Haremence [v0.13] [Arpel]

Haremence [v0.13] [Arpel]

May 18, 2024F95

You are a scientist who in cooperation with your colleague accidentally invented the device that allows you to bend human will as you wish. Just as you were trying to figure out what to do with such a dangerous thing, your colleague got kidnapped, and you had to run away from the mysterious forces that tried to steal your device. A hacker by the name of Alice helped you in your escape and led you to the secret hideout of scientists who ended up in the same situation as yours. Now you need to figure out who kidnapped your colleague and what to do with your new invention.

Thread Updated: 2024-05-14
Release Date: 2024-05-14
Developer: Arpel (Arlix + Marpel) Patreonitch.ioDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.13
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
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3DCG, Animated, Male Protagonist, Corruption, Groping, Handjob, Harem, Oral Sex, Sex Toys, Slave, Spanking, Titfuck, Dating Sim, Mind control, PoV, Romance, Sandbox, Sci-fi, Trainer
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1. Extract and run.
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New things:
  • Four new events making about 672 frames total: Yuki 1, Alice 8, Chris 7 and Amber 9.
  • Some of the Yuki’s frames in the cafe, that were reshot to fit what they should be like after her first event, were implemented.
  • Yuki has got a new radiant action in the cafe storeroom.
  • Two new outfits for one girl. (We’ll add nudes a bit later)
  • 2 message events were added. (One of them is for people who didn’t choose to continue Yuki’s story)
  • Chloe now has a radiant sex event in the living room. In all her outfits.
  • A new location was added with Yuki’s radiant action inside.
  • A new side girl was added. For now there’s nothing you can do with her, but that’s only for now.
  • You can now see if girls’ event delays are over in the stats menu. (the one that opens with a heart button)
  • Message buffer was added. Now if you don’t read the messages girls send you, they will be put in a queue and displayed one after another when you finally open their chat. (don’t know why would you not read the messages, but still)
  • Added a window thanking you for purchase at the shop, instead of doing it with usual RenPy textbox. And we also added a nice sound to accompany it.
  • Two maps were added to the game menu. One depicts most of Mirace – the country where the game events are taking place – and the other one depicts most of Blackport – the city where the game events are taking place. It will help us know where everything is and what everything is, and you can take a look at it too, if you’re interested. We tried not to add too much of lore not connected to what’s actually in the game, so it shouldn’t be boring to read.
    Plus the metro map was updated to match the new Blackport map.
  • And finally: another scene with walking into the occupied shower was added.
  • Move menus for the hideout were redesigned. Well, it’s more of a “they’ve just got a design at all”. Arlix: “I just got tired of common Renpy choice buttons and decided to make it look nicer”. So yeah, it should look a lot more pretty now. And also it became a bit more functional: now you can just hover over the buttons to see who’s there currently.
  • We saw that some people miss the messages about picking up girls’ outfits or toys in the bar. To be honest we missed them ourselves a few times too. So picking up the outfits will now be a conscious action: we added a button to the bar. So there should be no such trouble anymore. You’ll also be able to see if anything arrived to you just by looking at it. And also it has a nice sound now.
  • Your money amount is now shown when you’re in the shop.
  • In the last update, we forgot to make a card for Yuki’s fifth level, in her new dress. Now she has it.
  • Fixed some errors with missing frames.
  • Fixed the “suddenly filling glass” in Chloe’s hang out radiant.
  • Fixed some typos.
New things:
  • Four new events with another  new character making appearance and more than 465 frames in total: Chloe 9, Mia 9, Amber 8, Alice 7
  • Whole Yuki’s fifth and last level one again which means. All of these make more than 550 frames in total:Revamped radiant actions for this level: changed text in every action, replaced frames in almost all of them and some are new completely (We’ll finish completely remaking them for this level in the next update) Pretty long control level up Small greeting and goodbye scenes
  • Two new outfits for two girls
  • Four new nudes events including ones for new outfits
  • Yuki was added to phone contact list
  • Three new message events
  • Added random Mia and Amber interaction in gym
  • Some new soundtracks for new events
