Harem Party Adventures [v0.17.1] [Assmodeus Unlimited Lewd Works]

Harem Party Adventures [v0.17.1] [Assmodeus Unlimited Lewd Works]

June 19, 2024F95

Play the prophesied hero, destined to save the world from thirsty succubi.
As you explore the game world, you’ll find many girls to interact with and possibly, recruit to your party.
In your travels you can grow closer to your companions and get to know them, as well as learn from them, skills to suit your own character.

The game has a focus on sandbox interactions and exploration rather then being story heavy, with dozens of side quests to complete, instead of a linear main story.

Thread Updated: 2024-06-19
Release Date: 2024-06-19
Developer: AssmodeusDEVPatreonSubscribeStarDiscordItch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.16
OS: Windows
Language: English
Other Games: Space Gals
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3DCG, Male protagonist, Combat, Sandbox, Point&Click, Dating sim, Harem, Big tits, Turn based combat, Rpg
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1. Extract and run.
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-Oralth’s room access fixed
-Home’s fast travel menu tweak
-Game suddenly toggling off fullscreen fixed
-Load/save menu showing the correct date for saves past the first page
-5 H-scenes added. (Current Total: 53)
-New Main Quest (Naughty little imps)
-New Capturable Succubus (Oralth, Eoh, Eohwr)
-Oralth trio H-scene
-Lissa story progression
-Lissa third potion incident h-scene
-Mei story progression
-Mei bathroom h-scene
-Alberta and Natalih bonding/threesome scene
-Amanda and Lissa bonding/threesome scene
v0.16 (Easter Special)
-5 H-scenes added. (Current Total: 48)
-New hireable bunny girls for casino owners(Go through Diana’s progression)
-When Camille is hired you open the bar room of the casino
-Casino’s bar now has drinks with week-long buffs
-New H-scenes for the casino(Go through Diana’s progression)
-Amanda and Melia bonding/threesome scene
-New minigame. Umo playable with your party members
-New spells added (Check any library)
-New skills added (Check Katarina’s training menu)
-Sparring sessions in the academy’s arena with your peers
-Encounter/Battle scene GUI tweaks
-Some status effects have visual effects for when they’re affecting a character
-Several 16:9 windows sizes available for windowed mode
-New dialogue menu layout(old one is still togglable on the settings menu)
-Fixed the Milking Betsie minigame
-2 H-scenes added. (Current Total: 43)
-Lyra story progression
-Lyra threesome scene with Martha h-scene
-Aelyis and Lyra bonding/threesome scene
-New conversation topics in the tavern drinking scene for Alberta and Lissa.
-Monologue type npcs added
-New spells added (Check any library)
-World Map Menu added
-Dialogue Backlog History added (Press G while in a Vn segment)
-3 H-scenes added. (Current Total: 41)
-New Main Quest (Temptress in the Snow)
-New town and ship destination (Everwinter)
-New Capturable Succubus (Ulst)
-Ulst H-scene
-New Dungeon room available in your home
-Lissa second potion incident h-scene
-Lissa story progression
-Natalih and Melia bonding/threesome scene
-Loading screens for H-scenes (To cover the video-player preparation process, basically no black-screen anymore)
-Exp rates for encounters adjusted
-Stamina for player characters reduced
-Stamina recovers fully after battle
-Damage dealt by player characters reduced
-You can buy a H-Card Collection Album from Helena
-Teleport crystals now have sfx
-Fixed the poker mini game, hopefully for the last time
-3 H-scenes added. (Current Total: 38)
-Mei story progression
-Mei living room h-scene
-Melia story progression
-Melia stakeout h-scene
-Lissa and Mei bonding/threesome scene
-New H-Card collection feature
-New Merchant NPC in Ostia with a consumable revival item
-Lore Books revised
-2 H-scenes added. (Current Total: 35)
-Elysierra story progression
-Elysierra drinking events
-Elysierra sleep with scene
-Aelyis and Reika bonding/threesome scene
-3 new Aelyis Battle Outfits(Outfit changes just for battle)(Patreon only)
-2 H-scenes added. (Current Total: 33)
