoader v1.2.4
  • Added Keelhauled’s GraphicsSettings v1.2.1
  • Added Marco’s FPS Counter v3.1

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    Harem Mate [R1] [Illusion]