  • Added special music for old sex events: Chloe 6, Alice 6 and Mia 7. Should feel a lot better.
  • We saw some complaints about the game size. That’s why for this version we used better compression, so the game size almost hasn’t changed since the last update, despite having a lot of new content.
  • We also saw some people complaining about the grind in mind controlling Yuki, so we lowered the action amount needed to progress a bit. We tried to get it to match with the number of distinct actions on each level. So now you need to do 4 actions on first and second levels and 5 on the third level, instead of 6 everywhere. It’s 20% less actions in total now, hopefully it will feel better for you.
  • Fixed lore explanation of why should MC order lewd stuff to progress with the control in the thinking scene before Yuki is unlocked. It was implied from the start really, so it’s more of a rephrasing with new details:
To progress with mind control MC needs to order things that the subject wouldn’t do under normal circumstances, something they wouldn’t allow, to push the boundaries of the mind. It can be something illegal or dangerous, but both of those don’t seem like a good idea. Besides, lewd commands would give “a reward” for command execution and help progress. So he chooses it.
  • Now it should be more unavoidable, but still not bland.
  • Map button and move button in the bar were swapped. Should be more intuitive, we guess
  • Fixed the bug that sent the player to the wrong menu after pressing the “Living room” option while being in it.
  • Fixed the bug that sent the player to the wrong menu after pressing the “Living room” option while being in it.
New stuff added:
  • Four new events with one new character making appearance and more than 500 frames in total: Chloe 7 and 8, Mia 8 and Amber 7
  • Whole Yuki’s fourth level which means: radiant actions, control level up and chatting with her, which on its own makes about 450 more frames
  • Three new message events
  • Scarlet’s model was changed to look more milfy. She now has a couple of moles and bigger hips and thighs.
  • Remastered two scenes from prologue with Scarlet’s new model: Noticing her in the university and first time actually meeting her
  • Outfit system for two girls with one outfit for each with short scenes of them getting new outfits and new character cards
  • New nudes for one girl in her new outfit
  • Radiants were moved to girls’ rooms and got versions with different outfits
  • Remade the shop interface entirely
  • Cheat screen for our patrons. To access it, click on the PC in your room and enter the password from the Patreon release post.
  • Advanced event hints. This feature can be seen in the Mia 8/Amber 7 event. If you have enough attachment with a girl, it tells you the conditions for unlocking additional scenes inside the event. It’s a solution for players not to just go into an event with optional scenes, see that they have not enough of some points and load the save. We are not completely satisfied with it, though, so maybe we’ll change it later.
  • Notifications for character card unlocks.
  • New soundtracks for new events
  • Door sounds in events are now different for room doors and area gates in the hideout
  • There is now a small chance that Chloe won’t sleep alone
  • Changed Amber’s hang out event in the gym for her not to have toothy smile on every frame, which was weird
  • New things to some girls’ likes/hates sections
  • Remade first scene with Mia from prologue
  • Remade scene with Eva thinking about what happened in the lab
  • Retook some of the frames with girls in hideout
  • Retook frame with Alice’s monitor screen in her fourth event adding some new names there
Fixed bugs:
  • Bar noise was playing if you escaped the bar using the “My room” option in clock menu
  • Fixed bug with semen teleportation from Mia’s boobs to her face in radiant handjob
  • Money you can take from Chris are now actually added to your money count
  • Girls will now open their mouths when they talk in the hideout (not everywhere, but we are working on it)
  • Alice won’t go to the cafe when she was asked to play together anymore
  • Yuki won’t work on Mondays anymore as it was intended
  • Alice’s 6th event should trigger as intended now: automatically before sleep
  • You can’t ask a sleeping girl for nudes anymore
  • Chat button on Yuki’s third level doesn’t disappear anymore
  • Fixed two identical frames from Yuki’s third level. They could be seen when talking to her after the control session.
  • Fixed some transitions. Replaced dissolves with fades where it was needed
  • Fixed some typos
Developer Notes:
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Here it is! There months of spending full days on work and 0.12 release is finally here!
We’re finally releasing it for everyone!
Thank you all so much!

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