-Reika story progression
-Reika back alley h-scene
-Natalih story progression
-Natalih living room h-scene
-New town and ship destination (Ostia)
-New ero-book Item (Lissa part-time bunny girl)(Patreon Exclusive)
-2 H-scenes added. (Current Total: 31)
-Alberta and Amanda bonding/threesome scene
-Aelyis story progression
-Aelyis beach date/h-scene
-Amanda sleep with scene
-New room at the player home(Library)
-Amanda study magic with player events(Library Event)
-Lissa study magic with player events(Library Event)
-New Book Item (Aelyis’s lewd photo album)(Patreon Exclusive)
-New Book Item (Mei’s lewd photo album)(Patreon Exclusive)
-New Book Item (Reika’s lewd photo album)(Patreon Exclusive)
-Current HP/MP/SP, if at current maximum will be kept at maxed out when leveling up
-Party members now get a small stat boost that scales with affection(the power of love goes brrrrrr)
-More Save Slots
-Skill Hotkeys(select skills with keyboard keys)
-2 H-scenes added. (Current Total: 29)
-Party Support Introduticion
-Mei and Valeria bonding/threesome scene
-Lissa and Lyra bonding/threesome scene
-Alberta castle date scene
-Alberta smite training scene
-Poker minigame is now playable at any tavern
-Mei yoga (gym scene)
-Katarina player class change scene(To Fighter)
-Morgana player class change scene(To Wizard)
-Aelyis player class change scene(To Ranger)
-Elysierra player class change scene(To Arcane Knight)
-New Items
-New Book Item (Alberta’s lewd photo album)(Patreon Exclusive)
– 2 H-scenes added.
-Amanda’s booty call.
-Milking cow-woman minigame.
-Helping with Nandy’s farm questline.
-New party member (Elysierra).
-New areas for the open world.(West midlands, Edelia, Tomb of Lancea, Nandy’s farm)
-Poker games with the girls 2,3 or 4 players at the living room.
-Better Poker ai.
-Potion Merchant added to Normaer’s market area.
-You can now substitute party members mid-battle.
-Girl profiles rework
-Font changes
-Level cap set to 50.
– 4 H-scenes added.
-Point ‘n click scene UI reworked.
-Dungeon crawling navigation reworked.
-Amanda’s beach date.
-More intimate services available in for The Rabbit Hole Casino.
-Added player owned ship
-Meeting the Oracle quest.
-New area(The Rabbit Hole Casino)
—Blackjack minigame
—Poledancing animations
—Bunny girl prostitution
-Windowed Mode
-Cheat Menu(Patreon only)
-27 Battle Outfits(Outfit changes just for battle)(Patreon only)
-1 new H-Scene(Lissa’s booty call)
-Alberta Booty call rework(New Animation)
-Alberta Progression rework
-New bathroom events(Bathing with the girls)
-New gym event(alberta workout)
-New living room event(Poker with Alberta)
-New areas for the open world.
-New party member (Valeria).
-New drinking events
-New quest (Story Progression).
-Escape battle function.
-+4 H-Scenes
-Lots of bug fixes.
-3 new H-scenes
-New Player Home
-New Quest System
-Class Change
-New blessing system
-Main story progression
-New Skills
-Bug fixes
-Typo fixes
– +4 Recruitable girls
– +3 H-Scenes
-Drink with party members events
-Sleep with… events
-Lyra events
-Natalih events
-Reika events
-Melia events
-Gallery menu(replay sex scenes)
-New Save and Load Menu
-You can save and load anywhere outside of dungeons/quest/places that you could save scum
-Readable books
-New notice board quest
-New items in Lissa’s shop
-New Skills
-Bug fixes
-Typo fixes
-Consumable Item System
-Potion Shop
-Lissa events
-Aelyis events
-Ellie events
-Tavern Oyakodon
First release.
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-50+ H-Scenes.
-Non-linear progression.
-All NSFW Scenes are animated.
-Every NSFW Scene can be replayed.
-Interactive H-Scenes.
-Turn-based combat.
-Animated combat.
-Dungeon exploration.
-Sandbox game world.
-RPG class system.
-Re-playable events such as having sex with, drinking with, sleeping with, training with your party members
Known Issues:
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-Known Issue: Window size changing only after toggling fullscreen on then off
-Known Issue: Haste Potion not being added to inventory after you buy it from Lissa

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